Salsa Mexican Grill is an amazing restaurant in Johannesburg, South Africa. They offer delicious Mexican-inspired dishes, craft tequila flights, and a range of other cocktails. The atmosphere is always warm and inviting, and the staff are incredibly friendly and go out of their way to make sure you have a memorable experience.

The food is delicious, and you’ll find plenty of classic Mexican dishes like nachos, burritos, tacos, and enchiladas. The flavors are mild yet full of character, and the ingredients are always fresh and of the highest quality. The portions are generous, so you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

The drinks selection is impressive, with a great selection of craft tequila flights. The cocktails are all expertly made and taste amazing, and you’ll find something to suit every taste. The restaurant isn’t only about the food and drinks – it’s also about the atmosphere. The decor is modern and stylish, and the vibe is always relaxed and laid back.

When it’s someone’s birthday, the staff will break out into a special song, and the patrons at other tables often clap along and cheer. It’s a truly unique and enjoyable experience. Overall, Salsa Mexican Grill is a fantastic restaurant with great food, drinks, and atmosphere. Whether looking for a delicious meal or just a night out with friends, you’re sure to have a great time.

Salsa Mexican Grill ‘Platitos Starters’

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
JALAPEÑO POPPERSJalapeños stuffed with our signature cheese fillingR69
BACON JALAPEÑO POPPERSJalapeños stuffed with our signature cheese & bacon fillingR75
CORN & CORIANDER CROQUETTASRoasted corn & fresh coriander cheese croquettes crusted with panko crumbs, served with coriander & lime mayonnaise.R75
BACON & SPRING ONION CROQUETTASCrispy bacon & spring onion cheese croquettes crusted with panko crumbs, served with a chipotle mayonnaise.R79
GORDITATortilla pockets filled with marinated chicken, coriander, peppers, red onion & chipotle cremaR79
CALAMARI POPPERSFried calamari tubes stuffed with our signature cheese filling & served with a homemade jalapeño pesto sauce.R89
CHIPOTLE NACHO CHIPS & DIPNachos drizzled with a smoky chipotle sauce & cucumber and red onion salsa, served with guacamole & sour crema.R89
MEXICAN CHICKEN LIVERSChicken Livers in a smoky chipotle sauce served with pitaR95
TACOS AL GUSTOSix mini soft shell tacos: skirt steak & pineapple, prawn & avocado, chicken & spicy guacamoleR119
PRAWN TOSTADASCrispy tortillas with avocado salsa grilled prawns with a honey & coriander dressing.R129
COCONUT PRAWNSPanko & coconut prawns with mango habanero sauceR135
FULL WINGS DE POLLO (BBQ, citrus, or chipotle)4 Full WingsR69
FULL WINGS DE POLLO (BBQ, citrus, or chipotle)8 Full WingsR129

Salsa Mexican Grill Ensalads (Salads Menu)

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
AVOCADO SALADAvocado, red onion, cucumber, tomato with a lime dressingR99
MEXICAN CHOPPED SALADBlack beans, olives, feta, chargrilled corn & nachos served on a bed of lettuce with tomato, red pepper, spring onion, basil, avocado & jalapeño dressing.
Add Chicken

POLLO SALADChicken breast, avocado, feta, tomato, red onion, chargrilled corn, almond flakes & lettuce, served with a cilantro dressing.R155

