Café del Sol Classico has become a beloved local and worldwide destination for those seeking excellent Italian cuisine since it opened in June 2007. It’s a happy place where love and laughter mix with alluring flavors and scents, and discussions flow as naturally as the wine.

Every visitor is impacted by Classico’s enchantment, which makes them feel comfortable, at ease, and honestly cared for—The mother of all the town’s top Italian eateries. Café del Sol Classico is South Africa’s leading Italian restaurant.

This restaurant is unique because it serves delicious Italian food in a classic, elegant setting. When guests walk into Café del Sol Classico, they are welcomed by a cozy, rustic ambiance that brings to mind the Italian countryside. The classic and timeless design gives visitors the impression that they have traveled back in time. There are a ton of perfectly prepared traditional Italian dishes on the menu.

The restaurant’s famous bruschetta, which is served with properly toasted bread, luscious tomatoes, aromatic basil, and a drizzle of rich olive oil, is a great way to start the dinner. Enjoy a mix of fresh seafood, including juicy prawns, sensitive mussels, and delicate calamari, all soaked in a delectable sauce, in the main dish, Frutti Di Mare, a seafood lover’s dream.

Next, have a traditional Margherita pizza, which has a thin, crispy crust and is topped with bright tomato sauce, luscious mozzarella, and aromatic basil leaves. And pick from a variety of delectable Italian sweets for a sweet ending.

Café del Sol Classico is the ideal location for a family get-together or romantic meal because of its classic Italian food, timeless ambiance, and flawless service. Visit the most excellent Italian restaurant that South Africa has to offer!

Featured Items

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Parmesan Crusted Chicken SaladR 230,00
Lamb RackR 420,00
Pizza MargheritaR 182,00
Nonna’s RaguR 235,00
Seafood RisottoR 384,00
Gnocchi RaguR 245,00

Most Popular

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Sesame Stir FryR 228,00
Gorgonzola GnocchiR 235,00
Black Sesame SalmonR 420,00

Carpaccio and Starters

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken LiversR 150,00
Beetroot CarpaccioR 160,00
Springbok CarpaccioR 210,00
Smoked Salmon CarpaccioR 210,00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Seafood RisottoR 384,00
Nonna’s RaguR 235,00
Gnocchi RaguR 245,00
Gnocchi PestoR 220,00
Porcini RisottoR 250,00
Gorgonzola GnocchiR 235,00
Creamy Chicken PastaR 228,00
Chorizo PastaR 235,00
AlfredoR 235,00
Oxtail RisottoR 290,00
Carbonara PastaR 220,00
Spicy Beef Fillet PastaR 290,00
Aurora GnocchiR 190,00
Al-Salmone VodkaR 235,00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Porcini ChickenR 325,00
Stuffed CalamariR 254,00
Beef WellingtonR 420,00
Chicken Sesame Stir FryR 228,00
Black Sesame SalmonR 420,00
Balsamico Beef FilletR 399,00
Lamb RackR 420,00
Pork BellyR 340,00
Brandy Peppercorn FilletR 399,00

Deserts (Served Per Slice)

Menu ItemPrice (R)
PavlovaR 125,00
Cheese CakeR 120,00
Chocolate TartR 125,00
Chocolate CakeR 115,00

Soft Drinks

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Cream Soda 330mlR 30,00
Coke 330mlR 35,00
Ice Tea Peach 330mlR 35,00
Grapetiser Red 275mlR 40,00
Fanta 330mlR 30,00
Ice Tea Lemon 330mlR 35,00
Appletiser 275mlR 40,00
Coke Lite 330mlR 30,00
Sparkling Water 1LR 75,00
Still Water 1LR 75,00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Parmesan Crusted Chicken SaladR 230,00
Roasted Butternut & Goats Cheese SaladR 188,00
Smoked Salmon SaladR 240,00
Caprese ModernoR 205,00
Bacon, Pear & Gorgonzola SaladR 240,00

Pizzas Traditional (Tomato and Mozzarella Base)

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Pizza MargheritaR 182,00
Pizza ChorizoR 230,00
Pizza GrecaR 215,00
Pizza ParmaR 230,00
Pizza Gorgonzola & PearR 208,00
Pizza SalsicciaR 230,00
Pizza SicilianaR 230,00
Pizza PolloR 230,00
Pizza BologneseR 230,00
Pizza ContadinoR 230,00
Pizza Quattro StagioniR 273,00
Pizza EspaniaR 235,00
Pizza ModernoR 220,00
Pizza ReginaR 220,00
Pizza Salami & PepperoniR 230,00
Pizza Chi ChiR 230,00

Pizza Bianca (Mozzarella base, no tomato)

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Focaccia TradizionaleR 143,00
Focaccia GorgonzolaR 195,00
Focaccia FormaggioR 163,00

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