The Codfather is one of South Africa’s top chains of specialized restaurants. Their outstanding staff members take great satisfaction in providing their customers with an experience they won’t soon forget, thanks to their meticulous attention to detail.

Every venue displays its unique culture and atmosphere while adjusting to the neighborhood, setting, and community that it serves. Midrand’s Codfather Waterfall is a fine seafood restaurant with a fantastic dining experience.

One excellent feature is the fresh fish counter, where you may select your seafood to be perfectly grilled. The bar’s excellent whisky selection and reasonably priced wine enhance the lavish atmosphere. The wait service is polite and competent, and the food is excellent and reasonably priced.

Highlights include the prawn curry and truffle sole and the crème brulee dessert. The only drawback is that booze is expensive, so two weeks before payday is not the most fantastic time to visit. The Codfather Waterfall is a top-notch seafood restaurant that everyone seeking an opulent dining experience should check out.

Breakfast Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Homemade GranolaToasted oats, nuts, and fruit, topped with yogurt, fresh seasonal fruit, and honeyR85.00
Oats & FruitSlow-cooked oats with fresh fruit, honey, and steamed milkR85.00
CroissantsFreshly baked croissant served with butter and jamR48.00
OmeletHouse omelet with two slices of toast and a choice of any two fillings: Cheddar cheese, Tomato, Bacon, Mushrooms, Spinach, OnionsR80.00
Chef’s BreakfastTwo eggs, bacon, grilled tomato, sautéed mushrooms, toast, and a choice between pork banger, lamb, or beef sausageR95.00
Eggs BenedictTwo poached eggs served on toast of your choice with hollandaise sauceFrom R70.00
Smoked Salmon & Scrambled EggsSmoked salmon, capers, cream cheese, and onion served on a toasted croissant.R90.00

Breakfast Sides

Add-OnPrice (R)
Cheddar cheeseR25.00
Lamb sausageR35.00
Beef sausageR35.00

Fish Menu

FishPrice per KG (R)
Calamari HeadR600.00
Calamari Tubes & HeadsR600.00
Calamari TubesR600.00
Crab ClawR1,950.00
Crayfish TailR2,400.00
Mussels FreshR500.00
Red SnapperR900.00
Rock Cod FilletR1,050.00
Norwegian Salmon FilletR1,070.00
Silver FishR900.00
East Coast SoleR700.00
Tuna FilletR900.00
King PrawnsR900.00
Tiger Giant PrawnsR1,500.00
Scallop EachR850.00
White BaitR1,005.00
Whole FishR650.00


AppetizerDescriptionPrice (R)
Soup of the dayAsk the waitronR65.00
Seafood soupPrawn bisque, Tom Yum paste, and tomato base with fresh steamed mussels, line fish, and prawnsR125.00
Feta & parmesan stuffed calamariBaby calamari tubes stuffed with feta, parmesan cheese, and fresh oregano. Served with basil pesto on a lightly spiced tomato cream sauceR95.00
West coast musselsFresh Saldanha Bay mussels steamed in white wine, garlic, celery, and onion. Cream optionalR100.00
Prawn bakeSix small prawns pan-fried in garlic and olive oil, then baked with melted mozzarella & cheddar cheese sauce.R140.00
Prawn surpriseFive grilled prawns, served with rice and a creamy garlic, leak, and celery sauceR140.00
The Codfather avocado ritzBaby leaves, poached prawns, and avocado, with the Codfather’s classic tangy dressingR125.00
West coast oystersSix cultivated medium oysters. Served with Tabasco, lemon, and cracked black pepperR210.00
Wild oystersSix wild oysters from Mossel Bay. Served with Tabasco, lemon, and cracked black pepperR240.00
Steamed crabCrab claws steamed with celery, onion, leek, garlic, white wine, and soy sauce.R115.00


