Zioux is an exquisite restaurant in Sandton, South Africa that has received rave reviews since its opening. The restaurant’s décor, which features decor inspired by a rainforest, is stunning. They have a DJ spinning music on Saturday nights, which makes the restaurant feel like a fun place to go on a night out.

The volume of the piece is just right to foster a lively mood without drowning out talk. The restrooms are also maintained spotless following each use. A unique and delectable beverage selection, outstanding service that will make them feel special and welcome, and beautiful meals are what patrons can anticipate.

The menu offers various fusion-inspired foods that will thrill and entice the senses. There is something for everyone, from the Coconut and Prawn Ceviche to the Oysters served with overdone, almost burned chorizo. The main course of warm, flavorful sweet potatoes is a must-have.

The visually striking and satisfying jelly and custard dessert is the perfect way to cap off the dinner. At Zioux, the atmosphere is equally noteworthy. Zioux is the ideal option for individuals seeking an unforgettable experience. Zioux is a fantastic place for a night out because of its gorgeous décor, exciting menu, and excellent service.

Zioux Starters Menu

StarterPrice (R)
Soup to Warm YouR115
Oysters, Red Wine Vinegar, Onion, White PepperR85
Winter SaladR185
Waldorf SaladR135
Seared Wagyu BavetteR195
Salmon CevicheR175
Calamari Fried in Bonito ButterR175
Salad of PrawnR175
Pork Belly Steamed BunsR175
Taco of Lamb ShoulderR135
Buttermilk Fried ChickenR145

Zioux Menu Mains

MainPrice (R)
Risotto, Mushroom from the Josper, Porcini, Parmesan, Crispy LeekR225
180g Salmon, Tomato and Olive Salsa from the Josper, Mash and Beurré BlancR245
170g Seabass, White Bean, Snow Pea, Tomato, Pea Emulsion, FriesR325
Queen Prawns from the Josper, Lemon Garlic Butter, Cucumber and Corn Salad, FriesR385
Sherry Glazed Pork Belly, Cauliflower, Mashed Potatoes, Gorgonzola Cream, AppleR245
Baby Chicken, Chipotle in Adobe, Corn Custard, Coriander, and Parmesan SalsaR225
300g Ribeye, Mushroom Ragout, Lyonnaise Potato, BroccoliniR325
300g Ribeye, Mushroom Ragout, Lyonnaise Potato, BroccoliniR245
250g Fillet, Zioux Fries, Rocket, Parmesan, Green Peppercorn or Béarnaise SauceR235
Sirloin, Lamb Rib, Merguez Sausage, Fine Beans, Charred Tomato Salsa, FriesR285
300g Silent Valley Wagyu Sirloin, Fries, Broccolini, Fine Beans, JusR990
Zioux Burger, Buttermilk Bun, Aioli, Avocado, FriesR125

Zioux Sides Menu

SidePrice (R)
Zioux FriesR65
Zioux VegetablesR65
Corn, Lime, Feta, CorianderR65
Baby Gem Lettuce, Avocado, Cucumber, Tomato, ChimichurriR125

Zioux Desserts Menu

DessertPrice (R)
Zioux Take on Churros, Pecan Puree, Tres Leche SauceR125
Zioux Mousse, 54% Dark Chocolate Creme, Mascarpone Mousse, Chocolate Streusel, Tonka Milk-Soaked Chocolate SpongeR125
Zioux Chocolate Fondant, Fire-Roasted Pineapple SorbetR145
Hibiscus Jelly, Raspberry and Guava Foam, Raspberry Sorbet, Vanilla AnglaiseR125

