Uhuru Cafe & Wine Emporium in Polokwane is a fine dining establishment that serves African and European cuisine. It’s the perfect venue for quiet meals with friends and intimate dinners because of its elegant yet tranquil ambiance. The cellar gives a Cape Town vibe to the interior design.

There are many different dishes to pick from, and the food is freshly prepared and well worth the price. Among the delicacies you must taste are the tempura, chicken salad, and oxtail. The Warwick 1st Lady Chardonnay is a fantastic option for mixed drinks.

The institution offers several soft drink options, such as Sprite, Fanta, and Coke. With a wide choice of domestic and foreign wines to pick from, the wine selection is equally outstanding.

Although there are moments when the service is slow, the personnel is accommodating and kind. To guarantee a good seat, it is advisable to make reservations in advance. Plenty of secure parking is available, and the building is in a lovely, quiet neighborhood.

Uhuru Cafe & Wine Emporium is a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy a satisfying lunch with loved ones. Live music performances and a lovely inside and outdoor seating space are some of its unique characteristics.

Picked for You

ItemPrice (R)
Egg RoyaleR94.00
Pollo Al FornoR136.00
Batter HakeR121.00
Chicken Caesar SaladR106.00
Mushroom and Bacon ScrambleR81.00

Uhuru Breakfast Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Uhuru Health CrunchR75.00
Uhuru BreakfastR121.00
Mushroom and Bacon Scramble (Breakfast)R81.00
Egg Royale (Breakfast)R94.00
Egg FlorentineR78.00
Smoked Haddock Benini 88R101.00
Spicy LiversR90.00

Uhuru Salads & Bowls

ItemPrice (R)
Greek SaladR86.00
Chicken Caesar Salad (Salads and Bowls)R106.00
Uhuru Chicken SaladR113.00
Smoked Salmon or Trout SaladR111.00

Uhuru Handhelds

ItemPrice (R)
Prego UhuruR99.00
Open Smoked Salmon/Trout and AvoR103.00
Toasted Ciabatta SandwichR99.00
Toasted TramazziniR118.00
Mexican Chicken WrapR91.00

Uhuru Grills & Specialty Items

ItemPrice (R)
T-Bone and Chips 300gR202.00
Grilled Lamb Chops 350gR213.00
Steak and Chips 200gR159.00
Salmon / Trout TeriyakiR219.00
Trout TeriyakiR219.00
Batter Hake (Grill and Speciality)R121.00

Uhuru Sauces

ItemPrice (R)
Balsamic Onion and Garlic CreamR22.00
White Wine Red Pepper CreamR22.00
Cajun RockfordR22.00

Uhuru Burgers

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken BurgerR108.00
The Real BurgerR108.00
The Uhuru BurgerR131.00

Uhuru Pasta

ItemPrice (R)
Pasta LocoR121.00
Pasta De Salmon / TroutR152.00
Pollo Al Forno (Pasta)R136.00

Uhuru Sides Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Onion RingsR18.00
Hand-Cut ChipsR28.00
Parmesan MashR29.00
Roasted VegetablesR32.00
Greek Salad (Sides)R40.00
Garden SaladR29.00
Calamata OlivesR18.00

Uhuru Smoothies

ItemPrice (R)
Berry SmodikR53.00
Vitamin BlastR55.00
Mango MambaR48.00
Coco BerryR55.00

Uhuru Cakes

ItemPrice (R)
Cheese CakeR45.00
Red VelvetR45.00
Carrot CakeR45.00

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