Saigon in Cape Town has become one of the hot destinations for excellent sushi since their renovations in November 2008, when they built a Sushi Bar and Roof Terrace. Saigon boasts the ideal atmosphere with its soft, subdued lights and breathtaking views of Table Mountain. The restaurant’s Vietnamese décor is well done without having a theme.

Vietnamese food predominates on the menu, with Japanese elements. Try the Grilled Chicken Skewer and the Make-Yourself Lettuce Wraps with noodles, sweet chili sauce, prawns, and fresh herbs as starters.

The Saigon Ginger Fish, coated in a batter, the Cashew Nuts, and the Spicy Beef Basil with chili sauce are a few of the most well-liked Main Courses. Noodles or rice can be served with any of the main courses.

If you still have room after your opulent First and Main Courses, try Saigon’s unique Deep-Fried Ice Cream. The ice cream is served with their honey syrup after being deep-fried in a batter casting.

Standing its ground among the various eateries on Kloof Street, this is one of those places where reservations are advised because it’s always busy, day or night.


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Edamame BeansSteamed, with a choice of sea salt or spicy chili mix.R109
Crispy Chicken Spring Roll (3pcs)Crispy chicken spring roll with fresh herbs & fish sauce.R98
Crispy Pork & Prawn Spring Roll (3pcs)Crispy pork & prawn spring rolls with fresh herbs & fish sauce.R110
Crispy Vegetable Spring Roll (3pcs)Crispy vegetable spring roll with fresh herbs & soya sauce.R98
Chargrilled Chicken Skewers (3pcs)Chargrilled chicken skewers with lemongrass and chili.R103
BBQ Pork Skewers (2pcs)BBQ pork skewer with nước mam chấm sauce.R103
Prawn Toast (4pcs)With sesame & sweet chili sauce.R113
Robata Chicken Teriyaki Skewer (2pcs)Served in teriyaki sauce.R110
Wok Fried CalamariWok fried calamari with a choice of spicy cilantro or chili garlic sauce.R143
Crystal Vegetable Salad Roll (6pcs)Lettuce, herbs, noodles & peanut sauce.R94
Crystal Prawn Salad Roll (6pcs)Prawn, lettuce, herbs, noodles & peanut sauce.R111
Crispy Duck Spring Roll (3pcs)Crispy fried duck spring rolls with hoisin sauce.R109
Crispy Fried Seafood Spring Roll (3pcs)Crispy fried signature seafood spring rolls with spicy mayo.R112

Dim Sum & Potstickers

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Pork & Water Chestnut Steamed Dumplings (4pcs)Steamed pork & water chestnut.R106
Spinach & Cream Cheese Steamed Dumpling (4pcs)Steamed spinach & cream cheese.R103
Prawn Steamed Dumplings (4pcs)Steamed prawn dumplings.R113
Pork & Prawn Steamed Dumplings (4pcs)Steamed pork or pork & prawn, water chestnut.R113
Chicken & Water Chestnut Steamed Dumpling (4pcs)Chicken, water chestnut & mushroom.R106
Spicy Lamb Fried Potstickers (4pcs)Pan-fried spicy lamb potstickers.R109
Mushroom Fried Potstickers (4pcs)Pan-fried mushroom potstickers.R113
Pork Fried Potstickers (4pcs)Pan fried pork potstickers.R106
Chicken Fried Potstickers (4pcs)Pan fried chicken potstickers.R106


ItemPrice (R)
Tom Yum Soup (Hot)R109
Wonton Prawn SoupR120
Pho Bo Soup – Traditional Vietnamese clear broth beef noodle soup.R120
Miso Soup – Miso soup with wakame, tofu & spring onion.R86


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Wood Ear Mushroom SaladServed with cashew nuts, ginger & soya.R147
Duck SaladShredded roast duck, cabbage, peanuts & chili ginger dressing.R152
Asian Calamari SaladAssorted leaves & herbs with spicy mayo.R189

Poultry Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken Cashew NutChicken cashew nuts stir-fried with peppers, carrots, & onions.R178
Chicken Chilli GingerChicken chili ginger stir-fried.R178
Chicken Yellow CurryChicken yellow curry with coconut cream & sweet potato.R178
Chicken Sweet & SourSweet & sour chicken stir-fried with peppers & pineapple.R178
Chicken Basil ChiliChicken basil chili stir-fried with peppers, garlic & chili.R178
BBQ DuckBBQ duck with spinach & a choice of plum, orange, or BBQ sauce.R264
Half Duck RoastHalf-roasted duck with plum, orange, or BBQ sauce.R373
Peking Style Roast DuckServed with pancakes, cucumber, spring onion & hoisin sauce.R402
Angry Duck Stir-Fry (Hot)Angry duck stir-fried with chili & Asian spices.R264

