Nestled in the heart of Sinoville, Pretoria, where the sun-baked streets hum with the rhythm of local life, lies Poorboys Restaurant. You’re invited to enter a haven of Cajun and American comfort food by its weathered wooden sign, which features a naughty cartoon alligator and points you away from the busy main road.

The smell of simmering gumbo and slow-cooked ribs greets you when you go inside and feels comforting. A timeless charm emanates from exposed brick walls and rustic wooden tables, accompanied by eccentric trinkets and old photos that tell tales of Louisiana bayous and Southern hospitality.

The sound of active conversation and clinking silverware fills the air, creating the impression of a happy community coming together to enjoy the everyday pleasures of delicious food and companionship. However, Poorboys’ real magic is found in its cuisine. It’s a love letter to the culinary traditions that span decades and continents, a symphony of robust flavors.

Picture yourself biting into a massive Poorboy sandwich, the crispy bread bursting with flavorful pulled pork, crunchy pickles, and a generous dollop of hot remoulade sauce. Imagine yourself enjoying a bowl of gumbo, with its delicious soup full of succulent shrimp, soft okra, and a dash of smokey sausage.

Every mouthful is a celebration of ordinary ingredients turned into culinary masterpieces, a monument to the love and effort of the kitchen. Therefore, Poorboys is waiting for you whether you’re an experienced Southerner looking for a taste of home or a curious traveler seeking a flavor odyssey.

It’s more than simply a restaurant; it’s a call to relent, spend time with those you care about, and savor the simple pleasure of a shared meal. Raise your glass of sweet tea, let the music envelop you, and allow Poorboys to transport you to a realm where each morsel narrates a tale, and each dish embodies a cozy hug.

Picked for You

ItemPrice (R)
800g Long Ribs and 12 Buffalo WingsR429.90
Eisbein 900gR199.90
Chicken Schnitzel with mash & vegR125.90
800g Long Rib Belly & ChipsR324.90
400g Long Ribs and Half Buffalo WingsR234.90

Poorboys Specials

ItemPrice (R)
COMBO 4R259.90
COMBO 1R149.90
3x 100g Short Braai RibR135.00
COMBO 7R145.90
COMBO 3R209.90
COMBO 5R265.90
COMBO 8R330.90
COMBO 2R235.90
COMBO 6R234.90

Poorboys Flamed Chicken

ItemPrice (R)
Full Buffalo Wings (12 Wings)R112.90
Flame Grill Full ChickenR176.90
Half Buffalo Wings (6 Wings)R65.90
Flame Grill Quarter ChickenR54.90
Flame Grill Half ChickenR104.90

Poorboys Chicken Meal Packs

ItemPrice (R)
Quarter Chicken, Chips, and 1 Bread RollR79.90
Full Pack ChickenR247.90
Half Chicken, Chips, Salad, and 2 RollsR149.90
Family Pack ChickenR349.90
6 Buffalo Wings & ChipsR81.90
12 Buffalo Wings & ChipsR143.90

Poorboys Schnitzel Meals

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Schnitzel with Mash & VegR125.90
Cheddamelt Chicken SchnitzelR132.90
Cheezy Chicken SchnitzelR112.90
Nugget BoxR84.90

Poorboys Fish Dishes

ItemPrice (R)
Large Hake FilletR76.90
Deep Fried Calamari (250g)R104.90

Poorboys Fish Meals

ItemPrice (R)
Large Fish and ChipsR92.90
Fried Calamari Rings (250g)R118.90
Large Fish, Russian, and ChipsR131.90
Hake BasketR143.90

Poorboys Ribs

ItemPrice (R)
400g Long Rib Belly & ChipsR199.90
800g Long Rib Belly & ChipsR324.90
300g Short Rib Belly & ChipsR182.90
600g Short Rib Belly & ChipsR299.90

Poorboys Ribs Combos

ItemPrice (R)
400g Long Ribs and Half Buffalo WingsR234.90
800g Long Ribs and 12 Buffalo WingsR429.90
400g Long Ribs, Half Chicken and ChipsR259.90
400g Long Ribs, Quarter Chicken and ChipsR234.90
Family Rib Combo (Long Ribs and Wings)R509.90

