Thunder Gun Steakhouse first opened its doors in 1968. For over 50 years, they’ve offered great food, friendly and efficient service, and excellent value for money. The legacy lives on today, as Thunder Gun Steakhouse maintains a remarkably devoted clientele of discriminating diners seeking a cozy setting and a delicious meal at an affordable price.

Whether this is your first time visiting the Thunder Gun or you’ve been going for 50 years, you can always count on a warm greeting and a contented, joyful departure! Their ingredients are selected locally from the most significant vendors, all under the supervision of their head chef.

Every beef cut is painstakingly prepared and cooked to absolute perfection. They care for their friends, and their customers have become their friends. Over the past forty years, the Thunder Gun menu has not altered much since it hasn’t needed to (many generations of happy patrons can’t be incorrect). Still, they have a fantastic assortment of seasonal specials for the gastro-adventurer.

Famous for its irresistible steaks, ribs, and burgers (maybe the best in town), Thunder Gun also serves delicious chicken, fish, and other starters and desserts. Pick between the lively ambiance of their bar, the pleasant breeze on their covered outdoor terrace, or the restaurant’s activity.

In addition, the Thunder Gun has a carvery option on weekends, a carvery special called “Monday Madness,” and a very well-liked Tuesday lunch for retirees. Additional special offers are frequently listed on the board within the restaurant.

Thunder Gun Quick Draw Starters

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Crumbed MushroomsSucculently fresh, crumbed to perfection.R95.95
Chicken WingsDeep fried until golden brown, spicy, plain, or Grilled in our unique bastingR107.95
Potato SkinsPotato wedges topped with melted cheese and bacon.R94.95
Halloumi CheeseCrumbed halloumi served with spicy pepper jellyR68.95
Jalapeño PoppersJalapeños filled with cream cheese and rolled in bacon.R82.95
Prawn CocktailFresh ocean prawns and avocado on lettuce, topped with our cocktail sauceR145.95
Creamy Garlic PrawnsSix Prawns served in a creamy garlic sauce, topped with cheddar cheeseR152.95
CalamariDeep fried until golden brown, spicy, plain, or Grilled in our unique bastingR142.95
Garlic SnailsSix sizzling snails served in garlic butter sauce or a creamy garlic sauceR125.95
Roquefort SnailsSix sizzling snails served in a creamy Roquefort sauceR145.95
Crumbed Mushrooms (2nd)Succulently fresh and crumbed to perfectionR101.95
Halloumi & Prawn KebabCubes of halloumi and whole prawns with garlic butter and pepper jellyR160.95
Chicken LiversTender pan-fried livers, either peri-peri or mildR92.95
Chicken Wings (2nd)Deep fried until golden brown, spicy, plain, or Grilled in our special bastingR116.95
Potato Skins (2nd)Potato wedges topped with melted cheese and baconR101.95
Halloumi Cheese (2nd)Crumbed halloumi served with spicy pepper jellyR72.95

Thunder Gun Outlaw Salads

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
French SaladTraditional all the wayR80.95
Greek SaladDanish feta and olives form a friendly combinationR118.95
Roquefort SaladIt’s true blue cheese!R146.95
Chicken SaladChicken with feta & avocado.R135.95
Bacon & Avo SaladFresh garden salad topped with bacon, avo, and cheddar cheeseR135.95

Thunder Gun Steak Specialties

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Amour FilletTangy cheddar fillingR271.95
Boston FilletIt is covered with a creamy Danish FetaR275.95
Jalapeno FilletFresh jalapenos in a spicy sauce.R263.95
Cajun SirloinCovered with a creamy Danish FetaR203.95
Rubbed SirloinRubbed with mustard seeds, rosemary, coarse salt and black pepperR178.95
Camembert RumpCovered with a whole fried camembert.R262.95
Roquefort RumpBacon and roquefort cheese sauce.R248.95

Thunder Gun Spare Ribs

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Lone Ranger 1kgBadder than Leroy Brown.R443.95
Billy The Kid 600gQuicker than the doc holiday.R346.95
Mary Lou’s 300gBabe with an attitudeR236.95
Beef Spare Ribs (800g)All real beefR370.95

Thunder Gun Chicken

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken Peri-Peri FullNot for the faint-hearted.R224.95
Chicken Peri-Peri HalfFor the not-so-hungry.R167.95
Chicken SchnitzelFillets so tender, crumbed golden brown, and served with your choice of sauce.R186.95
Cordon BleuHam & cheese wrapped in chicken fillet, deep-fried & topped with cheese sauceR190.95

Thunder Gun Seafood

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Full Hake & ChipsTwo choice hake fillets served grilled or fried with chips and tartar sauce.R192.95
Lady’s Hake & ChipsLady’s Hake & ChipsR140.95