Beef & lamb Dishes

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Beef Basil ChilliStir-fried sirloin with peppers, garlic & chili.R189
Beef Chilli Hot PlateStir-fried fillet, peppers, garlic & chili.R281
Saigon Wok BeefWith black pepper & soya sauce.R245
Shaky BeefShaky wok-fried beef served with green beans & rocket.R281
Colony BeefChargrilled fillet, Asian greens & a trio of soya sauce.R281
Robata Nikkei FilletWith sesame, chili, sweet soy, and Chef My’s spice.R281
Grilled Beef Fillet ShitakeWith shiitake & miso-ponzu sauce.R281
Grilled Lamb RackSpicy, savory, sweet & sour.R287

Vegetarian Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Wok Toasted TofuWok toasted tofu with chili, lemongrass, spring onion & five spice.R155
Crunchy Seasonal VegetablesCrunchy seasonal vegetables stir-fried in a choice of oyster or soya sauce.R161
Yellow Vegetarian CurryAssorted vegetable & sweet potato.R172
Rainbow NoodlesRainbow wok-fried glass noodles with vegetables, tofu & chili garlic sauce.R155
Crispy Cauliflower PopsWith wasabi, chili, spring onion & spicy mayo.R172
Mushroom TrioWith chili, ginger & black bean sauce.R172
Baked AubergineWith sesame & miso-ginger sauce.R172

Fish & Shellfish

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Caramelized FishKingklip in a clay pot with caramel pepper sauce.R281
Crispy Ginger FishKingklip lightly battered with a chilli-ginger fish sauce.R281
Steamed FishKingklip with ginger, soya & spring onion.R281
Saigon FishPan-fried kingklip, lemongrass & spinach.R281
Salmon TeriyakiGrilled salmon with spinach, egg noodles & ginger.R304
Seared TunaPan-fried tuna with sesame, assorted vegetables & 12 spice.R304
Crispy Salt & Pepper PrawnsWok-fried, crispy shell on, chili & garlic.R402
Tempura PrawnsCrispy battered with Japanese tempura sauce.R402
Peppered PrawnPeppered prawns, lightly battered with pepper, garlic & chili.R281
Ginger PrawnGinger prawn, lightly battered with garlic & oyster sauce.R281
Sweet & Sour PrawnStir-fried with peppers & pineapple.R281
Prawn Chilli Cashew NutsStir-fried with peppers, black bean & garlic.R281

Pork Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Sweet & Sour PorkStir-fried with peppers & pineapple.R184
Caramelized PorkStir-fried with Vietnamese black pepper sauce.R184
Pork BellyWith bamboo shoots and a trio of Asian sauces.R224
BBQ Pork Ribs (from)With a spicy Asian basting.R195

Rice & Noodles

ItemPrice (R)
Steamed RiceR46
Garlic Egg Fried RiceR51
Smokey Plain NoodlesR45
Smokey Bean Sprout NoodlesR80
Seafood Noodles – Wok-fried assorted seafood with chili.R212
Beef Noodles – Wok-fried beef noodles with assorted veg and chili.R189
Saigon Fried Rice – Egg, tofu, shitake mushroom, carrot, chili & your choice of mixed veg or protein.R166

Saigon Signature Sushi

ItemPrice (R)
4 x 4 Combo – 4 Rock shrimp rolls & 4 reloaded salmon.R189
Beef Tataki Roll (8pcs) – Beef fillet, crispy salmon, cream cheese & avo.R212
Philadelphia Roll (8pcs) – Smoked salmon, cream cheese & avo.R189
Saigon Tacos – Your choice of salmon or tuna tacos with truffle oil, Kikkoman & spring onion, or spicy prawn tacos with sriracha & spicy mayo.R138
Crispy Spring Roll CigarsR132

Classic Sushi

ItemPrice (R)
California RollsR112
Hand RollR75
Fashion SandwichR113

Sushi Sides & Salads

ItemPrice (R)
Chirashi Salad (16pcs) – Assorted sashimi, tempura prawn, prawn, crabstick & spicy tartare with sushi rice.R258
Sashimi Salad – Assorted sashimi, prawn, crab-stick, tamago, lettuce, cucumber, caviar, avocado & shitake mushroom.R247
Prawn Avo Salad – Crabstick, cucumber & wasabi mayo.R212

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