Welcome to NetCafé, a peaceful haven from the hectic schedule and pressures of the medical facility. In a world where everything is moving quickly, NetCafé provides its patrons with a calm environment where they may relax, recharge, and refuel.

They provide a tranquil haven where you may unwind and rest for a bit, whether it’s a hot, comforting cup of tea or coffee or a filling, lovingly prepared dinner. They have created a welcoming atmosphere that makes sure you are taken care of in addition to being convenient.

The standards and culture that Netcare wants its patients to encounter when they visit their hospitals are shared by NetCafé. You should have confidence in the hospital and NetCafé that you are in capable hands.

NetCafé, located inside Netcare hospitals around the nation, is a tranquil haven where patients may escape the hectic medical environment. designed to meet the needs of patients, staff, and visitors to hospitals. For individuals who need a break, NetCafé provides a wide selection of food options.

Traditional Breakfasts

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Halloumi Delight VR46
Over EasyR39
Boerewors & Mushroom ScramblerR46
Tomato & Mushroom ScramblerR39
Fresh StartR54
Mini FeastR54
SA BreakfastR590

Classic Breakfasts

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Toast & ToppingsR24
Salmon & Feta ToastR40
Indulgent OatsR35
Rolled OatsR29
French ToastR55
Bacon & Egg CroissantR50
Sweetcorn Fritter StackR62
Health BowlR49
Hash, Mince & Poached EggsR49

Toasted Sandwiches & Tramezzinis

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Cheese & Tomato TramezziniR56
Mince & Cheese TramezziniR74
Ham, Cheese & Tomato TramezziniR51
Bacon & Cheese TramezziniR55
Bacon & Egg TramezziniR50
Bacon, Egg & Cheese TramezziniR69
Bacon, Avo & Feta TramezziniR59
Chicken Mayonnaise TramezziniR82
Tuna Mayonnaise TramezziniR74
Peppers, Tomato, Red Onion, Cream Cheese & Sweet Chilli Sauce TramezziniR70


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Mince & Feta TramezziniR88
Grilled Mushroom, Feta & Jalapeño Mayo TramezziniR82
Chicken & Bacon TramezziniR90
Steak Prego RollR59
Chicken Prego RollR64
Steak, Cheddar & Relish TramezziniR84


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken & Basil Pesto Mayo WrapR94
Salmon & Mozzarella WrapR74
Crumbed Chicken, Pineapple & Cheese WrapR69
Grilled Chicken & Avo WrapR62
Avo, Cream Cheese & Sun-Dried Tomato WrapR69


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken & Feta SaladR61
Soul BowlR80
Chicken BLT SaladR90
Salmon & Basil Pesto SaladR74
Tuna SaladR73
Greek SaladR65

Hearty Meals

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Quiche & SaladR84
Pie, Fries & GravyR59
Chicken Wings & FriesR47
Crumbed Chicken Crispy PotatoR54
Russian & FriesR59
Bangers & MashR350
Avo & Chicken on ToastR41
Creamy Chicken LiversR39
Steak, Egg & ChipsR43
The House PlatterR69
Butternut SoupR84
Mushroom SoupR44
Chicken StripsR49
Fish & SalsaR63
Plate of French Fries or Sweet Potato FriesR21


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Classic Cheese BurgerR80
Bacon & Cheese BurgerR88
Deluxe Burger (Beef Patty)R73
Deluxe Burger (Chicken Breast Patty)R64
Deluxe Burger (Beet Patty)R73
Gourmet Burger (Beef Patty)R88
Gourmet Burger (Chicken Breast Patty)R79
Gourmet Burger (Pineapple Slice)R75
Gourmet Burger (Lose the Bun option)R74
Gourmet Burger (Pineapple Slice and BBQ Mayo)R74
Low-Carb Option (Chicken Breast)R85
Low-Carb Option (Beef Patty)R76
Low-Carb Option (Beet Patty)R83


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Cake of the DayAsk your server
Ice Cream & Chocolate SauceR44
Seasonal Fruit SaladR41
Belgian WaffleR34
Salted Caramel WaffleR59
Banana FosterR36

soft Drinks

BeveragePrice (R)
Still or Sparkling WaterR190
Appletiser or GrapetiserR260
Mineral WaterR260
Fruit Juice (500ml)R260
Soft Drink (330ml Can)R200
Iced Tea (330ml Can)R24


SmoothiesPrice (R)
Berry CrushR38
Mango CrushR38
Coffee FreezoR38
Peanut ButterR38

Futurelife Smoothies

SmoothiePrice (R)
Futurelife Banana & Hazelnut Bomb SmoothieR39
Futurelife Berry & Rooibos Overload SmoothieR390
Futurelife Apple Pie Delight SmoothieR390


CappuccinosPrice (R)
Chocolate CappuccinoR29
Cappuccino with CreamR29
Extra Shot of EspressoR60

Espresso Coffees

CoffeePrice (R)
Single EspressoR17
Double EspressoR17


MilkshakesPrice (R)
Classic FrullatoR29
Frullato (Ask your waiter for our selection)R320
Choc Hazelnut FrullatoR390

Milo Hot Drinks

BeveragePrice (R)
Hot ChocolateR28
Caffè MochaR28
Salted Caramel MochaR32
White Hot ChocolateR32
Spicy Chai SteamerR32


LattePrice (R)
Caffè LatteR28
Vanilla LatteR28
Caramel LatteR32
Spicy Chai LatteR32

Filter Coffee

CoffeePrice (R)
Filter CoffeeR17


TeaPrice (R)
Five RosesR16
Red EspressoR20
Red LatteR32
Green TeaR19
Red CappuccinoR27
Earl GreyR21

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