Woolworths is a South African multinational retail company which has 430 food stand-alone stores in South Africa. Woolworths Cafés are often located within Woolworths stores and offer a variety of food and beverages.

From the aromatic allure of premium coffee blends to the soothing comfort of quality teas, Woolworths Café provides a welcoming ambiance for customers to unwind and enjoy a moment of culinary delight amid their shopping escapades. It has become a famous food point across South Africa due to the taste and quality of food served there. Also, its staff is very kind, cooperative and beloved.

Its menu items are prepared from fresh ingredients. The menu items include Healthy, Breakfast, Wraps, Burgers, Sandwiches, Bowls, Smoothies, Plant-Based, Coffee, Dinner, Health Drinks, Fruit, Chicken, Vegan, and Halaal. All items are available at affordable prices. With a commitment to freshness and quality, Woolworths Café is a go-to destination for those seeking a tasteful blend of convenience and gastronomic satisfaction.

Picked for You

MenuPrices (R)
Tomato Cheese and basil Pesto ToastieR95
Chicken Sriracha WrapR116
Chicken Mayo and mozzarella ToastieR98
Cappuccino TallR48
Southern Style Chicken WrapR116

Woolworths Cafe Salads Menu

ItemIngredientsPrice (R)
Asian Beef Salad (New)Green slaw, salad leaf mix, broccoli, cucumber, rosa tomatoes, sprouts, beef marinated in ginger & garlic, pickled ginger, mint & Asian dressing. Contains soy.R127
Mediterranean Salad (New)Hummus, souvlaki spiced chicken, salad leaf mix, cucumber, rosa tomato, pickled red cabbage, South African feta & herb dressing. Vegetarian with cow’s milk.R127
Roasted Chicken & Avo SaladFree-range chicken, avo, cranberries, leaf mix, green slaw, sesame seeds & Asian dressing. Contains soy.R127
Summer Chicken SaladFree-range chicken, leaf mix, blackened corn, rosa tomato, avo, harissa-roasted butternut, South African feta, sesame seeds & herb yogurt dressing. Contains cow’s milk.R127
Green Salad With HummusLeaf mix, avo, cucumber, chickpeas, basil pesto, hummus, peas & South African feta. Vegetarian with cow’s milk. Contains tree nuts.R118
Bean, Corn & Avocado SaladQuinoa bean mix, sorghum, charred corn, avo, SA feta, green slaw & chimichurri dressing. Vegetarian with cow’s milk.R118

Woolworths Cafe Wraps Menu

ItemIngredientsPrice Range (R)
Asian Beef Wrap (New)Multi-seed wrap, Asian mayo, avo, herb slaw, free-range beef marinated in garlic & ginger, mint, coriander & pickled ginger. Contains wheat, gluten, egg & soy.from R122
Mediterranean Wrap (New)Multi-seed wrap, yogurt, souvlaki spiced free-range chicken, gherkins, herb slaw, rosa tomatoes, pickled red cabbage & herb yogurt dressing. Contains wheat, gluten & cow’s milk.from R122
Chicken Sriracha WrapMulti-seed wrap, avo, sriracha mayo, green slaw & free-range sriracha chicken. Contains wheat, gluten & egg.from R122
Grilled Chicken WrapMulti-seed wrap, avo, mayo, green slaw & free-range chicken. Contains wheat, gluten & egg.from R122
Crispy Hake WrapMulti-seed wrap, mayo, sliced gherkin, green slaw & sustainably caught crumbed hake. Pescatarian. Contains wheat, gluten & egg.from R122
Hummus Pesto WrapMulti-seed wrap, hummus, basil pesto, rosa tomatoes, South African feta, mayo, baby gem lettuce, avo, chickpeas, cucumber & rocket. Vegetarian, with egg. Contains wheat, gluten, tree nuts & cow’s milk.from R116
Southern Chicken WrapMulti-seed wrap, mayo, sliced gherkin, tomato, lettuce & spicy chicken. Contains wheat, gluten & egg.from R122

