Located in Cape Town, South Africa’s vibrant Bo-Kaap district, lies the well-known eatery Bo-Kaap Deli. This restaurant serves a variety of mouthwatering, freshly made Middle Eastern and Cape Malay dishes. Using traditional Cape Malay recipes, the Bo-Kaap Deli is well-known for its savory curries served with fresh roti and fragrant rice.

Salads, shawarmas, falafels, and samoosas are other popular menu items. There are also lots of vegetarian and vegan alternatives available at the restaurant. The Bo-Kaap Deli has an eclectic decor and vibrant hues that create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Seating is available inside and outside, and the staff is helpful and kind.

In the center of Cape Town’s Bo-Kaap area, the Bo-Kaap Deli is a must-visit for anybody wishing to sample the distinctive flavors of Middle Eastern and Cape Malay food. The menu includes Chicken, Seafood, Breakfast, Coffee, Dessert, Chicken Wings, Light Meals, Lunch, Salad, Smoothies, Curry, Juice, Cafe, Healthy, Fruit, and Deli.

Bo-Kaap Deli’s Most Popular Items

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Bo-Kaap BreakfastTwo Eggs Made To Your Liking, Three Range Beef Or Chicken Sausages, Sauteed Mushrooms, and Malay-style baked Bean Sauce, All Served With Avo and Crusty Sourdough Bread. Find Out Why It Is Our Proudest Creation Yet.R170
Masala Steak Burger & ChipsOur Hearty Beef, Masala Steak Fillet Lives Up To Its Name. It’s Filling! Enjoy a Seared-Steak Basted In Our Local Cape Malay Sauce With Braised Onions. Served Along With Fried Egg, Wild Rocket On A Bun and Chips.R170
Baked CheesecakeBaked CheesecakeR80
Koeksisters x33 pieces of koeksistersR30
Hertzoggie (Coconut & Jam Tart)Hertzoggie (Coconut & Jam Tart)R25

Bo-Kaap Deli Drinks

ItemPrice (R)
Hot Drinksfrom R40

Bo-Kaap Deli Coffee Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Flat WhiteR35.00
Dirty ChaiR50.00
Baby ChinoR20.00
White MochaR50.00
Hazelnut LatteR45.00
Caramel LatteR45.00
Vanilla LatteR45.00

Bo-Kaap Deli Tea

ItemPrice (R)
English BreakfastR35.00
Sir Earl GreyR35.00
Red RooibosR35.00
Pure GreenR35.00
Moroccan MintR35.00
Ginger & HoneyR35.00
Lemongrass & SpearmintR35.00
Bergamot orange peppermint & lemonR35.00
Holy basil, ginger, lemon & lemongrassR35.00
Chocolate, turmeric, ginger & almondR35.00

Bo-Kaap Deli Milkshakes

FlavorPrice (R)

Bo-Kaap Deli Freshly Squeezed Juices

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Green JuiceCucumber, spinach, apple, ginger & mint.R55
Red JuiceBeetroot, carrot, apple & ginger.R55
Orange Juice100% orange juiceR55
Watermelon JuiceWatermelon, mint, carrot, ginger & appleR55

Bo-Kaap Deli Smoothies 300ml

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Spiced Date & Banana SmoothieTahini, cloves, cinnamon, almond flakes, dates, banana & almond milkR70
Blueberry & Coconut SmoothieBlueberry, goji berry, coconut flakes, coconut yogurt, and coconut milkR70
Chocolate Bomb SmoothiePure 100% melted chocolate, cocoa powder, dates, almond flakes & almond milk.R70

Bo-Kaap Deli Crushers 300ml

ItemPrice (R)
Strawberry & Basil CrusherR60
Mango & Mint CrusherR60
Litchi CrusherR60
Passionfruit CrusherR60
Peach CrusherR60

Bo-Kaap Deli Frappes 300ml

ItemPrice (R)
Coconut Mocha FrappeR55
Chai FrappeR55
Iced Cappuccino FrappeR55
Salted Caramel FrappeR55
White Chocolate FrappeR55
Iced Chocolate FrappeR55

