Situated in the up-and-coming commercial area of Berea, Jules On Jarvis boasts some epic dishes with an ever-changing menu, keeping it fresh, simple, local & happening. This place is one of the restaurants you must visit if you are visiting East London or if you’re a local.

As you step inside the restaurant, you’ll be welcomed by the smell of brewing coffee, lots of greenery & a vibey atmosphere. They are ever striving to change the restaurant industry & food culture in East London one dish (and drink) at a time.

If you look at their menus, you’ll struggle to find something you don’t like; everything gets tested & perfected before getting put on, sometimes taking months to get right.

The Owner and chef, Jules, graduated from Silwood Kitchen Cordon Bleu Cookery School. His passion is food & people. Jules on Jarvis is a perfect platform to create what He loves most. With the freshest ingredients from the finest suppliers, the Jules team is constantly testing & tasting new recipes to share beautifully balanced flavors with you.

Their motto – life is too short to eat average food is just so fitting; this is the place – go & see what they are about (there is nothing average about them.) 

Jules on Jarvis Breakfast Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Jules Granola BowlDouble Greek yogurt, berry compote, seasonal fruit, toasted coconut & mintR75
Breakfast WrapScrambled eggs, bacon, American cheese, caramelized onion & aioliR82
Whipped Feta & Poached EggsToasted ciabatta, cherry tomatoes & spring onionR82
Eggs BenedictPoached eggs with hollandaise on toasted ciabatta, roasted cherry tomatoes & rocket
Artichoke, Mushroom & Spinach

Sweet Corn FrittersGuacamole, tomato jam, tomato & red onion salsa, crème fraiche & coriander
Add bacon
Add poached egg
Brunch Burger100g beef patty, scrambled eggs, American cheese, caramelized onion
Add bacon
Add avo
Avocado on ToastGuacamole, feta & balsamic reduction on toasted ciabatta
Add poached egg
Add bacon
Add parma ham
Add halloumi
Omega Smash on ToastSmoked trout, guacamole, poached egg, roasted cherry tomatoes & rocketR105
Mushrooms on ToastTruffled mushrooms with parmesan on toasted ciabatta
Add bacon
Scrambled Eggs on ToastTwo scrambled eggs, bacon, farm-style worse-mushrooms, roasted cherry tomatoes &, two slices of toasted ciabattaR68
Proper BreakfastTwo scrambled eggs, bacon, farm-style worse-mushrooms, roasted cherry tomatoes &, and two slices of toasted ciabattaR95
OmeletteThree eggs with mozzarella, cheddar & roasted cherry tomatoes
Add bacon
Add avo
Add mushrooms
Toasted SandwichesServed on brown bread only
Three cheese toastie – mozzarella, cheddar & parmesan
Chicken & mayonnaise
Bacon, egg & cheese
Mozzarella, basil & tomato
Saturday FlapjacksTwo flapjacks with maple syrup, butter & whipped cream
Add bacon
Add caramelized banana
Add salted caramel
Add poached egg
Add mushrooms

Jules on Jarvis Tapas Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Seared Tuna Poke BowlSushi rice, seasonal avo, spring onion, ginger, coriander, edamame, toasted sesame, soy & black bean dressing, wasabi mayonnaise & crispy onionsR145
Kung Pao ChickenAsian chicken, coconut rice, broccoli, edamame, mushrooms, red cabbage & rocketR135
Pork Buncha BowlSticky pork belly, peanuts, red cabbage, carrots, cucumber, marinated noodles & sesame seedsR140
Vegan Rainbow BowlFalafel, red cabbage, beetroot, avocado, cucumber, edamame, quinoa, hummus & tamarind chutneyR132
Chicken & Bacon CaesarGrilled chicken, bacon, avocado, cos lettuce, feta, parmesan, Caesar dressing (contains Anchovy) & boiled eggR135
Earth BowlSundried tomato pesto, lentil & barley grains, sweet potato, tender stem broccoli, baby marrow, grilled artichoke, dukkah & aioliR130
Moroccan ChickenMarinated chicken breast, giant couscous, tender stem broccoli, roasted sweet potato, toasted nuts with Moroccan aioliR145
Beer Battered Fish and ChipsServed with tartar sauce (optional to change chips for salad)R180
Chicken SchnitzelCrumbed chicken, mushroom sauce, potato wedges with green beans & peasR165
Falafel Veg Hot Wrap(With chips or salad) Halloumi, peperonata, sundried tomato pesto & falafelsR95
BBQ Chicken Wrap(With chips or salad) Chicken, lettuce, cucumber, avocado & fetaR105