Thunder Gun Rump

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
200g Gourmet Cut RumpRich in flavor. All steaks are flame-grilled super AAA-grade slow-aged beef. Cooked in traditional bastingR196.95
300g Super RumpA cut above the rest. All steaks are flame-grilled super AAA grade slow-aged beef. Cooked in traditional bastingR245.95
500g Big Chief RumpFor the hearty eater. All steaks are flame-grilled super AAA-grade slow-aged beef. Cooked in traditional bastingR321.95

Thunder Gun Sirloin

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
200g Cut for Taste SirloinUnsurpassed for flavor. All steaks are flame-grilled super AAA-grade slow-aged beef. Cooked in traditional bastingR178.95
300g New York Cut SirloinMouthwatering. All steaks are flame-grilled super AAA-grade slow-aged beef. Cooked in traditional bastingR214.95

Thunder Gun Fillet

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
200g Lady’s FilletTasty and tenderR255.95
300g Maxi FilletMelt in your mouthR325.95

Thunder Gun T-Bones

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
300g Mini T-BoneFor the smaller appetiteR202.95
500g Super T-BoneFillet and sirloin on the boneR303.95
800g Mega T-BoneOnly for the super-hungryR394.95

Thunder Gun Lamb Chops

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
400g Lamb ChopsGrilled to perfectionR329.95

Thunder Gun Big Gun Burgers

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
The Gun BurgerThe colt 45 of burgers. 180g caliberR135.95
Monkey GunTasty monkey gland sauce topping. 180g caliberR156.95
Garlic Gun BurgerGarlic sauce topping. 180g caliberR156.95
Pepper Gun BurgerPepper sauce topping. 180g caliberR156.95
Mushroom Gun BurgerMushroom sauce topping. 180g caliberR156.95
Chicken GunWith a sauce of your choice. 180g caliberR156.95
Bacon & Avo Gun BurgerBacon & avo topping. 180g caliberR168.95
Bacon & Cheese Gun BurgerBacon & cheese sauce. 180g caliberR168.95
Vaquero GunReally hot stuff!! 180g caliberR156.95
Cheese Gun BurgerCheesy sauce topping. 180g caliberR156.95
Bacon & Crackle Gun BurgerBacon & egg topping. 180g caliberR168.95
Whizz Gun BurgerGrated spicy cheese sauce. 180g caliberR168.95
Hawaiian Gun BurgerBacon & pineapple topping. 180g caliberR168.95
Cheddar Gun BurgerGrated cheddar cheese. 180g caliberR156.95
Beyond BurgerFor The VegetarianR162.95

Thunder Gun Steak Rolls

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Original Steak Roll150g of lean and mean FilletR188.95
Sauced Fillet Steak RollWith a sauce of your choice, even tastierR212.95

Thunder Gun Flank Riders

ItemPrice (R)
Garlic & Cheddar RollR42.95
Garlic RollR28.95
Veggies Of The Dayfrom R52.95

Thunder Gun Kiddies Munchies

ItemPrice (R)
Kids Ribs & ChipsR118.95
Kids Steak & ChipsR84.95
Kids Vienna’s & ChipsR41.95
Kiddies CarveryR93.95
Vienna & ChipsR44.95
Kids Fish Fingers & ChipsR48.95
Kids Chicken Strips & ChipsR58.95
Kids Chicken Burger & ChipsR82.95
Kids Beef Cheddar Burger & ChipsR88.95
Kids Chicken Burger & ChipsR79.95

Thunder Gun Sweet Surrender

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Peppermint Crisp SundaePeppermint crisp and caramelR56.95
Crème BrûléeDouble cream crack the topR39.95
Chocolate BrownieWith dark chocolate sauce and nutsR58.95
Chocolate MousseChoc-a-cholic’s dreamR41.95
Bar-One Ice CreamOnly for those who are extra sweetR45.95
Volcano CakeMolten chocolate-filled Belgian cakeR49.95
Sticky Toffee PuddingSinfully delicious!R40.95
Italian KissesChocolate-covered hazelnut ice creamR42.95
Strawberry Cheese CakeFridge cheesecakeR48.95

Thunder Gun Pub Lunch Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Kebab 200g & ChipsR88.95
Pork Chops and Mash (2 Piece)R106.95
Pork Chops and Mash (1 Piece)R69.95
Steak, Egg and ChipsR86.95
Chicken Strips and ChipsR85.95
Liver, Onions and MashR74.95
Fish & ChipsR72.95
Curry & RiceR89.95
Bangers & MashR65.95
Chicken Schnitzel and ChipsR66.95

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