Bo-Kaap Deli Cold Beverages

ItemPrice (R)
Kombucha 300mlR50
Water (from)R20
San Pellegrino 300mlR40
Homemade Ice Tea 300mlR35
Tisers 330mlR35

Bo-Kaap Deli Mocktails

ItemPrice (R)
Passion Fruit Mocktail 300ml – Passionfruit pulp, lemongrass, pineapple juice & sparkling water.R65
Lemon & Lime Mocktail 300ml – Lemon, lime & apple juice.R65
Virgin Mojito Mocktail 300mlR60
Electric Lemonade Mocktail 300mlR60
Cloudy Lemonade Mocktail 300mlR60

Bo-Kaap Deli Desserts

ItemPrice (R)
Baked CheesecakeR80
Koeksisters x3R30
Milk TartR25
Pecan PieR25
Hertzoggie (Coconut & Jam Tart)R25
Scone & PreserveR50
Lindt Chocolate Brownie With Ice Cream & Chocolate SauceR85
Plain Lindt Chocolate BrownieR65
Plain SconeR35

Bo-Kaap Deli Breakfast Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
French ToastFresh Ciabatta Bread Soaked In An Egg and Fresh Cream Mix. Dashed With Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Nutmeg. Served Elegantly With Fried Banana On The Side. Drizzled With Maple Syrup and Berry Compote.R115
Bo-Kaap BreakfastTwo Eggs Made To Your Liking, Three Range Beef Or Chicken Sausages, Sauteed Mushrooms, and Malay-style baked Bean Sauce, All Served With Avo and Crusty Sourdough Bread. Find Out Why It Is Our Proudest Creation Yet.R170
Hajji Benni (Eggs Benedict)Freshly Baked Sourdough Bread Topped With Wild Rocket, Smoked Salmon, and Two Poached Eggs Under A Blanket Of Hollandaise Sauce. Our Special Take On The Classic Breakfast.R145
Masala Steak Burger And ChipsA Vibrant Bowl Of Seasonal Fruit Served With Double Cream Yogurt, Topped With Delicious Golden-Roasted Nuts and Served With Honey On The Side.R170
Salmon on the RunWhether You Take Your Eggs Firm Or A Little Runny, This Breakfast Offers You Two Perfectly Poached Eggs With Smoked Salmon, Avo, Wild Rocket, Rosa Tomatoes, and Crusty Sourdough Bread. This Customer Favourite Has Stood The Test Of Time and Is Sure Not To Disappoint!R155
Masala Mince ShakshukaTwo Poached Eggs Nestled In Fragrantly Spiced Mince With A Rich, Homemade Tomato and Bell Pepper Sauce and Dusted With Pecorino Cheese. Served With Fresh Sourdough Bread On The Side – To Mop Up Any Lingering Sauce!R145
Green Goddess ShakshukaTwo Poached Eggs Nestled In A Rich, Homemade Spinach and Coconut Sauce With Hints Of Cumin and Coriander. Finished with a sprinkle of chili fries topped with roasted Rosa tomatoes and served With Crisp Sourdough Bread For Dipping.R135
Portion Of ChipsHand cut potatoesR40
Egg FlorentineTwo poached eggs on A Bed Of Fried and Buttery Spinach Topped With Hollandaise Sauce.R120
Colourful BrekkieA Bokaap Marvel On Your Breakfast Plate. Scrambled Eggs On Sourdough Toast With Spinach and Salmon. Topped With Cherry Tomatoes For Extra Colour and Flavour.R135
The Wrap-It-Up!Enjoy Scrambled Eggs, Avocado, Wild Rocket, and Our Very Own Spicy Masala With Fresh Tomato and Onion. Deliciously Wrapped In A Fresh Tortilla.R115
Peri-Peri Chicken LiversPan Fried In A Delicious Local Bokaap Peri-Peri Sauce, Topped Off With Two Poached Eggs and Sourdough On The Side…For Dipping.R135
The Spicy OmeletteTwo Wholesome Slices Of Freshly Baked Sourdough Bread. Sprinkled With Onions, Peppers, Mushrooms, and Cherry Tomatoes With Cheese and Chili. Deliciously Paired and Served In A Mouth-Watering Omelette.R115
Cali Spinach OmeletteBoth A Classic and A Favourite! Two Slices Of Toasted Sourdough Bread Served Alongside Creamy Spinach and White Cheddar In A Mouth Watering Breakfast Omelette. What’s Not To Love?R100
Avo-SmashA Humble Start To Your Day. Have Two Poached Eggs Served With Avocado On A Bed Of Wild Rocket With Sourdough Toast.R100
Boss BrekkieThree eggs, served with 120g seared Fillet Steak, Boiled onion, and chili in a BBQ sauce, served with toasted sourdough bread and sauteed mushrooms on the side. Sure to hit the spot!R160
Rosa Oats BowlA hearty bowl of rolled oatmeal infused with aromatic Cape Malay spices and Rosewater. Boiled With Coconut Milk and Topped With Roasted Almonds, Seasonal Fruit, and Honey On The Side.R110
Muesli BowlCrunchy, Homemade Muesli Made With Rolled Oats, Roasted Almonds, Coconut Flakes, Sticky Cranberries, and A Variety Of Seeds. Served With Double Cream Yogurt and Honey On The Side. Healthy Made Delicious!R110
Vrugte Waantjie (Fruit Bowl)A Vibrant Bowl Of Seasonal Fruit Served With Double Cream Yogurt, Topped With Delicious Golden-Roasted Nuts, and Served With Honey On The Side.R95

