A coalescence of words, an amalgam of cultures, KōL Izakhaya, exists to unite us. Like our primal attraction to fire, it draws us closer to its energy and sparks connectedness. Izakaya (居酒屋) (Japanese: [izakaja]) – Vibrant, informal Japanese taverns where drinks, along with small, delectable dishes, are shared and enjoyed amongst friends and colleagues.

For casual after-work gatherings or any lingering, lively social occasion. Khaya (isiZulu) – A collective isiZulu word for ‘home’. Iza Khaya is a colloquial isiZulu phrase used among friends and family that translates to ‘Welcome Home.’

IZAKHAYA’s collective uniqueness brings you home to a place where food and drink are shared in a warm and embracing surround. You’re invited to experience the art of cooking over coals, the fuel that fires our flavors and fragrances. An ancient ritual – over centuries, continents, and cultures- has brought people together, irrespective of their origin—a sensory experience where gastronomy ascends the conscious.

Three elements effortlessly intertwine to create a space that brings you into a vibrant theatre of coastal mastery, sushi artistry, and masterful mixology. The menu offers many options, including short ribs, udon, and octopus dumplings. The finest and freshest ingredients are used to make every meal, which gives them a fantastic flavor.

The food is presented so beautifully that it nearly seems too delicious to consume. KōL Izakhaya also provides excellent service. The competent, kind, and attentive staff meets your demands. A wonderful dining experience is produced by the restaurant’s constant cleanliness and friendliness. Although KōL Izakhaya has high prices, the cuisine and service quality are worth it.

KōL Izakhaya Tsukidashi (Quick Nibbles)

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Edamame – TraditionalSea SaltR98
Edamame – LimeLime Salt, Lime JuiceR98
Edamame – ChargrilledSpicy Red Pepper, Ginger SoyR98
Green Beans Sesame(Served at Room Temperature)R58
Chicken Tatsuta-AgēCrispy Chicken Wings, Sesame, Ginger-Soy & Sake, Wasabi-MayoR120
Chicken Spicy WingsChilli-Fried Chicken Wings, Hot SauceR120
Ika No Kari Kari-AgēCrispy Fried Squid, Umami Salt and pepper, Wasabi-MayoR150
Ika No Kari Kari-Agē SpicyCrispy Fried Squid, Umami Salt & Pepper, House Chilli SauceR150
Panko Prawns2 LM Queens, KōL Wasabi Tartare, Wakame KōLslawR150

KōL Izakhaya Oysters

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Appuru-KonbuApple Seaweed Vinegar, Apple-Shiso Salsa, Umami Seafoam, Soya PearlsR135
Khaya OystersShiso Vinegar Ponzu, Shiso and onion Salsa, Angel Hair Nori, Daikon and chili Oroshi, Umami SeafoamR135

KōL Izakhaya Gyoza

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
PorkSmoked Pork, Cabbage, Nira, Sesame, Negi, Beni ShogaR145
VegetarianBean Sprout, Carrot, Shiitake, Cabbage, Nira, Beni ShogaR125

KōL Izakhaya Hagaau

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
OctopusBeni Shoga, Bamboo Shoot, Negi, CharKōLR155
PrawnShiitake, Ginger, Coriander, Bamboo ShootR160
Shiso & Cream CheeseBeetroot, Sesame, Cream Cheese, Red Onion, ShisoR140
Spinach & Cream CheeseWheatgrass, Charred Baby Spinach, Sesame, WalnutR140

KōL Izakhaya Yakitori (Chicken) Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Hatsu (2 pieces)Chicken Hearts, Tare, Shichimi TogarashiR80
Negima (2 pieces)Chicken Thigh, Negi, TareR98
Tsukune (1 piece)Chicken Kofta, Tare, Kimchi, SesameR90
Tebasaki (4 pieces)Chicken Winglets, TeriyakiR90

KōL Izakhaya Niku (Meats) Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Dachō Niku (2 pieces)Ostrich Fillet, Neri Ume, Ume-ButterR105
Buta Niku (2 pieces)Pork Belly, Oak Smoked, Sansho PepperR105
Pork Rib (3 pieces)Spicy Ginger MarinatedR105
Wagyu Kofta (1 piece)Wagyu Beef, Tare, Daikon Tsukemono, Yuzu MustardR105

