Joe Cools, located in Durban, is a beachfront establishment serving delicious cuisine and a great ambiance. The interior is modern and sleek, with a sun deck that provides a refreshing sea breeze. The prices are affordable, making it an excellent spot for all budgets.

One can enjoy the beautiful view of the North Beach while sipping on a refreshing cocktail or a chilled drink. The establishment offers a variety of dishes, such as cheeseburgers, calamari, and platters. Their pizzas are to die for, and they have a great selection of soft drinks and wines on the menu.

Joe Cools is also a great place to enjoy live music and has a bar serving tasty cocktails. The service can be hit or miss, but when it’s good, it’s excellent. The waitstaff is friendly and accommodating, ensuring customers have an enjoyable experience.

Joe Cools Breakfast Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CravenRaisin ToastR75.00
Joe Cools Breakfast1 Egg, Bacon, Grilled Tomato, Chips, and ToastR120.00
Sunshine Breakfast2 Eggs, Bacon, Beef or Pork Sausage, Grilled Tomato, and ChipsR60.00
Classic French Toast3 Slices of French Toast, Bacon, King Sugar, Maple SyrupR60.00

Joe Cools Egg Extenders

Egg ExtenderPrice (R)
Bacon (Two Rashers)R5
Beef or Pork SausageR10
Bacon (Two Rashers)R10
Bacon (Two Rashers)R8
Beef or Pork SausageR12

Joe Cools Salads

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Greek SaladFeta, Cucumber, Tomato, Onions, Olives, Joe’s Salad DressingR85.00

Joe Cools Burgers

Burger TypeDescriptionPrice (R)
The Original BBQ BurgerBBQ Basted Patty with Lettuce, Tomato, Grilled OnionR85.00
Bacon BurgerBBQ Basted Patty with Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Grilled OnionR60.00
Cajun ChickenGrilled Cajun Chicken Strips on a Bed of Baby Leaf Lettuce, Tomato…R60.00
Chilli Beef StripsBeef Strips, Bacon, Jalapenos, Cheddar Cheese, Tomato, Baby LettuceR50.00
Haloumi and AvocadoHaloumi Cheese and Avocado with Baby Lettuce and MayonnaiseR65.00

Joe Cools Omelettes

OmeletteDescriptionPrice (R)
Mushroom Tomato3-Egg Omelette with Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, MushroomR49.90

Joe Cools Toasties

ToastiesPrice (R)
Cheese – Choice of either white or brown, served with chipsR25
Cheese and TomatoR29
Bacon and EggR39
Bacon/Ham and Mixed CheeseR41
Bacon and CheeseR43
Bacon, Ham, Cheese, and TomatoR43
Mixed Cheese and TomatoR39
Cheddar CheeseR38
Mozzarella CheeseR38
Baked BeansR8
Grilled MushroomsR10
Grilled OnionsR6
Grilled TomatoR5
Sauteed Potatoes & OnionsR29
Mixed Cheese and ChipsR8
Fried MushroomsR12
Bacon, Spinach, and FetaR41
Tuna MayoR42
Chicken MayoR42

Joe Cools Wraps

WrapDescriptionPrice (R)
Cheddar, Mozzarella…Wrap with Cheddar, Mozzarella, Feta, or Haloumi CheeseR80.00
Cajun ChickenCajun Chicken Strips, Feta, Onions, Baby Leaf Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo…R90.00
Crispy PrawnPanko Prawns, Guacamole, Peppadew, Rocket, Cucumber, Togarashi Mayo…R85.00
Hot Homebred MushroomsDeep-fried mushrooms served with Tartar SauceR49.90
Haloumi and AvocadoHaloumi Cheese and Avocado with Olive Oil, Cheddar, Feta, RosemaryR70.00

