Koi-Menlyn Maine is a restaurant in Pretoria, South Africa, that offers a one-of-a-kind and delectable dining experience. With breathtaking views of Menlyn, Maine, the restaurant is tastefully furnished and offers indoor and outdoor seating. With stylish decor and soft lighting, the environment is sophisticated and elegant while feeling cozy and intimate.

At Koi, the service is outstanding. In addition to making recommendations and making sure that customers have a good meal, the wait staff is polite and informed. The menu features many meals with Asian influences, such as noodle dishes, sushi, and sashimi.

Every meal is wonderfully prepared and cooked to perfection. Guests can begin their dinner with the savory and cozy miso soup. The crispy duck with plum sauce is a favorite for the main dish. The duck is grilled to perfection With a crisp exterior and soft meat.

The plum sauce’s tart and sweet taste balances the duck’s richness. The green tea ice cream is a must-try to round off the meal. It has a delicate green tea flavor and is just the right amount of creamy and refreshing.

Sushi and drink enthusiasts will appreciate Koi. Koi is the ideal location whether you’re planning a catch-up with friends or a romantic evening out. Delicious food, a sophisticated setting, and excellent service make a memorable dining experience.

KOI Bao Buns

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Crispy ChickenSpicy mayo, cucumber, corianderR115
Beef Short RibSriracha, pickled cucumberR115
Soft Shell CrabPineapple & cucumber pickleR155
Bao Sensation (3pc)Selection of our baos: crispy chicken, beef short rib, soft shell crabR195

KOI Dim Sum Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Spinach, Cream CheeseSteamedR66
Butternut, Spinach, FetaSteamedR66
Chicken, GingerSteamedR68
Lamb PauSteamedR84
Salmon, Cream CheeseSteamedR72
Prawn Shitake Sui MaiSteamedR82
Roast Duck Sui MaiSteamedR82
Prawn Water ChestnutFriedR82
Chicken Chive Money BagFriedR78

KOI Soups

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
MisoBroth, tofu, wakameR68
SweetcornGrilled corn, mushroom, crispy gingerR82
Seafood Tom YumPrawns, calamari, line fishR148

KOI Small Plates

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
EdamameCracked rock saltR75
Tapioca CalamariHoisin, coriander, limeR125
Salt & Pepper SquidGreen romesco, shichimiR125
Rock Shrimp PrawnsIn spicy mayoR145
Wagyu Beef SlidersMint, chili, ginger soy dipping sauceR108
Tempura PrawnsDaikon ginger dipping sauceR118
Soft Shell CrabGinger soy dipping sauceR155
Korean BBQ WingsGochujang, toasted sesame seedsR115
Vegetable SpringrollChilli truffle soy dipping sauceR76
Roast Duck SpringrollHoisin chili dipping sauceR88
Prawn SpringrollMint, chilli, ginger soy dipping sauceR92
Glazed Beef RibsMarinated in miso and beer (non-alcoholic)R158
Veg Crispy RiceYuzu mayo, pineapple salsaR88
Panko CauliflowerSour cream, tomato jalapeño salsaR98

KOI Salads

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Blackened TunaEndive, green beans, avocado, soy vinaigretteR165
Butternut & Baby SpinachToasted pumpkin seed, feta, balsamic dressingR115
Chicken & CalamariGreens, avocado, honey & wasabi dressingR148

KOI Large Plates

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Baby ChickenSpicy Thai lemon sauceR182
Chargrilled Fillet On The BoneGreen peppercorn sauceR285
Beef RibeyeChilli bean peanut dipping sauceR245
Lamb RumpSpice-rubbed, red chimichurri dipping sauceR265
Grilled Lamb ChopsSpice rubbed, ssamjang pasteR285
Marinated Line FishJalapeño & ginger, tomato concasseR280
Sesame Crusted Seared TunaSweet soya, wasabi mayo, bok choiR265
Seared SalmonTamarind glaze, miso butterR335
Flame Grilled PrawnsGinger beurre blancR365
DuckAromatic duck with cucumber, spring onion, pancakes, hoisin & citrus dipping sauceR245
Crispy BeefBaby corn, green beans, red onion, oyster sauce, steamed riceR195
Thai Chicken CurryBroccoli, green beans, baby corn, cherry tomato, steamed riceR165

KOI Sides Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Steamed Broccoli – In red chili sauceR45
Bok Choi – In ponzu sauceR45
Stir-Fried Vegetables – With chili garlic & oyster sauceR45
Steamed Jasmine RiceR45
Egg Fried RiceR45
Asian FriesR45
New Potatoes – Roasted in duck fatR55
Garden SaladR55

KOI Poke Bowls

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
SalmonIncludes edamame, avocado, cucumber, Chinese radish & grilled broccoliR175
TunaIncludes edamame, avocado, cucumber, Chinese radish & grilled broccoliR165
VegIncludes edamame, avocado, cucumber, Chinese radish & grilled broccoliR125

KOI Signature Sushi

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Specialty Sushi PlatterSelection of our specialty sushiR255
New Style SashimiSalmon or tunaR165
TartareSalmon or tuna, spring onion, avocado, ponzu, wasabi mayoR230
Rock Shrimp PrawnSpicy salmon & tunaR208
Rainbow ReloadedSalmon, tuna, avo, mayo, crab caviar, teriyakiR172
Spider RollSoft shell crab, avocado, caviar, spicy mayoR182
Crispy Spicy CaliforniaSalmon, tuna, tempura, mayoR164
Volcano SandwichSeared salmon or tuna with spicy mayo, teriyaki,R168
Firecracker RosesSpicy salmon, tempura crumbR148
Tempura PrawnPickled daikon, tempura crumbs, sriracha, teriyakiR178

