Sanook is a famous restaurant in South Africa. The popularity of this restaurant is due to the unique decor of its dining area and the warm, welcoming atmosphere. As you enter the restaurant, the trained staff guides you about the seating and the best dishes on their menu.

The team is active, friendly, highly trained, well-mannered, and always ready to serve you anytime. Whether you are in the mood for burgers, pizzas, salads, or something sweet, Sanook Restaurant has got you covered.

All the menu items are delicious, prepared from fresh ingredients, and are available at affordable prices. The menu includes burgers, grills, pasta, desserts, and drinks. With its unique service and dining area, it has become a go-to destination in South Africa.

Sanook Ciabatta Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Prego CiabattaSeared fillet, aioli*, tomato, caramelized onions, homemade peri-peri sauce, rocket. Served with sweet potato skins.R153
Grilled Veg CiabattaAioli*, grilled mushroom, brinjal, zucchini, rocket, feta, served with homemade tomato sauce. Served with sweet potato skins.R98
Ham, Cheese & Avo CiabattaAioli*, tomato, rocket. Served with sweet potato skins.R120
Grilled Chicken CiabattaAioli*, tomato, rocket. Served with sweet potato skins.R105
Roast Pork CiabattaWhole grain mustard aioli*, apple & red cabbage coleslaw, caramelized onion, crispy bacon, crackling. Served with sweet potato skins.R131

Sanook Salads

SaladDescriptionPrice (R)
Going Green SaladGreens only, grilled zucchini, cucumber, avo, pecorino shavings, roasted sunflower seeds. Salad base: rocket, greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, homemade vinaigrette.R109
F.A.B SaladFeta, avo, bacon. Salad base: rocket, greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, homemade vinaigrette.R120
Asian Invasion SaladSeared beef fillet, red cabbage, long-stem broccoli, radish, coriander, grilled zucchini, sesame seeds, oriental dressing. Salad base: rocket, greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, homemade vinaigrette.R153
House Salad (V)Feta, roasted sunflower seeds. Salad base: rocket, greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, homemade vinaigrette.R83
The Real Greek SaladChunky cucumber, tomato, red onion, and feta dotted with caramel olives (no lettuce)—salad base: rocket, greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, homemade vinaigrette.R72
Salmon SaladSmoked salmon, crème fraiche, crispy capers, spring onion, avo, sunflower seeds, lemon wedge. Salad base: rocket, greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, homemade vinaigrette.R160
Chicken SaladChicken grilled with a Moroccan rub, feta, coriander, and aioli.R109

Sanook Buddha Bowls

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken Truffle BowlGrilled chicken, rocket, cos lettuce, roasted sweet potato, avo, toasted sesame seeds, carrot and truffle mayo.R131
Korean Beef BowlBeef fillet sautéed with ginger, soya sauce & garlic, served with rice noodles, julienned cucumber & carrots, steamed broccoli, radish, spring onion, and coriander with Korean Cho Ganjang dressing.R160
Sticky Pork BowlSticky glazed roast pork, crispy bacon, cos lettuce, sesame seeds, egg noodles, charred pineapple, jalapenos, diced aco, and roasted red onion.R142
Rainbow BowlRoasted Bell peppers, black rice, corn, salsa, jalapenos, avo, cos lettuce, black beans, lime wedge, crispy potato strings, zesty lime dressing.R120
Gochujang Panko Chicken BowlPanko chicken, egg noodles, sesame seeds, edamame beans, spring onion, sauteed carrots, avo, red cabbage, cashew nuts, and creamy Asian dressing.R142
Beet Falafel BowlBeetroot falafels, fresh greens, cucumber, avo, carrots, beet hummus, pickled red cabbage, pumpkin seeds, creamy tahini dressing.R127
Hoke Poke BowlSeared tuna, sesame seeds, black rice, cucumber, edamame beans, spring onion, pickled ginger, avo, wasabi mayo, soya ginger dipping sauce.R149