Salsa Mexican Grill Burritos Menu

Toasted Flour Tortilla Wrapped Around a Fiesta of Fillings

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CHIMICHANGADeep-fried burrito with chicken, chili corn, fajita vegetables & mozzarellaR115
CHICKENBrown & wild rice, caramelized onion, butternut, tomato, cucumber, lettuce & fetaR125
NACHO CRUSTEDNacho-crusted chicken strips, avocado, pico de gallo, lettuce, chipotle crema, pickled cabbage & sour crema.R129
CALAMARIPanko-crusted calamari strips, coriander rice, pico de gallo, red cabbage, roasted corn, sour cream, mozzarella & lime coriander crema.R129
ORIGINALSkirt steak strips, coriander & lime rice, fajita vegetables, black beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, lettuce & cheddarR135
TRES AMIGOSThree mini burritos: beef, pico de gallo, mozzarella & black beans; chicken, butternut, lettuce & feta; BBQ pulled pork, lettuce, cabbage slaw & cheddarR135
MEXICAN CRUNCHMexican mince, tomato, guacamole, nacho chips, fresh coriander, cheddar & chipotle cremaR139

Salsa Mexican Grill Enchiladas Menu

Two Tortillas Filled With Coriander and Lime Rice, Our Signature Salsa, Cheddar, and Spring Onion, Topped With Melted Mozzarella and Salsa. Mild or Spicy

ItemPrice (R)
Mexican MinceR135

Salsa Mexican Grill Signature Nachos & Guacamole

ItemPrice (R)


Salsa Mexican Grill Quesadillas

MUSHROOMMushrooms, pickled jalapeño, mild salsa, red onion & mozzarellaR79R115
ACAPULCOChicken, mozzarella, sweet & tangy pineapple salsa & caramelized onionR99R145
GRINGOSkirt steak strips, mozzarella, feta, pico de gallo, guacamole, peppers & jalapeñosR109R159
SAMBAPulled pork, mozzarella, feta & PEPPADEW® piquanté peppersR119R169
CHICKEN FOLDED QUESADILLAFoldover tortilla with nacho-crusted chicken, tomato, red onion, jalapeño, mild salsa, sour cream & mozzarella with shoestring friesN/AR135
BEEF FOLDED QUESADILLAFoldover tortilla with skirt steak strips, pico de gallo, guacamole, fajita vegetables, mild salsa, sour cream & mozzarella with shoestring friesN/AR145
EL CHAPO’S QUESADILLAS3 mini quesadillas: bacon & mozzarella, skirt steak strips & fajita vegetables, chicken, mozzarella & PEPPADEW® piquanté peppersN/AR155

Salsa Mexican Grill Tacos Menu

Choose: Hard Shell Taco (Gluten Free), Soft Shell Tortilla, Puffy Patron or Butter Lettuce Shell

CHILANGAChicken strips, coriander & lime rice, fajita vegetables, sweet & tangy salsa, lettuce & guacamoleR109R159
MEXICANOSkirt steak strips, coriander & lime rice, lettuce, fajita vegetables, chili corn, red hot salsa & cheddarR109R159
PUFFY PATRÓN STEAKUnique deep-fried tortilla filled with adobo marinated skirt steak strips, lettuce, coriander, red onion & sour cremaR115R169
LOS NACHOSNacho-crusted chicken strips, sour crema, pickled cabbage slaw, lettuce, pico de gallo & chipotle crema.R125R179
CALAMARIPanko-crusted calamari strips, red cabbage, roasted corn, sweet & tangy pineapple salsa, sour crema.R149R209
TACO CARNITABBQ pulled pork, pickled cabbage slaw, lettuce, sour cream & cheddarR149R209

Salsa Mexican Grill Taquitos

3 Fried Tortillas and Mozzarella, Served With Salsa, Sour Crema, and Pico de Gallo Filled With a Protein of Your Choice

ItemPrice (R)
Skirt steakR135
Baja prawns (6)R199
Sirloin (250g)R209
Fillet (200g)R229

Salsa Mexican Grill Sides Menu

ItemPrice (R)
JALAPEÑO BOTTLE CAPS – Sliced jalapeños in a deep-fried batterR30
SIDE SALAD – Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber & red onionR49
AVOCADO RELLENOS – Avocado with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, spring onion & corianderR59

