The Harvard Cafe at Rand Airport is tucked away in the center of aviation adventure. Picture a sanctuary where the thrilling hum of airplane engines blends with the perfume of freshly made coffee. Imagine yourself on a sun-filled balcony with a view of the tarmac, where the spirit of wanderlust permeates every drink.

This is The Harvard Cafe’s charm, my dear traveler, tucked away in the center of Rand Airport, South Africa. The Harvard Cafe is more than a dining establishment; it’s a doorway to a world of aviation fantasies. The Harvard Cafe extends a warm greeting and a sincere grin to everyone who enters, be they a seasoned pilot refueling for your next adventure, a curious onlooker in amazement of the dance of the skies, or a tired traveler seeking comfort in a steaming cup of coffee.

Enter and allow the atmosphere to envelop you. The area feels new and welcoming, with modern touches and exposed brick walls that whisper stories of ancient air travel. Weary legs are drawn to the shiny chrome bar stools, and comfortable couches offer warm nooks for meeting up with other travelers. The lively chatter of friends sharing stories over plates full of delectable food is interspersed with the rhythmic clinking of cutlery and laughter.

However, the allure of The Harvard Cafe goes beyond its quaint atmosphere. With its vast patio offering sweeping views of the runway, this restaurant turns every meal into a front-row seat for the exciting spectacle of takeoffs and landings. See the silver giants split the blue sky with their graceful rise, or watch them return, glowing golden in the twilight, their bellies full of distant tales.

The Harvard Cafe is an experience rather than merely a dining establishment. It’s a place where the exhilaration of flying combines with the coziness of a well-known retreat, and every interaction offers the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and create memories that stay far after the last cup of coffee.

So, what are you waiting for, lovely traveler? Nestled in the center of Rand Airport is The Harvard Cafe, where your adventure awaits.

The Harvard Cafe Breakfast Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
SPITFIRE1 Egg, Bacon, Tomato, Toast & FriesR35.90
CHIPMUNK2 Eggs, Bacon, Mushrooms, Pork/Beef Sausage, Grilled Tomato, Fries & ToastR77.90
OMELETTEFillings: Mushroom, Ham, Cheese, Tomato, Bacon, Onion or Savory MinceR77.90
HEALTHY BREAKFASTPaw-Paw Served with Yoghurt and honey, Sprinkled with Flaked AlmondsR70.90
HARVARD BREAKFAST2 Eggs, Bacon, Mushrooms, 150g Sirloin Steak, Tomato, Fries & ToastR89.90

The Harvard Cafe Toasted Treats

ItemPrice (R)

The Harvard Cafe Tramezinni

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
SPINACH & FETAServed with FriesR75.90
CHICKEN MAYONNAISEServed with FriesR79.90
BACON, AVO & FETAServed with FriesR85.90
CHICKEN PREGOServed with FriesR79.90
SIRLOIN PREGOServed with FriesR85.90
BACON, HALLOUMI & PEPPADEWServed with FriesR85.90

The Harvard Cafe Wraps

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
GRILLED HALLOUMIAvo, Sweet Chilli & Grilled Halloumi. Served with FriesR72.90
SESAME CHICKENCrumbed Chicken Strips with Sesame seeds, Feta, Avo, and sweet Chilli Sauce. Served with FriesR79.90
CHICKEN CURRYMild Chicken Curry. Served with FriesR79.90
BEEFGrilled Sirloin Steak Strips with Jalapeno and feta. Served with FriesR85.90
SALMONImported Smoked Salmon, Chunky Cottage Cheese, and avo. Served with FriesR98.90