Seafood Main DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Fish and chipsFish served with hand-cut fries and homemade tartar sauce. Order it grilled or deep-friedR195.00
Baby calamari (250g)Falklands baby calamari grilled or deep-fried, served with tartar sauceR175.00
Norwegian salmonFillet of fresh Norwegian salmon, served with homemade teriyaki sauceR265.00
Fillet of kingklipGrilled fillet of Cape kingklip, served with fresh herb butterR225.00
Baby Kingklip on the Bone380 grams baby kingklip, grilled with lemon butter and served with steamed vegetablesR340.00
PangasiusFreshwater fish fillet from Southern Asia served with an orange and ginger ponzu sauce.R185.00
Tuna steakSesame-seared Cape tuna is served with tomato salsa, soy, ginger, and honey sauce.R195.00
Prawns Mozambique-StyleTen queen prawns grilled to perfection in a chili, garlic, lemon, and olive oil sauceR315.00
Prawns Mozambique-Style with calamariFive queen prawns with grilled calamariR260.00
Seafood platter (for 2)Grilled baby calamari, line fish, queen prawns (4), langoustines (2), and steamed mussels. Served on a bed of savory rice.R750.00
Fishmonger platter (for 2)Calamari, line fish, crayfish (grilled or thermidor), king prawns (6), langoustines (2), mussels, and ice crab claws. Served on a bed of savory rice.R1,600.00
East coast SoleEast Coast sole grilled with lemon butter sauce.R220.00

Carnivore Menu

Meat Main DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Beef TrinchadoBeef cubes cooked in red wine, garlic, and chili beef stockR155.00
OXTAILSlow-cooked in red wine, tomato, onion, carrots, and celery. Served with mashed potato.R300.00
Sticky pork ribsSucculent marinated BBQ ribs, grilled in our Josper ovenR250.00
Half chickenChicken char-grilled in our charcoal oven. Order it with peri-peri or lemon & herb sauce.R185.00
Lamb shankSlow-braised with red wine, leek, carrot, onion, celery, and fresh herbs. Served with mashed potatoR300.00
Lamb cutletsThree lamb cutlets, grilled in our Josper ovenR250.00
Codfather Fillet steak special250g of sliced fillet, served with creamed spinach, sautéed mushrooms, roasted baby potatoes, and topped with mushroom or pepper sauceR235.00
Steak saucesChoose from a variety of steak saucesFrom R38.00
Meat Platter OneHalf Chicken (Peri-Peri / Lemon & Herb / BBQ) Half Portion Of Ribs Full Rump steak 2x Lamb chops Roasted Baby PotatoesR695.00
Meat Platter Two250g Rump Steak 2× Portions of Chicken Wings (Peri-Peri / Lemon & Herb / BBQ) Half Portion of Ribs 2 Lamb chops Roasted Baby PotatoesR595.00
Meat Platter Three250g Rump Steak 2× Portions of Chicken Wings (Peri-Peri / Lemon & Herb / BBQ) 4x Lamb chops Roasted Baby PotatoesR595.00
Rump steak (250g)250g of Rump steakR205.00
Beef fillet (250g)250g of Beef filletR225.00
T-bone (450g)450g of T-boneR285.00
Add four queen prawns to your meat order.Four queen prawnsR100.00

Side Orders

Side DishPrice (R)
ButternutFrom R40.00
Creamed spinachFrom R40.00
Green saladFrom R40.00
Hand-cut friesFrom R40.00
Mash PotatoFrom R40.00
Savory riceFrom R40.00
Steamed vegFrom R40.00
Stir-fry vegFrom R40.00
Sautéed mushroomsFrom R40.00
Steamed spinachFrom R40.00
Steamed broccoliFrom R40.00
Sliced tomato and red onionFrom R40.00
Rocket and parmesan saladFrom R40.00
Roasted baby potatoesFrom R40.00


ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
OXTAILSlow-cooked with tomato, onion, celery, carrots, and red wine, served with mashed potato.R300.00

Pasta & Rice Dishes

DishDescriptionPrice (R)
Prawn LinguiniPrawns, garlic, chili, baby tomato, basil, and olive oil, served with linguini egg pasta.R210.00
Angry Prawn PennePrawns are sautéed in garlic, chilies, olive oil, and basil. Served with penne pastaR210.00
Seafood PastaLine fish, prawns, calamari, and mussels in a rich Neapolitan sauce with a pasta of your choiceR250.00
Spaghetti Bolognaise/MeatballsHomemade beef meatballs/mince served with Neapolitan sauce and pasta of your choice.R180.00
Chicken and Bacon CarbonaraCrispy bacon and pan-fried chicken breast in a rich and creamy egg-based sauce. Best with fettucciniR190.00
Prawn RisottoArborio rice is slow-cooked with prawns, spinach, and parmesan cheese. Served with a tomato and cucumber salsaR165.00
Paella (For Two)Saffron-scented imported Spanish Bomba rice with prawns, calamari, mussels, chicken, pork chorizo (optional), roasted red peppers, and green peas. (Half portion available)R600.00
Seafood CurryPrawns, kingklip, and mussels cooked in a coconut, masala, and coriander sauce. Served with rice, mint yogurt, tomato salsa, homemade fruit chutney, and a papadumR225.00

