Mabu is where the delicate sophistication of Asian cuisine meets the vibrant spirit of Africa. Their restaurant celebrates chic fusion, offering an innovative, elegantly eclectic dining experience. Each dish is an adventure, crafted to enchant with a dance of flavors that capture the essence of our unique Afro-Asian allure.

Immerse yourself in the artistry of Mábu, where every meal is not just food but a story told on the plate. The menu constantly changes, so there’s always something new to try. Whether you’re looking for something simple or adventurous, you’ll find something to suit your taste buds. The servers will be more than happy to recommend dishes and drinks to enhance your experience.

If you have a large party, why not book out the private mezzanine area for an extra special occasion? The atmosphere at Mabu is always peaceful and civil, thanks to the excellent acoustics. Don’t forget to try the delicious cocktails and desserts, and take advantage of the stunning outside area.

Mabu Starters Menu

ItemDescriptionWine (Glass)Price (R)
Oysters3 West Coast Oysters served naked with flavored handcrafted essencesNV Silverthorn, River Dragon, Brut, Western Cape – Cap Classique (Gls) – R130R134
Beef TatakiTogarashi spiced & seared Angus beef, pickled spring radish, spicy soy marinated mushrooms, aioli, mushroom biltong, pickled shallots, nasturtium, shitake mousseMeinert, Stellenbosch – Merlot (Gls) – R160R174
Seared ScallopsButter-basted king scallops, grilled baby corn, lemon & mint pea puree, aioli, coriander shoots, togarashi spiced fried squid heads, chive oilAlmenkerk, Elgin Valley – Sauvignon Blanc (Gls) – R120R298
Crocodile CarpaccioSmoked & cured thinly sliced crocodile, chili mango gel, mango linguini, mango pearls, ceviche dressing, roasted chili oilWest Coast, Neil Ellis, Elgin Valley – Sauvignon Blanc (Gls) – R78R130
Korean BBQ LollipopsFrench trimmed chicken drumettes in ginger & galangal marinade, crumbed & deep-fried, roasted chili cashew satay sauce, candied cashews, toasted sesame, spring onionNV Boschendal, Brut, Western Cape – Cap Classique (Gls) – R78R148
Prawn RavioliSquid ink ravioli, café de Paris grilled prawn, lemon & sake cream, dill, salmon roe.NV Silverthorn, River Dragon, Brut, Western Cape – Cap Classique (Gls) – R78R148

Mabu Light Meals

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Calamari SaladGrilled calamari, crispy squid heads, charred pineapple, avocado crema, Asian leafy greens, apple, cucumber, heirloom tomatoes, asparagus, lemongrass pomegranate dressingR160
Beef Bulgogi SaladSeared Angus beef slices, Asian rice noodles, bean sprouts, cucumber, capsicum, spicy cashew nuts & chickpeas, soy, honey & coriander dressingR168
Dakkochi Chicken SaladSpicy Korean grilled chicken, baby gem lettuce, julienne carrots, rainbow radish, coriander, gochujang honey, sesame, chili & lime dressingR132
Seoul Veggie PatchCharred cauliflower steak, pickled carrots, heirloom tomatoes, chili courgette ribbons, herb & edible flower leaf medley, spiced cashews & chickpeas, basil pesto dressing, red onionR124
Sesame Chicken & Scorched AvocadoLemon pepper grilled deboned thighs, shredded cos lettuce, togarashi spiced fried chicken skin, pomegranate jewels, pomegranate vinaigrette, picante peppers, heirloom tomatoes, toasted sesame, cucumber, pickled shallotsR148

Mabu Pasta Menu

PastaDescriptionPrice (R)
Forno Braised Brisket PappardelleHerbed pappardelle, eight-hour braised brisket ragout, grana padano shavings, chive gremolata.R160
Prawn TagliatelleCafé de Paris butter grilled prawns, Champagne & lemon tagliatelle, blistered spring heirloom tomatoes, salmon roeR280
Grilled Lemon Chicken & Asparagus TagliatelleGrilled lemon chicken roulade, lemon & garlic tagliatelle, spring peas, asparagusR160
Pork PappardelleToasted sesame pappardelle with pork in three ways. Pulled pork (Slow-cooked soy & pink pepper pork shoulder), Crispy crackling crumble, Parma ham sesame oil jam, charred baby leekR156
Wild Mushroom TortelliniWild mushroom-filled pasta sheets, chili soy marinated shiitake mushrooms, minted pea puree, shiitake mousse, mushroom cream, roasted pistachio, saffron-pickled shallots, pea petalsR152

