Jozi Gin is a famous restaurant in South Africa. They admire Jozi, and it shows in everything they do! They welcome the memories of Jozi as a gold-based industrial center. Constructed with the sweat of their comrades who were formerly sadly marginalized and are now a part of everything they do.

Their staff has spent up to 15 years working for their family of eateries. They have some of the best gin in the world, masterfully paired with craft tonics and tastefully accented garnishes, all served from their 10-meter-long, classic brass-clad bar.

They offer elegant comfort food and street food from Johannesburg. Their master grillers are highly skilled, and their charcoal grill is the focal point of their kitchen. Their beef is locally grown, grain-fed, tenderly matured cattle cooked to your preference.

The bar area is gorgeous, with talented mixologists creating delectable concoctions. The menu has so many delicious selections that selecting just one will be challenging. The pricing is fair, and the portion sizes are significant.

The cuisine will entice your taste buds with its tantalizing flavors and exquisite plating. Enjoy the lively nightlife scene with fantastic music and an enjoyable ambiance after dinner. Jozi Gin offers something to offer everyone, whether your preference is to unwind with a drink or dance the night away.

Jozi First Rounds

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Teriyaki Glazed Short RibsSlow-braised beef Ribs in a Teriyaki Sauce with Fresh Chilli & Sesame SeedsR125.00
Spicy Chicken LiversCreamy Peri-Peri Livers with a Portuguese RollR98.00
Salt & Pepper CalamariStrips of Lemon Butter & Chunky Tartar SauceR105.00
Grilled Chicken WingsMild or Hot x 4
x 8
x 12
Crispy Halloumi SticksLime Crema & Sweet Syrup DrizzleR105.00
Crumbed MushroomsWith Cheese SauceR100.00

Light Meals

Light MealPrice (R)
Cheesy Mini QuesadillaR80.00
Chicken Mini QuesadillaR95.00
Munchies Chicken Strips (Served with chips and dip.)R110.00
Asian Fried Chicken Strips (Served with chips.)R120.00
Chili Garlic Fried Strips (Served with chips.)R120.00


SaladDescriptionPrice (R)
Chefs BBA SaladBiltong, Blue Cheese & Avocado.R110.00
Jozi’s Signature SaladWith Shredded Chicken & Bacon Bits.R110.00
Sesame Chicken SaladWith a Honey-Soy Dressing.R115.00
Jozi Greek SaladBulgar wheat tossed with spring onion, coriander & mint, topped with wakame, roast butternut, grilled courgette, roast beetroot, avocado, feta, sunflower seeds, Chia seeds, and fried leeks.R105.00
Buddha BowlBulgar wheat tossed with spring onion, coriander & mint, topped with wakame, roast butternut, grilled courgette, roast beetroot, avocado, feta, sunflower seeds Chia seeds, and fried leeks.R115.00
Quinoa & Avo BowlQuinoa, avocado, herbed cherry tomato, cabbage salad, sweet corn, radish & roasted chickpeas.R105.00

Burgers & Buns

BurgerDescriptionPrice (R)
Jozi Beef Burger15-hour Smoked Beef Brisket, Toasted Bagel with Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce & a Drizzle of Cool Ranch Dressing, served with chips and onion rings.R155.00
Messy BurgerPrime Cut Beef Patty, with a choice of sauce, served with chips and onion rings.R140.00
Fried Chicken BurgerButtermilk Marinated & Crispy Fried with Red Cabbage Slaw served with chips and onion rings.R145.00
Grilled Halloumi BurgerHalloumi Patty, Harissa Mayo, Roasted Red Peppers, Black Mushrooms, Onion Jam & Rocket, served with chips and onion rings.R150.00
Jozi Chicken PregoFlame-grilled Chicken in a Bell Pepper & Chili Cream served with chips and onion rings.R145.00
Pork Belly BagelWith Crispy Cold Slaw, served with chips and onion rings.R150.00
BBQ Brisket Roll15-hour Smoked Beef Brisket, Toasted Bagel with Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce & a Drizzle of Cool Ranch Dressing, served with chips and onion rings.R150.00


