Hello Food Lovers! If you are searching for The Pantry Menu, then your search ends here, because we have compiled the complete menu of The Pantry with updated prices, sourced directly from the official website of The Pantry in South Africa.

The pantry menu includes Pantry favorites, breakfast, bakery items, classics, salads, Artisan sandwiches, wraps, mains, kids’ items, sweets, sides, freezos, smoothies, and hot and cold drinks.

All the items are prepared from fresh ingredients. The staff is friendly and well-mannered. The taste is great. The service is fast. The decoration is unique. The prices are affordable.

The Pantry favorites include Smashed Avocado On Toasted Artisan Bread With Fresh Lemon & Coriander, Hash Brown Bacon, Creamy Wild Mushrooms, Shakshuka, Courgette & Potato Hash Brown Salmon, Smoked Salmon Trout On Rye, and Nics Mix, ranging in price from R83 to R127.

The mains include Coriander Chicken Breast, Halloumi (Vegetarian), Chicken Livers, Chicken Pie, Aubergine Parmigiano, Penne Picante, Pulled Pork Nachos, Beef Carpaccio & Capers, and others, ranging in price from R94 to R149.

Pantry Favorites

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Smashed Avocado On Toasted Artisan Bread With Fresh Lemon & CorianderR83
Hash Brown BaconR109
Creamy Wild MushroomsR115
Courgette & Potato Hash Brown SalmonR127
Smoked Salmon Trout On RyeR119
Nics MixR101


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Apple Crumble OatsR85
Creamy Chia OatsR102
Seasonal Fruit BowlR88

From Our Bakery

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Gypsy Ham CroissantR93
Creamy Scrambled Free-Range Eggs & Bacon CroissantR96
Mozzarella Basil Pesto Tomato & Rocket CroissantR94
Bran MuffinR58
Scone With ButterR67
Banana BreadR85
Chocolate Brownie – Wheat FreeR44
Carrot Cake SliceR62
Baked Cheese Cake SliceR70
Chocolate Cake SliceR54
Chocolate Caramel ShortbreadR44
Lemon Chiffon Cake SliceR58


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Traditional English BreakfastR98
Eggs Benedict Free-Range Poached EggsR115
Salmon Eggs Benedict Free-Range Poached EggsR146
Creamy Scrambled Free-Range EggsR94
Slow Braised MinceR115
The Pantry FeastR156
Green GenieR101


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Cajun Chicken SaladR122
Pantry SaladR115
Caesar SaladR115
Marinated Zucchini SaladR101
Broccoli Apple & Walnut SaladR101

Artisan Sandwiches

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Roast Chicken & House-Made Garlic Herb Mayo SandwichR98
Gypsy Ham Mild Cheese & Tomatoes SandwichR98
Slow-roasted beef Rocket & Caramelised Onion With Cheddar Cheese SandwichR106
Crunchy Tuna Melt With Tropical Chilli Relish SandwichR106
Bacon & Egg SandwichR98
Bacon Jam ToastieR114


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Roasted Butternut & Lentil With Basil Pesto & Feta WrapR98
Chicken & Mango With Fresh Spinach WrapR115
Mediterranean Beef WrapR115
Deep-fried cauliflower WrapR98
Butternut & Lentil WrapR99


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Coriander Chicken BreastR136
Halloumi (Vegetarian)R136
Chicken LiversR101
Chicken PieR136
Aubergine ParmigianoR112
Traditional 100% Beef BurgerR143
Bun-Less With Grilled Aubergine & Black Mushroom BurgerR149
Penne Pasta With Roasted TomatoR94
Penne PicanteR124
Pulled Pork NachosR101
Beef Carpaccio & CapersR136
Smoked Salmon Trout PastaR136
Bacon & Tomato Quiche & saladR94
Spinach & Feta Quiche & SaladR94


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Greek Style SaladR60
Potato ChipsR46
Sweet Potato ChipsR46
Zucchini Parmesan FriesR49
Leafy Greens & Mixed Herb Salad With Toasted Almonds & The Pantry VinaigretteR55

Kids Menu

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Kids Scrambled Free-Range Egg On ToastR49
Kids Flapjacks With Crispy Bacon & Golden SyrupR49
Kids Crunchy Chicken Strips & ChipsR62
Pancakes With Cinnamon SugarR49
Kids Milkshake 350mlR41

The Sweeter Side

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Fluffy Buttermilk PancakesR88
French ToastR109

Hot Drinks

BeveragePrice (R)
Flat White DoubleR36
Caffe LatteR36
Hot Chocolate The Pantry’s TraditionalR36
Teafrom R36


ItemPrice (R)
Freezo’s (500ml)R55


SmoothiePrice (R)
Morning SmoothieR49
Berry SmoothieR49
Raw SmoothieR49
Green Mamba SmoothieR59

Raw Juices

Raw JuicePrice (R)
Orange Raw JuiceR55
Green Raw JuiceR55
Red Raw JuiceR55
Pure Orange Raw JuiceR55
Pineapple Raw JuiceR55

Cold Drinks

BeveragePrice (R)
Iced CoffeeR46
Tizers 330mlR39
300ml Soft DrinkR36
BOS Ice Tea 330mlR43
Doubleshot Craft Iced TeaR49
Waterfrom R28

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