Joe Cools Pizza Menu

PizzaDescriptionPrice (R)
MargheritaTomato Base, Mozzarella, Cheddar MixR90.00
VegetarianMargherita Base with Mushrooms, Onion, Peppers, Garnished with FetaR100.00
BBQ Chicken and BaconPan-fried chicken, Bacon Bits, and Green Pepper on a Margherita BaseR90.00
HawaiianStrips of Ham, Chunks of Pineapple on a Margherita BaseR100.00
Joe’s Meat FeastMargherita Base with Ham, Spicy Chicken, BoereworsR100.00
FocacciaPizza Base brushed with Olive Oil, Ro Sea Salt, Black PepperR50.00
AmericanaBacon, Avocado, and Fresh Tomato on a Margherita BaseR80.00
MexicanaBolognese Mince, Peppers, Chilli, Onion, Cheese on a Margherita BaseR90.00

Joe Cools Grills Menu

Grill TypeDescriptionPrice (R)
300g Rump SteakTender mature Rump Steak cooked to perfection, basted in BBQ BastingR165.00
T-Bone (500g)Cooked to your liking, basted in Joe’s BBQ BastingR180.00
Lamb Chops3 Lamb Chops, brushed with BBQ Basting or Peri-PeriR195.00
Joe’s RibsPork Ribs cooked to perfection basted in BBQ Sauce (600g)R185.00
Half Grilled ChickenHalf Chicken cooked perfectly, basted in Lemon and Herb, BBQ, or Peri-PeriR125.00
Kingklip280g Kingklip grilled in Lemon or Garlic Butter, served with one sideR150.00

Joe Cools Platters

PlatterDescriptionPrice (R)
Wing PlatterAn entire portion of BBQ, Peri-Peri, and Fiery Buffalo Wings, a double dose of ChipsR340.00
Chicken LoversGrilled Chicken Breast basted with Lemon and Herb or Peri-PeriR105.00
Big Boy PlatterRump, Boerewors, and Ribs basted in Secret Marinade, served with ChipsR280.00

Joe Cools Pasta & Fish

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken and Mushroom AlfredoPasta (Spaghetti, Fettuccini, or Macaroni) with Chicken and Mushrooms in Cream-Based SauceR100.00
Beef BolognaiseSpaghetti topped with Beef Mince in Tomato-Based Sauce with Basil, Oregano, and Garlic.R100.00
12 PrawnsPrawns grilled in Lemon, Garlic, or Peri-Peri Sauce, served with one sideR240.00
Fish and ChipsJoe’s Classic Hake in homemade batter served with ChipsR80.00

Joe Cools Buffalo Wings & Chicken Bites

ItemPrice (R)
Buffalo WingsR105.00
Chicken BitesR105.00
Fiery WingsR115.00

Joe Cools Schnitzel

SchnitzelDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken SchnitzelCutlets of chicken, crumbed & deep fried, served with cheese & mushroom sauceR68
Beef SchnitzelCutlets of beef, crumbed & deep fried, served with cheese & mushroom sauceR68
Pork SchnitzelCutlets of pork, crumbed & deep fried, served with cheese & mushroom sauceR68

Joe Cools Lamb Curry

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Lamb CurryTraditional Indian-style lamb and yogurt curry served with basmati rice, poppadum, sambals, coconut, sliced banana, and fruit chutney.R105

Joe Cools Joes Espetada

EspetadaDescriptionPrice (R)
Rump SteakHanging metal skewer with choice of rump steak, flame grilled, lashed with basting sauceR77
Chicken FilletHanging metal skewer with chicken fillet, flame grilled, lashed with basting sauce.R79
Seasonal VegetablesHanging metal skewer with seasonal vegetables, flame grilled, lashed with basting sauce.R78

Joe Cools Sweet Ribs

Ribs WeightDescriptionPrice (R)
300gSucculent pork loin ribs, marinated, flame grilled with special bastingR105
600gSucculent pork loin ribs, marinated, flame grilled with special bastingR136

Joe Cools Chicken Griller

Chicken GrillerDescriptionPrice (R)
Half ChickenCrisp-skinned, flame-grilled half chicken, basted with sweet barbecue or tear-jerking Peri-PeriR79