Sanook Appetizers

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Flat Bread FocacciaBrushed with olive oil & garlic.from R72
Carpaccio 2 StartSpringbok carpaccio, rocket, crispy capers, pecorino shavings, olive oil, lemon wedge.R109
Peri-peri Chicken LiversFlambéed chicken livers, sherry, Napoletana, paprika, basil, chili, and garlic, topped with dusted onions and a crusty ciabatta.R98
Proe’ StukkiesSeared fillet, crème fraiche, red onion marmalade, crusty ciabatta.R127
Tapas BoardBrie, camembert, blue & white cheddar cheese, gypsy ham, parma ham, salami, tomato chili jam, marinated olives, crusty ciabatta.R160
Alfresco BoardCrumbed mushrooms, marinated olives, cherry tomatoes, Danish feta, tzatziki, hummus, and crusty ciabatta served with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.R127
Bone MarrowWe were baked in our wood-fired oven with fresh rosemary, thyme, beetroot salt, rocket red onion salad, crispy capers, and crusty ciabatta.R94
Beer Battered Onion RingsBeer Battered Onion RingsR54
Crumbed MushroomsCrumbed MushroomsR76
Stir Fry VegStir Fry VegR50
Zucchini SticksParmesan, truffle mayo.R72
Side SaladSide SaladR39
Skinny FriesSkinny FriesR31
Sweet Potato SkinsSweet Potato SkinsR28
Potato WedgesPotato WedgesR39

Sanook Burgers

BurgerDescriptionPrice (R)
The Porra BurgerPeri-peri chicken breast, rocket, red onion, aioli, peri-peri sauce.R116
The Deluxe BurgerBeef patty, white cheddar, creamy mushroom sauce.R138
Mo Bro BurgerBeef patty, smokey mayo, Danish feta, bacon, dusted onion.R142
Big Bad Wolf BurgerBeef patty, roast pork, red onion marmalade, brie, rocket.R153
Standard Burger BeefPlaced on lettuce, tomato, pickles & homemade mayo.R102
Standard Burger ChickenPlaced on lettuce, tomato, pickles & homemade mayo.R98
Beach BurgerPanko chicken breast, sweet chili mayo, pineapple salsa, crispy bacon, dusted dill pickles.R142
The Rockstar BurgerBeef patty, Danish feta, bacon, mayo, avo, red onion.R149
The Redneck BurgerBeef patty, smokey mayo, beer-battered onion rings.R131
Carnislaw BurgerBeef patty, crispy bacon, melted cheddar, coleslaw, pickled gherkins.R149
Forbidden BurgerBlack bean, chickpea & black rice patty topped with tomato, mixed greens, pickles, red onion, and mayo.R120
Pearl JamBeef patty topped with white cheddar, truffle mayo, bacon jam, towered with onion rings.R160

Sanook Kiddies Meals

ItemPrice (R)
Kiddies Chicken Strips & ChipsR72
Kiddies Chicken Wings & ChipsR76
Kiddies BBQ Riblets & ChipsR102
Kiddies Hawaiian PizzaR65
Kiddies Regina PizzaR72
Kiddies Chicken PizzaR65
Kiddies Margarita PizzaR54
Kiddies Ham PizzaR65
Kiddies BologneseR76
Kiddies Creamy Ham PastaR76
Kiddies Plain PastaR39

Sanook Sauces

SaucePrice (R)
Garlic Aioli SauceR27
Tomato SauceR22
Smokey Mayo SauceR27
Sweet Chilli Mayo SauceR27
Peri-Peri SauceR36
Truffle MayoR42
Mushroom SauceR36
Green Peppercorn SauceR36
White Cheddar SauceR36
Blue CheeseR42
Napoletana SauceR22