The Harvard Cafe Burgers & Rolls

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
BARON BURGER160g Beef Patty, Garnish & Sauce. Served on a seeded Bun with Fries.R102.90
200g Beef and bacon patty Filled with Melted Cheddar, Cheese, Garnish and Sauce.150g Grilled Chicken Breast, Garnish & Sauce. Served on a seeded Bun with Fries.R102.90
CRUMBED CHICKEN BURGER150g Crumbed Chicken Breast, Garnish & Sauce. Served on a seeded Bun with Fries.R102.90
DAKOTA BURGER160g Beef Patty, Sliced Cheddar Cheese, Garnish & Sauce. Served on a seeded Bun with Fries.R113.90
JUNKER BURGER160g Beef Patty, Bacon, Egg, Sliced Cheddar Cheese, Garnish & Sauce.R140.90
BCG BURGER160g Beef Patty, Bacon, Sliced Cheddar, Cheese, Guacamole, Garnish & Sauce.R128.90
PREGO ROLL130g Sirloin Steak, Fried onions, Tomato & Prego Sauce, Served on a Portuguese Roll.R128.90
STUFFED BURGER200g Beef and bacon patty Filled with Melted Cheddar, Cheese, Garnish and sauce.R128.90
RIB BURGER150g Deboned Rib Patty, Garnish & Sauce.R128.90
AIRWOLF BURGER160g Beef patty, Double Bacon, Double Cheese, Prego Sauce & Chilli ( No Garnish).R145.90
HARVARD BURGER150g Fillet Steak, Garnish & Sauce.R150.90
DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER2x160g Beef patty, Double sliced Cheddar Cheese, Garnish & Sauce.R145.90

The Harvard Cafe Starters

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
OYSTERSServed on Crushed Ice with Black Pepper & Tabasco.R25.90
SQUID HEADSSix deshelled prawns in a creamy Garlic Sauce topped with Mozzarella Cheese, Served with Brown Bread Fingers.R39.90
GARLIC SNAILS18 Snails in a creamy Garlic Sauce topped with Mozzarella Cheese, Served with Brown Bread Fingers.R65.90
CRUMBED MUSHROOMSCrumbed Button Mushrooms, Served with Green Salad and mayonnaise Dip.R59.90
GARLIC PRAWNS6 deshelled prawns in a creamy Garlic Sauce topped with Mozzarella Cheese, Served with Brown Bread Fingers.R59.90
MUSSELS12 Half Shells Mussels, Served in white wine & Napoletana Sauce, Served with Brown Bread Fingers.R60.90
TRINCHADOCubes of Rump Steak in a spicy Red Wine and garlic Sauce, Served with 2 Cocktail Portuguese Rolls.R65.90
CHICKEN LIVERSLivers in a mild Peri-Peri Sauce with Green Pepper and onion, Served with 2 Cocktail Portuguese Rolls.R60.90
HALLOUMIFingers of Halloumi Cheese, Grilled or Fried, Served with Green Salad and sweet Chilli Sauce.R69.90
CALAMARITubes of Calamari, Grilled or Fried, Served with Rice and lemon Butter Sauce.R69.90
BUFFALO WINGS4 BBQ Chicken wings, Served with Fries and prego Sauce.R79.90

The Harvard Cafe Salads

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
GREEK SALADFeta Cheese, Calamata Olives, Tomato, Onion, Cucumber, Green Pepper & Lettuce.R70.90
BILTONG & PEACH SALADBiltong, Peach Slices & Flaked Almonds, Served on a bed of Crisp Lettuce with a light Vinaigrette Dressing.R79.90
HARVARD SALADGreek Salad, topped with Grilled Chicken Strips and pineapple.R85.90
BLUE CHEESE SALADRocket & Lettuce topped with Avo, Cucumber Blue Cheese & Strawberries, And a Balsamic Vinegar & Sweet Chilli Dressing.R89.90
CESSNA SALADGrilled Chicken Breast, topped with Feta and peppadews, Served on a bed of Fresh Garden Greens.R85.90
CEASAR SALADCrispy Diced Bacon, Boiled Egg, and Croutons, Served on Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, and cucumber.R86.90
SMOKED SALMON SALADSmoked Salmon, Capers, Onions, and chunky Cottage Cheese, Served on a bed of Crisp Lettuce.R99.90

