The concept for Old Town Italy was built around the idea of an authentic Italian food experience. The space was designed to rekindle an ‘old town essence,’ creating an atmosphere that promotes the impulse for purchasing throughout the dining experience and evokes a sense of history and romance, much like visiting an Italian marketplace.

The Old Town Italy restaurant is at the heart of the store, where friends, business colleagues, family, and people passing through stop to take it all in. The restaurant showcases our values, service, and belief in authentic Italian food. There is a constant flow in this area where you can grab a quick coffee or linger for a fresh breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Here is where you truly experience the feeling of Old Town with a sense of returning to old-school methods, artisanal cooking, and good service.

Their menu is authentically Italian yet flexible enough to stay updated with the latest health trends and food movements. They focus on Italian products but also source local products that align with our food philosophy. The menu includes authentic Italian dishes, cuts from our butchery grill section—fresh salads, panini / piadina, and hand-stretched Neapolitan pizza with real mozzarella.

Old Town Italy Breakfast Menu

The breakfast menu of Old Town Italy includes colazione items, coffee & hot beverages, teas, smoothies, and juices.

Colazione Breakfast

Breakfast ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Ovo SapiensArtisanal toast, scrambled eggs, tomato roasted in garlic and thyme, mushrooms, and baconR132
ShakshukaEggs are baked and served in Mama’s Pomodoro, chorizo sausage, cannellini beans, peppers, and onion. Served with artisanal toastR163
Rustico (V)Artisanal toast served with fresh sliced tomato, homemade hummus, crushed avocado, and cream cheeseR105
Salmon Trout Avocado ToastToasted rye topped with avocado, poached egg, smoked salmon trout, rocket, oven-dried tomato, dill oil, and chili flakes.R155
Eggs are baked and served in Mama’s Pomodoro, chorizo sausage, cannellini beans, peppers, and onion. Served with artisanal toast3 Egg omelet or egg white with mozzarella cheese, served with toasted artisanal breadR85
Cauliflower SteakGrilled cauliflower with rocket, poached eggs, feta, halloumi, and tomato chutney. Finished off with walnuts.R140
Bears BenedictPoached eggs are served with bacon, rocket, and basil béchamel sauce on artisanal toast.R128
Sausage Breakfast (with Lamb)Artisanal toast, eggs, tomato roasted with garlic and thyme, mushrooms, and chicken or lamb sausage.R105
Sausage Breakfast (with Chicken)Artisanal toast, eggs, tomato roasted with garlic and thyme, mushrooms, and chicken or lamb sausage.R104
Peanut Buttered OatsServed with granola, honey, and bananaR67
Fresh Fruit and YoghurtSeasonal fruit, homemade granola, and double-thick yogurtR102
Classic Eggs BenedictTwo poached eggs to your liking, hollandaise sauce, wilted spinach, and fresh chivesR55
French ToastFrench toast served with bacon, lemon-infused cream cheese, and maple-flavored syrup.R85
Tony SopranoArtisanal toast topped with rocket, bacon, mushrooms, poached egg, and parmesan béchamel sauce. Finished off with crushed walnutsR135
Filled CroissantsBacon and cheeseR81
Filled CroissantsJam and cheeseR66
Filled CroissantsSmoked salmon, cream cheese, and rocketR131

Coffee & Hot Beverages

Coffee & Hot BeveragesDescriptionPrice (R)
EspressoSingle shotR25
Doppio EspressoDouble shotR28
MacchiatoSingle shot topped with hot frothed milkR29
CortadoSingle shot topped with steamed milkR30
CappuccinoSingle shot topped with hot frothed milkR33
Flat WhiteDouble shot topped with steamed milkR33
AmericanoSingle shot topped up with hot waterR30
Nutella MochaSingle shot blended with chocolate Nutella milkR40
BambinoccinoEspresso cup filled with warm, frothed milk and topped with cocoa sprinkles for the little ones.R10
Hot ChocolateNnoma’s sustainably sourced cocoa powder-based hot chocolateR38
Latte (Regular)Hot frothed milk served with a single shot of espressoR37
Latte (Chai)Hot frothed milk served with a single shot of espresso, ChaiR42
Latte (Vanilla)Hot frothed milk served with a single shot of espresso, VanillaR39
Latte (Caramel)Hot frothed milk served with a single shot of espresso, CaramelR39
Latte (Hazelnut)Hot frothed milk served with a single shot of espresso, HazelnutR39

