Zebro’s is a restaurant chain in South Africa that offers fast food such as chips and beverages. The menu prices for these items are very affordable, making it a popular choice for many people. The company has been expanding rapidly and now has over 100 locations nationwide.

Known for its mouthwatering flame-grilled chicken, Zebro’s offers a delectable menu featuring a variety of chicken delights, from succulent wings to hearty chicken combos. The enticing aroma of perfectly grilled goodness welcomes you to a dining experience that balances affordability with exceptional taste.

Zebro’s is committed to providing quality food at a great value, and its menu prices reflect this commitment. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a meal, Zebro’s is a great option that won’t break the bank. Zebro’s offers burgers, pap boxes, gatsby, legs, thighs, wings, etc.

Zebro’s Pap Boxes

ItemPrice (R)
Quarter Leg & PAPR24.90
2 Wings & PAPR23.90
2 Chicken Pieces & PAPR26.90

Zebro’s Gatsby Menu:

ItemPrice (R)
Mini Chip GatsbyR39.90
Jumbo Chip GatsbyR64.90
Mini Russian GatsbyR59.90
Jumbo Russian GatsbyR89.90
Mini Chicken GatsbyR59.90
Jumbo Chicken GatsbyR89.90
Mini Calamari GatsbyR64.90
Jumbo Calamari GatsbyR94.90

Zebro’s Box

ItemPrice (R)
Quarter Leg, Any 3 Salads & ChipsR48.90

Zebro’s Double Quarter Box

ItemPrice (R)
2 Quarter Legs & ChipsR59.90

Zebro’s Quarter Leg Party Boxes

ItemPrice (R)
4 Quarter Legs & Jumbo ChipsR164.90
6 Quarter Legs & Jumbo ChipsR214.90
8 Quarter Legs & Jumbo ChipsR254.90

Zebro’s Thigh Boxes

ItemPrice (R)
1 Thigh & ChipsR27.90
2 Thigh & ChipsR43.90
3 Thigh & ChipsR57.90
4 Thigh & ChipsR71.90

Zebro’s Thigh Party Boxes

ItemPrice (R)
4 Thighs & Jumbo ChipsR124.90
6 Thighs & Jumbo ChipsR149.90
8 Thighs & Jumbo ChipsR174.90

Zebro’s Burgers Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken BurgerR29.90
Chicken Burger & ChipsR39.90
Chicken Cheese Burger & ChipsR44.90
Double Chicken Cheese Burger & ChipsR59.90

Zebro’s Add to Your Meal (Beverage Menu)

ItemPrice (R)
Cool Drink 2LR25.90

Zebro’s Snack Wings

ItemPrice (R)
4 Snack WingsR18.90
6 Snack Wings & ChipsR35.90
8 Snack WingsR35.90
12 Snack Wings & ChipsR55.90
16 Snack WingsR69.90
24 Snack WingsR99.90

Zebro’s Full Wings Menu

ItemPrice (R)
2 Full Wings & ChipsR29.90
3 Full Wings & ChipsR35.90
4 Full Wings & ChipsR41.90

Zebro’s Drum Boxes

ItemPrice (R)
1 Drum & ChipsR25.90
2 Drum & ChipsR36.90
3 Drum & ChipsR44.90
4 Drum & ChipsR52.90

Zebro’s Meals to Share

ItemPrice (R)
Family BoxR129.9
15 PiecesR229.9
21 PiecesR299.9

Zebro’s Chips Menu

ChipsPrices (R)
Regular ChipsR29.9
Medium ChipsR39.9
Large ChipsR49.9

Zebro’s Menu Extras

ItemPrice (R)
Potato SaladR19.9
Coleslaw SaladR19.9
Red Noodle SaladR19.9
Beetroot SaladR19.9
Family SaladR39.9
Chakalaka SaladR19.9

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