Nestled in the heart of East London, where the ocean’s roar meets the buzz of vibrant crowds, Buccaneers is a haven for sun-kissed souls and salty air appetites. Put an end to cheesy pub grub and dull atmosphere. Bold flavors, spectacular views, and an environment crackling with the energy of sun-soaked days and starry nights make this a buccaneer’s paradise.

Picture biting into a flame-kissed burger while sea salt and chargrilled delights taste in the breeze. Imagine raising a frosted glass and hearing the clink reverberate off worn wooden rafters as laughter seeps into the salty embrace of the night. With dishes stacked high with seafood delights and slow-cooked ribs that melt on your tongue, Buccaneers is a tapestry of good moments and memories.

Go inside and let go of your worries. Live music fills the air, sometimes with a pounding beat and other times with a deep serenade that washes over you like the tide. Overhead string lights create a pleasant glow on worn tables, and murals tell stories of pirate escapades and maritime misadventures as they dance on exposed brick walls.

Here, total strangers turn into lifelong friends, sea shanties mix with hearty cheers, and each sip of locally brewed beer is a toast to the spirit of adventure. Now untie your knots of worry and cruise towards this hidden gem in East London.

There are buccaneers ahead, a sun-loving playground, a haven for tired travelers, and a blank canvas ready to be filled with memories. Raise a glass, enjoy the abundance, and allow the ocean’s rhythm to take you on a once-in-a-lifetime journey. Here at Buccaneers is where your narrative begins.

Buccaneers Starters

ItemPrice (R)
Crumbed MushroomsR65
Jalapeno SlammersR75
Garlic SnailsR65
Spicy Chicken WingsR65
Small ChipsR35
Medium ChipsR50
Large ChipsR55

Buccaneers Toasties

ItemPrice (R)
Cheese & TomatoR78
Curry & RiceR115
Lamb ChopsR178
Crumbed Pork ChopsR155

Buccaneers Burgers

ItemPrice (R)
Beef BurgerR90
Cheese BurgerR98
Mushroom BurgerR98
Hawaiin BurgerR99
Chicken BurgerR90
Rib & ChickenR140
Cheese, Bacon & Egg BurgerR109
Slimmers MealR105

Buccaneers Rolls

ItemPrice (R)

Buccaneers Salads

ItemPrice (R)

Buccaneers Mains

ItemPrice (R)
300g RumpR165
450g T-BoneR165
200g Sirloin & EggR110
750g T-BoneR215
Rump & Calamari ComboR180
Dutch FilletR195
Hawaiian FilletR195
Fillet BuccaneersR195
Grilled FishR115
Linefish BuccaneerR135
Chicken Strips & CalamariR115
Chicken SchnitzelR115
Fillet SteakR145
Slimmers MealR105
Veg PlatterR105
Chicken Livers Peri PeriR75

Buccaneers Extras

ItemPrice (R)
Beef PattieR26
Onion RingsR24
Side Order VegR35

Buccaneers Basket

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Wings & StripsR99
Chicken Strips & CalamariR115
Chic Wings, Strips, Samoosas & Spring rollsR155
Chic Strips, Shrimp, Mushrooms, Cheese & Garlic SauceR109
Shrimp, Mushroom, Cheese & Garlic SauceR109

Buccaneers Fish & Poultry

ItemPrice (R)
Fish & PoultryR115
1kg Full RibsR225
600g Half RibsR170

Buccaneers Sauces

ItemPrice (R)
Cheese, Pepper, MushroomR30
Monkey Gland, Garlic, Peri-PeriR30
Dutch SauceR35

Buccaneers Desserts

ItemPrice (R)
Dessert of the DayR60
Ice cream & Chocolate SauceR40
Baileys & Ice-CreamR50
Irish CoffeeR45
Dom PedroR45
Red CappuccinoR30
Hot ChocolateR30

Buccaneers Refreshments

ItemPrice (R)
Milkshakes (Small)R30
Milkshakes (Large)R40
Energy DrinkR32

Buccaneers Sparkling Wines

ItemPrice (R)
Pierre Jourdan TranquilleR130
JC Le Roux: Le DomaineR150
Rhino Tears Sauvignon BlancR110
JC Le Roux: Le ChansonR150
Rhino Tears RedR110
JC Le Roux: Le FleuretteR150
4th Street Sweet RedR85
Krone Night NectarR295
Krone Night Nectar RoséR295

Buccaneers White Wines

ItemPrice (R)
Durbanville Hills ChardonnayR130
Durbanville Hills Sauvignon BlancR130
Two Oceans Sauvignon BlancR95
LaMotte Sauvignon BlancR185
Three Peaks Sauvignon BlancR110
Three Peaks RoséR110
Three Peaks CantinaR110
Three Peaks PinotageR110
Leopards Leap ShirazR135
Diemersdal Matys Cabernet SauvignonR125
Beyerskloof PinotageR165
Rupert & RothschildR330
Lormarins OptimaR385

Buccaneers Red Wines

ItemPrice (R)
Rhino Tears RedR110
Durbanville Hills Dry RedR85
Unbelievable RedR80
Rhino Tears Sauvignon BlancR110
Rhino Tears RoséR110
Graca RoséR80
Unbelievable RoséR80

Buccaneers Rose Wines

ItemPrice (R)
Graca RoséR80
Unbelievable RoséR80
Nederburg RoséR95

Buccaneers Sweet White Wines

ItemPrice (R)
4th Street Sweet WhiteR85
Nederburg SteinR90

Buccaneers Champagne

ItemPrice (R)
Moët Imperial BrutR1150
Moët NecterR1350
Moët Imperial RoséR1400
Moët IceR1350
Moët Ice RoséR1350
Veuve Clicquot YellowR1290
Veuve Clicquot RoséR1650
Mumm BrutR1150
Mumm Demi SecR1300
Mumm RoséR1300
G.H. MummR1950

Buccaneers Gin

ItemPrice (R)
Tanqueray 10R1050
Inverroche ClassicR950
Inverroche VerdantR950
Beefeater PinkR600
Musgrave PinkR1200
Bombay SapphireR700
The BotanistR1200

Buccaneers Whiskey

ItemPrice (R)
Glenfiddich 12YRR1100
Glenlivet 12YRR1280
Glenfiddich 15YRR1900
Glenlivet 18YRR2150
Glenfiddich 21YRR6500
Glenfiddich 18YRR3150
Glenfiddich Nector D’OrR1990
Glenfiddich LasantaR1685
Glenfiddich OriginalR1290
Glenlivet 15YRR2150
Glenlivet 18YRR3480
Glenlivet Nector D’OrR1990
Glenlivet FoundersR155
Glenmorangie OriginalR1290
Glenmorangie LasantaR1685
Glenmorangie SignetR5500
Glenmorangie Nectar D’OrR1990
Glenmorangie QuintaR1925
Johnnie Walker BlackR600
Johnnie Walker GreenR1600
Johnnie Walker Double BlackR825
Johnnie Walker GoldR1500
Johnnie Walker BlueR5000
Monkey ShoulderR950
Jameson Select ReserveR955
Jameson CaskmatesR800
Jack Daniels Single BarrelR1370
Gentleman JackR795

Buccaneers Vodka

ItemPrice (R)
Ciroc PineappleR1075
Ciroc AppleR1075
Ciroc WatermelonR600
Grey GooseR50
Belvedere PinkR600
Belvedere PureR1150

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