The Harvard Cafe Chicken Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CHICKEN MASALAPan-fried chicken Breast, prepared in a Sweet White Wine Sauce, Served with Rice or Fries and vegetables.R115.90
CHICKEN BREASTPan Fried Chicken Breast, topped with Mushrooms & a Tangy Cheese Sauce, Served with Rice or Fries and vegetables.R115.90
SPRING CHICKENGrilled Spring Chicken with Lemon Butter or Peri-Peri, Served with Rice or Fries and vegetables.R135.90
CHICKEN SCHNITZELCrumbed Chicken Breast, topped with a Tangy Cheese Sauce, Served with Rice or Fries and vegetables.R115.90

The Harvard Cafe Meaty Treats

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
ZLIN RUMPRump Steak with BBQ basting, Served with Rice or Fries and vegetables.R149.90
CATALINA T-BONET-bone Steak with BBQ basting, Served with Rice or Fries and vegetables.R240.90
MONSTER PITTS SIRLOINSirloin Steak with BBQ basting, Served with Rice or Fries and vegetables.R155.90
MONSTER PITTS SIRLOINSirloin Steak with BBQ basting, Served with Rice or Fries and vegetables.R155.90
STEARMAN FILLETFillet Steak with BBQ basting, Served with Rice or Fries and vegetables.R269.90
RIBSPork Ribs with BBQ basting, Served with Rice or Fries & VegetablesR260.90
CHOICE OF SAUCESSpicy Harvard, Cheese, Mushroom, Pepper & Garlic.R30.90

The Harvard Cafe Combo Meals

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CHICKEN & CHOURICO SKEWERS2 Flame Grilled Skewers, with Peri-Peri Chicken Breast, Chourico Sausage, Red and green Pepper & Spanish Onion.R90.90
CALAMARI COMBOCalamari Tubes and squid Heads, Grilled or Fried, Served with Rice or Fries and vegetables.R105.90
SIRLOIN & CALAMARI200g Sirloin Steak with Grilled or Fried Calamari, Served with Rice or Fries and vegetables.R130.90
RIB & PRAWN300g Ribs & 3 medium Prawns, Served with Rice or Fries and Vegetables.R130.90
RIB & WINGS300g Ribs & 4 BBQ Buffalo wings, served with Rice or Fries and vegetables.R130.90
RIB & CHICKEN300g Ribs & 1/2 Spring Chicken, Served with Rice or Fries and vegetables.R165.90
MEZE PLATTERChoices of the following. Chourico, Chicken Livers, Calamari, Halloumi, Buffalo wings & Crumbled Mushrooms.R220.90

The Harvard Cafe Seafood Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
MAKEHake Fillet, Fried or Grilled, served with Rice or Fries and vegetables.R110.90
CALAMARITubes of Calamari, Fried or Grilled, Served with Rice or Fries and vegetables.R130.90
SOLE2 Tender East Coast Soles, Grilled, Served with Rice or Fries and vegetables.R160.90
KINGKLIPGrilled Fillet of Kingklip, Served with Rice or Fries and vegetables.R180.90
SEAFOOD PLATTERFour medium prawns, Hake, Mussels, and calamari, served with Rice and fries.R190.90
PRAWN EXTRAVAGANZAFour medium prawns, Hake, Mussels, and calamari, served with Rice and fries.R240.90
KING PRAWNSFifteen medium prawns, Grilled, Served with Fries and Rice.R250.90

The Harvard Cafe Pasta

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
NAPOLITANATraditional Italian Tomato Sauce with Herbs and garlic.R96.90
BOLOGNESESpicy Mince & Tomato.R133.90
BEEF LASAGNELayers of Bolognese, Pasta sheets, and creamy Sauce topped with Mozzarella Cheese.R128.90
ALFREDOHam & Mushroom in a Fresh Creamy Sauce.R133.90
POLOStrips of Chicken in Fresh, Creamy Napoiletana Sauce.R133.90
AREOLAStrips of Beef in a Fresh, Creamy Napoletana Sauce.R96.90