Classic & Specialty Teas

Tea TypeDescriptionPrice for 1 (R)Price for 2 (R)
English BreakfastA blend of teas from Assam, Ceylon, and KenyaR26R38
Earl GreyA black tea infused with the oil of bergamot and orange zestR26R38
CeylonA black tea of Sri Lankan originR26R38
RooibosA herbal tea made from the rooibos plantR26R38
GreenMinimally oxidized Camellia sinensis from ChinaR35R48
MintA green tea of North African origin with Sahara mintR35R48
VanillaA red tea of South African origin with vanilla infusionR35R48
ChamomileA herbal tea made from the chamomile plantR35R48
Red CappuccinoRooibos tea-based cappuccinoR32


SmoothieDescriptionPrice (R)
Chuck BerryBlueberries, spinach, banana, almond milk and honeyR49
Blast SmoothiePeanut butter, pea protein, banana, almond milk, dates and honeyR60
BlondieMango, banana, pineapple juice and mintR64

Cold Pressed Juices

JuicePrice (R)
Squeezed Classic OrangeR62
Squeezed Energy KickR84
Squeezed Beta CarrotR59
Squeezed Forever YoungR76
Squeezed Jolly GreenR99
Squeezed Jolly Green & GingerR120
Ginger ShotR35

Old Town Italy Main Menu

The main menu of Old Town Italy includes starters, panini & piadina, Insalata, sides, desserts, secondi, pasta, and pizza.

Starters Menu

StarterDescriptionPrice (R)
Rustico Bread BasketLightly toasted ciabatta, basil pesto, olive tapenade and butterR58
Italian Sausage AranciniServed with Mama’s pomodoro and fresh basilR100
Arancini GorgonzolaGorgonzola cheese and truffle oil risotto ballsR58
Beef CarpaccioServed with roasted garlic aioli, gremolata, shaved Parmesan, fresh rocket, and extra virgin olive oil.R120
Homemade Roasted Butter Nut RavioliServed with parmesan truffle cream, toasted walnut garlic Beurre NoisetteR105
Antipasto PlatterSelection of cured meats, cheeses, charred artichokes, caponata, basil pesto marinated boconcini, and crusty sourdough breadR210
Fegatini PiccantePeri-peri livers served with garlic-rubbed bruschettaR80
PolpetteServed with Mama’s pomodoro and fresh basilR72
Halloumi FingersPolenta crumbed halloumi with basil mayoR64
Bruschetta SalsaSmashed avocado and tomato salsaR62
Calamari FrittiCalamari deep-fried served with roasted garlic aioliR124

Panini & Piadina

Panini & piadinaDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken SchnitzelCrumbed chicken schnitzel, garlic mayo, mustard, gherkins, edam cheese, coriander, and red onionR132
Prosciutto CrudoProsciutto crudo, garlic mayo, mustard, edam cheese, and rocketR115
Prosciutto CottoProsciutto Cotto, mayo, edam cheese, and rocketR105
CaponataRoasted aubergine, sundried tomato pesto, tomato, Fior Di Latte mozzarella, and basilR95
New YorkerBeef pastrami, gherkin, Dijon mustard, garlic mayo, and edam cheeseR115


InsalataDescriptionPrice (R)
Modern CapreseVariation of heirloom tomatoes, basil pesto, Fior di latte, and fresh basilR128
Cold Basil Pesto Pasta SaladServed with roasted vine tomatoesR120
– Add Chicken+R30
Promenade SaladFresh cos lettuce, roasted red peppers, Fior Di Latte, capers, sun-dried tomatoes, and Parmesan croutonsR100
Chopped House SaladCabbage, corn, toasted almonds, radish, green beans, yogurt tahini, and Greek dressingR70
– Add Chicken+R30
Pear & Gorgonzola SaladMixed greens, creamy Gorgonzola dolcelatte, roasted walnuts, and pear. Served with a whole-grain honey mustard dressingR99
Cobb SaladA classic salad of lettuce, bacon, chicken, feta, cucumber, boiled egg, avocado, sweetcorn dressed with whole grain mustard dressingR142