Zioux Whisky Menu

CategoryItemPrice (R)
Bourbon / Rye / TennesseeBlanton, United StatesR125
Woodford Double Oak, United StatesR85
Woodford Reserve, United StatesR68
Bulleit Bourbon, United StatesR65
Sazerac Rye, United StatesR55
Makers Mark, United StatesR45
Jack Daniels, United StatesR40
Buffalo Trace, United StatesR40
Whisky – Single Malt ScotchBruichladdich, Black Art 8, Rhinns, ScotlandR495
Bruichladdich Octomore, Rhinns, ScotlandR265
Bruichladdich Port Charlotte, Rhinns, ScotlandR135
Lagavulin 16 Year, Lagavulin, ScotlandR205
Talisker, Carbost, ScotlandR120
Glendronach 15 Year, Aberdeenshire, ScotlandR110
Glendronach 12 Year, Aberdeenshire, ScotlandR85
Aberlour A’bunadh, Strathspey, ScotlandR145
Aberlour 12 Year, Strathspey, ScotlandR85
Ardbeg An Oa, Argyll, ScotlandR105
Ardbeg 10 Year, Argyll, ScotlandR85
Glenlivet 25 Year, Banffshire, ScotlandR820
Glenlivet 21 Year, Banffshire, ScotlandR325
Glenlivet 18 Year, Banffshire, ScotlandR220
Glenlivet Nàdurra First Fill, Banffshire, ScotlandR125
Glenlivet 15 Year, Banffshire, ScotlandR125
Glenlivet 12 Year, Banffshire, ScotlandR75
Glenlivet Founders, Banffshire, ScotlandR55
Whisky – Blended ScotchJohnnie Walker BlueR320
Johnnie Walker 18 YearR205
Johnnie Walker GoldR85
Johnnie Walker Double BlackR55
Johnnie Walker BlackR48
Chivas Regal 25 YearR700
Chivas Regal 18 YearR205
Chivas Regal XVR75
Chivas Regal ExtraR55
Chivas Regal 12 YearR50
Whisky – IrelandRed Breast 21 Year, County CorkR255
Red Breast 15 Year, County CorkR135
Red Breast 12 Year, County CorkR95
Yellow Spot, CorkR105
Green Spot, CorkR70
Powers Johns Lane 12 Year, MidletonR95
Powers Signature Release, MidletonR55
Jameson 18 Year, DublinR180
Jameson Select, DublinR62
Jameson Caskmate IPA, DublinR48
Jameson Caskmate Stout, DublinR48
Jameson, DublinR48
Whisky – JapanThe Kurayoshi 18-YearR660
Hakushu Distillers Reserve, Southern Japan AlpsR340
Kaiyō Cask StrengthR340
Kaiyō PeatedR330
Kamiki Dark WoodR265
Hibiki Harmony, OsakaR200
Yamazakura, TohokuR185
Nikka From the Barrel, HokkaidoR150
Suntory TokiR45

Zioux Gin Menu

GinPrice (R)
Monkey 47, GermanR110
Ki No Bi KyotoR85
Inverroche Coco L’Orange, South AfricaR55
Inverroche Coco Capensis, South AfricaR55
Inverroche Verdant, South AfricaR55
Inverroche Classic, South AfricaR55
Inverroche Amber, South AfricaR55
Malfy Arancia, ItalyR55
Malfy Limone, ItalyR55
Malfy Rosa, ItalyR55
Malfy Originale, ItalyR55
Beefeater 24, LondonR50
Beefeater Blood Orange, LondonR45
Beefeater Pink, LondonR45
Beefeater, LondonR45

