Nestled in the center of South Africa is the culinary gem Galata Bakery & Restaurant, which serves food with Turkish flavors. Galata Bakery was established to introduce a broader audience to the lively flavors of Turkish cuisine by a dedicated Turkish family.

Galata Bakery provides a gastronomic experience that is both foreign and recognizable with a menu that blends classic Turkish cuisine with favorites from other continents. Every meal at Galata Bakery, from freshly baked bread and delicious pastries to fragrant mezes and savory kebabs, is made with passion and meticulous attention to detail.

Galata Bakery has won over the hearts and palates of its customers since opening, solidifying its status as a well-liked neighborhood destination. A memorable dining experience is produced by the delicious scents that permeate the space and the cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

The Galata Bakery & Restaurant promises to take you to the lively streets of Turkey, where each bite tells a story, whether you’re looking for a fast snack or a leisurely meal. Visit Galata Bakery & Restaurant in the center of South Africa to experience the flavors of Turkey.


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Supreme BreakfastR210.4
Simit PlateR76.5
Egg MealR45
Eggs BenedictR102
Full HouseR102


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Cheese ToastR64
Galata ToastR102


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Mozzarella OmeletR70
Mixed OmeletR83
Spinach & Feta OmeletR83


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Humus StarterR57.5
Fried Avo StarterR57.5
Fried Mushroom StarterR57.5
Divan StarterR76.5
Kofte StarterR76.5


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Pogaca BurgerR70
Braams Bae BurgerR90
Simit BurgerR115
Grilled Chicken BurgerR115
Kule BurgerR178.5
Insta BurgerR147


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Kofte As A MealR121.5
Tantuni LavasR96
Galata WrapR115
Galata SteakR249
T-Bone SteakR242.5
Sac TavaR268
Cajun ChickenR121

Turkish Braai

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Adana KebapLamb kebab with 3 different mezes.R172
KusbasiRibeye steak cubes with 3 different mezes.R217
KulbastiThin cut ribeye steaks with 3 different mezes.R249
Dhania KebabTurkish-style marinated chicken cubes served with 3 different mezes.R185
Tavuk SisOn a bed of plain yogurt char-grilled lamb mince with garlic and parsley wrapped with lavas and topped with tomato sauce.R147
Lamb Chops4 lamb chops served with 3 different mezes.R224
Chicken Chops4 chicken chops served with 3 different mezes.R166
Beyti SarmaOn a bed of plain yogurt char-grilled lamb mince with garlic and parsley wrapped with lavas. Topped with tomato sauce.R191
Mix Plate 2Adana kebab, dhania kebab, marinated chicken cubes, beef cubes, kofte, lamb chops, and chicken chops. Serves 2 people.R535.5
Mix Plate 4Adana kebab, dhania kebab, marinated chicken cubes, beef cubes, kofte, lamb chops, and chicken chops. Serves 4 people.R956.5
Family FeastAdana kebab, dhania kebab, marinated chicken cubes, beef cubes, kofte, lamb chops, and chicken chops. Serves 6-7 people.R1721.5


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Pastrami PastaR134
Peppadew PastaR141
Bolognese PastaR134


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Pollo & Fungi Pizzafrom R102
M.D Pizzafrom R140
Zevahir Pizzafrom R133
Peppadew Pizzafrom R115
Mexicana Pizzafrom R108
Margherita Pizzafrom R89


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Seena PideR159
Kasarli PideR121
Kusbasi PideR134
Kiymali PideR134
Chicken PideR134
Spinach & Feta PideR140
Vegetarian PideR172
Egg PideR172
Sucuk PideR172
Lahmacun PideR45

Baklava Dessert

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Pistachio Square Cut BaklavaR89.5
Carrot Slice BaklavaR76.5
Walnut Square BaklavaR85
Pistachio Mideye BaklavaR89
Walnut Mideye BaklavaR76.5
Sobiyet Pistachio BaklavaR83
Cold BaklavaR102

Opera Cakes

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chocolate Opera CakeR89
Caramel Opera CakeR89
Oreo Opera CakeR89


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Oreo CheesecakeR76.5
Lemon CheesecakeR76.5
Nutella CheesecakeR76.5
Lotus CheesecakeR76.5
Baklava CheesecakeR89

Mado Cakes

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Pistachio Mado CakeR89
Coffee Mado CakeR89

Other Desserts

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Rice PuddingR51


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Soft Drinks 300mlR29
Ice Tea 300mlR29
Tizers 330mlR31
Gazoz 250mlR29
Red Bull 250mlR37
Ayran 250mlR22
Turkish Soda 200mlR22
Water 350mlR23


Menu ItemPrice (R)
White Chocolate FreezoR55
Coffee FreezoR55
Chocolate FreezoR55
Spiced Chai FreezoR55
Salted Caramel FreezoR55
Iced Coffee FreezoR55

Freshly Squeezed Juice

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Orange Juice 350mlR51
Pineapple Juice 350mlR57


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Strawberry MilkshakeR53.5
Chocolate MilkshakeR53.5
Bubblegum MilkshakeR53.5
Vanilla MilkshakeR53.5
Galata ShakeR57
Oreo MilkshakeR57
Nutella MilkshakeR57
Nutty ShakeR57
Coffee ShakeR57

Mocktail Mojito’s

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Mint & Sweet Mocktail MojitoR57
Classic Mocktail MojitoR57
Pina Colada Mocktail MojitoR57
Strawberry Daiquiri Mocktail MojitoR57
Blueberry Daiquiri Mocktail MojitoR57

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