Mabu Fish Menu

FishDescriptionPrice (R)
SeabassGrilled crispy skin seabass, courgettes, broccolini, smoked Avgolemono sauce, sugar snaps, spring peas, chive oil, pea shoots, minted pea puree.R290
KingklipGrilled miso, soy & chili kingklip fillet, oyster mushroom, bok choy, charred Asian vegetables, donburi sauce, sesame fried riceR268
SalmonSeared salmon, mustard mash, dill, apple & fennel slaw, crispy capers, sumac beurre blanc, clamsR364
Gochugaru Chili Prawns10 Korean chili prawns, fat fries, lemon cheeks, Asian aioli, Mábu chili sauceR380
Black Rice PaellaThai black rice, chorizo, calamari, prawns, mussels, chicken thighs, white wine pomodoro, dillR368
Lemongrass Mussel & Clam BowlFresh mussels & clams in a lemongrass & coconut cream broth with lime zest, coriander, charred naanR210

Mabu Poultry & Game Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken DakkochiKorean Gochujang & honey marinated grilled chicken thigh, sesame labneh, saffron rouille, fat friesR188
Pork BellyForno braised pork belly, crispy crackling, apple & celeriac puree, braised baby leeks, hazelnuts, port braised baby onion, apple cider jus, red wine roasted grapes.R220
Lamb CutletFlame-charred French-trimmed loin cutlets, Mediterranean potato stew, minted freeze-dried yogurt, confit beefy tomatoes, and balsamic braised onion.R340
Pear Glazed DuckAsian pear glazed duck breast, oven braised bok choy, crispy duck crumble, confit duck leg wonton, pear & ginger puree, cranberry jus.R200
OstrichCauliflower puree, shaved cauliflower, roasted honey beets, cranberry hoisin jusR250
Braised Beef Short RibDeboned slow-cooked short rib, roasted bone marrow, bone marrow butter, parsnip puree, parsnip crisps, roasted parsnipR248

Mabu Other Food Items – Beef, Bonsmara, Sides & sauces

Categories & ItemsPrices (R)
Grass Fed Beef
Served with tomato chutney & a choice of Garlic & rosemary salted fries or Mábu salad & sauce
Prime rib 1KGR500
Fillet 300gR260
Grass-Fed Beef Wild Coast Wagyu
Served with tomato chutney & a choice of garlic & rosemary salted fries or Mábu salad & sauce
Denver 400gR670
Rib Steak 300gR568
Silent Valley Wagyu
Served with apricot chutney to heighten sweetness & balance the richness, a choice of garlic & rosemary fries or Mábu salad & sauce
Fillet 300gR730
T Bone 1.2 KGR3800
Served with apricot chutney to heighten the sweetness & balance the richness
Picanha 400gR370
Rump 300gR288
Grass Fed Dry Aged Angus
Served with apricot chutney to heighten the sweetness & balance the richness
Sirloin on the Bone 400gR386
Ribeye on the Bone 450gR500
Choice of Sides
Garlic & rosemary salted friesR35
Lamb fat friesR45
Roasted vegetablesR50
Potato & fennel dauphinoiseR45
Mábu SaladR45
Choice of Sauces
Pink & green peppercorn sauceR30
Yakiniku (Asian sesame sweet chilli sauce)R25
Shimeji Mushroom sauceR30
Roasted bone marrow butterR30