Zioux Cocktails Menu

CategoryItemPrice (R)Description
Zioux SignaturesAgua De Me-hee-koR190Reposado Tequila, Orgeat, Fresh Lime Juice, Horchata, Fresh Mango Juice, Habanero Tincture, Peach Bitters
Snake EyesR160Mezcal, Fresh Lime Juice, Banana Liqueur, Coconut Syrup, Tonka Bean Spray
Nitro Pink PantherR160Inverroche Classic, Fresh Lemon Juice, Liquid Nitrogen Extracted Basil and Raspberry
MaracuyaR160Absolut Lime, Fresh Passion Fruit, Coconut Syrup
Bubbles in BloomR170Inverroche Verdant, Prosecco, Elderflower Syrup, Fresh Lemon Juice
Apple Crumble HighballR140Jameson’s, Apple Crumble Cordial, Fresh Lemon, Ginger Soda
Cucumber MartiniR150Cucumber Infused Absolut, Vermouth Blend, Mint and Cucumber Air
Coconut NegroniR160Coconut Infused Beefeater Negroni Blend
Zioux SoursR160KWV 10y, Cherry Syrup, Fresh
Uncaged by the BartendersBuffalo SoldierR150Bourbon, Lime Leaf and Red Wine Syrup, Pineapple Juice, Frangelico
Mexican Spice RouteR190Del Maguey Mezcal, Bay Leaves, All Spice, Fresh Lime Juice
AloraR180Coconut Infused Avion Tequila, Josper roasted Pineapple and Honey Syrup, Clarified Lemon Juice, Hibiscus and Rose Foam.
SakinaR160Reposado Tequila, Cherry Syrup, Kahlua, Fresh Lemon
ToucanR170Glenlivet 12y, Apricot Jam, Coconut Syrup, Peach Bitters
Lost TreasureR170Malva Pudding Infused Rum, Coffee and Milk Syrup, Coffee Foam
Spice Up Your LifeR140Jameson’s, Apple Crumble Cordial, Fresh Lemon, Ginger Soda
La MelaR160Apple, Cinnamon, and Vanilla Infused Makers Mark Butter washed with Maple Syrup and Sesame Oil.
Zioux Mai TaiR170Havana 3y, Pistachio Orgeat, Fresh Lime, Grand Marnier, Orange Bitters
Familiar FavouritesZioux DaiquiriR140Shaken Strawberry Daiquiri with Havana Club 3y, Fresh Lime, Strawberries
PenicillinR180Blended Scotch, Peated Scotch, Honey, Ginger, Bitters
White LadyR160Malfy Rosa, Cointreau, Fresh Lemon, Sugar Syrup
French 75R220Inverroche Classic, Fresh Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup, GH Mumm Brut Champagne
Tommy’s Mezcal MargaritaR160Mezcal, Fresh Lime, Agave Syrup, Chilli Salt
Espresso MartiniR150Absolut Vanilla, Coffee Liqueur, Espresso
Boerewors Old FashionedR170Boerewors Fat Washed Bourbon, Smokey Coriander Seed Syrup, Orange Bitters
Salted SwiftR170Salted Caramel Clarified Martell Blue Swift Cognac, Chocolate Bitters
No LomaR100Fresh Grapefruit Juice, Citrus Oleo, Fresh Lime, Ginger Beer
Not So NaughtyR100Mixed Berry Shrub, Fresh Lime, Lemonade

Zioux Wine List

CategoryYearWineRegionPrice (R)
Sparkling WinesNVGraham Beck, Bliss Nectar, Demi-SecRobertsonR120
2014Amari, Lush, Demi-SecWestern CapeR160
NVColmant, Brut Reserve, FranschhoekFranschhoekR150
NVG.H. Mumm, Grand Cordon BrutReims, ChampagneR450
NVPerrier-Jouët, Blason RośeÉpernay, ChampagneR365
NVPhiliponnat, Royal Reserve, BrutAÿ, ChampagneR530
NVProsecco, San leo, Brut, Friuli, ItalyFriuli, ItalyR135
White Wines2022Sauvignon Blanc, Niel Ellis, GroenekloofGroenekloofR90
2022Sauvignon Blanc Blend, Brunia, SondagskloofSondagskloofR160
2022Chenin Blanc Blend, Noble Hill, Sur LieSimonsbergR85
2022Chenin Blanc, Le Chant, StellenboschStellenboschR130
2022Chardonnay, Paul Cluver, Village, ElginElginR115
2022Chardonnay, Glenelly, StellenboschStellenboschR90
2022Roussane Blend, Stark Condé, Field BlendStellenboschR170
Rosé Wines2021Syrah Blend, Mason Road, SerendipityPaarlR80
2023Tempranillo Blend, Waterford, Rose-MaryStellenboschR100
Red Wines2021Merlot, Groenland, StellenboschStellenboschR125
NVMerlot Blend, De Toren, DelicateStelleboschR130
2018Syrah, Paserene, Dark, FranschhoekFranschhoekR140
2018Cabernet Sauvignon Blend, Terre PaisibleCoastal RegionR170
2022Pinot Noir, David Finlayson, StellenboschStellenboschR125
2019Pinot Noir, Domaine Faiveley, La Framboisiere, MercureyMercureyR440

Zioux Dessert Wines by the Glass

CountryYearWineRegionPrice (R)
SA2018Chenin Blanc, Newton Johnson, Noble Late Harvest, L’illa, EilandaR85
SA2020Chenin Blanc, Miles Mossop, Kika, StellenboschStellenboschR145
SA2018Muscat de Frontignan, Klein Constantia, Vin de ConstanceR400
SA1997Muscat de Frontignan, Klein Constantia, Vin de ConstanceR1,550
France1997Sauvignon Blanc Blend, Chateau d’Yquem, SauternesSauternesR1,250
Hungary2013Furmint Blend, Aszú, Oremus, 5 Puttonyos, TokajiTokajiR465
SpainNVPalamino Fino, Gonzales Byass, Alfonzo Oloroso, Seco, Jerez-XérèsJerez-XérèsR85
Portugal2007Touriga Naçional Blend, Graham’s, Crusted Port, DouroDouroR115
Canada2019Cabernet Franc, Inniskillin, Niagara Estate, Niagara PeninsulaNiagara PeninsulaR615