Salsa Mexican Grill Platters to Share

PlatterDescriptionPrice (R)
TAQUITO PLATTERFried Tortillas with chicken & mozzarella, BBQ pulled pork & mozzarella, chopped skirt steak & mozzarella. All are served with salsa, sour cream & pico de galloR245
SEAFOOD PLATTERPlatter with three calamari poppers, three prawn tostadas & a serving of coconut prawnsR325
TORTILLA PLATTEREl Chapo’s quesadillas, tres amigos & chicken taquitosR399
MEATY PLATTERHalf chicken, grilled arrachera sirloin & quarter pork ribs, two tortillas, two gorditas, guacamole, sour cream & pico de galloR539

Mexican Grills

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CHILLI CON CARNEMexican mince & beans, coriander & lime rice topped with cheddar & mozzarellaR129
TORTILLA BURGERITOTM200g pure beef patty, nacho chips, guacamole, red onion, tomato, secret burrito sauce, folded in a soft tortilla with shoestring friesR135
FLAME-GRILLED CHICKENServed with shoestring fries. Allow 30 minutes of cooking time
– Half
– Full

GRILLED ARRACHERA SIRLOIN (250G)Traditional Mexican sirloin steak with pico de gallo & shoestring fries
– Add cheese & jalapeño sauce
FILLET STEAK (200G)Fillet steak in adobo marinade with traditional pickled red onion & shoestring friesR199
PORK LOIN RIBSServed with shoestring fries
– 1/4 rack
– 1/2 rack
– Full rack

RED PRAWN & CALAMARIPan-grilled prawns & calamari with red rice & mushroomR145
GRILLED LAMB CHOPSThree loin lamb chops, cucumber & red onion salsa, adobo sauce, served with shoestring fries.R259

Salsa Mexican Grill Fajitas (New)

Two Tortillas, Fajita Veg, Pico de Galo, Sour Crema, and Guacamole on a Skillet With a Protein of Your Choice

ItemPrice (R)
Skirt steak (250g)R165
Baja prawns (6)R199
Sirloin (250g)R209
Fillet (200g)R229

Salsa Mexican Grill Desserts Menu

DessertDescriptionPrice (R)
ICE CREAM (3 SCOOPS)Chocolate, Strawberry, VanillaR45
MEXICAN FLANTraditional Mexican caramel dessertR69
TRES LECHESTraditional Mexican ultra-light sponge cake soaked in a sweet milk mixture, topped with fresh strawberriesR69
TACO PANCAKESThree taco pancakes filled with light strawberry cream, fresh strawberries & chocolate mousse with Crunchie® bitsR75
STRAWBERRY GAZNATESTortilla cone dusted with cinnamon sugar, filled with a light strawberry cream & topped with fresh strawberries.R85
CHURROSTraditional Mexican fried dough dusted with cinnamon sugar & served with ice cream
– Grande (3)
– Más Grande (6)
– El Más Grande (9)


Salsa Mexican Grill Medio Regio Set Menu-R219

Prices specified are per person. Only available for tables of 10 or more. Food is served on shared platters.

Spicy or Mild Nachos
Spicy or Mild Jalapeño Poppers
Beef BurgeritosTM
Chicken Taquitos
Acapulco Quesadillas
Original Burritos

Salsa Mexican Grill Grande Especial Set Menu-R349

Prices specified are per person. Only available for tables of 10 or more. Food is served on shared platters.

Spicy or Mild Nachos
Coconut Prawns
Mexican Chopped Salad
Beef BurgeritosTM
Calamari Poppers
Bacon Jalapeño Poppers
Wings De Pollo
El Chapo’s Quesadillas
Tres Amigos
Strawberry Gaznates

Salsa Mexican Grill Mucho Lucho Set Menu-R259

Prices specified are per person. Only available for tables of 10 or more. Food is served on shared platters.

Spicy or Mild Nachos
Wings De Pollo
Bacon Jalapeño Poppers
Chicken Taquitos
Tres Amigos
BBQ Ribs
Gringo Quesadillas

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