Rebels Pizza is a famous South African fast-food restaurant chain. Known for its distinctive approach to pizza, Rebels Pizza has earned a reputation for pushing the boundaries of flavor and creativity. As a local establishment, it has likely garnered a dedicated following for its unique menu offerings, innovative combinations, and commitment to delivering a memorable dining experience.

The staff is very caring, and the sitting atmosphere is cool and comfortable, suitable for family and friends gatherings. Rebels Pizza is more than just a pizzeria; it’s a culinary movement redefining the art of pizza-making with bold ingredients, unexpected twists, and a rebel spirit that resonates with food enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a fan of classic favorites with a rebellious twist or crave new flavor adventures, Rebels Pizza promises a journey into the extraordinary. Rebels Pizza offers a wide range of fast food items at reasonable prices. All the items are prepared from the freshest ingredients. The menu includes pizzas, pasta, wraps, salad and desserts.

Rebels Pizzas

Pizza NameToppingsPrice (R)
Honey Mustard Ham PizzaHam and honey mustard swirlR38.9
Cheddar Cheese & Bacon PizzaCheddar cheese and bacon bitsR38.9
Regina PizzaHam and mushroom.R44.9
Cheese Griller PizzaBBQ sauce and cheese griller.R44.9
Hawaiian PizzaHam and pineapple.R44.9
Pepperoni PizzaPepperoni and garlic.R45.9
Tropical PizzaBacon and pineapple.R45.9
Bacon Supremo PizzaBacon, mushroom, green pepper and onion.R49.9
Russian PizzaChutney, Russians, and caramelized onion.R49.9
Bacon & Avocado PizzaBacon and avo.R49.9
Rib Pine & Peppadew PizzaBBQ, spare rib, and mushroom.R49.9
Rib & Mushroom PizzaBBQ, spare rib, and mushroom.R49.9
Meat Lovers PizzaHam, pepperoni, beef, and bacon.R51.9
Mighty Steak PizzaPepperoni, steak, onion, mushrooms, and green pepper.R54.9
4 Seasons PizzaMushroom, ham, olives, and anchovy (season dependant).R58.9
Mexicano PizzaMincemeat, green pepper, and onionR45.9
Tikka Chicken PizzaTikka sauce, onion, green pepper, and chickenR49.9
Hot Russian PizzaTikka sauce, Russians, and jalapenosR49.9
Chillironi PizzaFeta, cheese, pepperoni, and cheese.R49.9
Mushroom Chicken PizzaBBQ chicken and mushrooms.R49.9
Chicken & Pine PizzaBBQ chicken and pine.R49.9
BBQ Chicken Supremo PizzaBBQ chicken, onion, and green pepper.R49.9
Chicken Mayo, Bacon & Feta PizzaMayonnaise, chicken, bacon bits, and feta.R50.9
Sweet Chilli Chicken PizzaSweet chilli, chicken, feta, and peppadew.R54.9
The Revolution PizzaFeta cheese, caramelized onions, and peppadews.R44.9
Philly Cheese Steak PizzaBBQ, steak, caramelized onion, and cheddar.R45.9
BBQ Biltong PizzaBBQ sauce, premium sliced biltong.R49.9
Meat Maniac PizzaBBQ, pork fillet, beef, bacon, and sausage.R49.9
Ocean Best PizzaMussels, calamari, crab, garlic, and chillinaise.R58.9
Karoo Lamb & Tzatziki PizzaTender lamb accompanied with tzatziki.R58.9
Country Club PizzaSteak, bacon, honey mustard, and avocado.R58.9
Springbok PizzaChutney, biltong, avo, and pineapple.R58.9
The Rebel PizzaCheese griller, pepperoni, and Russian.R47.9
Chilli Chicken Mayo PizzaChicken and chillinaise.R44.9
Double Cheese PizzaDouble mozzarella.R33.9
Margherita PizzaOregano and garlic.R34.9
Veggie Parm PizzaMushroom, onion, green pepper, and tomato.R44.9
Greek PizzaFeta cheese and kalamata olive.R45.9
Four Cheeses PizzaMozzarella, cheddar, feta, and parmesan.R49.9

Rebels Street Pizza Menu

Pizza NameToppingsPrice (R)
Street Ham Swirl PizzaHam, BBQ sauce, and mozzarella.R33.9
Street Cheddar PizzaCheddar and mozzarella.R33.9
Street Sweet Chilli Ribs PizzaSweet chili, ribs, and mozzarella.R33.9
Street Chicken Swirl PizzaChicken, BBQ sauce, and mozzarella.R33.9
Street Chicken Mayo PizzaMayonnaise, chicken, and mozzarella.R33.9

Rebels Pasta Menu

PastaDescriptionPrice (R)
Meat LasagneLayers of pasta, bechamel sauce, beef mince, and cheeseR86.9
BBQ Mac & CheeseLayers of pasta, bechamel sauce, and char-grilled chickenR81.9
Fettuccine AlfredoTagliatelle, hickory ham, and mushrooms in fresh creamR81.9

Rebels Salad Menu

Salad NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Greek SaladFeta cheese and kalamata olives.R64.9
Chicken & Avo SaladBBQ chicken fillet strips and avocado.R83.9
Caesar’s SaladBBQ chicken fillet strips, hickory ham, mozzarella sticks, and bacon bits.R83.9
Biltong SaladBiltong, mozzarella, and peppadew.R86.9

Rebel Raps Menu

Rebel RapsDescriptionPrice (R)
Rebel Rap Beef MinceBBQ base beef mince and mozzarellaR28.9
Rebel Rap BBQ ChickenBBQ base chicken and mozzarellaR27.9
Rebel Rap PepperoniTomato base pepperoni and mozzarellaR28.9
Rebel Rap HamTomato base ham and mozzarellaR27.9
Rebel Rap CheddarTomato base cheddar and mozzarellaR27.9
Rebel Rap Chillinaise ChickenChillinaise base chicken and mozzarellaR28.9

Rebel Dips

Dip NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Tzatziki DipOur famous tzatziki is now in a dip.R15.9
Chillinaise DipYour favorite chillinaise in a dip.R15.9
Mayonnaise DipA mayo dip? What did you just say?R15.9
Sweet Chilli DipSweet dip, chili dip, sweet chili dip dip!!!R15.9
Chutney DipIt just goes with everything!R15.9
Tikka DipA tikka dip with a bite, it’s hot!!!R15.9

Rebels Cold Beverages Menu

ItemSizePrice (R)
Soft Drinks2LR29.9
Soft Drinks300mlR10

Rebels Sides Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
FocacciaGarlic, origanum and mozzarellaR25.9

Rebel Desserts Menu

DessertPrice (R)
Chelsea BunR19.9
Sundae Ice CreamR25.9
300ml MilkshakeR31.9

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