Zioux Dessert Wines by the Bottle

CountryYearWineRegionPrice (R)
SA2018Chenin Blanc, Newton Johnson, Noble Late Harvest, L’illa, EilandaR510
SA2020Chenin Blanc, Miles Mossop, Kika, StellenboschStellenboschR870
SA2018Muscat de Frontignan Klein Constantia, Vin de ConstanceR3,200
Hungary2013Furmint Blend, Aszú, Oremus, 5 Puttonyos, TokajiTokajiR3,720
Portugal2003Touriga Naçional Blend, Warre’s, Late Bottle Vintage, DouroDouroR1,725
Canada2019Cabernet Franc, Inniskillin, Niagara Estate, Niagara PeninsulaNiagara PeninsulaR4,350
Canada2018Vidal, Inniskillin, Sparkling Wine, Niagara PeninsulaNiagara PeninsulaR3,675

Zioux Sparkling Wines

CategoryWinePrice (R)
Non-Vintage ChampagneMarc Hebrart, Premier Cru Sélection BrutR2,400
NVPerrier-Jouët, Grand BrutR2,500
NVNicolas Feuillatte, Reserve Exclusive, BrutR2,300
NVG.H. Mumm, Grand CordonR2,250
NVG.H. Mumm, Olympe RoséR2,650
NVG.H. Mumm, Olympe (Demi-sec)R2,750
NVLaurent-Perrier, La CuvéeR2,200
NVLaurent-Perrier, Cuvée RoséR4,400
NVMoët & Chandon, ImpérialR2,200
NVMoët & Chandon, Nectar ImpérialR2,550
NVMoët & Chandon, Impérial RoséR2,650
NVVeuve Clicquot, Yellow LabelR2,500
NVVeuve Clicquot, Extra old, Extra brutR3,400
NVVeuve Clicquot, RoséR3,100
NVVeuve Clicquot, RichR3,400
NVPhilipponat, Royale Réserve BrutR2,650
NVBollinger, Special CuvéeR3,250
NVDuval Leroy, Femme De Champagne, Brut Grand CruR4,500
NVBillecart-Salmon, Blanc de BlancsR5,000
NVBillecart-Salmon, Brut RoséR4,600
NVBesserat De Bellefon, Cuvée De Moines, Extra BrutR4,000
NVLaurent-Perrier, Grand SiècleR6,500
Vintage ChampagneLanson, Le VintageR3,700
Besserat De Bellefon, Cuvée De Moines, BrutR4,600
Perrier-Jouët, Belle Ëpoque BrutR6,000
Perrier-Jouët, Belle Ëpoque RoséR10,400
Perrier-Jouët, Belle Ëpoque Blanc de BlancsR38,850
Bollinger, B13, Blanc de NoirR4,750
Bollinger, La Grand AnneeR5,400
Pol Roger, Sir Winston ChurchillR8,500
Laurent-Perrier, Millesime, BrutR3,850
Nicolas Feuillatte, Palms d’OrR5,150
Bruno Paillard, Blanc de BlancR3,900
Bruno Paillard, Nel Plus UltraR8,500
Dom PérignonR9,500
Bollinger, R.D, Extra DryR8,150
Dom Pérignon, RoséR12,550
Louis Roederer, CristalR17,000
South AfricaMCC, Graham Beck, Bliss Nectar, Demi-SecR720
MCC, L’Ormarins, Blanc de Blancs BrutR675
NVMCC, Colmant, Brut ReserveR750
NVMCC, Silverthorn, The Genie, Brut RoséR720
NVMCC, Genevieve, Brut Rosé, Bot RiverR600
2014MCC, Amari, Lush, Demi-Sec, Western CapeR800
NVMCC, Genevieve, Zero Dosage, Bot RiverR800
2020MCC, De Wetshof, Blanc de Blanc, RobertsonR960
NVMCC, Le Lude, Brut, FranschhoekR1,000