KōL Izakhaya Umi (Ocean) Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Hotategai (4 pieces)Atlantic Scallops, Smoked Soya, Shiso, Daikon & Red Onion SalsaR145
Iwashi No Kabayaki (2 pieces)Sardine, Daikon Ginger Oroshi, Sweet SoyaR100
Onigara Yaki1 King Giant Prawn, Smoked Soya Butter, Lime Mayo DipR195
Shake Kama (2 pieces)Salmon Collar, Tare, LimeR130
Yaki TakoOctopus Tentacle, Yuzu-Mayo, Shiso SalsaR180
Crayfishu YakiCape Crayfish (160-180g), Crispy Leek, Lemon Ponzu Butter, Kombu Crunch, Cucumber & Red Onion SalsaR425
Shishamo No Shio Yaki (3 pieces)Saltwater Smelt, Sea salt, Lemon, Japanese DelicacyR120

KōL Izakhaya Yasai (Vegetable) Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
AsparagusOrganic Asparagus, Yuzu ButterR95
BurokkoriTender stem Grilled Broccoli, Lemon, Olive Oil, Wasabi PepperR90
Shiitake Mushroom & NegiPonzu, SesameR95
Agē-TofuDaikon & Ginger Oroshi, Negi, Konbu PonzuR90
TomorokoshiSweetcorn, Wasabi Butter, Wasabi SaltR70
Yasai KoftaBeyond Beef, Butternut, Chickpea, Yoghurt DipR120

KōL Izakhaya Hibachi (Japanese Fire Bowl)

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
WagyuUmami Salt, Yakiniku Sauce, Real Wasabi
– 100gR475
– 200gR795
KingklipSpicy Miso Marinade, Daikon, Negi
Grilled on Hoba Leaf or Cedarwood
– 150gR275

KōL Izakhaya Tempura Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Ebi (2 pieces)LM King Prawn & ShisoR220
KisuWhiting Fish “Lady Fingers” & ShisoR195
Isobe IkaNori Wrapped Calamari Steak Strips & ShisoR185
Shojin / Vegetable SelectionR165

KōL Izakhaya Men Rui (Noodles)

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Tanuki Hiyashi UdonCold Udon Noodles, Wakame, Wasabi, Edamame, Soft Egg, Tempura Crumb, Soy DashiR195
Yaki UdonPan Fried Noodle, Mixed Wild Mushroom, Truffle, KatsuobushiR195
Prawn Tempura Soba2 Queen Prawns, Buckwheat Noodles, Soy Dashi Broth, Negi, WakameR240

KōL Izakhaya Donburi (Rice Bowls)

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Gyu DonThinly Sliced Beef Flank, Soya, Mirin, Sesame, Negi, MoyashiR285
UnagiGrilled Freshwater Eel, Sweet Soya, Ginger, SesameR750

KōL Izakhaya Supu (Soup) Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Miso SoupTraditional Miso Soup, Tofu, Wakame, NegiR85
Mūru GaiMussel Bowl with Fresh East Coast Black Mussels, Sake & White Soy Broth, Spicy Miso, Negi & Tamanegi, Furikake Senbei, Gluten-Free AvailableR115

KōL Izakhaya Kamado

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Alaskan Black Cod200g, Saikyo Miso, Apricot Tsukemono, Hajikami ShogaR950
Beef Short Rib250g, Grass Fed, Smoked Soya Glaze, Umami Beetroot Purée, Wasabi Mustard, Crispy LeekR295
Dachō Fillet200g Ostrich Fillet, Berry Soy & Yuzu Jus, Black Potato Garlic Purée, Mielie Meal Purée, Corn TempuraR295
Kingklip250g, Ponzu Lemon-Butter, Organic Asparagus, Shimeji Tsukemono, Wasabi OilR295
Lamb Chops250g, Karoo Lamb, Miso Glazed, Edamame HummusR335
Norwegian Salmon200g, Ume-Ginger Sauce, Mint & Edamame Purée, Crispy Sesame WakameR365
Tuna Steak Wasabi200g, Wafu Sweet Soya Glaze, Wasabi Sesame, Rice Noodle, Coriander, Wasabi Oil, Wasabi ButterR375
AccompanimentsBlack Fried Rice with Carrot, Shiitake, Green Bean, Onion, Cucumber & Daikon Salad, Japanese Potato Salad, Sesame Spinach with Ponzu Butter, Steamed Rice and furikake, Steamed Vegetables with Yuzu Dressing, Sweet Potato Honey-Sesame, Wasabi WedgesR55

