Fournos is a famous bakery and restaurant chain in South Africa. They have 22 outlets at different locations in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Fournos is so renowned that it was recently titled ”SA’s most loved local bakery”. If you want fresh baked goods and delicious meals, look no further than Fournos.

Fournos offers a wide range of menu items, including breakfast, platters, toasties, tramezzini, wraps, burgers, pasta, salads, freshly baked items, breads, rolls, sweet treats, biscuits, cakes, cold and hot drinks, juices, and freezos. All the menu items are prepared from fresh ingredients. The prices are affordable.

They are mainly known for their tasty baked goods. Fournos also offers catering events, whether small or large. As you enter the restaurant, you are warmly welcomed by the trained staff.

The staff is friendly, well-mannered, and always ready to serve you. They guide you about their specials and platters. With its great taste, food quality, and quick service, it has become a go-to destination in South Africa.

Picked for You

ItemPrice (R)
Breakfast CroissantR65.90
Coffee FreezoR60.00
Cappuccino (double)R48.00

Meals for Special

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken BagR340.00
Quiche BagR340.00
Lasagne BagR340.00


ItemPrice (R)
Fresh Fruit skewers platter (small)R570.00
Sweet platter (small)R582.00
Smoked Salmon platter (small)R660.00
Hot Meat platter (small)R576.00
Open Sandwich platter (small)R540.00
Cheese platter (small)R714.00
Meze platter (small)R576.00
Proudly South African platter (small)R570.00
Cold Meat platter (small)R696.00
Continental sandwich platter (small)R570.00
Hot Pastry platter (small)R552.00
Finger Snack platter (small)R558.00
Prego platter (small)R570.00
Bagel platter (small)R576.00
Filled Croissant Breakfast platter (small)R534.00
Chicken platter (small)R576.00
Wraps platter (small)R594.00
Meze Vegetarian platter (small)R576.00
Hot Pastry Vegetarian platter (small)R552.00
Crudités platter (small)R570.00


ItemPrice (R)
Grilled tomato (slice)R9,50
Fresh tomato (slice)R9,50
Grilled halloumiR38,50
Grilled baconR29,90
Grilled maconR35,90
Beef sausageR31,00
Cheese grillerR31,00
Cheddar cheeseR23,90
Mozzarella cheeseR23,90
Spinach (plain)R26,00
Spinach and fetaR35,90
Smoked salmonR58,50
Scrambled eggs and toastR38,50
Single egg (fried or poached)R9,50
A full portion of chipsR36,50


ItemPrice (R)
Cheese toastieR58,50
Cheese and Tomato ToastieR63,50
Chicken Mayo ToastieR71,90
Bacon and Avo ToastieR83,90
Bacon and Egg ToastieR77,90
Bacon and CheeseR83,90
Bacon, Egg and Cheddar Cheese ToastieR93,00
Ham and Cheese ToastieR79,00
Ham, Cheese and Tomato ToastieR83,90
Grilled Veg, Mozzarella and Basil Pesto ToastieR84,00
Spinach, Feta, Olive and Artichoke ToastieR77,90


ItemPrice (R)
Cheese TramezziniR79,00
Cheese and Tomato TramezziniR81,50
Ham and Cheese TramezziniR95,90
Ham, Cheese and Tomato TramezziniR99,50
Chicken Mayonnaise TramezziniR86,00
Chicken, Avo and Feta TramezziniR105,00
Bacon and Cheese TramezziniR95,90
Bacon and Egg TramezziniR89,90
Bacon and Avo TramezziniR95,90
Bacon, Cheese and Egg TramezziniR105,00
Grilled Veg, Mozzarella and Basil Pesto TramezziniR96,00
Spinach, Feta, Olives and Artichokes TramezziniR89,90


ItemPrice (R)
Bacon, Avo and Feta WrapR108,00
Chicken Avo and Feta WrapR108,00
Vegetarian WrapR108,00
Greek WrapR72,00
Greek Wrap with ChickenR95,00
Roasted Chicken and Peppadew WrapR108,00

