Villa Bianca Mediterranean Cuisine & Sushi Restaurant has been offering meals for 25 years and is known for excellent food, phenomenal wine pairings, and unparalleled personal service!

The famous “Chateau Briand Style” Fillet on the Bone prepared by Villa Bianca, topped with pan-fried Camembert cheese and a Cranberry reduction, is now available on the regular menu. The new menu features sushi and focuses on imported Scottish salmon and fresh export-quality tuna.

Other options include grilled salmon, seared tuna steak, or the delectable Tuna Espatada, which is cubed tuna steaks grilled and skewered with Halloumi cheese, red peppers, green peppers, and onions served with rice or chips, and Japanese-style stir-fried vegetables.

Back-to-basics favorites like reasonably priced shellfish, live oysters, pizza, and pasta are still available. Every Sunday, there is a five-star lunch and supper buffet with a selection of hot and cold appetizers, a carvery featuring sirloin and gammon, Kleftiko lamb, oxtail, beef, chicken, shellfish, roast potatoes, vegetables, tiramisu, and other desserts!

The Villa Bianca Mediterranean Cuisine & Sushi Restaurant is located in Croydon, Kempton Park, right off the Barbara Road highway turn-off and just ten minutes drive from the OR Tambo International Airport!

The Villa Bianca restaurant is renowned for its excellent constancy of superior service provided by attentive staff, and it delivers rigorous standards in food and wine. On Sundays, they provide an “a la carte” and a buffet for a reasonable price i.e. R169 per person.

Salads & Poke Bowls

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Greek SaladR86
Strawberry SaladR96
Crumbed Breast SaladR110
Biltong Fettuccine SaladR98
Vegetarian PokéR105
Tekkadon Salmon PokéR220


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Feta Phyllo Pillow (v)R82
Fillet TatakiR115
Giant Black Mushrooms (v)R78
Crispy PrawnR115
Crispy CalamariR98
Bone Marrow EscargotR115
Creamy Garlic Escargot (v)R88
Edamame Beans (v)R78
Steak TartareR140
Halloumi (v)R89
Modern Avo RitzR92

Dim Sum

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Gao (4 Pcs) Spinach & Cream CheeseR72
Gao (4 Pcs) Fillet, Chives & Cream CheeseR82
Hong Kong Pear (Each)R38

Specialty Carpaccio

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Beef CarpaccioR125
Springbok CarpaccioR139
Crocodile CarpaccioR139
Rolled Smoked SalmonR110


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Traditional Oysters
(Live Oysters 3, 6, 12, 24)
Villa Signature OystersR39
The “OG” ShotR38
Vegan Oyster ShotR35

Sushi on Fire

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Famous Fire Roll (8 Pcs)R142
Halloumi Crunch (8 Pcs)R167
Golden Flaming Roses (4 Pcs)R159
Rock Shrimp Tempura (4 Pcs)R156
Dynamite Bamboo RollR148

Signature Sushi

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Mexican Spider Roll (5 Pcs)R165
Candy Roses (4 Pcs)R146
Biltong Battleships (2 Pcs)R125
Springbok Roses (6 Pcs)R167
Crocodile Roses (6 Pcs)R158
Tiger vs Dragon (8 Pcs)R148
Tiger Roll (8 Pcs)R148
Vegetarian Roses (4 Pcs) (v)R115
Villa Bianca Platter (18 Pcs)R372
Crispy Rice Slider (4 Pcs)R138
Nacho Libre (8 Pcs)R142
Dragon Roll (8 Pcs)R148

Signature Sushi

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Maki Roll (8 Pcs)(v) Avo & CucumberR89
Prawn, Pine Nuts, Kewpie MayoR78
California Rolls (8 Pcs)(v) Avo, Cucumber & RocketR65
Tempura Prawn & Fantasy SauceR127
Battleships Bean Curd (3 Pcs)(v) Avo & CucumberR65
Rainbow Rolls Reloaded (8 Pcs)Salmon Rainbow Roll, Avo, Yakitori Sauce, Kewpie Mayo, CaviarR148
Fashion Sandwiches (8 Pcs)SalmonR122
Strawberry & Cream CheeseR138
Nigiri (4 Pcs)SalmonR52
Sashimi (5 Pcs)SalmonR135
Spicy Seared SalmonR136
Spicy Seared TunaR129
Handroll (1 Pc)(v) Avo, Cucumber & RocketR78
Tempura PrawnR56
Roses (4 Pcs)SalmonR92


Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CalamariGrilled calamari heads & tubes, lemon butter, served with rice or chipsR178
KingklipGrilled kingklip on a bed of fresh asparagus Parmigiano with lemon butter & riceR240
Tuna ChateauSeared tuna steak, black pepper, signature spice, stir-fry veg & rice, flambéed at the table.R265
Calamari ChateauGrilled Falkland calamari heads & tubes, flambéed with Cognac at the table, cranberry pepper sauce, Parmesan infused wasabi mashR210
Seared SalmonServed with Yakitori, veg & riceR275
Tiger Giants (Each)Lemon butter, served with rice or chipsR230
8 Queen PrawnsLemon butter, served with rice or chipsR260
Parma Ham SalmonSalmon wrapped with Parma ham, sautéed with butter & white wine, large black mushroom, nutmeg, honey puréeR325


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Flame Grilled Baby ChickenR189
Chicken SchnitzelR152
Honey ChickenR135
Breast & SaladR148


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Our Famous Fillet on the BoneR330
Kleftiko Lamb ShankR325
Lamb CutletsR265
Pork SchnitzelR145
350g Wagyu Rib-EyeR850
Villa’s OxtailR298
Wagyu BurgerR280
Pork Ribs & FriesR260


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Peri PeriR55
Blue CheeseR49
Cranberry Black PepperR49


Menu ItemPrice (R)
2 Slices BaconR28
Sliced AvocadoR28
Giant Black MushroomR38
Chicken LiversR46
4 Queen PrawnsR130

Pizza on Fire

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Villa PizzaR230
Oxtail, Basil & Brie PizzaR298
Oriental PizzaR130
Biltong, Avo & 3 Cheese PizzaR210

The Classics

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Focaccia BreadR75
Classic ReginaR145
Salami ExpressR145
Spicy SiciliaR145
Bacon, Feta, Olives & AvoR165
The DonR175
Classic MargheritaR110
House of Chicken MayoR168
(v) The VegetarianR140
The Art of PizzaR189
The Nacho LibreR188


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Fillet PenneR160
Parma & Smoked Salmon FettucineR182
Baked Penne Al FornoR156
Fettuccine AlfredoR125
Spaghetti VegetarianR110
Gnocchi Ala CremaR138
Spaghetti Bolognese (Classic)R198
Spaghetti NapoletanaR98


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Baked New York CheesecakeR89
Malva Pudding (Classic)R85
Bar-One SlidersR72
Strawberry Nutella PancakesR120
Villa’s TiramisuR72
White Mousse BrownieR72
Vanilla Ice-Cream & Bar-One SauceR65

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