KōL Izakhaya Wagyu Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Wagyu Ribeye 250gR850
Wagyu Sirloin 300gR900
Picanha 300gR850

KōL Izakhaya Usda Prime Beef

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Striploin 400g30 day wet-agedR1550
Ribeye 400g30 day dry-agedR1550
Tomahawk 1.2kgDry-agedR2950
Short loin 1kgDry-agedR2100

KōL Izakhaya Yasai (Vegetable)

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Cauliflower SteakUmami Spice, Parmesan, Panko Crumb, Edamame & Mint Puree, Cauliflower Puree, Fresh Italian Truffle, Truffle Paste, Truffle OilR185
Den Gaku NasuRoasted Eggplant, Saikyo Miso, Roasted SesameR185
Eryngii Mushroom SteakSmoked Soy, Umami Seasoning, Edamame and mint Puree, Black RisottoR185
Yakimeshi – VegetableJapanese Style Black Fried Rice, Mixed Vegetables, Truffle SprayR185
Yakimeshi – PrawnJapanese Style Black Fried Rice, Mixed Vegetables, Prawn, KatsuobushiR265

KōL Izakhaya Amaimono (Something Sweet)

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Binchōtan Chokorēto LogSoy-Salted Caramel Frozen White Chocolate Mousse, Black Sesame, Black Coffee Jelly, Edible Ash, Lit with LiquorR165
Drunken PineappleRobata Grilled, Rum Infused, Sake, Mirin, Shiso, Vanilla Ice CreamR105
Mochi Ice CreamRound Japanese confectionery consisting of a sticky rice dumpling (mochi) filled with different flavors of ice cream, 5 piecesR135
Matcha MessMatcha Ice Cream, Meringue, Matcha ChocolateR125
Yuzu Panna CottaCandied Yuzu Peel, Miso Salted Caramel Tuile, No added beef gelatineR125
Sanshiyoku KasuteraTrio of Chocolate, Macha & Vanilla Japanese Castella Cake, Honey Chantilly Cream, Dark Chocolate SauceR125
Chokorēto BrownieYuzu Pumpkin Puree, Amarula-Popcorn Ice Cream, Caramelised Popcorn, Black Sugar Tuile, Melty Hot Choc SauceR125
Jasmine and Black Sesame Chocolate GateauxJasmine and Black Sesame Chocolate GateauxR145
Trio of SorbetsTrio of SorbetsR95

KōL Izakhaya Omakase

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Omakase 17 NigiriR255
Omakase 24 Nigiri, 4 California, 2 Hako SushiR245
Omakase 37 Nigiri, 8 California, 6 Maki, 4 Hako Sushi, 2 Wagyu Sushi CupR645
Sashimi MoriwaseAssorted 5 pieceR140
Sashimi MoriwaseAssorted 9 pieceR260

KōL Izakhaya Signature Sashimi

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Salmon Tataki Binchō-tanYuzu Sesame, Yuzu Ponzu, Yuzu Kosho, Green ShisoR180
Tuna Tataki Binchō-tanGolden Sesame Sauce, Red ShisoR180
Wagyu Fillet TatakiKizami Wasabi, Shiso, Wasabi PonzuR210
Sashimi Tartare StackSalmon, Tuna, White Fish, Avo, Shiso, Angel Hair Nori, Daikon, Cucumber & Cherry Tomato Tsukemono, Red Yuzu Pepper Ponzu Sauce, Crispy Konbu Chips (When Available)R255
Rainbow Hako “Box” Sushi 1 BoxSalmon, Tuna, Shiso, Avo, DaikonR280