Zioux South African White Wines

YearVarietyProducerRegionPrice (R)
2022Sauvignon BlancNeil EllisGroenekloofR360
2022Sauvignon BlancHarry Hartman, Summer Sauvignon BlancWestern CapeR460
2023Sauvignon BlancGroot ConstantiaConstantiaR540
2021Sauvignon BlancMellish, Blanc FuméDurbanvilleR600
2022Sauvignon BlancGhost Corner, Wild FermentElimR900
2021Sauvignon BlancTrizanne Signature Wines, Sondagskloof WhiteSondagskloofR1,100
2022Chenin BlancNoble Hill, Sur LieSimonsbergR340
2022Chenin BlancLe ChantStellenboschR520
2022Chenin BlancPost House, Stamp of CheninStellenboschR500
2021Chenin BlancOpstal Carl EversonSlanghoekR620
2020Chenin BlancRijks, ReserveTulbaghR1,050
2020Chenin BlancLudditeBot RiverR1,750
2022ChardonnayPaul Cluver, VillageElginR460
2022ChardonnayCrystallum, AgnesWestern CapeR900
2020ChardonnayRestless River, ‘Ava Marie’Hemel-en-Aarde ValleyR1,100
2020ChardonnaySpringfield, Méthode AncienneRobertsonR1,250
2020ChardonnayHartenberg, The EleanorStellenboschR1,450
2022ChardonnayHamilton RusselHemel-en-Aarde ValleyR1,800
2020Chenin Blanc BlendMiles Mossop, SaskiaSwartlandR1,000
2022Chenin Blanc BlendMullineux, Old Vines WhiteSwartlandR950
2020Chenin Blanc BlendSijnn, MalgasR1,100
2021Chenin Blanc BlendAlheit, CartologyWestern CapeR1,100
2022Sauvignon Blanc BlendBruniaSondagskloofR640
2018Semillon BlendGabrielskloof MagdalenaBot RiverR950
2022Roussane BlendStark Condé, Field BlendStellenboschR680
2020Rousanne BlendThe Ahrens Family, White BlackVoor-PaardebergR1,110
2021SemillonThorne & Daughters, PaperkiteSwartlandR930
2020ViognierThe Foundry, The Cape of Good HopeStellenboschR650

Zioux International White Wines

CountryRegionYearVarietyProducerPrice (R)
FranceBurgundy2018ChardonnayDomaine FaiveleyR5,900
FranceBurgundy2018ChardonnayDomaine LeFlaiveR6,100
FranceChablis2020ChardonnayDomaine William FevreR1,300
FranceLoire2020MuscadetDomaine Le Fay D’HommeR670
FranceLoire2020Sauvignon BlancDomaine Du Bouchot, Terres BlanchesR1,360
FranceLoire2022Sauvignon BlancPascal Jolivet, SancerreR1,600
FranceLoire2020Chenin BlancDomaine Huet, Le Haut-Lieu Demi SecR1,700
FranceRhône2021Grenache Blanc BlendM.Chapoutier, Bellaruche, Côtes-du-RhôneR600
FranceRhône2021MarsanneM.Chapoutier, Les Meysonniers, Crozes-HermitageR1,400
Spain2019Viura BlendValenciso, RiojaR1,250
GermanyNahe2020RieslingKorrell, KabinettR850
GermanyMösel2021RieslingDr.Loosen, Red SlateR900
GermanyMösel2018RieslingClemens Busch, Marienburg SpätleseR1,500
United StatesWashington State2018RieslingChâteau Ste. Michelle, Columbia ValleyR850
New ZealandMarlborough2020Sauvignon BlancKia OraR690