SidesDescriptionPrice (R)
Zucchini FrittiServed with roasted garlic aioliR94
Classic FriesServed with roasted garlic aioliR58
Confit Hasselback Baby PotatoesTossed in rosemary salt and garlic butterR64
Creamy PolentaWith garlic Beurre Noisette and toasted walnutsR52
Charred Local GreensTender stem broccoli, baby leeks, sweet green beans, garlic Beurre Noisette, and toasted almondsR71
Caprese Side SaladVariation of heirloom tomatoes, basil pesto, Fior Di Latte, and fresh basilR64


DessertsDescriptionPrice (R)
BomboliniFried brioche doughnut filled with lemon curd, topped with lemon curd cream, and dusted with icing sugarR40
TiramisuClassic Italian TiramisuR65
Amaretto Panna CottaServed with a coffee syrup and biscotti crumbleR55


SecondiDescriptionPrice (R)
Florentine Tomahawk Steak (700g)700g Tomahawk Steak, cooked to your liking, basted in rosemary and garlic butter, served with fresh gremolata with a side of your choiceR549
Beef Fillet (282g)Grilled beef fillet, cooked over medium heat, served with potato puree, blanched spinach, red wine poached cherry tomatoes, and topped with a chianti jus.R282
Beef Rump (200g)Flame-grilled beef rump grilled to perfection with a side of rustic friesR164
Beef Rump (300g)Flame-grilled beef rump grilled to perfection with a side of rustic friesR214
Lamb Rump (300g)Flame-grilled 300g lamb rump, served with a cauliflower, mint, pea, and zucchini ribbon salad and chianti jusR298
Lamb Cutlets (300g)300g lamb cutlets with rosemary and thyme, creamed potato, and red wine jusR290
Old Town HamburgerWith grilled onion, Edam cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, gherkins, and a side of rustic fries
– Free-Range Beef Burger Patty (300g)
– Free-range chicken Fillet (300g)

Chicken Assagi (197g)Grilled chicken breast, roasted vegetables, Peppadew and feta pesto, zucchini fritters, and balsamic reductionR197
Chicken Schnitzel (160g)Crumbed chicken schnitzel, served with a homemade cheese or mushroom sauce and a side of rustic fries.R160
Kingklip Tagliata (325g)Calamari is deep-fried and served with roasted garlic aioli and rustic fries.R325
Spinach and Pea Risotto (200g)Served with charred local greens, toasted almond, garlic Beurre NoisetteR200
– Add Kingklip (170g)Add Kingklip to the Spinach and Pea RisottoR170
Hake (150g)Calamari is deep-fried and served with roasted garlic aioli and a side of rustic fries.R150
Calamari Fritti (226g)Calamari deep-fried and served with roasted garlic aioli and a side of rustic fries.R226


PastaDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken Liver Tagliatelle (165g)Creamy chicken liver and reduced sherry, paprika peppers, pan-fried mushrooms, and fresh parsley tossed in tagliatelleR165
Pescatore Tagliatelle (290g)A variation of fresh seafood (mussels, calamari, and prawns) served with Mama’s Pomodoro, fresh basil, and lemon.R290
Beef Short Rib Tortellini (145g)A variation of fresh seafood (mussels, calamari, and prawns) served with Mama’s Pomodoro, fresh basil, and lemon.R145
Melanzane (210g)Handmade Tortellini stuffed with tender short rib, cherry tomato, peas, fresh basil, Mama’s Pomodoro, and Pecorino cheese aged six monthsR210
Spinach and Ricotta Filled Cannelloni (180g)Baked layers of aubergine, Mama’s Pomodoro with mozzarella, tomato, and Grana Padano cheeseR180
– Add Shredded Chicken (30g)Add shredded chicken to the Spinach and Ricotta Filled CannelloniR30
Beef Lasagne (230g)Classic beef bolognese lasagneR230
Tagliatelle ai Funghi (165g)Thin ribbon pasta with mushrooms, cream, thyme, and truffle oilR165
Penne con Pollo e Pesto (127g)Penne tossed with free-range chicken, cream, béchamel sauce, basil pesto, chopped tomato, grana padano, and fresh herbs.R127
Scalogno di Pollo (130g)Scalloped chicken breast, mushroom, rosemary, aromatic cream served with tagliatelleR130
Recco Classico (125g)Penne tossed with free-range chicken in a mild curry-spiced cream, chili, and corianderR125
Gnocchi di PatateHandmade potato gnocchi served with your choice of sauce:

