New York Restaurant in Bloemfontein is a well-known and trendy eatery that opened its doors in 1989. Since then, New York Restaurant has gathered a lot of friends and family and served them superb dining and delectable food.

They make any occasion a memorable event that turns guests into frequent patrons. This all is due to the chef’s enthusiasm for food and the restaurant’s sophisticated and stylish décor, which creates a cozy atmosphere.

There is also a deck space outside for events and gatherings of all kinds. Here, you will feel very relaxed just like at home. The service is very quick. The staff is well-dressed, well-mannered, and friendly.

This restaurant offers a lot of menu items categorized as starters, salads, sauces, burgers, specialty sauces, grilled meats, chef specialties, seafood, pork & chicken, kids items, milkshakes, ice creams, desserts, beverages, and set menus, suitable for gatherings.

The main feature of this restaurant that attracts patrons is the reasonable price of its menu, which anyone can easily afford. Moreover, they also provide a range of alcoholic drinks for parties like wines, bubbles, champagnes, beers, and ciders.


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Livers Peri-PeriR79
Creamy Chicken LiversR89
Grilled Halloumi CheeseR89
Prawn TailsR89
Carpaccio of BeefR99
Chicken WingsR89
Fresh OystersR26
Garlic SnailsR69
Snails Au RoquefortR79
Avocado RitzR89
Black Mushrooms A La GrequeR89
Calamari TubesR89
Crumbed MushroomsR79
Jalapeno PoppersR89


Menu ItemPrice (R)
New York SaladR75 / R95
Greek SaladR75 / R95
Roquefort SaladR75 / R95
French SaladR75 / R95
Chicken SaladR169


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Monkey Gland BurgerR119
Cheese BurgerR119
Pepper BurgerR119
Mushroom BurgerR119
Jack Daniels BurgerR119
Chicken BurgerR119
Vegan BurgerR89


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Garlic Butter SauceR25
Lemon Butter SauceR25
Tartare SauceR25
Peri-Peri SauceR25
Cheese SauceR39
Mushroom SauceR39
Pepper SauceR39
Garlic SauceR39
Monkey Gland SauceR39
Garlic ButterR10
Sour CreamR10

Specialty Sauces

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Au Poivre SauceR45
Jack Daniels SauceR45
Diane SauceR45
Escargot SauceR45
Hudson River Sauce (for seafood dishes)R55
Roquefort SauceR55
Portion of Sautéed Mushrooms & OnionsR65

Grilled Meat

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Spare Rib 400gR209
Spare Rib 600gR249
Sirloin Steak
– 200g to 250gR189
– 300g to 350gR209
New York Cut500g R279
Rump Steak
– 200g to 250gR189
– 300g to 350gR209
New York Cut500g R279
Fillet Steak
– 200gR199
– 300gR219
T-Bone Steak500g R209

Chef Specialties

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Fillet Steak Diane
– 200gR229
– 300gR249
Tournedos Au Poivre
– 200gR229
– 300gR249
Black Beast Fillet
– 200gR209
– 300gR239
Ribs and 4 Prawns Combo400g R269
Vegetarian PlatterR199
Escargot Steak
– 200g to 250gR209
– 300g to 350gR229
Slimmers Platter200g R219
Lamb Shank400g R229
Lamb Chops400g R229
Rump Jack Daniels
– 200g to 250gR209
– 300g to 350gR229
Rump A La Greque
– 200g to 250gR209
– 300g to 350gR229


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Calamari Tubes300g R199
Calamari A La Greque300g R209
Hake2 x Medium Fillets R169
Succulent Kingklip
– 200gR189
– 300gR219
Kingklip Thermidor
– 200gR209
– 300gR249
Hudson River Kingklip
– 200gR229
– 300gR249
10 Queen PrawnsR229
Kingklip Plus 4 Prawns ComboR249
Seafood Platter for OneR269
Seafood Platter for TwoR459 (S.Q)
Crayfish ThermidorR359 (S.Q)
Grilled SoleR229 (S.Q)
Brooklyn SoleR279 (S.Q)

Pork & Chicken

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Grilled Chicken FilletR169
Cordon BleuR179
Chicken Cordon BleuR179
Chicken SchnitzelR179
Picatta MarsalaR199

Kids Delicacy

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Kiddies RibsR99
Kiddies SchnitzelR99
Kiddies SteakR99
Kiddies KingklipR99


FlavorSizePrice (R)


DessertPrice (R)
Crème BrûléeR49
Chocolate MousseR65
Malva PuddingR59
Dom PedroR75
Swiss Carrot CakeR69
Baked Chocolate CheesecakeR75
Fudge PicassoR75

Ice Cream

FlavorPrice (R)


BeveragePrice (R)
Filter CoffeeR29
Decaffeinated CoffeeR29
Hot ChocolateR39
Cafe LatteR39
Coffee ShakeR49
Dom PedroR75
Irish CoffeeR65

Times Square Set Menu – R279

CategoryMenu Item
StartersFrench Salad
Garlic Snails
Peri Peri Chicken Livers
Crumbed Mushrooms
Main CourseChicken Schnitzel 200g with Cheese or Mushroom Sauce
Sirloin Steak 200-250g Grilled to Perfection
Kingklip 200g Succulent Kingklip with Lemon Butter Sauce
Fillet Steak 200g Grilled to Perfection
DessertsSoft Serve Ice Cream (Chocolate or Cherry Sauce)

Hudson River Menu – R349

CategoryMenu Item
StartersNew York Salad
Roquefort Snails
Creamy Chicken Livers
Crumbed Mushrooms
Main CourseLamb Shank 400g Slow roasted in the oven
Rump Jack Daniels 350g Rump pan fried with onions, crushed peppercorns, flavored with Jack Daniels whisky, and finished off with a creamy demi-glace sauce
Hudson River Kingklip 200g Grilled kingklip with shrimp and mushrooms in a creamy white wine sauce
Fillet Steak Diane 200g Fillet rubbed with mustard, pan-fried with mushrooms, onions, and tomato concase, flamed with brandy and finished off with creamy demi-glace sauce
DessertsMalva Pudding
Irish Coffee
Cake of the Day

The Big Apple Menu – R299

CategoryMenu Item
StartersGreek Salad
Garlic Snails
New York Salad
Crumbed Mushrooms
Main CourseChicken Cordon Bleu Chicken breast rolled and stuffed with ham and cheese, deep fried, and topped with your choice of cheese or mushroom sauce
Rump or Sirloin Steak 350g Grilled to perfection
Cordon Bleu Pork fillet rolled and stuffed with ham and cheese, deep fried, and topped with your choice of mushroom or cheese sauce
Kingklip 300g Succulent kingklip grilled to perfection and topped with lemon butter sauce
DessertsSoft Serve Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate Sauce
Cake of the Day
Malva Pudding

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