Mabu Champagne Menu

Champagne FranceDescriptionPrice (R)
NV Moët & Chandon, Impérial, ÉpernayVibrant green apple and white fruits with fresh mineral nuances and bold notes of brioche and fresh nutsR1680
NV Veuve Clicquot, Yellow Label, ReimsSoft baked bread, biscuity nose, with creamy white fruit texture and a long-lasting finishR1900
NV Philipponnat Royal, Brut Réserve, Mareuil-Sur-ÄyVine blossoms, fresh, lightly toasted bread, with light notes of biscuit and freshly baked bread with a lingering finishR2200
NV Pol Roger, Brut, ÉpernayAromas of pears, peach freshly baked bread, light honeysuckle and quince jelly, apricot jam with a smooth finishR2600
NV Billecart-Salmon, Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru, Mareuil-Sur-ÄyFine mousse with pure intensity of dry fruits, fresh hazelnuts, mineral aromas and buttered briocheR2980
Dom Pérignon, Brut Vintage 2012, ÉpernayPale radiant salmon pink with delicate notes of red berries citrus zest followed by a fresh finish of raspberryR6800
NV Moët & Chandon, Nectar Impérial, ÉpernayA burst of exotic fruits, mango, pineapple with silky firmness of stone fruits plums, apricotsR1980
NV Veuve Clicquot, Rich, ReimsPinot Noir expression with grapefruit zest celery peppersR2600
NV Billecart-Salmon, Brut Rosé, Mareuil-Sur-ÄyPale radiant salmon pink with delicate notes of red berries and citrus zest followed by a fresh finish of raspberryR2980

Mabu Cap Classique

Cap ClassiqueDescriptionPrice (R)
NV Boschendal, Brut, Western CapeDelicate bubbles, enticing lemon cream, and almond Biscotti preceding lovely layers of citrus with a finish appealing in length and freshnessR440
NV Silverthorn, River Dragon, Brut, Western CapeApple and creamy lemon curd mingle with a hint of aromatic red berries, delicate mousse with a long finish of citrus fruits, and toasty brioche notes.R540
Domaine NV Des Dieux, Claudia, Walker BayDelicate pale pink color and intoxicating red fruit aromas further delight the palate with hints of strawberry, raspberry, and cherry flavors.R750
NV, Silverthorn, Jewel Box, Brut, Western CapeComplex aromas of roasted almonds and subtle hints of strawberry cherry compote with zesty citrus nuances. Creaminess with a beautiful palate weightR960
NV Black Elephant, Brut, FranschhoekLight, yeasty aromas, citrus, freshly picked red apples with rich, creamy complexity, cherries on the palate, and fine mousse contribute to freshness and finesse.R680
NV Boschendal, Brut Rosé, Western CapeRed berries, blood orange, peach, and smoky leaves. Medium-bodied, ample and fresh, with racy acidity, pretty fruit tones, and a youthfully frothy mousseR440
NV Black Elephant, Rosé, FranschhoekRed berries, blood orange, peach, and smoky leaves. Medium-bodied, ample, and fresh, with racy acidity, pretty fruit tones, and a youthfully frothy mousseR1680
NV Boschendal, Luxe Nectar, Western CapeCrème brûlée and almond Biscotti deliciousness, balanced with alluring lemon cream and orange peel to finish with vibrant freshness and length.R440
NV Amari Lush, Demi-Sec, Western CapeEmbodying a balance of structure and elegance from Chardonnay. A Hint of honey rounds off the Cap ClassiqueR640

Mabu Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon BlancDescriptionPrice (R)
West Coast, Neil Ellis, Elgin ValleyThis wine brims with a vibrant mix of citrus and passion fruit aromas while wisps of fresh seaweed awaken the senses. Intense lime and tropical flavors, rounded off with lingering salty minerality typical of the Cape West Coast and Bamboes Bay.R240
Almenkerk, Elgin ValleyFruity aromas of elderflower, gooseberry, white peach, and capsicum underbuilt by fresh Granny Smith apples with a lingering finishR398
Creation, Walker BayAromas of tropical fruit, elegant elderflower with whiffs of minerality crisp, well-integrated acidityR320
UVA MIRA, HelderbergA tropical style of Sauvignon Blanc with luscious mouthfuls of guava and white peach that envelop your palateR400
Groot Constantia, ConstantiaTropical melon, guava, and passion fruit dominate the nose; hints of grass and citrus add complexity. With a beautiful intensity and length, natural acidity leaves a crisp, dry finish.R430
Wild Ferment, Ghost Corner, ElimPowerful concentrated layers of green figs and gooseberries, with a touch of grapefruit, fynbos, and a steely minerality with a lingering finishR720
Fryers Cove, Bamboes Bay, Cape West CoastThis wine brims with a vibrant mix of citrus and passion fruit aromas while wisps of fresh seaweed awaken the senses. Intense lime and tropical flavors, rounded off with lingering salty minerality that is so typical of the Cape West Coast and Bamboes Bay.R764

