Lava Blueberry Square is an outstanding restaurant in Roodeport, South Africa. The team welcomes you with a friendly grin and provides attentive care when you enter the door. Live music plays in the background, adding to the lively and warm ambiance, perfect for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends.

There is something for everyone on the varied and flavor-filled menu. There is something for everyone, including sushi, tapas, vegetarian dinners, and starters. The food is exquisitely presented and bursting with flavor. You can choose from various wines, beers, and drinks in the bar area.

Because of their extensive training, the Lava Blueberry Square personnel will ensure that your visit is one to remember. The proprietors will constantly stop by to say hello and ensure your stay is unforgettable.

Lava Blueberry Square is the place to be whether you want to celebrate a special event or are just in the mood for delectable food. Lava Blueberry Square has a great menu, a welcoming atmosphere, and attentive service, making it the ideal place to spend an amazing evening.

Lava Starters

StarterDescriptionPrice (R)
Baked Smoked HalloumiSmokey baked halloumi with basil, tomatoes & avocadoR144.00
Chicken WingsChargrilled or crispy crumbed wings with lava or blue cheese sauceR132.00
Beef TrinchadoSlow-cooked beef with calamata olives & red wine sauce served with toasted pita breadR150.00
Parmesan Crumbed JalapenosCrunchy fried jalapenos served with feta, chorizo & cranberry dipR120.00

Lava Salads

SaladDescriptionPrice (R)
Lava SaladSignature dish. Chicken breast, bacon, crispy cos lettuce, croutons, parmesan shavings, apple, celery, pinenuts, beetroot & harissa dressing. #1 most likedR174.00
Seared Tuna SaladSeared herbed tuna on a bed of marinated zucchini glazed with balsamic.R216.00
Roasted Butternut and feta SaladSlow-roasted butternut with pomegranate glaze, baby spinach, carrots, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and feta, topped with grainy mustard dressing.R144.00
Greek SaladRainbow tomatoes, red onions, Greek feta, calamata olives, and cucumber, drizzled with our herb dressing.R132.00

Lava Vegetarian Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Stuffed Brinjal with QuinoaBaked & gratinated stuffed brinjals with quinoa served with coriander-flavored tomato ragout.R144.00
Vegetarian TagliatelleAioli-style chili & garlic infused olive oil, finished with rocket, feta & Rosa tomatoes.R186.00
Grilled Black Mushroom SteakSignature dish. Marinated & grilled black mushroom topped with sauteed baby spinach, grilled asparagus & rainbow tomatoes.R174.00

Lava Specialty Mains

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Braised Smoked Pork BellySignature dish. Butternut, barley, crispy jalapeno slaw & nutty chocolate glaze. #2 most likedR276.00
Tomahawk900g tomahawk grilled & served with roasted rosemary mushrooms & baby potatoes.R528.00

Lava From The Grills Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Fillet Steak300g grilled fillet steak rubbed with a smokey seasoning.R288.00
T-Bone Steak700g t-bone grilled & basted with a trio of peppercorns.R348.00
Cajun ChickenGrilled marinated deboned chicken thighs served on a skewer.R252.00

Lava Burgers

BurgerDescriptionPrice (R)
Lava BurgerSignature dish. Succulent grilled 100% pure 200g beef burger layered with crispy bacon, confit tomatoes, lettuce, fried egg, melted brie & our original lava sauce, served on a fresh coal bun. Served with hand-cut potato chips.R168.00
Cheese BurgerGrilled 100% pure 200g beef burger topped with cheese, served on a fresh bun with tomatoes, pickles & lettuce. Served with hand-cut potato chips.R150.00
BBQ BurgerGrilled 100% pure 200g beef burger BBQ basted, served on a fresh bun with tomatoes & lettuce. Served with hand-cut potato chips.R138.00
Lemon & Herb Chicken BurgerGrilled tender chicken fillet topped with basil mayo, served on a fresh bun with lettuce, tomato & caramelized onions. Served with hand-cut potato chips.R138.00

Lava Pasta Menu

PastaDescriptionPrice (R)
Creamy Penne Pollo PastaSauteed chicken strips with gremolata sauce, basil, wild exotic mushroom & parmesan shavings.R210.00
Greg’s RisottoSignature dish. Grilled asparagus & succulent peas with parmesan.R210.00
Spaghetti a La BolognaiseSlow-cooked beef mince with our homely Napoletana sauce on a bed of spaghetti.R204.00

Lava Sauces

SaucePrice (R)
Homemade Peri-peri SauceR40.00
Green Peppercorn & Brandy SauceR40.00
Creamy Garlic & Herb Butter SauceR40.00
Creamy Mushroom & Herb SauceR48.00
Creamy Cheese and lemon Zest SauceR40.00
Lava SauceR40.00

Lava Sides Menu

SidePrice (R)
Creamy Herb MashR45.00
Hand Potato ChipsR45.00
Sweet Potato ChipsR45.00
Roasted Marinated Garden VegetablesR45.00
Garden SaladR45.00
Baked Potato Topped with Cream and chivesR45.00
Savoury RiceR45.00

Lava Desserts

DessertDescriptionPrice (R)
Baked CheesecakeOreo & berry coulis.R96.00
Malva PuddingComplemented with custard and vanilla bean ice cream.R84.00
TiramisuMascarpone cream smoothed biscuit with rich coffee & cocoa.R84.00

Lava Drinks Menu

DrinkPrice (R)
Coke 300mlR33.00
BOS Peach – BOS Ice Tea – Peach flavorR44.00
15 on Grace Still 440ml – 440ml glass bottleR35.00
Coke ZeroR33.00
Cream SodaR33.00
15 on Grace Still 750ml – 750ml glass bottleR55.00
Coke LightR33.00
Sprite ZeroR33.00
Fanta OrangeR33.00
Red BullR55.00
BOS Lemon – BOS Ice Tea – Lemon flavorR44.00
15 on Grace Sparkling 750ml – 750ml glass bottleR50.00
15 on Grace Sparkling 440ml – 750ml glass bottleR35.00

Lava Mixers

MixerPrice (R)
Schweppes Ginger AleR25.00
Schweppes Dry LemonR25.00
Schweppes LemonadeR25.00
Schweppes Soda WaterR25.00
Schweppes Tonic WaterR25.00

Lava Water

WaterDescriptionPrice (R)
15 on Grace Still 750ml750ml glass bottle Quick viewR55.00
15 on Grace Still 440ml440ml glass bottle Quick viewR35.00
15 on Grace Sparkling 750ml750ml glass bottle Quick viewR50.00
15 on Grace Sparkling 440ml750ml glass bottle Quick viewR35.00

Lava Tapas Menu

TapasDescriptionPrice (R)
Sticky Pork Belly Bao BunSlow-roasted pork bun topped with kimchi, Asian slaw, and ponzu dressing.R114.00
Paella CroquettesPaella-style rice croquettes served with smoked tomato compote and butter-roasted chorizo.R114.00
Spiced Lamb SataysServed with Greek yogurt, feta dust, and confit tomato.R150.00
Flame Grilled Pita with DipsFresh pita served with hummus, babaganouche, and labneh.R114.00

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