Ukko is an advanced Mediterranean Tapas and Sushi restaurant in Bryanston with an extensive wine list and a mixology bar. With their perfectly balanced tapas-style dishes, Ukkō will take you on a Mediterranean vacation with a unique eating experience.

Sushi items include Shrimp Tempura Roll, Blue Oaks, Dynamite, Mediterranean Crunch, Caribbean Roll, Ceviche Roll, Ukko Roll, Crunch Roll, Crispy Roses, and many more. Cocktails include Ocean Eyes, Mansikka, Cazador, Aapeli, Vellamo, Taika, and many more flavors.

Other menu items include olives, cheeses, dips, pita, vegetarian, meat, seafood, salads, and many more. The menu items are prepared from fresh ingredients. The prices are affordable. The service is quick.

The staff is friendly and well-mannered. Anyone searching for a great night out should check out Ukko Restaurant. You will be guaranteed a fantastic experience with the best cuisine and beverages and kind and helpful service.


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CalamataThe iconic olive from CalamataR37.00
ThroubesSalt-dried calamata olives with a distinct “wrinkled skin.”R37.00
Colossal BlackLarge, meaty black olives from the Volos regionR37.00
Colossal GreenLarge green olives from the Volos regionR37.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
HaloumiCypriot cheese served grilled or deep-friedR62.00
FetaCreamy feta drizzled with virgin olive oil and oreganoR49.00
ChèvreA rich and creamy soft goat’s milk cheeseR59.00
Parmigiano ReggianoA complex and gritty textured cheese with a nutty taste, named after the Italian Region of ParmaR68.00
GruyèreAn earthy and complex-tasting cheese, of Swiss originR59.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
TzatzikiThe classic Greek dip – yogurt, garlic, cucumber, and dillR34.00
TaramasalataA tangy cod roe blend with a gentle seafood flavorR34.00
HummusA Middle Eastern favorite – made from blended chickpeas, tahini, garlic, and lemon juiceR34.00
MelitzanosalataRoasted aubergine, finely chopped and blended in a light garlic dressingR34.00
TirosalataCreamy feta blended with fresh peppers and mild chiliR34.00
Olive TapenadeThe best calamata olives, pitted and diced into a delicious spreadR34.00

In Pita

ItemPrice (R)
Yiro (Schwarma)R87.00
Souvlaki ChickenR87.00
Chicken & HalloumiR97.00
Falafel & HalloumiR79.00

Ukko Signature Sushi

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Shrimp Tempura Roll 6pcSpicy salmon or Tuna California roll topped with creamy shrimp tempuraR150.00
Blue Oaks 6pcFried shrimp and spicy tuna roll, avo, jalapeno, spicy mayo, ponzu sauceR150.00
Dynamite 6pcTempura prawn crunch, avo, torched spicy tuna, jalapeno, sriracha yakitori sauce.R165.00
Mediterranean Crunch 6pcCrispy California roll, salmon, haloumi, avo, sriracha mayoR155.00
Caribbean Roll 6pcSalmon and spicy tuna, avo, caviar, jalapeno, lime and teriyaki mayoR165.00
Ceviche Roll 6pcWhite fish marinated in lemon and chili, avo, salmon topping, green onion, Peruvian sweet chili sauceR145.00
Ukko Roll 6pcSalmon, chives, avo, tuna and salmon topping, green onion, sesame, yakitori sauceR170.00
Hand Roll Omakase 4pcFour mini hand rolls, salmon, tuna, vegetarian, prawn tempura with caviar and sweet soya dressingR175.00
Crunch Roll 6pcCrispy salmon or tuna roll, tempura prawn, cream cheese and yakitori sauceR160.00
Crispy Roses 4pcSalmon roses with avo, caviar, tempura bites, sweet chili and wasabi mayo, teriyaki sauceR145.00
Roll ‘n Rose 8pcRainbow roll and salmon rose, teriyaki sauce, spicy mayoR185.00
Wagyu Nigiri 4pcTorched wagyu, avo, jalapeno, spicy mayo, caviar, ponzuR170.00