KōL Izakhaya Nigiri

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
EbiLM PrawnR130
MaguroYellowfin TunaR100
UnagiGrilled Freshwater EelR165
TamagoSweet Japanese OmeletteR75
ShiromiWhite Fish of the DayR90

Kol Signature Nigiri

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
AbokadoItalian Truffle, Truffle Oil, Truffle Paste, Truffle BalsamicR130
Aburi MaguroFlamed Tuna, Angel Hair Nori, Kizami Wasabi, Crunchy QuinoaR115
Aburi Sake HaramiFlamed Salmon Belly, Yuzu Mustard, Black RiceR115
Aburi WagyuHari-Senbon Ginger Crispy, NegiR115
AsparaOrganic Asparagus, Dried Miso Salt, SesameR85
HotategaiHokkaido Sea Scallop, Smoked Soya, Yuzu KoshoR190
InariŌsaka Style, FurikakeR95
KinokoEryngii Mushroom, Truffle Oil, Truffle PasteR85
Shime SabaCured Mackerel, Mustard Miso, SesameR110
TakoSumiso, Octopus, Kimchi SesameR90
UnagiGrilled Freshwater Eel, Sweet Soya, Sesame SeedsR180
WagyuTruffle Caviar, Kizami WasabiR190

KōL Izakhaya California Rolls

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Asparagus & Avo Rainbow RollWafu Beetroot, Daikon, Miso SaltR140
Avo & ShisoCucumber, Takuan, Yuzu SesameR140
Black Rice Wagyu RollWagyu, Truffle Caviar, Cream Cheese, ChivesR325
NattōFermented Soya Bean, Avocado, ShisoR160
Prawn & AvoAvocado, Cucumber, Wasabi Sesame, Wasabi Mayo & Wasabi OilR170
Salmon & AvoShiso, Kimchi SesameR165
Salmon ZukushiSalmon Belly, Salmon Skin, Ikura, AvocadoR170
Softshell CrabTobiko, Spicy Miso-Mayo, Avocado, NegiR230
Spicy Seared Salmon & AvoShichimi, Sesame Oil, Soya-Mayo, NegiR170
Spicy TunaNegi, Shichimi, Sesame & Chilli Oil, Quinoa PopsR170
Tempura PrawnGari, Avocado, Cucumber, Prawn Salsa, TobikoR230
Tuna & CorianderBlack Sesame, Chilli, CorianderR180
Tuna & AvoRed Shiso, Kimchi SesameR180
Unagi Rainbow RollFreshwater Eel, AvocadoR220
No Rice RollBeetroot, Daikon, Avocado, Chive, Beetroot Salmon, Tuna, White Fish, Wasabi DressingR180
No Rice Roll VegCucumber, Daikon, Avocado, Chive, Takuan, Shimeji, Asparagus, Shiso, Wasabi DressingR160

KōL Izakhaya Temaki (Hand Roll)

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
EbiPrawn, Avocado, Yuzu Mayo, Yuzu SesameR75
MaguroTuna, Avocado, Wasabi MayoR65
Nattō & NegiFermented Soya Bean, Spring OnionR65
SakeSalmon, Avocado, Wasabi MayoR65
Ume & ShisoNeri Ume, Mixed Shiso, SesameR65

KōL Izakhaya Maki Roll

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
AbokadoAvocado, Kimchi SesameR80
KappaCucumber, Kimchi SesameR50
EbiPrawn, Yuzu Mayo, Yuzu SesameR130
SakeSalmon, Green ShisoR95
MaguroTuna, Red ShisoR95
Maguro ChoppedChopped Tuna, NegiR95
Salmon RosesIkura, Shiso, MayoR210
Salmon Roses TobikoTobiko, Shiso, MayoR180
Cucumber RosesCucumber, Shiso, Wasabi Mayo, Wasabi SesameR95
Black RosesTuna, Black Rice, Truffle Caviar, Red Shiso, Wasabi MayoR210

KōL Izakhaya Yubi Sandoitchi

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CrayfishMiso Mayo, Tobiko, Sanbaizu SoyR110
TunaNegi, Daikon, Cucumber, Sesame Mayo, QuinoaR95
SalmonNegi, Daikon, Onion, Miso Mayo, QuinoaR95