Jules on Jarvis Grills Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
The Royal BasketPork Riblets, flame-grilled chicken wings (peri-peri or BBQ) served with chips, crispy onions & sweet chili mayo.R280
500g Ribs + ChipsServed with sweet chili mayoR180

Jules on Jarvis Steaks Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Fillet SteakFillet steak with pepper, truffle & mushroom jus, served with a choice of side
– 200g
– 300g

T-BoneCafe de Paris sauceR225
400g Rump Steakwith pepper sauceR195

Jules on Jarvis Additional Sides

ItemPrice (R)
Skinny Herb FriesR32
Sweet Potato FriesR32
Cos Lettuce SaladR55
House SaladR35
Beer Battered Onion RingsR30
Creamed SpinachR35
Butternut MashR35
Tender Stem BroccoliR48
Greek Salad (L)R60
Greek Salad (S)R40

Jules on Jarvis Burgers Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Gourmet Cheese BurgerBeef or BBQ chicken patty, lettuce, gherkins, onions, burger mayo & wholegrain truffle tomato sauceR120
California BurgerBeef or BBQ chicken patty, avo, feta & crispy onion
Add bacon
Fried Chicken BurgerCrispy chicken, lettuce, onion, aioli & gherkinsR145
All American Burger2 x 100g beef patties, American cheese, bacon, red onion, lettuce & aioliR150
Falafel BurgerFalafel patty, all American cheese, tzatziki, salsa, gherkins, burger mayo & lettuceR130
The Jarvis BurgerBeef or BBQ chicken patty, bacon, cheddar cheese, chili & onion ringsR155

Jules on Jarvis Foccaza

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
OriginalFeta, garlic, oregano, caramelized onion & balsamic vinegar reductionR90
Smoked SpringbokSmoked springbok, parmesan, garlic, rocket & balsamic vinegarR115

Jules on Jarvis Pizza Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
MargheritaTomato, basil & parmesanR90
BabeSticky pork belly, pineapple & red onionR130
New YorkerSalami, garlic & chili flakesR125
Mushroom & PancettaMushroom truffle, pancetta & rocketR129
Spinach & MushroomMushroom truffle, caramelized onion & spinachR125
PuttanescaAnchovies, capers, olives, rocketR125
Mega MeatyBacon, mince, ham, salami & BBQ sauceR130
Parma HamParmesan, rocket & balsamic reductionR135
The Old FaithfulFeta, bacon & avoR125
Four SeasonsArtichoke, olives, spinach, feta & courgetteR125
PeperonataBBQ chicken, red pepper, feta & basilR125
Gone VeganRed pepper, spinach, mushrooms, olives & garlicR115
HawaiianMargherita, ham & pineappleR120
Princess GorgonzolaGorgonzola, walnuts, preserved fig & rocketR122
Spicy PigChorizo, red onion, cream cheese & jalapenosR128
Chili ChicPeri peri chicken, cherry tomatoes & red onionR125

Jules on Jarvis Cakes

ItemPrice (R)
Chocolate Mud CakeR79
Dark Chocolate BrownieR70
Salted Caramel CheesecakeR72
Carrot CakeR72
Bourbon Pecan PieR79
Millionaire ShortbreadR42

Jules on Jarvis Coffee

ItemPrice (R)
EspressoR24 / 30
Café LatteR35
Flat WhiteR32
Red CappuccinoR32 / 38
Americano (Hot/cold or no milk)R30 / 34
CappuccinoR30 / 35
Dirty ChaiR40

Jules on Jarvis Teas & Others

ItemPrice (R)
Hot ChocolateR38
Chai LatteR40
Rooibos TeaR25
Five Roses TeaR25
Green TeaR25
Hot Water and LemonR18

Jules on Jarvis Soft Drinks

ItemPrice (R)
Soga Organic – Orange juice 250mlR30
Cranberry JuiceR28
Ice Tea (Peach/Lemon)R28
Cordial (Lime/Passion Fruit/Cola)R10
Soft Drinks + Mixers 200mlR24
Appletiser / GrapetiserR28
Valpre Still 500mlR22
Valpre Still 1.5LR32
Valpre Sparkling 500mlR22
Valpre Sparkling 1LR28
Red BullR34

