Mochachos is a Mexican restaurant chain that opened in South Africa in 2006. Whether you’re in the mood for tacos, burritos, quesadillas, fajitas, or nachos, this restaurant has something to satisfy your appetite. Mochachos has become a popular lunch spot for office workers and students alike.

The Mochacho menu is diverse and offers a range of options, including burgers, wraps, platters, and salads made with delicious and succulent chicken. You can also enjoy a selection of sides such as fries, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks, as well as refreshing drinks like milkshakes and smoothies on Mochacho’s South Africa menu at reasonable prices.

Their menu is packed with fresh ingredients, and of course, no dish at Mochachos would be complete without a generous ladle of their signature guacamole or house-made salsa. With its unique dishes, it is a must-visit restaurant in South Africa.

Mochachos Most Popular Menu

MenuPrices (R)
Chicken Burger, Beeg Chips and BuddyR 99.9
2 x Chicken Burger + beeg chipsR 179.6
Six Chicken Strips, Chips and DipR 69.9
2 x Chicken BurritoR 149.8
Mexican Chicken Pieces and RiceR 49.9
Family VarietyR 234.9
Family FeastR 269.9
Chicken ShawarmaR 74.9
Chicken BurgerR 59.9

Mochachos Pollo Pueblo Menu

MenuPrices (R)
1/4 Village ChickenR 51.9
1/2 Village ChickenR 98.9
Full Village ChickenR 189.9

Mochachos Mexican Meals Menu

MenuPrices (R)
2 x Chicken BurritoR 149.8
BurritoR 74.9
NachosR 89.9
EnchiladaR 99.9
ChimichangaR 79.9
QuesadillaR 109.9
Cheesy Chicken NachosR 119.9
FajitasR 144.9
Chicken QuesadillaR 109.9

Mochachos Schawarma’s Menu

MenuPrices (R)
2 x Chicken ShawarmaR 149.8
Chicken ShawarmaR 74.9
Rump Steak ShawarmaR 89.9
Chicken Shawarma + Beeg ChipsR 104.8
Veggie ShawarmaR 69.9
Chicken Jalapeno ShawarmaR 84.9
Chicken Cheese ShawarmaR 84.9
Rump Cheese ShawarmaR 99.9

Mochachos Burgers El Supremo

MenuPrices (R)
Chicken BurgerR 59.9
2 x Chicken BurgerR 119.8
Nacho Crunch Gourmet BurgerR 79.9
Gourmet Chicken BurgerR 69.9
Cheese Chicken BurgerR 69.9
Cheese Pineapple Chicken BurgerR 79.9
Pineapple Chicken BurgerR 69.9
Veggie BurgerR 59.9
Double Chicken BurgerR 89.9
2 x Chicken Burger + beeg chipsR 179.6
Jalapeno Cheese BurgerR 69.9
Veggie Gourmet BurgerR 69.9
Jalapeno Veggie BurgerR 69.9

Mochachos Beef Burgers Menu

MenuPrices (R)
150g Beef BurgerR 69.9
150g Burger (Cheese)R 79.9
150g Jalapeno Cheese BurgerR 84.9
150g Beef Burger (Cheese + Pineapple)R 89.9
150g Gourmet BurgerR 84.9
150g Burger (Pineapple)R 79.9

Mochachos Plato Ligero (Light Meals) Menu

MenuPrices (R)
Six Chicken Strips, Chips and DipR 69.9
Mexican Chicken Pieces and RiceR 49.9
Toasted Mexican Chicken MayoR 49.9
Mexican Chicken Livers and BunR 49.9
Six Chicken Strips, Beeg Chips, Dip & ColeslawR 99.8
½ chicken & beegest Greek saladR 151.8
2 x Toasted Mexican Chicken Mayo & beeg chipsR 159.6
Three Chicken Strips and a DipR 34.9
Four Full BBQ WingsR 69.9

Mochachos Bambino Meals

MenuPrices (R)
Speedy Bambino MealR 69.9
José Bambino MealR 69.9
Pedro Bambino MealR 69.9

Mochachos Combo Meals

MenuPrices (R)
Chicken Burger, Beeg Chips and BuddyR 99.9
1/4 Chicken and Beeg ChipsR 74.9
2 Chicken Fillet ComboR 89.9
8 Full BBQ Wings and Beeger ChipsR 159.9
Shawarma, Beeg Chips, and BuddyR 119.9
1/2 Chicken, Beeg Chips and BuddyR 139.9
4 Full BBQ Wings and Beeg ChipsR 89.9
2 Chicken Burgers & 2 Chicken BurritosR 269.6
Amigo ComboR 189.9
Chicken Burrito, Beeg Chips, and BuddyR 119.9
1/4 Chicken, Beeg Chips and BuddyR 99.9
Treat for One – chicken burger, beef chips, buddy and three churrosR 146.6
Two ¼ chickens and two beeg chipsR 163.6
Best of bothR 209.7
1/4 Chicken, Pap, and Mexican SauceR 74.9