Pappardelle Bolognese (195g)Baked layers of aubergine, Mama’s Pomodoro with mozzarella, tomato, and GParmesana Padano cheeseR195
Penne Arrabiata (70g)Baked in the wood-fired ovParmesan with Mama’s Pomodoro, Fior di latte, and Parmesan served with fresh basil.R70
Spaghetti Aglio e Olio (90g)A classic Italian pasta of spaghettini tossed in olive oil, garlic, and chiliR90
– Add Pepperoni (20g)Add Pepperoni to the Spaghetti Aglio e OlioR20


PizzaDescriptionPrice (R)
Focaccia (V) (60g)Garlic, rosemary, and olive oilR60
Bianca (V) (98g)Garlic, rosemary, olive oil, mozzarella, and onionR98
Margherita (V) (115g)Mama’s Pomodoro and basilR115
Rimini (204g)Mama’s Pomodoro and basilR204
Giardino (V) (175g)Mama’s Pomodoro, ham, mushroom, and asiago cheeseR175
Giorgio (162g)Mama’s Pomodoro, spinach, olives, artichokes, marinated peppers, and fresh chiliR162
Di Avola (175g)Mama’s Pomodoro, bacon, feta, and avocadoR175
Maiale (232g)Mama’s Pomodoro, chorizo sausage, red onion, and roasted pepperR232
Capricciosa (184g)Mama’s Pomodoro, pulled pork, sweet Peppadews, and fresh rocketR184
Martesana (196g)Mama’s Pomodoro, charred globe artichokes, kalamata olives, and prosciutto cottoR196
Pollo e Jalapeño (134g)Mama’s Pomodoro, Fior Di Latte balls, Old Town-style pepperoni, gorgonzola, and red onion marmaladeR134
Pollo e Funghi (156g)Mama’s Pomodoro, grilled chicken breast fillet, and jalapeñoR156
Frutti di Mare (254g)Mama’s Pomodoro, grilled chicken breast fillet, and mushroomsR254

Old Town Italy Beverage Menu

The beverage menu of Old Town Italy includes prosecco & bubbly, white wine, rose wine, red wine, Italian cocktails, gin & tonics, Italian soft drinks, smoothies, iced teas, frappes, and beers.

Prosecco & Bubbly

Prosecco & BubblyDescriptionPrice (R)
Cinzano Prosecco – Veneto, ITA85% Glera, Pinot Bianco and 15% Chardonnay. Fruity and floral on the nose with fresh green apple and pear flavorsR508
Pongracz Demi-Sec Noble NectarDelicate sweetness with citrus notes, juicy pears, and litchiR440
Pongracz Brut – Western Cape, RSACrisp green apple notes and the nuttiness of freshly baked bread are prevalent on the nose. It imparts a wonderful foamy mouthful of blackberry fruit flavors.R434
Pongracz Brut Rosé – Western Cape, RSADelicate strawberry tones are layered with whiffs of baked bread, perfectly balanced with clean acidity and juicy blackberry fruit.R434
Bottega Brut Rosé – Friuli, ITAPinot Noir, Ribaso blend offering notes of berries and spiceR724
Martini Prosecco – Veneto, ITADry Prosecco with crisp notes of apple and thymeR538
Enopolio di Parma Dry LambruscoMade from Lambrusco Maestri grapes. An easy-drinking young and fruity wine, naturally fermented into a foamy, fizzy red wine, typical of Emilia Romagna.R273
Cantina di Carepi e Sorbara Sweet LambruscoThis sweet red sparkler has pretty violet and red berry aromas and a vibrant palate that doles out ripe cherry, raspberry, and candied orange peel notes. Bright acidity keeps it fresh, balancing the sweetness.R274