Vegetarian & Vegan Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Four Bean Curry (VE)Borlotti, black, white, and red kidney beans in fresh coriander, tomato, citrus, and coconut milk curry sauce. Served with basmati riceR160.00
Indian Vegetable Curry and Rice (VE)Masala-based veg and potato curry served with basmati rice, sambals, and papadum.R135.00


SaladDescriptionPrice (R)
Codfather (V)Feta, olives, avocado, boiled egg, fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and onion. Served with a lemon and thyme dressingR110.00
Green (VE)Baby spinach, baby salad leaves, yellow and red cocktail tomatoes, cucumber, radish, and red onion, with a lemon & parsley vinaigretteR75.00
Smoked SalmonCapers, avocado, cucumber, red onion, baby spinach, and salad leaves, with a dill & lemon dressingR165.00
Grilled ChickenJosper grilled chicken breast slices with roasted red peppers, feta, avocado, red onion, cucumber, tomato, and lettuce with a lemon & thyme dressing.R180.00
CalamariFlash-fried baby calamari tubes in soy, chili, garlic, and deep-fried calamari heads served with baby tomatoes, rocket leaves, parmesan shavings, roasted red peppers, and papaya. Served with a chili & lime dressingR150.00

Kids (Under 12’s) Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Spaghetti BolognaiseR85.00
Fish fingers and chipsR85.00
Chicken strips and chipsR85.00
Mini hamburger and chipsR95.00
BBQ chicken wings and chipsR85.00


DessertDescriptionPrice (R)
Crème bruleeLemon and thyme infused custard dessert served with a poppy seed shortbread.R85.00
Malva puddingBaked dessert with homemade custard, tangerine white chocolate truffle, and candied orange peelR90.00
WaffleBelgian-style waffles baked fresh with maple syrup and served with cream, ice cream, and fruit.R85.00
AffogatoVanilla ice cream served with a shot of espresso and chocolate chip shortbread.R85.00
Chocolate fondantOrange-scented chocolate fondant with homemade vanilla ice cream and berry syrupR95.00
Ice DreamsGo to the deli fridges to taste our wide selection of made-on-the-premises Ice creams and Sorbets, or order from your waiter. Add your favorite toppings or chocolate sauces, and ask about the alcoholic ice cream options.R35.00
Cake of the dayChoose from our daily selection of homemade cakes. Don’t forget to ask your waiter about our selection of cake pops, brownies, macarons, and cupcakes, and remember to order a specialty cake for your following function.R70.00
Homemade chocolatesOur homemade chocolates and truffles are available with your choice of specialty coffees or assorted teas. Or choose a few of your favorite chocolates to take home…R20.00

Sushi Starters

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Panko Prawns 3pcPanko tempura king prawns served with a sweet mayo dipping sauce.R140.00
CRAB LOLLIPOPS 3PCCrab lollipops served with a sweet mayo sauce.R170.00
HALF AND HALF FRIED RICEPanko fried stuffed with salmon, cream cheese, pepper, red onion topped with smashed avo, salmon tartare, drizzled with honey wasabi mayo served with citrus ponzu sauce.R140.00