Mabu Red Blends Menu

Red BlendsDescriptionPrice (R)
Morgenster, Lourens River ValleyAromas are of black and red cherries, strawberry shortcakes, and cassis. Silky Smooth and sweet with ripe fruit wound lightly elegantly constructed tanninsR500
Maree Family, Pieter & the Jackal, StellenboschDark fruit complemented by oak spice and pencil shavings, rounded off by hints of cassis and cloves. Notes of cacao, mocha, and redberry fruit. Well-structured middle with firm and lingering tanninsR460
Jean Daneel, Signature Red, Western CapeIntense black and red berry flavors, firm tannins, and good integration between fruit and wood with a very long-lasting finishR660
Meerlust, Rubicon, StellenboschClassic Rubicon nose with violets, ripe plums, cedar wood, typical licorice notes, full-bodied, packed with fresh dark fruit and rounded linear tanninsR1000
Iona, One Man Band, Elgin ValleyJuicy red-black, lovely white pepper, and sweet, exotic spice on the noseR560
Simonsig, Frans Malan, StellenboschBurst of brambleberry, dark cherry with touches of vanilla, pencil shavings. A freshness to it that carries the fruit for a lingering finishR560
Waterford, The Jem, StellenboschAromatics of rich dark chocolate and plum fruit, layers of earthy tones, cloves spice, crushed violets coated with velvety tannins with an elegant round finishR3900
Constantia, Glen V, ConstantiaRipe blackcurrant and juicy black plums, notes of violets and dried herbs, bold with rich and concentrated with dark fruit flavors, long lingering finishR1600
Quoin Rock, SimonsbergLayers of dark fruit, vanilla, oak, and cocoa with an elegant, velvety palate and a long lingering finishR1200
Vilafonté, Series C, StellenboschDeep, subtle aromas of dark fruits with layers of blackcurrant, creme de cassis, and licorice depth continue on the palate with a long, clean, lingering finish.R4200
Vilafonté Seriously Old Dirt, StellenboschWarm vanilla, baking spices, and chocolate accentuate notes of Boysenberry, candied strawberry, and bright cherry. Luscious mouth-feel and shows elegance without compromising complexity.R620

Mabu Pinotage & Shiraz

WineDescriptionPrice (R)
Rijks, Touch Of Oak, Tulbagh, Western CapeAromas of cranberry and subtle hints of mulberry and vanilla spiceR380
Meinert, Printer’s Ink, StellenboschMedium structure with a rich, full-bodied yet elegant mid-palate and a clean, fresh finishR500
Kaapzicht, Rooiland, StellenboschIntense plush aromas of mulberry, vanilla pod, full-bodied and well-structured tanninsR480
Beaumont, Jackals River, Bot RiverMedium-bodied, with ripe red fruit flavors, red berries, strawberry, plums, fine tannins, and a hint of spiceR680
Beeslaar, SimonsbergDeep ruby-red color, with brooding aromas of black fruits, dark chocolate, savory meals, and a touch of cinnamon spiceR1700
Neil Ellis, Groenekloof, Elgin ValleyDark berry with peppery notes lingering, well-balanced and fresh, framed by fine, elegant tanninsR290
Meinert, The Graduate, Upper Hemel-en-AardeElegant fruit profile of blueberry, blackberry, plums, and accurate Syrah pepper tones, with silky velvet tanninsR480
Benguela Cove, Walker Bay HermanusRosemary and fynbos, a rich perfume and a savory gloss with hints of pepper spiceR550
Iona, Solace, Elgin ValleyLayers of bramble and red berry fruit, with spicy, peppery aromasR720
Almenkerk, Flemish Masters, Elgin ValleyWild blackberry violets with a hint of white pepper. Fine tannin structure and an elegant lingering finishR950