SeafoodDescriptionPrice (R)
Grilled SalmonTeriyaki Glazed, with Minted Peas & oven-roasted baby potatoes.R310.00
Baby KingklipGrilled with Chilli Zest Butter, Parmesan Mash & Roast Vegetables.R350.00
Fried Fish & ChipsTartare sauce & Lemon wedge.R175.00
Grilled Calamari Heads & TubesServed with Rice.R200.00
Prawn & CalamariGrilled prawn & calamari heads & tubes in creamy lemon butter.R280.00


PotsDescriptionPrice (R)
Lamb CurryServed with rice.R180.00
OxtailServed with rice.R210.00

Best Ribs in Town

RibsPrice (R)
Pork Ribs BBQR215.00
Pork Ribs Spicy AsianR215.00
Pork Ribs Smokey BourbonR215.00
Teriyaki Short-Ribs 300g (Slow brazed with a teriyaki sauce, garnished with chili & toasted sesame seeds, with a parmesan mash.)R285.00

From Charcoal Grill

Charcoal GrillPrice (R)
Tomahawk 600g (Pepper crusted.)R350.00
Beef Chuck 300gR185.00
Rump 250gR205.00
Fillet 250gR245.00
Rib-Eye 300gR245.00
T-Bone 500gR265.00
Grilled Portuguese Chicken (Peri Peri or Lemon & Herb.)from R120.00
Skinny Lamb Chops (Greek Style Well Done.)from R165.00
Grilled Chicken Espetada (Juicy Thighs between Jalapeno and Peppadews.)R225.00
Grilled Beef Rump EspetadaR245.00

Chef’s Own

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Mediterranean FilletFillet stuffed with Mozzarella, Olives, Peppadews, and Sun-dried Tomatoes.R305.00
Brie & Bacon RumpRump topped with Bacon Bits, Melted Brie & Avo.R285.00
Mustard Seed Crusted SteakRump with Crushed Mustard Seeds & herbs, Grilled Vine Cherry Tomatoes & Creamy Bearnaise Sauce.R270.00
Smoked Pork BellyParmesan mash, crackling & fennel/cardamom drizzle.R225.00


PastaDescriptionPrice (R)
Ragu BologneseMince Slow-Cooked in Red Wine & Italian Herbs Tossed with SpaghettiR205.00
Spicy AioliLinguini, Chicken Strips, Chilli Oil with Feta, Roasted Rainbow TomatoR200.00
Smoked Kandra SalmonLinguini with Smoked Salmon, Creamy Beefeater sauce, Capers, Spring Onions with 4 Grilled PrawnsR245.00
Alfredo BrisketFettuccini, Pan-fried Mushrooms, Cream, Parmesan ShavingsR170.00
Basil PestoLinguini with basil pesto, fresh basil, olives, sun-dried tomato & parmesan shavingsR155.00
Banting Supreme PastaFresh zucchini spaghetti, medley of mushrooms & sun-dried tomatoes with a napolitana sauceR165.00

Mixed Grill Favorites

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken & Rib Combo1/2 Flame Grilled Chicken with 300g Slow Cooked Pork RibsR290.00
Chicken & Lamb Chop Combo1/2 Flame Grilled Chicken with 4x10mm Skinny Lamb ChopsR295.00
Mixed Grill150g Chuck Steak, ½ Flame Grilled Chicken & Grilled BoerieR285.00

Jozi Platters

PlatterDescriptionPrice (R)
The Chicken Fly-No-MoreOne whole Portuguese chicken, 12 chicken wings, dunked Asian chicken strips & twice fried rustic fries.R540.00
The Vegetarian PlatterGrilled halloumi sticks, tempura broccoli, vegetarian samosas, loaded fries two ways, crumbed mushrooms.R315.00


DessertPrice (R)
Rocky Road Pot – Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry Puree, with brownie & oreo crumbsR110.00
Pink Pavlova – With Seasonal fruit, fruit puree, and sweet whipped creamR90.00
Bar One Mini DoughnutsR85.00
Salted Caramel Mini DoughnutsR85.00

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