House Meals

ItemPrice (R)
Build a Sandwich (With 2 Fillings)R40,00
Build a Sandwich (With 3 Fillings)R45,00
Ramen Bowl ChickenR108,00
Ramen Bowl PorkR108,00
Ramen Bowl BroccoliR108,00
Butter Chicken CurryR90,00
Bangers and Mash with apple-infused pork sausageR90,00
Bangers and Mash with spicy lamb sausageR90,00
Half Spit Roast ChickenR102,00
Salmon BagelR140,00
Chicken Prego rollR89,90
Grilled Chicken breast (120gr)R67,00
Grilled Chicken breast (240gr)R83,90
Peri Peri Chicken LiversR74,50
Vegetarian stir fry with noodlesR83,00
Chicken stir fry with noodlesR105,50
Quiche quarter (chicken and mushrooms)R95,90
Quiche quarter (spinach and feta)R95,90


ItemPrice (R)
Grilled Chicken burgerR95,90
Homemade Beef burgerR103,00
Vegetarian burgerR97,00


ItemPrice (R)
Pasta BolognaiseR103,00
Pasta NapolitanaR91,00
Pasta Polo con PestoR108,00


ItemPrice (R)
Roasted Butternut and Halloumi SaladR95,90
Chicken, Avo, and Feta SaladR95,90
Bacon Avo and Feta SaladR95,90
Greek salad with chickenR95,00
Greek saladR72,00

Freshly Baked Items

ItemPrice (R)
Custard Filled CroissantR30,50
Cocktail Sausage RollsR9,50
Springroll (cooked)R14,50
Pies (Freshly Baked)R31,90
Quiche full (Chicken and Mushroom) (Available from 9h00)R203,00

Breads & Rolls

ItemPrice (R)
Kitka (only available on Fridays)R33,00
Burger Roll BrownR3,00
Burger Roll White (Double)R4,50
Hotdog Roll BrownR3,00
Hotdog Roll WhiteR3,00
Portuguese RollR4,00
Italian Panini PlainR11,50
Italian Panini OliveR15,00
French loafR24,00
Italian ciabatta oliveR37,00
Italian ciabatta plainR33,50
Rye bread 50%R39,00

Sweet Treats

ItemPrice (R)
Jam DoughnutR15,00
Doughnut Ring with Chocolate-icingR15,00
Portuguese Custard TartR21,00
Apple crumble (small)R16,90
Apple Crumble (medium)R25,90
Jam tart (small)R15,50
Pecan Tart (small)R22,90
Pecan Tart (medium)R34,90
Gingerbread ManR15,50
Pig’s earR16,80
Choc Chip cookieR18,00
Nut SliceR27,50
Madeira loafR58,90
Banana loafR58,90
Loaf CakeR70,90
Custard DoughnutR18,00


ItemPrice (R)
Baked Cheesecake (10pax)R275,00
Chocolate Ganache cake (10pax)R275,00
Carrot cake (10pax)R264,00
Chocolate Mousse cake (10pax)R264,00
Black Forest cake (10pax)R264,00


ItemPrice (R)
Italian biscotti (320g pkt)R95,50
Greek Short Bread biscuits (310g pkt)R92,00
Melomakarona (360g pkt)R92,00
Mixed Biscuits (320g pkt)R86,00
Cranberry butter biscuits (300g pkt)R86,00


ItemPrice (R)
Spanakopita uncooked (6pc)R57,50
Eggs farm fresh (30pc)R78,00
Milk (1ltr)R23,00

Hot Beverages

ItemPrice (R)
Cappucino (Hot Beverages)R35,90
Cappuccino (double) (Hot Beverages)R48,00
Cappuccino con panna (with cream)R44,50
Decaf CappuccinoR41,90
Cafe LatteR39,50
Café Latte (double)R48,00
Decaf Café LatteR45,50
Salted Caramel LatteR50,00
Filter CoffeeR31,00
Cafe MochaR48,00
Hot ChocolateR39,50
Red CappuccinoR38,00
Rooibos TeaR23,90
Five Roses TeaR23,90
Green teaR27,50

Cold Beverages

ItemPrice (R)
Coke (can)R24,00
Fanta Orange (can)R24,00
Appletiser (can)R29,00
Sparkling WaterR21,50
Still WaterR17,90

Fruit Juices

ItemPrice (R)
Apple JuiceR38,50
Cranberry JuiceR38,50
Fruit Cocktail JuiceR38,50


ItemPrice (R)
Coffee Freezo (Freezos)R60,00
Chocolate FreezoR60,00
Salted Caramel FreezoR60,00

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