Jules on Jarvis Milkshakes

ItemPrice (R)
Dark ChocolateR54
Peanut Butter + Salted CaramelR62
Bar OneR62

Jules on Jarvis Cocktails

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Mojito(Rum, lime, mint + soda)R85
Berry Mojito(Rum, lime, mint, berry coolie + soda)R90
Mimosa(Orange juice + M.C.C)R60
Granadilla Lolly(Vodka, rum, granadilla pulp, and granadilla juice)R90
The Blossom(Bombay, Aperol, Martini Blanco, Elderflower + cucumber)R90
Margarita(Tequila, Triple Sec, and lime)R90
Whiskey Sour(Egg whites, Bourbon + lime)R90
Aperol Spritz(Aperol + Secco)R80
Moscow Mule(Vodka, Stoney, and lime juice)R85
Salvador Major(Tequila, rum, limes, cucumber + Elderflower)R95
Bloody Mary(Vodka, tomato cocktail, and Tabasco)R85
Long Island(Vodka, tequila, rum, gin + Cola)R95
Sex on the Beach(Vodka, Peach Schnapps, orange juice + granadilla syrup)R90
Gin Bull(Gin + Redbull – original/watermelon/apricot)R75

Jules on Jarvis Beers & Ciders

ItemPrice (R)
Castle / Castle FreeR30
Castle LiteR30
Black LabelR30
Windhoek Draught 440mlR35
Corona ExtraR42
Corona Bucket (6)R235
Heineken / Heineken 0%R35
Stella ArtoisR35
Flying Fish (Lemon)R30
Hunters (Gold/Dry)R30
Savanna (Dry/Light/Free)R30
Brutal Fruit (Ruby Apple)R30
Bernini (Classic/Blush)R30
Ice TropezR105

Jules on Jarvis Vodka

ItemPrice (R)
Smirnoff 1818R25
Absolut BlueR30
Grey GooseR50

Jules on Jarvis Brandy

ItemPrice (R)
Klipdrift PremiumR28
KWV 10 YearsR34

Jules on Jarvis Cognac

ItemPrice (R)
Hennessy VSR50
Hennessy VSOPR80
Remy Martin VSOPR80

Jules on Jarvis Rum

ItemPrice (R)
Bacardi WhiteR25
Red HeartR25
Captain Morgan – Dark/Spiced GoldR25

Jules on Jarvis Whiskey

ItemPrice (R)
Jack Daniel’sR30
Johnnie Walker BlackR35
Monkey ShoulderR36
Wild TurkeyR30
Glenfiddich 12 YearR58
Glenfiddich 18 YearR165

Jules on Jarvis Gin

ItemPrice (R)
Tanqueray No.10R38
Malfy Blood OrangeR42
Inverroche ClassicR45
Inverroche AmberR45
Bombay SapphireR36
Musgrave PinkR42
Bloedlemoen OriginalR40
Six Dogs BlueR45

Jules on Jarvis Shooters

ItemPrice (R)
El Jimador ReposadoR32
Don Julio ReposadoR70
Jack FireR32
Chocolate CakeR32
Bull FrogR48
TBY BombR85
Strawberry LipsR25
Caramel VodkaR30
* Try Tequila with pineapple + TabascoR10

Jules on Jarvis Bubbly

ItemPrice (R)
JC Le Roux Le DomaineR195
JC Le Roux La FleuretteR195
L’Ormarins Brut / RoséR330
Graham Beck BrutR315
Kleine Zalze Brut / RoséR300
Veuve Clicquot BrutR1650
Moët & Chandon Imperial BrutR1550

Jules on Jarvis White Wine

Wine CategoryWine NamePrice (R)
Sauvignon BlancThelemaR65 / 195
SpierR60 / 170
Springfield Life from StoneR285
Chenin BlancAlvi’s DriftR55 / 160
Kleine ZalzeR190
KWVR55 / 165
ChardonnayVriesenhof UnwoodedR75 / 220
Hogan “The Galvanised 2019”R395
Boschendal 1685R260
Pinot NoirSpierR50 / 150
White BlendPierre Jourdan TranquilleR55 / 165
Springfield Miss LucyR235
MoscatoRiebeek Montino LightR45 / 140
RoséDouglas Green SunkissedR50 / 145
Delheim Pinotage RoséR60 / 180
Delaire Graff Cabernet FrancR255

Jules on Jarvis Red Wine

Wine CategoryWine NamePrice (R)
Cabernet SauvignonAan De DoornR50 / 150
Warwick, The First LadyR210
Glen CarlouR335
Syrah/ShirazPorcupine RidgeR55 / 160
Delaire GraffR310
MerlotVondelingR60 / 180
SomerboschR80 / 240
Spier SignatureR180
MalbecDe Toren DelicateR340
Red BlendsReyneke BlendR65 / 190
Kanonkop Kadette Cape BlendR230
Rupert and Rothschild ClassiqueR365
Rupert and Rothschild OptimaR450
Meerlust RubiconMeerlust RubiconR850

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