The Brass Bell Restaurants and Pubs are tucked away in the charming port village of Kalk Bay, with stunning views of False Bay. The restaurant complex of terraced dining rooms is tucked within the tidal pool walls, surrounded by rolling waves, and provides guests with a memorable and genuinely unique coastal eating experience.

Constructed in 1939, the Brass Bell’s modest origins as a council-managed “Tea Room” pale in comparison to its thriving array of waterfront dining establishments nowadays.

Tony White, the owner of Brass Bell, directed the company’s continuous development and, along with his vibrant staff of hospitality professionals, transformed the once-quaint seaside bistro into a well-known brand with a fantastic array of nine distinct dining and event spaces.

Both visitors and residents have been captivated by the location and magnificence of this enchanted destination, which has since gained worldwide recognition and popularity. They extend a warm welcome to their guests and offer exceptional cuisine options.

The Brass Bell offers a wide range of menu items, including breakfast, starters, salads, tapas, sushi, burgers, pizzas, from the sea, from the land, desserts, sides & sauces, cocktails, and soft drinks.

Breakfast Menu

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
INCINCIINTSIMBI (Basic English Breakfast)Two eggs, 3 rashers of bacon, grilled tomato, mushrooms, breakfast potatoes & toastR69
ALPHONSO’S DANCING GIRLS (Farmhouse)Two poached eggs on our breakfast muffin, topped with bacon & homemade hollandaise sauceR119
MARION DAWN KB16 (Eggs Benedict)Two poached eggs on our breakfast muffin, topped with mushrooms, grilled tomato, wilted spinach & homemade hollandaise sauceR95
TRAPPIESKOP (Eggs Florentine)Two eggs, three rashers of bacon, grilled tomato, mushrooms, breakfast potatoes & toastR95
BOOMSLANG OMELETTwo poached eggs served over sliced avocado, topped with crispy bacon, creamy feta & basil pesto.R89
KALK BAY SUNRISECiabatta toast, cottage cheese, basil pesto, cucumber ribbons, fresh rocket, sliced avocado & pumpkin seedsR89
THE GOLDEN REEFBacon, Avo, or Smokey Joe minceR99
THE LIGHTHOUSECroissant topped with mushrooms, wilted baby spinach, brie cheese, caramelized onions, balsamic reduction & basil pestoR99
CROISSANTSServed with butter & jamR45
EGGS HOW YOU LIKE THEM (2)Scrambled | Poached | FriedR39
Add:Mushrooms, baby spinach, cheddar, caramelized onions or fetaR29 each
Add:Bacon, Avo or Smokey Joe minceR39 each

Starters / Tapas

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Atlantic Calamari StripsR85
Hummus & OlivesR65
Spicy Chicken LiversR75
Garlic PrawnsR125
Creamy Perlemoen (Abalone)R139
West Coast Black MusselsR85
Saldanha Bay Oysters (6)R149

From the Sea

Menu ItemPrice (R)
West Coast Black MusselsR149
Fish & Chips (Not so hungry)R125
Fish & Chips (Full portion)R145
The Bell ComboR175
Seared Prawns (6)R199
Seared Prawns (9)R299
Kalk Bay Platter for OneR425
Platter for TwoR800
Platter for Two with six OystersR940
Grilled CrayfishR335
Oven-Baked Sustainable LinefishR199
Kalk Bay Fishermans SoupR155
Atlantic Calamari Strips & TentaclesR155