Chef Specialties

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Spider roll Futomaki 6pcPanko soft shell crab, tuna tartare, cream cheese, red pepper, avocado, lettuce, and cucumber topped with deluxe sauce, eel sauce, and scallions.R180.00
Tarantula Califonia 4pcPanko soft shell crab, cream cheese, cucumber, and red pepper topped with cajun seared salmon, salmon, and linefish drizzled with eel sauce, and tempura flakes.R150.00
Deep fried califonia 4pcAlaskan crab, cream cheese, avocado tempura fried topped with deluxe sauce, eel sauce, and scallions.R120.00
Volcano Roll maki Futo maki 6pcAlaskan crab, cream cheese, avocado tempura fried topped with tuna tartare, wasabi mayo drizzled with eel sauce and tempura flakes.R160.00
Cajun seared Tuna Tartar 4pcRed pepper avocado topped with cajun seared tuna drizzled with dynamite and eel sauce.R150.00
Panko soft shell crab, cream cheese, cucumber, and red pepper topped with cajun seared salmon, salmon, and linefish drizzled with eel sauce and tempura flakes.Steamed prawn, avocado, and salmon roll deep-fried in tempura batter, topped with sweet mayo, eel sauce, tobiko, and scallions.R180.00
Salmon and prawn deluxe 4pcSpicy salmon cucumber topped with smashed avocado, tempura prawn deluxe sauce, tobiko, and chives.R160.00
Caterpillar 4pcTempura prawn and cream cheese, topped with avocado, deluxe sauce, eel sauce, and sesame seeds.R140.00
Tempura Prawns 3pcPanko tempura King prawns are served with a dipping sweet mayo sauce.R140.00
DIRECTORS ROLL VEG 6PCTempura-fried sweet potato, cream cheese, avocado, red pepper, cucumber, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds topped with sweet mayo and fried rice noodles.R150.00

Sushi Salads

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Seared Salmon and AvocadoCucumber and sunflower seeds topped with mayo and fried rice noodles.R130.00
Spicy Seared Tuna and AvocadoCucumber and sunflower seeds topped with dynamite sauce.R130.00

Sushi Platters

PlatterDescriptionPrice (R)
Salmon Platter 17pc3pc Salmon roses, 2pc Salmon nigiri, 4pc Salmon bamboo, 4pc Salmon rainbow, 4pc Salmon sashimiR400.00
Tuna Platter 17pc3pc Tuna roses, 2pc Tuna nigiri, 4pc Tuna bamboo, 4pc Tuna sashimi, 4pc Chilli tuna rollR400.00
Vegetarian Platter 16pc4pc Veg fashion sandwiches, 2pc Veg inari, 6pc Avo maki, 4pc Veg California rollsR150.00
The Codfather Platter 34pc4pcs strawberry salmon rainbow, 4pc Caterpillar, 6pc Tiger eye, 3pc Salmon roses, 3pc Seared tuna roses, 6pc Assorted sashimi, 2pc Salmon nigiri, 2pc Tuna nigiri, 4pc Rainbow rollR800.00
The Mini Codfather Platter 17pc2pc strawberry salmon rainbow, 2pc Caterpillar, 3pc Tiger eye, 2pc Salmon roses, 1pc Seared tuna rose, 3pc Assorted sashimi, 1pc Salmon nigiri, 1pc Tuna nigiri, 2pc Rainbow rollR400.00
Skye Platter 34pc8pc Dragon roll, 3pc assorted roses, 4pc strawberry rainbow, 5pc assorted nigiri, 6pc tigers eye, 8pc assorted sashimiR900.00
Codfather Fusion Platter 31pc4pc Tarantula, 4pc Tuna Tower, 4pc Caterpillar, 4pc Salmon and Prawn deluxe, 6pc Assorted Sashimi, 6pc Assorted Nigiri, 3pc Salmon rosesR800.00
Salmon and Tuna Combo Platter 24pc4pc Assorted Roses, 4pc Assorted Nigiri, 8pc Salmon and Tuna rainbow roll, 4pc Sashimi, 4pc Cajun Salmon or TunaR750.00

Tapas Menu

CategoryItemPrice (R)
VegetarianHerb & olive oil marinated green and black olivesR50.00
Spinach & feta spanakopita with sweet chili sauceR45.00
Tempura vegetables with soy, honey & ginger sauceR35.00
Grilled halloumi with sweet chili sauceR40.00
Vegetable Spring RollR40.00
Caprese parcels with basil pestoR50.00
FishDeep-fried baby calamari rings with tartar sauceR50.00
Whitebait dusted in seasoned flour and friedR50.00
Baby flash-fried calamari tubes with peri-peri sauceR50.00
Prawn kebab grilled in chili, coriander & limeR60.00
Fish bites fried in beer batter served with tartar sauceR45.00
MeatBeef meatballs in a tomato chili sauceR50.00
Josper grilled chicken wings coated in BBQ sauceR50.00
Chorizo slices pan-fried till crispy.R50.00
Pork riblets Josper grilled in BBQ sauceR50.00
Sticky chicken sesame stripsR55.00
Wok beef: seared rump cubes in an oriental sauceR60.00
Beef, halloumi and tomato kebabsR55.00
Biltong slicesR65.00
Traditional, seasoned boereworsR55.00