KōL Izakhaya Onigiri

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
SalmonSea Salt, SesameR75

KōL Izakhaya Taco Sushi

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Spicy Softshell CrabTobiko, Miso MayoR195
Chilli TunaFried Chillies, Shichimi, Sesame, Coriander, NegiR130
Spicy SalmonShichimi, Sesame Oil, Soya-Mayo, NegiR130

KōL Izakhaya Primal Artesian Water

Package SizePrice (R)
500ml PETR55
1l PETR95

KōL Izakhaya Lofoten Arctic Water

Package SizePrice (R)
473ml CanR150
888ml GlassR345

KōL Izakhaya Perlage Water

Package SizePrice (R)
300ml GlassR65
700ml GlassR115

Koi Signature Mixology

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Akiko MartiniKetel One Vodka, Pistachio, White Chocolate, Wasabi, Shaken, not StirredR130
Asahi Rising SunCalpis Water, Hakutsuru Sake, Ciroc Pineapple, Honey, HibiscusR210
All About YuzuYuzu Infused Johnny Walker Black Label, Yuzu Juice, Yuzu CandyR150
Bloody Mary-ChanAbsolut Elyx, KoL Roasted Tomato, Shiso, Wasabi, ChamPonzu-TabascoR140
Izabera イザベラTanqueray Sevilla, Red Shiso, Elderflower, Lime, Cucumber, Pineapple JuiceR160
Kohi CollinsSingleton 12yr, Spiced Coffee, Tonic TopR130
PainappuruFresh Pineapple, Bulleit Bourbon, Hakutsuru Sake, Kakigori IceR150
Toki Espresso MartiniIlly, Absolut Blue, Tia Maria, Suntory TokiR150
Sakura HaiTanqueray Dry, Cherry Blossom, Ichiiko Shochu, SodaR150
Shiso CollinsKi No Bi Gin, KoL Shiso Syrup, Soda, Kakigori IceR140
Shinsen’na MargaritaEl Jimador Blanco Tequila, Honey, Lime, Basil, CucumberR125
Shiso-Fine MojitoMojito, meet Shiso, Havana Club 3yr, Red or Green ShisoR135
Shiso-SmashedTanqueray No10, Fresh Red Shiso, KoL Shiso Syrup, LemonR145
Shiso-GintleHendrick’s Original Gin, Red Shiso, Cucumber, Rosemary, OrangeR130
Ume-Gosh MartiniNakano Umeshu Plum Wine, Belvedere Pure, HibiscusR210
Yuzu KōladaSailor Jerry Rum, Yuzu, Pineapple, Coconut, Black SugarR125
Ginza NinjaShinobu Whisky, Red Shiso*, Pineapple Juice, Lemon, GingerR130
Suntory Toki HighballSuntory Toki Whisky, SodaR140

KōL Izakhaya Mixology Classics

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
NegroniTanqueray 10, Sweet Vermouth, Orange LiqueurR110
French 75Monkey 47, Lemon, KoL Syrup, MCCR130
Old FashionedWoodford Reserve, Angostura, KoL SyrupR120
Amaretto SourDisaronno Amaretto, Woodford Reserve, KoL Syrup, LemonR130
BrambleHendricks Lunar, Mixed Berry, Lemon, MintR110
Pornstar MartiniAbsolut Blue, Passion Fruit, Lemon, BubblesR140
Clover ClubRoku Gin, Raspberry Syrup, Vermouth, LemonR135
CosmopolitanKetel One Vodka, Cranberry, Cointreau, LimeR135

KōL Izakhaya Special Serves

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Charkōl BoulevardierBulleit Bourbon, Campari, Martini Rosso, Chocolate, Edible EmbersR125
ōld FashionedWoodford Reserve, Angostura, Maple Syrup, Apple Wood SmokeR180
Kōld FashionedGentleman Jack, Angostura, Maple Syrup, Bourbon Oak SmokeR160
Sake-Tea-NiHakutsuru Sake, Inverroche Classic, Matcha, Wasabi Salt, Shaken, not stirredR220
Yakuza BossAmaretto Disaronno, Glenmorange 10R170
Yakuza BossAmaretto Disaronno, Nikka from the BarrelR280
Aokigahara GhostArdbeg 5yr Wee Beastie, Cherry Wood & Pepper Smoke, PashmakR185
Kōl Moyasu Yume“The Dream of Fire”, Ki No Bi Gin, Martini Rosso, Campari, Gold LeafR180