KOI Traditional Sushi

ItemPrice (R)
Nigiri (2pc)
Maki (6pc)
California Roll (8pc)
Sashimi (3pc)
Fashion Sandwich (8pc)
Handroll (1pc)

KOI Desserts

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chocolate Banana Spring RollNougat, miso caramel, chocolate crumbleR78
Baked CheesecakeCitrus coulis, ginger pineapple jam, vanilla bean ice creamR78
Mixed Berry CheesecakeBiscuit crumble, dried strawberry, berry coulisR78
Lemongrass Creme BrûléeBiscuit, mixed berries, toasted coconut, mintR78
Coconut Panna CottaLemon curd, dried ginger, toasted coconutR78

KOI Green Tea

Green TeaDescriptionPrice (R)
Bancha HojichaJapan – classic large leaf, low caffeine, very aromaticR35
Bi Luo ChunTaiwan – “green spiral leaves of spring,” sweet aftertasteR35
GenmaichaJapan – natural rice tea, mild in flavorR35

KOI Flavored Green Tea

Flavored Green TeaDescriptionPrice (R)
Blue HorizonChina – mango, passion fruit, citrusR38
Lover’s GreenChina – roses, passion fruit, flowersR38
SakuraChina – cherry blossoms, sour cherriesR38

KOI White & Artistic Tea

White & Artistic TeaDescriptionPrice (R)
White GingerChina – ginger, jasmine flowersR38
Lover’s GreenChina – roses, passion fruit, flowersR38
SakuraChina – cherry blossoms, sour cherriesR38

KOI Rooibos Tea

Rooibos TeaDescriptionPrice (R)
Pure RooibosSouth AfricaR35
Lemon & GingerSouth AfricaR35

KOI Cocktails

CocktailDescriptionPrice (R)
Sohogin, lemon juice, passion fruit, KOI-infused jamR86
Pontianakvodka, blueberries, vanilla, gingerR80
Kokonattsucoconut, almond, rum, fresh pomegranate, lemonR98
Soju Coolergold tequila, soju, fresh lemon, blueberries, gingerR86
Shogagin, lime, passion fruit, gingerR86
Ramurum, passion fruit, orange, raspberry, pineappleR78
Suisunvodka, fresh grapes, cranberry, lemon, mintR78
KOI Old FashionedTennessee whiskey, bitters, caramelR78
Yoruvodka, fresh lime, gingerR78
Lotus Blossomvodka, lychee, lime, umeshuR86
Fenghuanghibiscus infused gin, peach, raspberry, strawberry & lemon foamR89
KOI Mogs (sharing cocktail)soju, sparkling wine, apple, lemon, strawberry, mint, pomegranateR155

KOI Mocktails

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Frosty HotsPassion fruit, mango, yogurt, almond syrup, sodaR74
Strawberry SmashStrawberry, mint, pineapple, lemon, lemongrassR74
Red LotusRooibos, raspberry, passion fruit, pomegranate, limeR74
Spicy SiamChilli, mint, lime, ginger, tonic waterR74

KOI Brandy & Cognac

ItemPrice (R)
Klipdrift PremiumR22
KWV 10yrR32
Hennessy VSR58
Hennessy VSOPR98
Hennessy XOR240
Courvoisier XOR240

KOI Vodka

ItemPrice (R)
Albatross Cape Grape VodkaR29
Grey GooseR54

KOI Gin Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Tanqueray London DryR29
Bombay SapphireR32
Roku Japanese CraftR36
Inverocche ClassicR48
Inverocche AmberR48
Musgrave Pink GinR48
Malfy Con Arancia Blood OrangeR42
Malfy Gin OriginaleR42
Monkey 47R90
Bulldog GinR42

KOI Tequila

ItemPrice (R)
El Jimador BlancoR32
El Jimador ReposadoR32
Don Julio ReposadoR98
Clase Azul ReposadoR298
Clase Azul AnejoR895

KOI Beers & Ciders

ItemPrice (R)
Castle LiteR40
Black LabelR49
Windhoek LagerR48
Windhoek Draught BottleR46
Savanna DryR35
Savanna LiteR40
Hunters DryR49
Stella ArtoisR40
Smirnoff SpinR50

KOI White Wines

ItemPrice (R)
Gabrielskloof Sauvignon BlancR72
Bruce Jack ‘Reserve’ ChardonnayR79
Bruce Jack ‘Reserve’ ChardonnayR79
Badenhorst Family Wines ‘Secateurs’ Chenin BlancR68
Oldenburg ‘CL White’ Chenin Blanc, ChardonnayR92
Bouchard Finlayson ‘Sans Barrique’ Chardonnay (unoaked)R92
Delheim Gewurztraminer (off-dry)R102

KOI Red Wines

ItemPrice (R)
Warwick’ The First Lady’ Cabernet SauvignonR85
Hermanuspietersfontein ‘Posmeester’ MerlotR85
Warwick ‘The First Lady’ Cabernet SauvignonR88
Kanonkop ‘Kadette’ PinotageR96
Iona ‘Mr P’ Pinot NoirR98
Hartenberg ‘Doorkeeper’ Shiraz, Merlot, MalbecR83
Danie Jnr Red Blend Merlot, Cabernet SauvignonR92

KOI Aperitifs & Liqueurs

ItemPrice (R)
Amaretto Di SaronnoR40
Cape VelvetR22


ItemPrice (R)
Captain MorganR22
Captain Morgan Spiced GoldR22
Havana Club Anejo Blanco 3yr OldR25
Red HeartR22

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