Hot Beverages

ItemPrice (R)
Americano CoffeeR30.00
Espresso DblR22.00
Espresso SingleR12.00
Espresso extra shotR12.00
Filter CoffeeR35.00
Decaf. AmericanoR30.00
Decaf. CappuccinoR40.00
Decaf. Filter CoffeeR35.00
Skinny CappuccinoR30.00
Red CappuccinoR30.00
Hot ChocolateR40.00
Café LatteR30.00
Café MochaR42.00
Chai LatteR42.00
White ChocolateR39.00
Spicy ChaiR42.00
Camomile TeaR30.00
Earl Grey TeaR30.00
Five Roses teaR30.00
Green TeaR30.00
Herbal TeaR30.00
Mint TeaR30.00
Peppermint TeaR30.00
Rooibos TeaR30.00
Hot water & fresh lemonR5.00
Hot water, honey & fresh lemonR35.00

Soft Drinks

ItemPrice (R)
Red Bull Energy DrinkR55.00
Red Bull SugarfreeR55.00
Red Bull Red EditionR55.00
Coke lightR35.00
Coke ZeroR35.00
Cream SodaR35.00
Fanta GrapeR35.00
Fanta OrangeR35.00
Lipton Ice tea PeachR45.00
Lipton Ice tea LemonR45.00
Fitch & Leeds Indian TonicR30.00
Sprite 300mlR35.00
Sprite ZeroR35.00
Steel WorksR38.00
Stoney Ginger BeerR35.00
Tomato CocktailR30.00
Kola Tonic and lemonandeR35.00
Kola Tonic and sodaR35.00
Kola Tonic and waterR20.00
Rock ShandyR38.00

Juices & Milkshakes

ItemPrice (R)
Freshly Squeezed Fruit JuiceR55.00
Sir Juice CranberryR45.00
Sir Juice Fruit CocktailR45.00
Sir Juice MangoR45.00
Sir Juice StrawberryR45.00
Sir Juice OrangeR45.00
Normal MilkshakeFrom R60.00
Gourmet MilkshakeR70.00


ItemPrice (R)
Water Sparkling 750mlR45.00
Water Sparkling 250mlFrom R30.00
Water Still 750mlR45.00
Water Still 250mlFrom R30.00

Beers & Ciders

ItemPrice (R)
Amstel LagerR40.00
Black LabelR40.00
Castle FreeR30.00
Castle LagerR30.00
Castle LiteR40.00
Hunters DryR45.00
Hunters GoldR45.00
Ice TropezR120.00
Miller Genuine DraughtR33.00
Windhoek DraughtR50.00
Windhoek LagerR40.00
Hansa PilsnerR30.00
Ice Tropaz Non AlcoholicR110.00
Savanna DryR50.00
Savanna LightR50.00


CategoryItemPrice (R)
Scotch WhiskeyGlenmorangieFrom R60.00
ArdbegFrom R75.00
Benriach 10yrsR50.00
Glendronach 12 yrsR70.00
Monkey ShoulderR50.00
Aberlour 12yrsR83.00
BalvenieFrom R96.00
Ben Nevis 8yrsR88.00
BhunnahabainFrom R70.00
Cardhu 12yrsR65.00
Caol IlaR90.00
Chivas RegalFrom R125.00
Dalwhinnie 15yrsR127.00
Dimple Haig 15yrsR61.00
GlenfiddichFrom R65.00
Glenlivet CipherFrom R65.00
Highland ParkFrom R73.00
Johnnie WalkerFrom R40.00
JuraFrom R68.00
Lagavulin 16yrsR155.00
Laphroaig 10yrsR74.00
Oban 14yrsR120.00
Octomore 5yrsR219.00
Rock Oyster Islay MaltR50.00
Springbank 10yrsR95.00
Talisker 10yrsR90.00
The EpicureanR44.00
The Glenrothes 1998R66.00
The SingletonFrom R55.00
Irish WhiskeyTullamore DewFrom R30.00
Crown RoyalR110.00
JamesonFrom R45.00
Redbeast 12yrsR77.00
Redbeast 15yrsR88.00
American WhiskeyJack Daniels TennesseeR35.00
Gentleman JackR45.00
Jack Daniels Single Barrel SelectR65.00
Woodford ReserveR50.00
Buffalo Trace BourbonR61.00
Knob Creek BourbonR46.00
Makers MarkR50.00
Indian WhiskeyPaul JohnFrom R72.00
Japanese WhiskeyHakushuR330.00
Habiki HarmonyR116.00
Nikka BlackR99.00
Nikka CoffeeR116.00
Nikka Single GrainR105.00
Nikka From the BarrelR116.00
Nikka Miyagikyo NASR105.00
Nikka Pure Malt RedR99.00
Nikka Pure Malt WhiteR99.00
Nikka YoichiR105.00
Chita Suntory SGL GrainR105.00
Yamazaki 12yrsR440.00