KōL Izakhaya Shots Fired

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Wasabi ShotKetel One Vodka, Wasabi, Honey, Coconut, LimeR75
Wasabi-Meister ShotElderflower, Jagermeister, Yuzu, Edible Embers, Wasabi Salt RimR75
So Soy SakeHakutsuru Sake, Ketel One Vodka, Green Shiso*, Soy SaltR75
Sake BombHakutsuru Sake, Devil’s Peak LagerR105

KōL Izakhaya Japanese Whisky

WhiskyDescriptionPrice (R)
Suntory Toki 750mlBlended WhiskyR1800
Suntory Toki 25mlBlended WhiskyR60
Suntory Kakubin 750mlBlended WhiskyR3650
Suntory Kakubin 25mlBlended WhiskyR130
Hibiki Harmony 750mlBlended WhiskyR4225
Hibiki Harmony 25mlBlended WhiskyR165
The Yamazaki Single Malt 700mlDistiller’s ReserveR6500
The Yamazaki Single Malt 25mlDistiller’s ReserveR250
The Chita 700mlSingle Grain WhiskyR5500
The Chita 25mlSingle Grain WhiskyR230

KōL Izakhaya Japanese Beer

BeerDescriptionPrice (R)
Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale 330mlIt is brewed with local wheat and koji (malted rice), creating a uniquely sweet flavor of rice koji and a naturally pleasing acidity caused by fermentation.R215
Hitachino Nest Saison du Japon 330mlIt is a classic lager with a Japanese citrus twist. Yuzu citrus combines with traditional lager for a delicate yet deep flavor. Enjoy the refreshing acidity from the yuzu and the crispness of a lager.R195
Hitachino Nest Yuzu Lager 350mlRefreshing, mildly hopped Belgian-styled beer with a complex coriander, orange peel, and nutmeg flavor—winner of gold medals at several beer competitions.R195
Hitachino Nest White Ale 330mlRefreshing, mildly hopped Belgian-styled beer with a complex coriander, orange peel, and nutmeg flavor. Winner of gold medals at several beer competitions.R215

KōL Izakhaya Champagne

ChampagnePrice (R)
Deutz Brut ClassicR2400
GH Mumm Grand Cordon Glass 250mlR670
GH Mumm Grand Cordon BottleR2000
Laurent Perrier Grand SiecleR9000
Perrier Jouet Belle EpoqueR7400
Laurent Perrier Blanc de BlancsR5200
Laurent Perrier Vintage, 2012R4100
Perrier Jouet GrandR2300
Laurent Perrier La Cuvée Glass 250mlR670
Laurent Perrier La Cuvée BottleR2000
Louis Roederer Cristal, 2012R18000
Armand de Brignac Ace of SpadesR16000
Dom Pérignon Vintage, 2009R10500
Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut Glass 250mlR700
Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut BottleR2100
Pol Roger NVR2300
Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill, 2012R9000
Taittinger Brut ReserveR2300
Veuve Clicquot Yellow LabelR2350