Ukko Classic Sushi

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Sashimi 4pc
Seared spicy Salmon or TunaR110.00
Spicy Salmon or TunaR95.00
Tempura PrawnR80.00
California Roll 8pc
Seared spicy Salmon or TunaR110.00
Spicy Salmon or TunaR95.00
Tempura PrawnR80.00
Hand Roll 1pc
Nigiri 4pc
Salmon and cream cheeseR95.00
Fashion Sandwich 8pc
Salmon (4pc)R110.00
Salmon (6pc)R160.00
Maki 6pc
Tempura PrawnsR70.00
Salmon and cream cheeseR120.00
Prawn (4pc)R140.00
Tuna (6pc)R190.00
Spicy Salmon or TunaR75.00
Rainbow Roll 8pcR130.00
Salmon, avo, and cucumber rollR115.00

Vegetarian Meze

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
BeetrootSliced juicy beetroot bulbs dressed with virgin olive oil and vinegarR39.00
Piquant CabbageMixed cabbage salad with carrots and peppers in a piquant dressingR39.00
Black Eyed PeasColourful black eye bean mezeR45.00
JalapeñosSlightly hot and very tastyR34.00
Marinated PeppersSoaked in olive oil, vinegar, and garlicR49.00
DolmadesA rice and herb filling parceled in steamed vine leavesR49.00
ArtichokesA delicious combination of chickpeas and pasta rice with a hint of chiliR68.00
Exotic MushroomsGrilled with rock salt and dressed with olive oil, lemon, and fresh parsleyR74.00
ZucchiniCrispy fried baby marrows with grated gruyèreR49.00
FalafelDeep-fried chickpea balls, a Middle Eastern favoriteR49.00
Spring SouvlakiMediterranean vegetables grilled on a skewer over an open flameR49.00
SpanakopitaSpinach and feta in a crispy phyllo pastry cigarR59.00
CroquettesFeta and gruyère cheese croquettesR62.00
Grilled FetaGrilled in foil with tomato, pepper, and chiliR59.00
Chickpea and Pasta RiceA delicious combination of chickpeas and pasta rice, with a hint of chiliR59.00

Meat meze

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Jamon SerranoDry-cured ham originating from the mountains of SpainR74.00
ProsciuttoProudly Italian Parma ham, thinly sliced and served with caper berriesR74.00
ChorizoSpicy Portuguese sausage seasoned with vinegar, garlic, cumin, oregano, and chiliesR68.00
Chicken LiversGrilled plain or peri-peri, these livers are arguably the best you’ll ever haveR59.00
YirosStrips of beef schwarmaR59.00
Chicken WingsDeliciously addictive with a delicate peri-peri biteR64.00
Souvlaki BeefSkewered fillet cubes grilled on an open flameR67.00
Souvlaki ChickenSkewered chicken cubes, grilled on an open flameR59.00
Keftethes“Mamma’s” homemade meatballsR59.00
SoudsoukakiaSpicy mince balls in tomato sugo from the Anatolian coast of SmyrniR68.00
Beef SautéCubes of beef fillet, sautéed with fresh peppers and onion in a white wine sauceR87.00
BiftekiAlso known as a “Pljeskavica,” a spicy mince patty topped with grilled tomato and fresh onionsR95.00
Lamb ChopsGrilled loin cutlets. Traditionally seasoned with salt and oregano for maximum flavorR178.00
Baby ChickenSpatchcock chicken grilled with olive oil and oregano or peri-peri and cut into pieces when servedR158.00
Beef Fillet300g of the juiciest sliced fillet, lightly basted and grilled to perfectionR189.00