Cognac & Spirits

CategoryItemPrice (R)
CognacHennessy VSR115.00
HennessyFrom R115.00
Remy MartinFrom R534.00
Martell VSFrom R506.00
Maxine Trijol XOR451.00
BrandyKlipdrift GoldFrom R45.00
Richelieu 10yrsR35.00
Van Ryn’s 10yrsFrom R65.00
KWV 5yrsFrom R44.00
TequilaEl Jimador ReposadoR55.00
Herradura ReposadoR55.00
Don JulioR110.00
Patron XO CafeFrom R44.00
Jose Cuervo GoldFrom R40.00
VodkaBelvedereFrom R38.00
Ciroc AppleFrom R45.00
Grey GooseR45.00
GinWixworth GinR33.00
Ginifer Joburg DryFrom R40.00
Inverroche AmberFrom R40.00
Musgrave PinkR42.00
Six Dogs BlueFrom R55.00
BeefeaterFrom R40.00
Bombay SapphireR35.00
TanquarayFrom R50.00
Spirits by the BottleAmarulaR650.00
Bull Dogs GinR1,200.00
Beefeater 24R1,200.00
Bombay SapphireR1,050.00
Don JulioR3,280.00
Grants WhiskeyR900.00
Grey Goose VodkaR1,160.00
Hendricks GinR1,650.00
Hennessy BottleFrom R1,720.00
Herradura TequilaR1,650.00
Inverroche ClassicFrom R1,100.00
Belvedere VodkaR1,500.00
J&B WhiskeyR860.00
Jack Daniels WhiskeyR1,050.00
JamesonFrom R1,100.00
Jose Cuervo Gold TequilaFrom R1,200.00
Johnnie Walker Black WhiskeyFrom R1,000.00
Glenlivet 12yrsFrom R3,170.00
Glenmorangie 10 OriginalR1,980.00
Macallan 12yrs WhiskeyR2,250.00
Monkey ShoulderR1,320.00
Remy Martin VSOPR2,900.00
TanquarayFrom R1,170.00
Skyy VodkaR990.00
Makers MarkR1,500.00
Singleton 12yrs WhiskeyFrom R1,650.00


ItemPrice (R)
WGB (Watermelon Gin Bull)R120.00
The Tall WonderR175.00
9th Wonder Of The WorldR150.00
Le CrustaR175.00
Summer Rum PunchR130.00
Kiwi & Coconut CobblerR150.00
Bees KneesR120.00
Aperol SoursR120.00
The BerrioR130.00
Passion SpritzR130.00
Long Island Ice TeaR150.00
Flora DoraR140.00
Summer SplashR105.00
Shaun’s MargaritaR250.00
Flower StudiesR120.00
Dufftown SoursR140.00
Pineapple Ginifer ChilliR105.00
Strawberry DaiquiriR120.00
Apple Mint CosmoR105.00
Pina ColadaR120.00
Glenfiddich HighballR150.00
Remy Martin TumblerR220.00
Strawberry Basil FizzR100.00
Blood Orange Botanist CollinsR160.00
MIMOSA MCCFrom R100.00
Pornstar martiniR150.00

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

ItemPrice (R)
Cherry No-JitoR65.00
Apple & Ginger CrushR65.00


ChampagnePrice (R)
Moet & Chandon Nectar NVR2,500.00
Moet & Chandon Rose NVR2,600.00
Moet & Chandon Brut NVR2,075.00
Billecart Salmon Reserve BrutFrom R2,650.00
Billecart Salmon Brut Rose NVFrom R3,999.00
Cristal Cuvee BrutR14,800.00
Dom Perignon Vintage BrutR10,000.00
Baron Albert BrutR1,560.00
Louis Roederer Brut NVR3,400.00
Mumm- Le RoseFrom R2,380.00
Ruinart Brut NVFrom R2,600.00
Ruinart Brut Rose NVFrom R3,200.00
Taittinger Brut- Prestige RoseFrom R2,500.00
Veuve Clicquot- RoseFrom R3,000.00
Veuve Clicquot-Yellow Label NVFrom R2,300.00
Veuve Clicquot RichR3,100.00
Piaff Rose NvFrom R240.00