Bo-Kaap Deli Burger Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Classic BurgerA mouth-watering 150g pure beef patty or chicken fillet on a toasted bun stacked with fresh salad leaves, tomatoes, pickled gherkins, and lined with aioli mayo and served with hand-cut potato chips. It’s not just another burger – this one is dripping with goodness!R110
Saucy Mushroom BurgerOur classic beef or chicken burger with all the trimmings is finished with a layer of creamy mushroom sauce, lined with aioli mayo, and served with extra serviettes so you can dig into this saucy stack-up.R120
Cheese BurgerOur classic beef or chicken burger with all the trimmings, finished with a layer of melted cheddar cheese, lined with aioli mayo, making it moreish and utterly irresistible. You will thank us later!R120
Vegetarian BurgerA vegetarian patty topped with all the usual trimmings, lined with aioli mayo. If you’re a vegetarian who still likes the taste of meat, you’re in for a treat.R155
Masala Steak(fillet) On A BunA Bo-Kaap specialty that is as comforting as it is flavourful. Rubbed in a freshly ground Masala spice blend, our steak is seared to perfection and sandwiched between toasted buns, lined with aioli mayo, loaded with braised onions and a fried egg, and served with fresh-cut chips. This is a Cape Malay take on a dagwood for our foreign friends – not to be missed!R150
Macon and Cheese BurgerOur classic beef or chicken burger with all the trimmings, lined with aioli mayo, finished with a layer of melted cheddar cheese, and garnished with slices of crispy macon.R135
Jalapeno BurgerClassic beef or chicken burger with caramelized red onion, jalapenos, and roasted tomatoes dressed in spicy mayoR120