Seafood Meze

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
OystersAlways fresh and only served when available. Six in a portion, but feel free to add moreR149.00
White Anchovy FilletTangy white anchovy fillets in olive oil brine that make the perfect ouzo partnerR66.00
Pickled OctopusSliced octopus pickled in vinaigrette marinadeR79.00
Seared SalmonFresh, seared, and served on a bed of rocketR98.00
CalamariThe best Falkland calamari, grilled in our trademark style with onion and garlicR62.00
Calamari with FetaGrilled tubes stuffed with creamy feta and peppersR72.00
Squid HeadsDeep-fried squid heads served with our peri-peri aioli sauceR67.00
Baby OctopusGrilled and doused with an olive oil lemon dressingR79.00
SardinesTwo sardines, grilled with coarse salt, the Greek island wayR59.00
MusselsSautéed in the shell with fresh tomato, white wine, feta, and chiliR89.00
Prawns6 Queens, butterfly-grilled in a light lemon butterR180.00
Cod GoujonsThin slices of delicate cod prepared in batter in traditional French fashion.R98.00
Linefish in FoilToday’s catch is filleted and steamed with Mediterranean vegetables, olive oil, and lemon in a foil parcel.R198.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
VillageA typical basic village salad with tomato, cucumber, onion, feta, olives, and olive oilR84.00
GreekThe classic Greek salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, feta, olives, and dressingR84.00
HalloumiLettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, halloumi, olives, and dressingR84.00
BocconciniMouthfuls of mozzarella, cherry tomato, fresh basil leaves, and olive oilR89.00
MediterraneanRocket, cherry tomato, mixed peppers, gruyère, croutons, olive oil, and balsamicR85.00
AegeanRocket, cos, cherry tomato, gruyère, radish, walnut, apple, carrots, dill, olive oil, and lemonR89.00
Rocket and SpinachRocket, baby spinach, sun-dried tomato, chèvre, pine nuts, and mustard balsamic vinaigretteR89.00

On the Side Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
PitaDouble-layered Middle Eastern pocket pita breadR12.00
Thin PitaSingle-layered flat Greek pitaR12.00
Whole WheatWhole Wheat thin pitaR13.00
Pita GrissiniCrispy fried pita wedges served with a chili feta dipR39.00
ChipsRegular chipsR25.00


ItemPrice (R)
Add ice creamR10.00
Traditional YoghurtR62.00
Yogurt and Honey GelatoR68.00
Rice PuddingR62.00
Grilled HalvaR62.00
Ice Cream and Choc SauceR59.00
Halva Ice CreamR72.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Ocean EyesTanqueray gin, blue curaçao, elderflower, lime juice, fresh mintR95.00
MansikkaEl Jimador Blanco, fresh strawberries, basil, lemon juice, sugar syrupR90.00
CazadorBacardi 8yr años, crème de cassis, honey, lime juice, absinthe aromaR105.00
AapeliHendricks gin, Cointreau, aperitif, lemon juice, absinthe aromaR95.00
VellamoBelvedere vodka, cap classique, sugar syrup, lemon juiceR105.00
TaikaKetel one vodka, Kahlua, fresh espressoR85.00
MikaelJohnnie Walker black, blue curaçao, pomegranate syrup, lemon juice, soda waterR95.00
Raspberry MojitoBacardi carta blanca, fresh mint, lime, raspberriesR90.00
EtherBombay gin, fresh passionfruit, lemon juice, elderflower, prosecco, aromatic bittersR110.00
AkkaGrey goose vodka, strawberry syrup, rose essence, fresh lime, chocolate bitters, sweet lemonR110.00
TapioKetel one vodka, dry vermouth, colossal olivesR80.00
EeroHendricks gin, martini rosso, raspberry syrup, lemon juiceR105.00
Negroni SbagliatoCampari, martini rosso, proseccoR110.00
The OrchidRon colon rum, Cointreau, orgeat, lime juice, aromatic bittersR100.00
CaipirinhaCachaça, fresh lime, sugarR95.00
KauriWoodford reserve, full cream sherry, pineapple, chili syrup, lemon, chocolate bittersR105.00
RasmusBelvedere vodka, fresh passion fruit, limeR95.00
TanquerayTanqueray gin, cucumber, pineapple, orange, lemonR105.00


CognacPrice (R)
Courvoisier VSR45.00
Martell VSR45.00
Courvoisier VSOPR65.00
Martell VSOPR75.00
Courvoisier XOR195.00
Remy Martin 1738R95.00
Hennessy VSR48.00
Remy Martin VSOPR75.00
Hennessy VSOPR75.00
Remy Martin XOR210.00
Hennessy XOR220.00

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