Methode Cap Classique

MCCPrice (R)
Ponte Villoni Prosecco Extra DryFrom R125.00
Prosecco CentumFrom R680.00
ValdoFrom R585.00
Pongrᾴcz Noble Nectar (MCC)R485.00
Boschendal Demi Sec NV (MCC)From R120.00
Graham Beck Brut NV (MCC)R590.00
Graham Beck Brut Rose NV (MCC)R590.00
Le Lude Brut Reserve NV (MCC)R1,015.00
Le Lude Rose Reserve NV (MCC)R1,015.00
Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel Brut (MCC)R490.00
Wildekrans Chenin Brut NV (MCC)From R590.00
Wildekrans Rose (MCC)From R590.00
Alvi’s Drift ThornlandsR550.00
Krone NectarFrom R525.00
Boschendal BrutFrom R100.00


Wine NamePrice (R)
Tesselaarsdal ChardonnayR780.00
Hamilton RussellR1,730.00
AslinaFrom R115.00
Plaisir De MerleFrom R130.00
Springfield Methode AncienneR1,050.00
RhebokskloofFrom R115.00
Cape Point Vineyards ChardonnayR570.00
Eikendal JaninaFrom R110.00
Iona Elgin ChardonnayR890.00
Lavo ChardonnayFrom R120.00

Sauvignon Blanc

Wine NamePrice (R)
Ghost CornerR685.00
Saxenburg Private Collection Sauvignon BlancFrom R130.00
Southern RightR435.00
Springfield Life from StoneR360.00
Wildekrans EstateFrom R110.00
Vergelegen ReserveR870.00
Steenberg Sauvignon BlancR420.00
Thelema Sauvignon BlancR300.00
Cape Point Vineyards Sauvignon BlancR365.00
Highberry Sauvignon BlancFrom R130.00
Lavo Sauvignon BlancFrom R120.00

Chenin Blanc

Wine NamePrice (R)
Spier 21 Gables Chenin BlancR725.00
Mulderbosch Steen op HoutR300.00
Raats OriginalFrom R455.00
BabylonstorenFrom R120.00
Cavalli Reserve Chenin BlancFrom R160.00
Wildekrans Barrel Select ReserveR760.00
Ken Forrester FMCR1,830.00
Lavo Chenin BlancFrom R120.00

White Blends

Wine NamePrice (R)
CompagniesdriftFrom R90.00
DMZ MaestroR650.00
Haute Cabriere Chardonnay Pinot NoirFrom R100.00
Kumusha Flame LilyR595.00
Springfield Miss LucyR435.00

International White Wines

Wine NamePrice (R)
Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)R1,600.00
Gustave Lorentz Riesling Reserve (Alsace)R700.00
Mirabeau Rose (Cotes De Provence)R770.00

Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine NamePrice (R)
Cavalli Cabernet SauvignonR640.00
Aslina Cabernet SauvignonFrom R130.00
Rustenburg Peter BarlouwR1,500.00
Springfield Whole berryR550.00
LavoFrom R150.00
Warwick First LadyFrom R105.00
Highberry Cab Sauv


Wine NamePrice (R)
LavoFrom R150.00
Jordan Black MagicFrom R515.00
MeerlustFrom R910.00
MeinertFrom R160.00
Spier Signature RangeFrom R85.00
ThelemaFrom R530.00
Hidden Valley MerlotR520.00
Creation MerlotR650.00


Wine NamePrice (R)
RhebokskloofFrom R100.00
MeinertFrom R200.00
Alvi’s DriftFrom R80.00
Wildekrans Barrel SelectFrom R1,100.00
Wildekrans EstateFrom R335.00

Pinot Noir

Wine NamePrice (R)
Bouchard Finlayson Galpin PeakR1,100.00
Hamilton RussellR1,510.00
Paul Cluver VillageFrom R120.00
Wildekrans Barrel SelectR1,100.00
IONA Pinot NoirR890.00
Tesselaarsdal Pinot NoirR1,600.00