Bo-Kaap Deli Lighter Meals

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Mediterranean SpringCrusty sourdough bread generously spread with homemade hummus, fresh wild rocket topped with roasted brinjal, crisp green apple, diced cucumber, finely chopped tomato, and cranberries. Finished with our spicy, secret zhou and roasted almondsR95
Roast Veg WrapA mix of seasonal roasted vegetables wrapped in a tortilla, decadently spread with homemade hummus and a subtle hint of sweet dates. Served with a side salad. The best of vegetarian eatingR95
Chicken WrapChicken fillets are tenderly grilled and tossed on top of a coleslaw. Wrapped in a tortilla and stuffed with fresh rocket and tangy tomatoes, this wrap comes with chips and a side salad.R120
Chicken Schnitzel with Mushroom SauceA homemade schnitzel smothered in a creamy mushroom sauce. Served with roasted seasonal veg and hand-cut chips. Heavenly!R130
Peri-Peri Chicken LiversPan-fried delicious local Bo-Kaap peri-peri sauce, topped with two poached eggs and sourdough on the side…for dipping.R115
Chicken and Quinoa BowlCombining the goodness of protein-rich chicken, fluffy quinoa, and an assortment of fresh vegetables, our hearty and healthy chicken and quinoa bowl is perfect for a quick and satisfying meal.R95
Falafel SaladOur falafel salad is a fresh and flavorful option that combines Middle Eastern flavors of crispy pistachio falafel balls with a chopped salad. The dish’s star, the falafel, is made from ground chickpeas, pistachios, and spices. The combination of the falafel with the vegetables creates a perfect balance of textures and flavors.R90
Chicken SaladJuicy grilled chicken strips with blanched cauliflower and broccoli on a bed of fresh salad greens, topped with creamy avo, crisp green apple, and a sprinkling of toasted nuts and tossed in a honey mustard dressing.R120
Calamari SaladTender calamari pan-fried in lemon, garlic, and butter, served on a bed of fresh salad greens, with roasted vegetables and tossed in a honey and mustard dressing.R130

Bo-Kaap Deli Pasta Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Green Genie PastaCreamy basil pesto with chicken and mushrooms.R125
Tasmino Prawn PastaSpicy reco-based sauce with prawnsR165
Tasmino Chicken PastaSpicy reco-based sauce with chickenR120
Chicken Alfredo PastaCreamy white sauce with chicken and mushroomsR120

Bo-Kaap Deli Signature Dishes

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Moenier’s Signature Prawn DelightSavor the delightful fusion of flavors in our Prawn Chaat. Succulent prawns are gently embraced in a luscious, creamy sauce infused with aromatic spices and fresh herbs and served with basmati rice or roti, topped with crispy onions, and served with tzatziki and spicy salsa on the side.R200
Creamy Butter ChickenIndulge in the creamy and luxurious flavors of our Butter Chicken, a treat for your tastebuds. Enjoy succulent pieces of chicken fillet simmered in a rich, velvety tomato-based gravy infused with aromatic spices, cream, and a hint of butter, creating a harmonious blend of sweet, spicy, and savory. They are served with fragrant basmati rice, crispy onions or roti, tzatziki, and spicy salsa.R175

Bo-Kaap Deli Steaks & Grills

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Fillet Steak 250g25g of fillet steak.R235
Fillet Steak 350g350g of fillet steak.R285
Rump Steak 350g350g of rump steakR225
Rib Eye 350g350g of rib eye.R265
Chicken Wings 200gChargrilled chicken wings basted in a sticky BBQ sauce, served with chips and a side salad.R120
Mediterranean Grill PlatterChicken kebab skewer, one sheesh kebab skewer, served with flatbread, hummus, tzatziki, spicy avo salsa, side salad, and freshly cut chips. Add: Additional fillet steak kebab skewer.R185
Chops PlatterChoose one side of 400g juicy chops, served with roasted seasonal vegetables, side salad, or freshly cut chips. An elegant dish that is good enough for any special occasion for any day of the week. Also served with a side of mushroom sauce and Malay-style baked beansR245
Kings Gate400g juicy lamb cutlets, saucy chicken wings, two chicken kebab skewers, two fillet kebab skewers served with three portions of chips, two salads, three rotis, and savory riceR850

Bo-Kaap Deli Menu Extras & Sauces

ItemPrice (R)
Mashed PotatoR40
Roast VegR40
Onion RingsR30
Sauteed MushroomsR35
Savoury RiceR40
Spicy Baked BeansR30
Pepper SauceR40
Mushroom SauceR40
Cheese SauceR40

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