Poorboys Burger Combos

ItemPrice (R)
Double Cheese Burger 300g MealR143.90
LW 150g Dagwood MealR143.90
Chicken Cheese Burger MealR117.90
Blondie On Toast Meal (Chicken fillet, Beef Patty, Egg, Cheese, Ham, Bacon)R169.90
Steak Fillet Cheese Burger MealR149.90
Served With Chips & 300ml CokeR117.90
Rib Cheese Burger, Chips & 300ml CokeR105.90

Poorboys Footlong Hotdogs

ItemPrice (R)
Russian Dog 165gR67.90
Cheese Griller Dog 165gR76.90
Frankfurter DogR76.90
Footlong HotdogR65.90

Poorboys Burgers

ItemPrice (R)
Dagwood BurgerR98.90
Cheese BurgerR74.90
Rib BurgerR59.90
Bacon and Cheese BurgerR81.90
Chicken Cheese BurgerR69.90
Mushroom BurgerR78.90
Chicken BurgerR62.90
Prego RollR78.90
Hawaiian BurgerR78.90
Cheddarmelt BurgerR81.90
Chicken, Cheese, and Pine BurgerR79.90
Poorboys Plain BurgerR65.90
Blondie on Toast BurgerR119.90
Fillet Steak RollR98.90
Monkey Gland BurgerR78.90
Pepper BurgerR78.90
Fillet Steak BurgerR98.90
Chilli BurgerR78.90
Cheese Fillet Steak RollR104.90

Poorboys Steak and Grills

ItemPrice (R)
Eisbein 900gR199.90
Pork Loin Chops (2x150g),Mash,Veg & SauceR143.90
T-Bone Steak 300gR143.90
T-Bone Steak 500gR221.90
Rump Steak 300gR176.90
Rump Steak 500gR259.90
Cheddamelt Rump 300gR189.90
Lamb ChopsR239.90

Poorboys Steak Combos

ItemPrice (R)
300g T-Bone and 6 WingsR179.90
300g Rump and CalamariR195.90

Poorboys Toasties

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Mayonnaise and Cheese SandwichR64.90
Bacon, Egg, and Cheese SandwichR67.90
Chicken Mayonnaise SandwichR59.90
Bacon and Cheese SandwichR59.90
Ham, Cheese, and Tomato SandwichR51.90
Ham Hickory and Cheese SandwichR48.90
Ham, Cheese, and Egg SandwichR63.90
Cheese SandwichR36.90
Bacon and Banana SandwichR61.90
Bacon and Egg SandwichR61.90
Beef Curry SandwichR69.90
Cheese and Tomato SandwichR41.90

Poorboys Breakfast

ItemPrice (R)
Start-Up BreakfastR65.90
Farmhouse BreakfastR117.90

Poorboys Veggies

ItemPrice (R)
Creamed SpinachR32.50
Mixed “spinach, pumpkin, and carrots.”R32.50
Rice or MashR32.50

Poorboys Salads

ItemSizePrice (R)
Greek SaladRegularR32.50
Potato SaladRegularR32.50
Chef Salad JumboJumboR104.90
Chicken Salad500mlR76.90
Calamari Salad500mlR83.90

Poorboys Sauces

SaucePrice (R)
Poorboys MustardR18.00
Tartar SauceR16.00
Monkey GlandR16.00

Poorboys Kids Corner

Kiddies MealPrice (R)
Saucy Chicken Nuggets, Chips and Kiddies JuiceR78.90
Beef Burger, Chips and Kiddies JuiceR78.90
Sausage (Vienna Rings), Chips & Kiddie JuiceR78.90
Toastie Cheese, Chips and Kiddies JuiceR72.90

Poorboys Side Orders

Side / ExtraPrice (R)
Russians 165gR42.50
Garlic RollR35.00
Thick Vienna LongR42.50
Frankfurter 200gR51.50
Cheese Griller 165gR51.50

Poorboys Desserts

DessertPrice (R)
Malva PuddingR37.90
Bar One Cheese CakeR42.50
Strawberry Cheese CakeR42.50
Chocolate MousseR42.50
Passion Fruit Cheese CakeR42.50

Poorboys Hot Meals

ItemPrice (R)
Beef Curry 500mlR104.90
Beef Curry 500ML & VEGGIESR117.90

Poorboys Soft Drinks

ItemPrice (R)
2 Liter Soft DrinksR45.00
440ml Soft DrinksR22.00
1.25ml Soft DrinksR29.00
500ml Soft DrinksR22.00
300ml Soft DrinksR20.00
300ml TizersR25.00

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