Red Blends

Wine NamePrice (R)
Boschendal NicolasFrom R175.00
Raats Red JasperR755.00
Boekenhoutskloof Chocolate BlockFrom R700.00
Quoin RockR1,310.00
Nederburg The Motorcycle MarvelR585.00
Meerlust RubiconR1,230.00
Rupert & Rothschild ClassiqueFrom R185.00
Meinert SynchronicityR1,200.00
Wildekrans Barrel Select Cape BlendR1,150.00
Bouchard Finlayson HannibalR1,115.00

Shiraz Wines

Wine NamePrice (R)
Peter Falke Signature Alani SyrahR840.00
Saxenburg Private CollectionR775.00
Spier Signature RangeFrom R80.00
Wildekrans EstateFrom R90.00
Rhebokskloof Black Marble HillR905.00

Set Menu One – R400.00

STARTERSChef’s selection of assorted tapas and homemade fresh bread for the table.
MAINSRump steak (250g) – Rosemary scented beef, chargrilled to perfection and served with hand-cut fries and pepper or mushroom sauce.
MAINSRump steak (250g) – Rosemary-scented beef, chargrilled perfectly, with hand-cut fries and pepper or mushroom sauce.
MAINSLine fish of the day – Served with savory rice and a chive and lemon sauce
MAINSPork Ribs – In our special BBQ sauce, served with hand-cut fries
MAINSFour bean curry and rice (VE) – Assorted beans in a fresh coriander, tomato, and a coconut milk curry sauce. Served with basmati rice
MAINSCreamy pasta Verde (V) – Crispy marrow, broccoli, and mange tout served on a bed of creamy fettuccini.
DESSERTSHomemade gelato/sorbet from our deli display

Set Menu Two – R450.00

StartersFish Cakes – Grilled fish cakes made with line fish, smoked salmon, leek, and onion and served with green pea puree and wasabi mayo.
StartersBBQ Chicken Wings – Josper grilled chicken wings in Codfather BBQ sauce.
StartersVeg Spring Rolls – Homemade sweet chili spring rolls.
MainsRump Steak (250g) – Rosemary-scented beef, grilled to perfection and served with hand-cut fries and a choice of pepper or mushroom sauce.
MainsSeared Norwegian Salmon – Fillet of fresh Norwegian salmon served with teriyaki sauce, green beans, and roasted baby potatoes.
MainsHalf Chicken – Chargrilled half chicken (peri-peri or lemon & herb) served with hand-cut fries.
MainsPork Spare Ribs – In the famous BBQ sauce, served with hand-cut fries.
MainsSeafood Plate – Grilled linefish of the day, two queen prawns, and baby calamari. Served with savory rice and side sauces.
MainsVegetable Curry and Rice (VE) – Prepared in an Indian curry mix, served with basmati, sambals, and papadum.
MainsCreamy Pasta Verde (V) – Crispy marrow, broccoli, and mange tout served on a bed of creamy fettuccini.
DessertsHomemade Gelato/Sorbet from our deli display.
DessertsMalva Pudding – With homemade custard, tangerine white chocolate truffle, and candied orange peel.
DessertsCrème Brulee – Lemon and thyme-infused custard dessert served with a poppy seed shortbread.

Set Menu Three – R550.00

StartersChef’s Selection of Tapas and Assorted Sushi Boards for the Table.
MainsPrime Rib – On the bone, grilled to perfection and served with steamed vegetables, potato wedges, and mushroom jalapeno sauce.
MainsLamb Cutlets – Grilled to perfection, served on a bed of creamed baby potatoes and steamed vegetables.
MainsSeafood Platter – Grilled line fish of the day, two king prawns, a langoustine, baby calamari, and fresh steamed mussels. Served on a bed of rice with famous sauces.
MainsSeared Norwegian Salmon – Fillet of fresh Norwegian salmon served with teriyaki sauce, green beans, and roasted baby potatoes.
MainsVegetable Curry and Rice (VE) – Prepared in an Indian curry mix, served with basmati, sambals, and papadum.
MainsCreamy Pasta Verde (V) – Crispy marrow, broccoli, and mange tout served on a bed of creamy fettuccini.
DessertsHomemade Gelato/Sorbet from our deli display.
DessertsMalva Pudding – With homemade custard, tangerine white chocolate truffle, and candied orange peel.
DessertsCrème Brulee – Lemon and thyme-infused custard dessert served with a poppy seed shortbread.

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