Sushi Bar

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Sashimi (3pcs)SalmonR115
Sashimi (3pcs)TunaR105
Roses (4pcs)SalmonR89
Roses (4pcs)TunaR79
California Rolls (4pcs)SalmonR50
California Rolls (4pcs)TunaR45
California Rolls (4pcs)PrawnR40
California Rolls (4pcs)VegR35
Rainbow Rolls (8pcs)SalmonR120
Rainbow Rolls (8pcs)TunaR110
Rainbow Rolls (8pcs)PrawnR95
Deep-fried Rolls (4pcs)SalmonR60
Deep-fried Rolls (4pcs)TunaR55
Deep-fried Rolls (4pcs)PrawnR49
Deep-fried Rolls (4pcs)VegR40
Maki (8pcs)SalmonR79
Maki (8pcs)TunaR69
Maki (8pcs)PrawnR59
Maki (8pcs)VegR50
Springtide (8 pcs)Tempura prawn California Roll drizzled with Sakura sauce and topped with tempura prawns & spring onion.R145
False Bay Platter (16 pcs)Deep-fried Maki (4), Springtide Roll (4), Deep Fried California (4) & Rainbow Roll (4)R279
Vegan Platter (17 pcs)Veg California (8), Veg Maki (8) & Veg HandrollR155
Harbour Platter (12 pcs)Roses (2), Rainbow Rolls (4), Nigiri (2) & California Rolls (4)R189
Brass Bell Platter (40 pcs)Roses (8), Sashimi (4), Nigiri (4), California (8), Rainbow Rolls (8), Fashion Sandwiches (4) & Maki (4)R695


Menu ItemPrice (R)
House Burger (chicken or beef)
– Make it a double burger (extra beef patty)
– R179
Homemade Lentil & Mushroom (V)R129


Menu Item23cm / 30cm
Garlic & Herb Pita Bread (V)R69
Classic Italian Margherita (V)R65 / R85
Grazer (V)R105 / R125
Pepperoni PowerR115 / R135
BBQ Pulled PorkR119 / R139
The GomezR109 / R129
Bell ChickenR105 / R125
The FABR109 / R129

From the Land

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Creamy Risotto (V)R119
Wild Mushroom & Spinach RisottoR139
Chicken & Wild Rocket RisottoR169
Prawn & Pea RisottoR189
Brass Bell Crayfish CurryR225
North Indian Lentil & Butternut CurryR149
North Indian Chicken Curry (add-on)R175
Flame-Grilled Sirloin Steak (200g)R179
Flame-Grilled Sirloin Steak (280g)R215
Slow Roasted Pork BellyR185


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Baby Beetroot & Feta Salad *R99
Flame-Grilled Cajun ChickenR109
Watermelon & Feta Salad *R89


Dessert ItemPrice (R)
Crème BrûléeR75
Ice-Cream & Hot Chocolate SauceR55
Cape Brandy PuddingR65
Home-Made CakesR65
Chocolate MousseR75

Sides & Sauces

Side & SaucePrice (R)
Side SaladR39
Crispy Onion RingsR39
Seasonal VegR39
Large Bowl of ChipsR55
Side Greek SaladR55
Homemade SaucesR35
Smashed Potatoes with Green OlivesR39

Premium Cocktails

CocktailPrice (R)
Long Island Iced TeaR90
Strawberry DaiquiriR80
Pina ColadaR80
Sex on the BeachR80
Bloody MaryR89
Walk the PlankR89
Watermelon GinbullR89
Aperol SpritzR89

Signature Cocktails

Signature CocktailDescriptionPrice (R)
THE BT EFFECTGin with the lusciousness of peach frizzante. Adorned with slices of lime & mintR79
LOADSHEDDERWhiskey, peach frizzante, topped off with a touch of citrusy allure from freshly zested orange.R79
FEMME FATALEWhiskey, peach frizzante, topped off with citrusy allure from freshly zested orange.R79
GWARA GWARABrandy and the captivating essence of peach frizzante. Adorned with fresh slices of orangeR65
PEACH FRIZZANTEVodka with the tangy embrace of cranberry juice and peach frizzante. A shot of triple sec adds a zesty kick, garnished with pineapple.R55
SIGNATURE NON-ALCCrafted with natural fruits and reduced sugar, this sparkling sensation offers a guilt-free indulgence and a refreshingly pure tasteR69
FASHIONISTAA little something for everybody. A sparkling peach-flavored non-alcoholic fruit beverage offers a refreshing tasteR79

Soft Drinks

BeveragePrice (R)
250ml Still WaterR24
250ml Sparkling WaterR24
750ml Still WaterR38
750ml Sparkling WaterR38
Juice (Apple/Orange)R35
330ml Soft Drinks (Cans)R29
Schweppes (Dry Lemon, Tonic, Tonic Lite, Pink Tonic, Ginger Ale, Lemonade, Soda)R25
VitaFit AppleR32
Ice Tea (Peach/Lemon)R35
Red Bull (Various Flavors Available)R38
Tomato CocktailR49

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