Woolworths Cafe Toasted Sandwiches

ItemIngredientsPrice Range (R)
Egg & Cheese Toastie (New)Sourdough, mozzarella & cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, beef rasher & egg. Contains wheat, gluten & cow’s milk.from R107
Chilli Crunch & Chicken ToastieSourdough, chili crunch mayo, sliced gherkin, chicken & mozzarella cheese. Wheat, gluten, egg & cow’s milk.from R107
Basil Pesto Chicken ToastieSourdough, basil pesto mayo, chicken, pickled onions & mozzarella cheese. Contains wheat, gluten, cow’s milk & tree nuts.from R107
Tomato Cheese and basil Pesto ToastieSourdough, basil pesto, tomato & mozzarella cheese. Vegetarian with cow’s milk. Contains wheat, gluten, cow’s milk & tree nuts.from R100
Chicken Mayo and mozzarella ToastieSourdough, chicken, mustard mayo & mozzarella cheese. Contains wheat, gluten & cow’s milk.from R103
The Club ToastieSourdough, chicken, mustard mayo, beef rashers, tomato & mozzarella cheese. Contains wheat, gluten, egg & cow’s milk.from R103
Smoked Beef Avo ToastieSourdough, smashed avo, South African feta, beef rasher, peri-peri & crispy onions—cow’s milk, wheat & gluten.from R100

Woolworths Cafe Hearty Meals (Food Menu)

ItemIngredientsDietary InformationPrice (R)
Burrito BowlQuinoa bean mix, sorghum, charred corn, smokey beans, shakshuka sauce, avocado, sour cream, coriander, pickled jalapeno, and corn chips. VegetarianVegetarianR130
Hake Bowl WedgesPescatarianPescatarianR130
Chickpea RaguBrown rice, chickpea bean mix with shakshuka sauce, corn, baby spinach, avocado, South African feta, pickled red onions, and herb yogurt dressing. Vegetarian with cow’s milkVegetarianR125
Italian MeatballsMash potato, beef meatballs, Napolitano sauce, broccoli, basil pesto, roasted rosa tomato, hard cheeseR130
Wings and WedgesPotato wedges, chip seasoning, sweet, spicy soy dressing, coated wings, green slaw, sesame seedsR130

Woolworths Cafe Burgers Menu

ItemIngredientsDietary InformationPrice (R)
Souvlaki Chicken Burger (New)Brioche bun, mayo, avo, baby gem lettuce, pickled red cabbage & souvlaki marinated chicken breastContains wheat, gluten & eggR125
Double Beef BurgerBrioche bun, burger sauce, two beef patties, lettuce & gouda cheeseContains wheat, gluten & eggR145
Crispy Hake BurgerBrioche bun, green slaw, tartar sauce, sliced gherkin & sustainably caught hake. PescatarianContains wheat, gluten & eggR125
Vegan BurgerVegan bun, mayo, cheese, tomato, wild rocket, sliced gherkin & vegetable patty. VeganVeganR125
Beef Cheese BurgerBrioche bun, sriracha mayo, tomato, wild rocket, gherkin, beef patty and gouda cheeseContains wheat, gluten & eggR125
Korean Chicken BurgerBrioche bun, sriracha mayo, tomato, wild rocket, gherkin, sriracha chickenContains wheat, gluten & eggR125
Southern BurgerBrioche bun, mayo, lettuce, green slaw, spicy chicken breast & pickled onionsContains wheat, gluten & eggR125

Woolworths Cafe All Day Breakfast Menu

Contains wheat, gluten, cow’s milk, and egg.

ItemIngredientsPrice (R)
Crunchy Breakfast WrapMulti-seed wrap, smashed avo, roasted tomatoes, crispy onions, wild rocket & egg frittata.R85
Classic Breakfast WrapMulti-seed wrap, smashed avo, roasted tomatoes, crispy onions, wild rocket & egg frittata.R106
Full Breakfast BunBrioche bun, smokey beans, mushroom, baby spinach, gouda cheese, beef rasher & fried eggR94
Boerewors Breakfast BunBrioche bun, mayo, caramelized onion, fried egg & organic tomato sauceR100

Woolworths Cafe Smoothies Menu

Vegetarian with cow’s milk.