KōL Izakhaya White Wine

CategoryItemPrice (R)
Sauvignon BlancBouchard Finlayson, Walker Bay, Western CapeR370
Sauvignon BlancCape of Good Hope Altima, Elandskloof ValleyR370
Sauvignon BlancCloudy Bay, New ZealandR2100
Sauvignon BlancDavid Nieuwoud Ghost Corner, Elim, Western CapeR620
Sauvignon BlancFramingham, New ZealandR980
Sauvignon BlancKia Ora, New ZealandR580
Sauvignon BlancPascal Jolivet Sancerre Blanc, Loire Valley, FranceR1250
Sauvignon BlancSpioenkop 1900 Queen Manthatisi, Elgin, Western CapeR480
Sauvignon BlancSpringfield Special Cuvée, Robertson, Western CapeR350
Sauvignon BlancIona, Elgin, Western CapeR450
Sauvignon BlancBabylonstoren, Simondium, Western CapeR780
Sauvignon BlancCreation, Hemel-en-Aarde, Western CapeR520
Sauvignon BlancEpicurean, Elgin, Western CapeR1100
Sauvignon BlancHamilton Russel Vineyards, Hemel-en-Aarde, Western CapeR1700
Sauvignon BlancIona, Elgin, Western CapeR800
ChardonnayJoseph Faiveley Bourgogne, Côte d’OrR1300
ChardonnayDomaine Faiveley, Mercurey, BurgundyR1700
ChardonnayVergelegen Premium, Somerset West, Western CapeR395
ChardonnayVigne d’Or, Western Cape FranschhoekR680
ChardonnayBillaud Simon Chablis, BourgogneR1500
ChardonnayBeaumont Hope Marguerite, Bot River, Western CapeR1000
ChardonnayDonkiesbaai Steen, Stellenbosch, Western CapeR800
ChardonnayVouvray Domaine de Margalleau, Loire Valley, FranceR585
ChardonnayKaapzicht Danie Jnr, Stellenbosch, Western CapeR320
ChardonnayAA Badenhorst Secateurs, Malmesbury, Western CapeR280
ChardonnayLismore Age of Grace, Greyton, Western CapeR550
ChardonnayBabylonstoren, Simondium, Western CapeR450
ChardonnayM Chapoutier La Combe, Pilate, Rhône Valley, FranceR880
ChardonnayChâteau Larrivet Haut-Brion, Pessac-Leognan, FranceR1750
ChardonnayDavid & Nadia Aristargos, Malmesbury, Western CapeR890
ChardonnayM Chapoutier Belleruche Côtes du Rhône, Rhône ValleyR620
ChardonnayGustave Lorentz Gewurztraminer, Alsace, FranceR880

KōL Izakhaya Red Wines

CategoryItemPrice (R)
Cabernet SauvignonKanonkop Paul Sauer, Stellenbosch, Western CapeR2300
Cabernet SauvignonAntonij Rupert, Franschhoek, Western CapeR1600
Cabernet SauvignonBrampton Roxton Black, Stellenbosch, Western CapeR650
Cabernet SauvignonSpringfield Le Riche, Raithby, Western CapeR750
Cabernet SauvignonVergelegen Reserve, Somerset West, Western CapeR860
Cabernet SauvignonRustenburg Peter Barlow, Stellenbosch, Western CapeR1450
Cabernet FrancAntonij Rupert, Franschhoek, Western CapeR1580
Cabernet FrancDomaine Du Clos GodeauxR600
Cabernet FrancOldenburg, Stellenbosch, Western CapeR750
ShirazSaronsberg, Tulbach, Western CapeR350
ShirazM Chapoutier Crozes Hermitage, Rhône Valley, FranceR1280
ShirazHartenberg, Stellenbosch, Western CapeR820
ShirazRadford Dale, Stellenbosch, Western CapeR850
ShirazKleine Zalze Vineyard Select, Stellenbosch, Western CapeR500
ShirazIona Solace, Elgin, Western CapeR880
PinotageKanonkop, Stellenbosch, Western CapeR380
PinotageBeeslaar, Stellenbosch, Western CapeR1500
PinotageSouthern Right, Hemel-en-Aarde, Western CapeR920
PinotageRijk’s Touch, Tulbagh, Western CapeR450
MerlotShannon, Elgin, Western CapeR2950
MerlotUva Mira “The Mira”, Stellenbosch, Western CapeR680
MerlotEagles Nest, Constantia, Western CapeR580
MerlotRemhoogte, Stellenbosch, Western CapeR560
Red BlendsBabylonstoren Nebukadnesar 2019, Simondium, Western CapeR1750
Red BlendsEpicurean 2013, Stellenbosch, Western CapeR1800
Red BlendsDe Toren Z, Stellenbosch, Western CapeR1250
Red BlendsTaaibosch Crescendo, Stellenbosch, Western CapeR950
Red BlendsM Chapoutier Côtes du Rhône, Rhône Valley, FranceR580
Red BlendsDavid & Nadia Elpidios, Malmesbury, Western CapeR990
Red BlendsAntonij Rupert Optima, Franschhoek, Western CapeR650
Red BlendsConstantia Glen Three, Constantia, Western CapeR550
Red BlendsVilafonte Seriously Old Dirt, Stellenbosch, Western CapeR680
Red BlendsKanonkop Kadette, Stellenbosch, Western CapeR365
Red BlendsVigne d’Or, Western Cape FranschhoekR720
Red BlendsChâteau La Renaissance 2011, Pomerol, BordeauxR1700
Red BlendsLa Petite Sirène by Château Giscours, BordeauxR650
Pinot NoirDomaine Faiveley Mercurey La Framboisière, BurgandyR1900
Pinot NoirCrystallum Peter Max, Bot River, Western CapeR860
Pinot NoirIona Mr P, Elgin, Western CapeR450
Pinot NoirNewton Johnson Felicité, Hemel-en-Aarde, Western CapeR350
Pinot NoirIona Highlands, Elgin, Western CapeR900
RoséChâteau d’Esclans Whispering Angel, Provence, FranceR990
RoséHerdado do Recim Mariana, PortugalR730
RoséBabylonstoren MourvédreR420
RoséWarwick First Lady, Stellenbosch, Western CapeR320
RoséTerre Paisible, Isabelle Rosé, Western Cape FranschhoekR600