Joe Cools Classic Cocktails

Cocktail NameDescriptionPrice (R)
DaiquirisBlend of Bacardi rum with a choice of sweet flavors: Strawberry, Mixed Berry, MangoR49
Pina ColadaTropical blend of coconut cream with pineapple syrup, blended with Bacardi rum and fresh creamR49
Margarita (Shaken or Frozen)Pure blend of freshly squeezed lime juice infused with cane syrup, mixed with tequila.R49
KamakaziBurst of lime juice infused with cane syrup, blended with vodka, poured over crushed ice.R39
Mojito (Gin or Bacardi)Burst of lime juice and mint leaves infused with cane syrup, mixed with vodka, over crushed iceR49
Mojito (Infused Flavours)CaipirinhaR49
Joe Cools Jar (500ml)A mixture of freshly infused flavors, topped with lemonade. Flavors: Raspberry, Mango, Mixed Berry, Passion FruitR49
Fish Bowl (1L)A mixture of magical spirits and chunky ice topped up with soda. Flavors: Banana, Shady Blue, Crisp MintR150
Soulful BitchSweet and sour mixture combined with vodka, chunky ice, and soda, a touch of grenadine.R45
Sex on the BeachFreshly squeezed orange juice poured over chunky ice, a mixture of vodka and schnapps, topped up.R45
Eng OrgasmCoffee liquor with a splash of creamy liquor, Kahlua, and fresh creamR40
TVRPure blend of freshly squeezed lime juice infused with cane syrup, mixed with Tequila.R45
Angry House WifeBlend between cinnamon and tangy apple sours, shaken and infused with vodka, crushed ice, and appetizer.R50
Gummi Berry JuiceA mixture of dark rum infused with raspberry, topped with ice and lemonadeR55
Long Island Iced TeaBased on freshly squeezed lime juice, it was topped up with chunky ice and soda infused with white spirits.R60
CaparinhaSliced lemon wedges infused with cane syrup, mixed with Bacardi rum, topped with crushed ice and soda.R30
California Iced TeaBased on freshly squeezed lime juice, it was topped up with chunky ice and soda, infused with five magical white spirits and a splash of blue.R60
Purple HazeHints of vin cocoa with a splash of vodka over chunky ice, topped with soda, blue liquor, drops of grenadineR45
Cane TrainShots of pure cane spirits topped up with creme soda and chunky iceR45
Psycho JackCombination of Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort with lime and grenadine topped up with soda, infused with mango syrup, Spiced Gold, and Banana Liquor.R55
Pangalastic Gugle BlasterA mixture of tropical flavors combined with vodka and grenadine, topped with a blue finishR55
Seven Deadly SinsCombination of 7 deadly spirits with lime, topped up with chunky ice and soda.R80
Tropical IslandShaken with coconut milk blended with magical white spirits, topped up with chunky ice.R55

Joe Cools Extreme Cocktails

Cocktail NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Gummi Berry JuiceA mixture of dark rum infused with raspberry, topped with crushed ice and lemonadeR65.00
Long Island Ice TeaGin, Light rum, vodka, triple sec, tequila, coke, crushed ice, lime wedgesR60.00
Seven Deadly SinsCombination of seven deadly spirits with lemonadeR80.00
California Ice TeaBased on freshly squeezed lime juice, topped with five magical white spirits, lemonadeR65.00
Purple HazeHints of Vin Coco with vodka, crushed ice, soda, blue curacao, drops of grenadineR50.00
Angry House WifeA blend of cinnamon and tangy apple sours, vodka, crushed ice, sparkling appetiserR65.00
TVRGin, Light rum, vodka, triple sec, Tequila, coke, crushed ice, lime wedgesR50.00
Cane TrainShots of pure cane, topped with cream soda, crushed iceR45.00
Psycho JackCombination of Jack Daniels, southern comfort, lemonade, mango puree, banana liquorR60.00

Joe Cools Shooters Menu

Shooter NamePrice (R)
Bob MarleyR22.00
Blow JobR22.00
Pink PantyR22.00
Jelly BabyR22.00
Sowetan ToiletR22.00
Pan CakeR27.00
Suite CaseR27.00
Mexican AssholeR27.00
Chocolate CakeR30.00
Liquid CocaineR40.00
Flaming LamborghiniR125.00

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