White Wine

White WineDescriptionPrice (R)
Old Town Italy White Blend – Western Cape, RSAFresh and crisp, with tropical fruit aromas and flavors created in a contemporary style to awaken your sensesR195
Terra del Capo Pinot Grigio – Darling, RSAExpressive nectarine, elderflower, and gentle citrus nose, subtle hint of melonR208
Morgenster Sauvignon Blanc – Somerset West, RSATropical notes of litchi, mango, and melonR276
Fleur du Cap Chenin Blanc – Western Cape, RSAFresh aromas of tropical fruit, with notes of lime and oak spice. Hints of citrus on the palate, complemented by a touch of butterscotch and a lingering, crisp finishR231
Durbanville Hills Chardonnay – Western Cape, RSARich straw color with green tint. Combination of orange peel and pineapple flavors. A full-bodied wine with sweet fruit and citrus flavors, rich, creamy texture with a long finishR206
Durbanville Hills Collectors Reserve Sauvignon Blanc – RSANotes of gooseberry, passion fruit, pineapple, peach, and tropical fruitR339
Boschendal Chardonnay Pinot Noir – Western Cape, RSACrisp pale blush wine with hints of strawberry and red berriesR275
Banfi Le Rime Pinot Grigio – Chardonnay – Tuscany, ITALight straw color with citrus, pear, and white flowers on the nose. Good acidity, moderate finishR430
Buitenverwachting Buiten Blanc – Western Cape, RSAFull-bodied, with complex dried exotic fruit, apricot, and peach. Some acidity in the aftertasteR181

Rose Wine

Rose WineDescriptionPrice (R)
Old Town Italy Rosé – Western Cape, RSAA blend of fresh, crisp Sauvignon Blanc flavors and Merlot’s red berry fruits. Made in a just off-dry styleR195
Morgenster Sangiovese Rosé – Somerset West, RSAA Sangiovese-based rosé offering hints of guava, cherries, and candy-flossR333
Buitenverwachting Rosé – Western Cape, RSABright light and fruity. An easy-to-drink rosé with no sinsR199
Nalu Rosé – Western Cape, RSAExpressive juicy berry flavors follow through on the palate with a soft, delicious, fruity finishR197

Red Wines

Red WineDescriptionPrice (R)
Old Town Italy Red Blend – Western Cape, RSAAccessible and easy-drinking for everyday enjoyment, with juicy red fruit, a hint of gentle tannins, and vanilla from the wood treatmentR195
Durbanville Hills Collectors Pinotage – RSASangiovese, Canaiolo Nero. Bright ruby red, very fruity and lively bouquet. On the palate, there is a good balance between tannins and acidity. Delightful aftertasteR376
Blaauwklippen Red Zinfandel – Stellenbosch, RSAProminent dark fruit nose with notes of toasted oak and chocolateR381
Morgenster Tosca Red Blend – Somerset West, RSASangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon. Fresh cranberry and floral perfume giving way to cigar box and spicy notesR464
Rupert & Rothschild Classique – RSAAromas of red plum, raspberries, and cherries are prominent, layered with forest floor and oak spice expressed as toasted caramel and walnut.R499
Altysgedacht Barbera – Durbanville, RSADark fruit and spice with oaky sweetness and velvet finishR510
Fantini Montepulciano – Abruzzi, ITAAn intense, persistent, and fruity on the nose with notes of wild berries and vanilla. Full-bodied, well-balanced, and slightly tannic on the palate with a clean, persistent aftertasteR613
Oro Dei Sani Chianti DOCG – Tuscany, ITASangiovese, Canaiolo Nero. Bright ruby red, very fruity and lively bouquet. On the palate, good balance between tannins and acidity. Delightful aftertasteR500