KōL Izakhaya Dessert Wines

ItemPrice (R)
Mullineaux Straw Wine, Riebeek Kasteel, Western CapeR300
Klein Constantia Vin de Constance, Constantia, Western CapeR300
Coteaux du Layon Domaine de Clayou, Loire Valley, FranceR175
Inniskillin Vidal Gold Ice Wine, Ontario, CanadaR390
Inniskillin Cabernet Franc, Ontario, CanadaR480

KōL Izakhaya Gin

ItemPrice (R)
Beefeater Dry / PinkR48
Hendrick’s OriginalR68
Hendrick’s Lunar / OrbiumR70
Inverroche Classic / Amber / Verdant / L’OrangeR55
Ki No Bi (Japan)R85
Roku Japanese GinR45
Monkey 47R110
Malfy Originale / Limone / Con Arancia Orange / RosaR55
Nikka Coffey (Japan)R150
Tanqueray SevillaR45
Tanqueray 10R80

KōL Izakhaya Vodka

VodkaPrice (R)
Absolut ElyxR70
Belvedere PureR70
Belvedere Smogory Forrest / Lake BartezekR80
Ketel OneR55
Nikka Coffey (Japan)R75

KōL Izakhaya Coffee

Coffee & BeveragesPrice (R)
Double EspressoR45
Cappuccino / Flat White / LattèR45
Rooibos Cappuccino / Rooibos Latté / Chai LattéR45
Irish Coffee with Tullamore D.E.W.R70
Irish Coffee with Bailey’s OriginalR70

KōL Izakhaya Tea

ItemPrice (R)
6 Orchids CeylonR45
Earl GreyR45
Emperor’s GreenR45
Lemongrass, Coconut & GingerR45
Lemon GreenR45
Organic GreenR45

KōL Izakhaya Cold Drinks

ItemPrice (R)
Coca-Cola / Coke Zero / Coca-Cola Light / Cream Soda / Sprite / Sprite ZeroR38
Appetizer / Red GrapetizerR48
Red BullR50
Doubleshot Craft Ice Tea / 330mlR55
Fitch & Leedes MixersR30

KōL Izakhaya Tequila

ItemPrice (R)
Casamigos AñejoR230
Casamigos ReposadoR180
Claze Azul25ml R350 / Bottle R9000
Don Julio Reposado25ml R100
Don Julio 194225ml R560 / Bottle R16000
El Jimador ReposadoR50
Espolon ReposadoR60
Gran Corralejo AñejoR160
Herradura AñejoR90
Herradura ReposadoR85
Ocho PlataR90
Ocho ReposadoR95
Ocho Single Barrel Añejo (Sipping)R260
Teremana BlancoR130
Teremana ReposadoR155
Teremana AnejoR260

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