SmoothieIngredientsPrice (R)
Clemengold & Mint Smoothie 350mlClemengold, pineapple, mint, honey & yogurtR70
Clemengold & Mint Smoothie 500mlClemengold, pineapple, mint, honey & yogurtR90
Almond & Banana Smoothie 350mlBanana, yogurt, almond butter, almond drink & honeyR73
Almond & Banana Smoothie 500mlBanana, yogurt, almond butter, almond drink & honeyR82
Apple Spinach Avo Smoothie 350mlApple, avo, baby spinach, honey & lemonR73
Apple Spinach Avo Smoothie 500mlApple, avo, baby spinach, honey & lemonR82
Berry Banana Smoothie 350mlBerries, banana, yogurt & honeyR73
Berry Banana Smoothie 500mlBerries, banana, yogurt & honeyR82
Peanut Butter Smoothie 350mlPeanut butter, banana, yogurt & honeyR73
Peanut Butter Smoothie 500mlPeanut butter, banana, yogurt & honeyR82
Strawberry Smoothie 350mlStrawberries, yogurt, banana & apple juiceR73
Strawberry Smoothie 500mlStrawberries, yogurt, banana & apple juiceR82
Summer Fruit 350ml (New)Summer fruit, yogurt, apple juice & mintR82
Summer Fruit 500ml (New)Summer fruit, yogurt, apple juice & mintR90

Woolworths Cafe Juices Menu

JuiceIngredientsPrice (R)
Freshly Pressed Orange Juice 350mlVeganR70
Freshly Pressed Orange Juice 500mlVeganR78
Pink Lady Apple & Rooibos Iced Tea 350mlPink lady apple juice, rooibos, mintR70
Pink Lady Apple & Rooibos Iced Tea 500mlPink lady apple juice, rooibos, mintR78
Pink Lady Apple & Mint 350ml (New)Pink lady apple juice & fresh mintR70
Pink Lady Apple & Mint 500ml (New)Pink lady apple juice & fresh mintR78
Cucumber & Mint 350ml (New)Cucumber, lemon, mintR70
Cucumber & Mint 500ml (New)Cucumber, lemon, mintR78

Woolworths Cafe Sides Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Strips (New) – Free range chicken, bread crumbs, lemonR76
Potato Rostis – Potato Rostis. VeganR64
Seasoned WedgesR64

Woolworths Cafe Iced Coffees Menu

Contains cow’s milk.

ItemPrice (R)
Frosted Latte TallR62
Frosted Latte GrandeR71
Iced Latte TallR56
Iced Latte GrandeR62
Iced Americano TallR40
Iced Americano GrandeR44
Frosted Dirty Chai TallR62
Frosted Dirty Chai GrandeR71

Woolworths Cafe Coffee Menu

100% African, Organic beans, Ayrshire milk.

CoffeePrice (R)
Espresso Single CupR32
Espresso Double CupR35
Flat WhiteR44
Cappuccino ShortR43
Cappuccino TallR49
Cappuccino GrandeR55
Americano ShortR37
Americano TallR41
Americano GrandeR46
Honey & Nut Latte ShortR46
Honey & Nut Latte TallR54
Honey & Nut Latte GrandeR62
Latte ShortR43
Latte TallR49
Latte GrandeR55
Chai Latte ShortR46
Chai Latte TallR52
Chai Latte GrandeR58
Hot Chocolate ShortR46
Hot Chocolate TallR53
Hot Chocolate GrandeR60
White Mocha ShortR48
White Mocha TallR58
White Mocha GrandeR65
Mocha ShortR48
Mocha TallR58
Mocha GrandeR65
White Hot Chocolate ShortR46
White Hot Chocolate TallR53
White Hot Chocolate GrandeR60
Dirty Chai ShortR48
Dirty Chai TallR55
Dirty Chai GrandeR62

Woolworths Cafe Tea Menu

TeaPrice (R)
Organic BlackR36
Organic RooibosR36
Red Cappuccino ShortR46
Red Cappuccino TallR52
Red Cappuccino GrandeR58

Woolworth Cafe Drinks Menu

MenuPrices (R)
Still Water 500mlR23
Coca-Cola No Sugar 300mlR26
Sparkling Water 500mlR23

Woolworths Cafe Pastries Menu

The main ingredients are Cow’s milk, egg, wheat, and gluten.

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CroissantAll Butter Croissant has a flaky texture and buttery flavor.R23
Chocolate CroissantButter pastry filled with dark chocolate.R29
Almond CroissantButter pastry with almond.R29
Peanut Butter CruffinCroissant-style muffin filled with peanut butter cream cheese.R29
Pastes De NataEgg custard in crisp pastry. Tastes like home.R29
Pain Au ChocolatButtery pastry filled with dark chocolate.R29
Pain Au RaisinButtery pastry with raisins.R29
Coffee Cruffin (New)Croissant-style muffin filled with coffee-flavored cream cheese.R29

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