Zioux South African Red Wines

YearVarietyProducerRegionPrice (R)
2020MerlotEagles NestConstantiaR650
2020MerlotHolden Manz, Reserve MerlotFranschhoekR1,650
2019Cabernet SauvignonNiel EllisStellenboschR670
2018Cabernet SauvignonBlack Elephant Vintners, Amazing GraceFranschhoekR950
2020Cabernet SauvignonRust en Vrede, Estate VineyardsStellenboschR1,120
2015Cabernet SauvignonWaterfordStellenboschR1,200
2015Cabernet SauvignonJordanStellenboschR1,300
2019Cabernet SauvignonBoekenhoutskloofStellenboschR1,450
2020Cabernet SauvignonPaserene, MarathonFranschhoekR1,850
2018SyrahPaserene, DarkFranschhoekR550
2010ShirazLudditeBot RiverR2,450
2015ShirazSaxenburg, SelectStellenboschR3,500
2022Pinot NoirDavid FinlaysonStellenboschR500
2021Pinot NoirIona, HighlandsElginR1,000
2020Pinot NoirShannon, Rockview RidgeElginR950
2021Pinot NoirHasher Family Wines, Pinot NoirUpper Hemel-en-Aaarde ValleyR1,400
2021Pinot NoirHamilton RussellHemel-en-Aarde ValleyR2,000
2019Pinot NoirRichard Kershaw, G.P.S SeriesHemel-en-Aarde RidgeR2,100
2020PinotageBeaumont, Jackals RiverBot RiverR720
2021PinotageGroot ConstantiaConstantiaR840
2021PinotageDe Grendel, AmandelboordDurbanvilleR850
2022Cabernet FrancHogan, Mirror For The SunStellenboschR1,080
2014Cabernet FrancRaats, FamilyStellenboschR2,750
2018Cabernet FrancUva Mira, The DanceStellenboschR2,250
2020Cabernet Sauvignon BlendSpier, Creative Block 5Coastal RegionR600
2018Cabernet Sauvignon BlendTerre PaisibleCoastal RegionR680
2016Cabernet Sauvignon BlendNormandie, Eisen & ViljoenFranschhoekR2,000
2015Cabernet Sauvignon BlendKeet, First VerseStellenboschR1,900
2020Cabernet Sauvignon BlendVilafonte, Series CPaarlR6,750
2021Merlot BlendOldenburg, <CLStellenboschR500
NVMerlot BlendDe Toren, DelicateStelleboschR520
2020Merlot BlendConstantia Glen, ThreeConstantiaR950
2020Merlot BlendVilafonté, Series MStellenboschR2,750
2021Cabernet Franc BlendRaats, JasperStellenboschR860
2021Pinotage BlendJasper Raats, SkebengaStellenboschR660
2018Carignan BlendPainted Wolf, P

Zioux International Red Wines

YearVarietyProducerRegionPrice (R)
2019Cabernet Sauvignon BlendLa Croix de Carbonnieux, Pessac-LéognanBordeauxR1,700
2017Cabernet Franc BlendChâteau Haute Batailley, Verso, PauillacBordeauxR2,000
2017Cabernet Sauvignon BlendChâteau Lynch-Bages, Echo de Lynch Bages, PauillacBordeauxR3,900
2015Cabernet Sauvignon BlendChâteau Pichon Longueville, Reserve De La Comtesse, PauillacBordeauxR3,800
2017Merlot BlendChâteau Palmer, Alter Ego, MargauxBordeauxR5,800
2019Pinot NoirDomaine Faiveley, La Framboisiere, MercureyBurgundyR1,750
2020Pinot NoirJean-Claude Bachelet et Flis, Bourgogne RougeBurgundyR1,700
2016Pinot NoirFixin, Domaine Meo-CamuzetBurgundyR2,000
2018Pinot NoirGevrey-Chambertin, Domaine FourrierBurgundyR3,060
2016Pinot NoirVosne-Romanée, Domaine Meo-CamuzetBurgundyR3,500
2020Pinot NoirDomaine Marquis D’Angerville, VolnayBurgundyR4,850
2018Pinot NoirGevrey-Chambertin, Lavaux St-Jacques, Armand RousseauBurgundyR7,000
2018Pinot NoirChambolle-Musigny, Domaine Comte Georges de VogüéBurgundyR8,650
2018SyrahM. Chapoutier, Deschants, Saint JosephRhôneR1,250
2016Mourvèdre BlendChâteau de Pibarnon, Bandol Rouge, ProvenceSouth of FranceR2,350
2019Grenache BlendDomaine De Montcalmès, Terrasses Du Larzac, Languedoc-RoussillonSouth of FranceR2,200
2015Tempranillo BlendMarqués de Murrieta, Grand Reserva, Rioja AltaSpainR2,540
2015TempranilloValencisa, Reserva, RiojaSpainR1,350
2020Nero D’ Avola BlendCantina Cellaro, Due Lune, SicilyItalyR1,450
2018SangioveseSalvioni, Rosso di MontalcinoItalyR2,850
2019Pinot NoirErath, OregonUnited States of AmericaR2,050

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