Mabu Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon

WineDescriptionPrice (R)
Diemersdal, DurbanvilleBlackberry and dried fruit aromas, along with spicy undertones. A hint of cedar wood, mint, and spice flavors follow through.R540
Longridge, Helderberg, StellenboschA savory nose and slight cedar characteristics. Ripe, soft tannins, aromas of plump, dark, red fruit and ripe strawberries with a hint of dark chocolateR420
Shannon, Mount Bullet, Elgin ValleyThe fragrance of ripe red fruits, such as plums and dark cherries, has earthy complexity yet still expresses minerality. Maintaining a good acidity lends to outstanding freshness.R640
Jordan, Black Magic, StellenboschMedium to full-bodied with aromas of red plums and dark chocolate with velvety tanninsR900
Meerlust, StellenboschIntense dark brambly fruit on the nose, mulberry, licorice. Full-bodied with silky tannins and pronounced lengthR940
Meinert, StellenboschMedium-bodied, it offers ripe plums, cinnamon, and red berries, restrained styling with only older oak and fine tannins.R1400
Cabernet Sauvignon
Meinert, StellenboschDeep, fresh red color, red berries, spicy, toasty oak, and tobacco. Mouth-filling but soft on entry, it lingers gently and long on the finish.R540
David Finlayson, Edgebaston, StellenboschFresh, minty, red berry fruit spectrum on the palate by Mocca vanilla oak. Firmly structured tannins and a long finishR420
Jordan, Long Fuse, StellenboschWell-structured and complex, it shows freshness on the palate complemented by aromas of dark cherries, cigar boxes, and hints of herbs.R640
Vergelegen, Reserve, StellenboschBlackcurrants, spice, ripe plums, and attractive wood aromas and flavors. It is full and rich with prominent tannins.R900
Redamancy, StellenboschWell-structured and complex, it shows freshness on the palate complemented by aromas of dark cherries, cigar box, and hints of herbsR940
Kanonkop, SimonsbergAromas of blueberries, plums, and redcurrants. Underlying hints of dried herbs and subtle oak spice add further complexity. The tannins are finely textured.R1400

Mabu Chenin Blanc & Chardonnay

WineDescriptionPrice (R)
Math & Co, Western CapePale-straw color with a fruit-driven nose, ripe white peach, stewed apple, and a hint of blossom honeyR440
Ken Forrester, The FMC, StellenboschRipe tropical fruit, stone fruit, rich texture layered with dried apricot, vanilla, and honey; crisp and fresh with balanced acidityR1600
Old Road Wine Co, Anemos, Hemel-en-AardeDried apricots and peach with tropical notes persisting onto the palate, balancing the fruit with good acidity and creamy finishR560
Arendsig, Inspirational Batch, RobertsonYellow apple, pineapple, nuts, and white pear, with great depth of flavor and well-balanced acidityR460
Mullineux, Old Vines, SwartlandGreen citrus fruit and stone fruits with hints of white pepper, fresh and richly textured, with notes of ripe pears, almonds, and peachesR800
Laibach, Sur Lie, StellenboschAromas of tropical fruits, peach, pineapple, with hints of honey and papaya; rich, creamy palateR480
Beneath The Clouds, Oak Valley, ElginWhite pear and almonds, with loads of grapefruit and yellow peach, finishing long with lemony acidityR156 (ignore)
Babylonstoren, FranschhoekRich nose of lemon curd and freshly baked butter biscuits with a balanced layer of spice, vanilla, and roasted almondsR1600
Matthew van Heerden, Signature Wines, ElginSubtle, balanced, elegant, and refreshing with a hint of stone fruit and flavors of lemon butter and gunflintR560
Delaire Graff, Banghoek Reserve, BanghoekElegant pronounced nuances of vanilla, peaches, and honeycomb with a creamy lingering finishR460
Hamilton Russel, Elgin ValleyVibrant natural acidity with elegant notes of pears, lime fruit flavors, and a long creamy textured finishR800
Chamonix, Estate Range, FranschhoekElegant wine complex with citrus and pear notes complemented by an intriguing nuttiness and crisp finishR480
Warwick, The White Lady, StellenboschLime, citrus, and peach jump out initially, followed by a hint of roasted almonds and vanilla pods.R560
De Wetshof, Bon Vallon, RobertsonRefreshing apple, peach, and lemon fruit with a lovely smooth texture and notes of grapefruit and nutsR460
Redamancy, Cape South CoastCreamy textured and subtly oaked chardonnay showcasing nuances of lime and vanilla podR800

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