The Harvard Cafe Pizzas

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
MARGHERITACheese & Tomato.R112.90
REGINACheese, Tomato & Mushrooms.R127.90
VEGETARIANCheese, Tomato, Onion, Mushrooms, Olive & Green Pepper.R127.90
HAWALIACheese, Tomato, Ham & Pineapple.R127.90
MEXICANACheese, Tomato, Chilli, Onions, Mince & Green Pepper.R146.90
FOUR SEASONSCheese, Tomato, Ham, Mushrooms, Olives & Green Pepper.R138.90
MUSTANG SALLYCheese & Tomato, Debonded Pork Ribs & Pineapple.R138.90
HARVARDCheese, Tomato, Bacon & Spicy Chicken.R138.90
COCKPITCheese, Tomato, Spicy Chicken, Onions, Green Pepper, Garlic & Chilli.R138.90
ANTONOR 328Cheese, Tomato, Spicy Chicken & Avo.R138.90
HAWKER HURRICANECheese, Tomato, Chicken Mayo & Bacon.R138.90
TIGER SPECIALCheese, Tomato, Anchovies, Salami & Mushrooms.R157.90
BOEING 747Cheese, Tomato, Bacon, Salami, Onions, Green Pepper & Chilli.R164.90
DOUGLAS DC3Cheese, Tomato, Bitong, Avo & Feta.R156.90
YAK 52Cheese, Tomato, Salami, Peppadawe, Sundried Tomato.R138.90
G1Cheese, Tomato, Bacon, Ham, Salami & Spicy Chicken.R175.90
AIRWOLF PIZZACheese, Tomato, Debonded pork Ribs, Green Pepper, Mushroom, Garlic & Chilli.R156.90
FOKKER F28Cheese, Tomato, Parma Ham & RocketR106.90
ALBATROSSCreamy Garlic & Napoletana Base, topped with Cheese Mushroom & Deshelled Prawns.R114.90
PITTIS SPECIALCheese, Tomato, Bacon, Avo & FetaR156.90

The Harvard Cafe Chef Specialties

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CHICKEN CURRYMild Chicken Curry Served with Rice.R99.90
BEEF & GUINNESS POT PIECubes of Beef and vegetables in a Guinness Gravy, topped with a pastry crust, Served with Side Salad.R99.90
BEEF STIR FRYBeef Strips, Stir-fried with Vegetables, served on a bed of Spicy Rice.R99.90
TRINCHADOStrips of Beef Rump prepared in a Spicy Red wine and garlic Sauce Served with Fries or Rice and vegetables.R130.90
JACK DANIELS SIRLOIN200g Sirloin in a Jack Daniels Sauce, Served with Fries or Vegetables.R135.90
OXTAILThey are prepared in red wine, traditional herbs, and spices and served with fries or rice and vegetables.R160.90
KLEFTIKOSucculent lamb baked in a weed-burning oven was served the traditional Greek way with a Greek side salad.R180.90

The Harvard Cafe Sweet Sensations

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CHOCOLATE MOUSSEHomemade Chocolate Mousse Served with Cream or Ice Cream.R47.90
ICE CREAMWith Homemade Bar one Sauce.R49.90
ITALIAN KISSESBite-size, Hazelnut ice cream coated in Rich Milk Chocolate.R49.90
CHOCOLATE VOLCANOA chocolate Muffin filled with Hot Liquid Chocolate, Served with Cream or Ice Cream.R55.90
CHOCOLATE BROWNIEDelicious Chocolate Fudge Brownie Served with Cream or Ice Cream.R59.90
MALVA PUDDINGServed with Hot CustardR59.90
HARVARD PUDDINGOur Homemade dessert with layers of Tennis Biscuits, condensed milk & topped with Peppermint Crisp.R59.90
SELECTION OF CAKESAsk your Waiter.R55.90

The Harvard Cafe Roses

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
SALMON ROSESRice wrapped in Salmon, topped with Mayonnaise and caviar.R66.90

The Harvard Cafe Sashimi

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
SESAME SALMON 3PCSlices of premium salmon coated in Sesame seeds.R68.90
SALMON 3PCSlices of premium Fresh Salmon.R68.90