Italian Cocktails

CocktailDescriptionPrice (R)
Aperol SpritzAperol, Cinzano To-Spritz, fresh orange, and sodaR113
AmarenapolitanSKYY Vodka, orange liqueur, Amarena syrup, fresh lime, and cranberry juiceR99
AmericanoCinzano Red Vermouth, Campari, and sodaR75
NegroniBombay Sapphire, Cinzano Red Vermouth, and CampariR85
BelliniFabbri peach infusion and proseccoR92
Classic MarySKYY Vodka and tomato cocktailR75
Gold RushJohnnie Walker Gold, apple, vanilla, lemon, and tonicR157
Orzato in KentuckyBulleit Bourbon, Orzato syrup, lime, and soda served tallR128
Striding PappagalloJohnnie Walker Black, Campari, fresh pineapple, and limeR103
Crafted PalomaJose Cuervo Traditional, grapefruit, vanilla, and sodaR94
Watermelon Gin BullRed Bull watermelon, Bombay Sapphire, limeR92
Pink CloudsBombay Bramble, SKYY Vodka, lemon, elderflower, and strawberryR125
Cointreau FizzCointreau, lime juice, and soda waterR90
The Grand BrambleBombay Bramble, lemon, and sugar syrupR80
Summertime PassionTanqueray Gin, pineapple, lemon, passion fruit, and celluloseR139

Italian Soft Drinks

Soft DrinkDescriptionPrice (R)
San PellegrinoAranciata – OrangeR56
San PellegrinoLimonata – LemonR56
San PellegrinoAranciata Rossa – Blood OrangeR56
San PellegrinoAranciata Melograno – Pomegranate OrangeR56
Franklin & Son Sparkling Soft DrinksOrange & GrapefruitR85
Franklin & Son Sparkling Soft DrinksRhubarb LemonadeR85
Franklin & Son Sparkling Soft DrinksCherry & PlumR85
Franklin & Son Sparkling Soft DrinksElderflower LemonadeR85

Iced Tea

ItemPrice (R)
San Benedetto Iced Tea – PeachR65
San Benedetto Iced Tea – LemonR65


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chuck BerryBlueberries, spinach, banana, almond milk, honeyR49
BlondieMango, banana, pineapple juice, mintR64
Blast SmoothiePeanut butter, pea protein, banana, almond milk, dates, honeyR60


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Cappuccino LussoEspresso, milk, honeyR35
La MochaEspresso, dark chocolate, milk, honeyR72
Gingerbread ManEspresso, gingerbread spice, ginger biscuit, milk, honeyR50
Oreo SummitEspresso, dark chocolate, Oreo cookies, milk, honeyR69

Gin & Tonic

ItemPrice (R)
Bombay SapphireR34
Bombay BrambleR34
Tanqueray Flor de SevillaR32
Tanqueray No. 10R51
Malfy OriginaleR43
Malfy Con AranciaR43
Malfy Con LimoneR43
Malfy Gin RosaR43
Monkey 47R101
Schweppes Indian TonicR27
Schweppes Indian Tonic Zero SugarR27
Schweppes Floral Pink TonicR27

Beers on Tap

OLD TOWN ITALY LAGERABV 4% Crisp and clean. Smooth transition from sweet to bitterR39R57
OLD TOWN ITALY LITE LAGERABV 4% Very light oral aroma coming through from the hopsR39R57
OLD TOWN ITALY WEISSABV 5% Light, full-bodied, well-balanced, creamy with good head retentionR47R68
JACK BLACK BREWERS LAGERABV 5%, Our agship. A stand-up, stand-out refresher. It’s an all-rounder, all-day beer.R45R60
HEINEKEN® (Selected Outlets)ABV 5% – Light-bodied with cereal undertones and a balanced fruity and hopnish tasteR47R61

Natural Spring Water


Old Town Italy Umhlanga Menu

The menu is the same as provided above, and the location of this outlet is as follows:

Address: Old Town Italy Umhlanga, 39 Meridian Drive Umhlanga Rocks, Durban, 4319, South Africa

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