Sanook Grill Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Sanook BoardGrilled Wings, B.B.Q. riblets seared 150g beef fillet and sweet chili mayo.R215
BBQ Pork RibletsPanko chicken breast served with a teriyaki style noodle, sauteed edamame beans, broccoli, red cabbage, spring onion, carrots, lime wedge, and a creamy Asian sauce.from R171
Fillet SpecialAny side, any sauce, and 250g fillet.R215
Fillet New Age250g fillet, oregano, garlic butter, marinated cherry tomatoes, rocket, any side.R215
Biltong Steak300g sirloin steak rubbed with traditional biltong spices, hung & cured, cream cheese, dusted onion, any side.R204
Wing ItGrilled Jack Daniels® wings with sweet chili mayo.from R120
Chicken StackGrilled chicken breast layered with baby marrow, long-stem broccoli, mushrooms, red onion, sesame seeds, and soya sauce, topped with sweet potato skins.R131
Dukkah Crusted Fillet250g fillet with a herb & Dukkah crust served with bone marrow and a side of your choice.R208
Ostrich Stack300g ostrich fillet, oregano, garlic butter, marinated cherry tomatoes, rocket, any side.R215
Steak Hunter300g Sirloin steak served with honey, wholegrain mustard sauce, and dusted onion with any side.R204
Ostrich Medallions300g ostrich medallions, pepper sauce, beer-battered onion rings, any side.R215
Cow GirlBaked sweet potato, roasted brinjal, grilled zucchini, and chickpeas sauteed in a coconut milk curry topped with roasted red onion and bell peppers.R120
TokyoPanko chicken breast served with a teriyaki style noodle, sauteed edamame beans, broccoli, red cabbage, spring onion, carrots, lime wedge and a creamy Asian sauce.R142

Sanook Pasta

PastaDescriptionPrice (R)
Bolognese PastaBeef mince cooked slow & heartyR127
Napoletana PastaImported whole peeled tomatoes, herbs & loveR98
The B.E.E PastaSeared fillet, mushrooms, fresh oregano, chili, djan mustard, and cream.R160
Aglio e Olio PastaGarlic, chili, olive oil, parmesan cheeseR83
Prima Vera PastaSpinach, marinated tomatoes, garlic, splash of cream, pecorinoR109
Arrabiata PastaWhole peeled tomatoes, chili, garlic, rocket, pecorinoR105
The Nosh PastaBlue cheese, bacon, cherry tomatoes, cream, dusted onionR138
The Norwegian PastaSmoked salmon, sundried tomatoes, onion, Napoletana, a dash of creamR149
St Basil PastaBasil pesto, pecorino shavings, creamR109
3 Little Pigs PastaBacon, roast pork, cabbage, cherry tomatoes, Napoletana, cracklingR153
Friar Tuck PastaMushrooms, caramelized onions, fresh sage, cream, macadamia nutsR120
Meatball PastaBest served with spaghettiR127
Very Peri PastaChicken livers, peppers, chili, old brown sherry, Napoletana, splash of creamR131
Pollo Pepperdew PastaChicken, pepperdews, cream and napoletana.R131
Chicken & Pancetta PastaPancetta, chicken, broccoli, white wine, cream, fresh herbs, garlicR160
Carbonara PastaBacon, spring onion, parmesan, egg, garlic, creamR138
Prawn & Chorizo PastaPrawn, chorizo, chili, garlic, white wine, creamR153
Uncle RajahChicken, curry spice, chili, coriander, cream, NapoletanaR131
EarthlingMushrooms, caramelized red onion, long-stem broccoli, garlic, mustard, and fresh herbs sauteed in creamy almond sauce.R120
Bam BamSauteed chicken, baby spinach, garlic, fresh herbs, mustard, cream, and topped with crispy bacon.R131

Sanook Hot Beverages

ItemPrice (R)
Cafe LatteR33
Single MacchiatoR29
Caffe MochaR40
Single EspressoR22
Flat WhiteR31
Cup Hot WaterR11
Red EspressoR27
Red CappuccinoR33
Rooibos TeaR25
Ceylon TeaR25
Green TeaR25
Earl Grey TeaR25
Hot ChocolateR38
Turmeric LatteR40
Vegan Chai LatteR44

Sanook Cold Beverages

ItemPrice (R)
Soft DrinksR29
Red BullR40
Valpre Stillfrom R27
Valpre Sparklingfrom R27
Tomato CocktailR38
Juice 200mlR33
Kiddies DrinksR31

Sanook Milkshakes

ItemPrice (R)
Milkshakesfrom R50

Sanook Desserts

DessertDescriptionPrice (R)
Baked Blueberry Cheese Cakeserved with creamR76
Chocolate Brownie*contains nutsR72
Deep-fried Oreos ®with crème fraiche served with creamR76
Baked Salted Caramel Cheese Cakeserved with cream *contains macadamia nutsR76

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