The Harvard Cafe Nigiri

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
PRAWNRice topped with Prawn.R50.90
SALMONRice topped with Premium Salmon.R50.90

The Harvard Cafe Fashion Sandwiches

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CRAB 8PCCrab, Avocado, and cucumber with Spicy Sauce and sesame Seeds.R96.90
PRAWNPrawn, Avocado, and cucumber with Mayonnaise and sesame Seeds.R114.90
SALMONSalmon, Avocado, and cucumber with Mayonnaise and sesame Seeds.R76.90
BILTONG G CHEESEBiltong & Cream Cheese with Mayonnaise & Sesame Seeds.R104.90

The Harvard Cafe California Rolls

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CRAB 4 PCCrab, Avocado, Cucumber, Spicy Sauce, and sesame Seeds.R48.90
PRAWNSPrawn, Avocado, and cucumber with Mayonnaise and sesame Seeds.R96.90
BILTONG G CHEESEBiltong & Cream Cheese with Mayonnaise & Sesame Seeds.R126.90
SALMON 8PCSalmon, Avocado, and cucumber with Mayonnaise and sesame Seeds.R104.90
SIGNATURECrispy Prawn and cheese with Spicy Sauce, Thick soy, Caviar, Scallion, and smoked Salmon.R160.90
ROCK PRAWNSalmon California topped with Fried Prawn in Deluxe Sauce.R112.90

The Harvard Cafe Platters

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
SUMMER PLATTERStrawberry, Salmon & Cheese 4 PC, Rock Prawn 2pc, Sashimi 3pc.R200.90
SALMON PLATTERSalmon Rose 3pc, Salmon Fashion Sandwich 4pc, Salmon California Roll 4pc.R210.90
HOBART PLATTERYummy Nigiri 2pc, Salmon California 4pc, Prawn California 4pc, Crab Fashion 4pc, Cucumber Mak, 6pc.R236.90
BONX PLATTERStrawberry Salmon Fashion 4pc, Prawn Fashion 4pc, Signature California 4pc, Maki Prawn 4pc, Nigiri Prawn 2pc, Salmon California 4pc.R380.90
PLATINUM PLATTERSalmon Sashimi 3pc, Rock Prawn 4pc, Strawberry Rainbow 8pc, Prawn fashion 4pc, Salmon Roses 3pc.R400.90

The Harvard Cafe Maki

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
AVOCADO MAKIRice, Avocado, and mayonnaise Wrapped in Nori.R44.90
CRAB MAKIRice, Crab stick & Dynamite sauce wrapped in Nori.R46.90
PRAWN MAKIRice, Prawn & Dynamite Sauce wrapped in Nori.R59.90
SALMON MAKIRice, Salmon, and wasabi wrapped in Nori.R59.90

The Harvard Cafe Inari Pocket

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
SALMON INARI POCKETAn inari pocket filled with Rice, Avocado, Cucumber, and salmon.R52.90
PRAWN INARI POCKETA pocket of inari filled with Rice, Avocado, and prawn.R52.90

The Harvard Cafe Handrolls

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
PRAWNPrawn, Avocado, Cucumber, Dynamite Sauce, and sesame seeds.R52.90
TEMPURACrispy prawn, Avocado, Cucumber, and sesame seeds with Deluxe Sauce.R58.90
SALMONSalmon, Avocado, Cucumber, Mayonnaise, and sesame seeds.R58.90

The Harvard Cafe Kiddies Menu

ItemPrice (R)
100 G BURGER & CHIPSR45.90
200G RIBS & CHIPSR55.90

The Harvard Cafe Sweet Treats

ItemPrice (R)

The Harvard Cafe Freshly Squeezed Juices

ItemPrice (R)

The Harvard Cafe Hot & Steamy

ItemPrice (R)

The Harvard Cafe Cold Beverages

ItemPrice (R)
MILKSHAKE – Chocolate, Strawberry, Bubble gum, Banana, Vanilla & Lime.R39.90

The Harvard Cafe Chillas

ItemPrice (R)

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