Mochachos Familia Fiesta

MenuDescriptionPrices (R)
Family FeastA full chicken served with the best portion of chips or wedges & 4 fresh BunzR219.9
Family FeastA full chicken, served with the best portion of chips or wedges, four fresh Bunz, AND 4 x Buddy.R299.9
Family VarietyHalf chicken, two chicken burgers & best chips or wedgesR199.9
Family FiestaA full chicken served with the biggest portion of chips or wedges, biggest coleslaw or garden salad & 4 fresh BunzR259.9
Family Share MealTwo chicken burgers, two kiddies chicken burgers, six chicken strips and dip, biggest chips & four 440ml Buddy
Family TreatTwo full chickens, two biggest chips or wedges, 8 Bunz, biggest coleslaw or garden saladR459.9
Family TreatTwo full chickens, two biggest chips or wedges, 8 Bunz, biggest coleslaw or garden salad, AND 4 x BuddyR519.9

Mochachos Ensaladas (Salads) Menu

MenuPrices (R)
ColeslawR 29.9
Grilled Chicken SaladR 59.9
Greek SaladR 34.9
Garden SaladR 29.9

Mochachos All Zee Sides Menu

MenuPrices (R)
ChipsR 29.9
Mexican RiceR 29.9
Mochachos SauceR 34.9
DipzR 8.9
BunR 8.9
Pap and Mexican SauceR 24.9

Mochachos Postres (Desserts) Menu

MenuPrices (R)
ChurrosR 29.9
3 ChurrosR 29.9
3 Beeg ChurrosR 29.9
Beeger 6 ChurrrosR 46.9
Chocolate DipR 7.9
Caramel DipR 7.9

Mochachos Drinks Menu

MenuPrices (R)
1.5 LitreR 33.9
BuddyR 26.9
AppletiserR 29.9
Coca-Cola CanR 23.9
Coca-Cola No SugarR 23.9
CansR 23.9
GrapetiserR 29.9
Still WaterR 22.9
Sparkling WaterR 22.9

Mochachos Malteada (Milk Shakes)

MenuPrices (R)
Chocolate MilkshakeR 39.9
Strawberry MilkshakeR 39.9
Bubblegum MilkshakeR 39.9
Lime MilkshakeR 39.9
Banana MilkshakeR 39.9

Mochachos Freezos Menu

MenuPrices (R)
Toffee Caramel FreezoR 45.9
White Chocolate FreezoR 45.9
Coffee FreezoR 45.9

Mochachos Menu Specials

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Burger, Beeg Chips & BuddyR69.90
1/4 Chicken, Beeg Chips & BuddyR69.90
1/2 Chicken, Beeg Chips & BuddyR99.90
Chicken Schwarma, Beeg Chips & BuddyR84.90
Chicken Burrito, Beeg Chips & BuddyR79.90
4 Full BBQ Wings & Beeg ChipsR74.90
8 Full BBQ Wings & Beeger ChipsR129.90
1/4 Chicken & Beeg ChipsR59.90
1/4 Chicken, Pap & Mexican SauceR59.90
2 Chicken Fillet ComboR74.90
Amigo ComboR159.90

Mochachos Halaal Menu

ItemPrice (R)Description
Pollo PuebloR64.90Flame-grilled Mexican chicken
El’ Supremo Chicken BurgerR59.90Flame grilled chicken fillet burger
Gourmet Chicken BurgerR69.90Flame grilled chicken fillet burger topped with feta cheese, guacamole & sliced Jalapéno
Nacho Crunch Gourmet BurgerR74.90Mochachos fillet coated with nachos and fried to perfection, topped with feta cheese, guacamole, sour cream, salsa & sliced Jalapeno.
Mexican Chicken Pieces & RiceR39.90Tender pieces of chicken breast, sautéed and our secret spices & served on Mexican rice.
Speedy Bambino MealR39.90Mini chicken burger, chips & fruit juice
José Bambino MealR39.90Mini beef burger, chips & fruit juice
Pollo Pueblo ComboR84.90Pollo Pueblo, chips, salad & salsa
El’ Supremo Chicken Burger ComboR84.90El’ Supremo Chicken Burger, chips, salad & salsa
Gourmet Chicken Burger ComboR94.90Gourmet Chicken Burger, chips, salad & salsa
Nacho Crunch Gourmet Burger ComboR99.90Nacho Crunch Gourmet Burger, chips, salad & salsa
Mexican Chicken Pieces & Rice ComboR69.90Mexican Chicken Pieces & Rice, chips, salad & salsa
BuddyR29.90350ml milkshake
MalteadaR39.90500ml milkshake
FreezoR39.90500ml frozen drink
Ginger BeerR29.90350ml
Ice Tea (Lemon/Peach)R27.90350ml
ChurrosR29.906 churros with dipping sauce
Chocolate BrownieR29.90

Mochachos Coffees & Tea Menu

Coffee & TeaPrice (R)
Cafe LatteR28.9
Five RosesR22.9

Mochachos Homemade Quenchers

ItemPrice (R)
Ice Tea PeachR28.9
Ice Tea LemonR28.9
Ginger BeerR30.9

Mochachos Gatsby Menu

Address: Shop 124, Kenilworth Centre, 01 Doncaster Rd, Kenilworth, Cape Town, 7700

Mochachos Menu Lenasia

Address: Cnr Jan Smuts Drive And Kromboom Road, Kromboom, Crawford, Cape Town, 7770

Mochachos Newcastle Menu

Address: Main Road Shop St. Peter’s Square, Anzio Rd, Cape Town, 7925

Mochachos Sasolburg Menu

Address: Cnr Jan Smuts Drive And Kromboom Road, Kromboom, Crawford, Cape Town, 7770

Mochachos Alrode Menu

Address: 79 Bosworth St, Alrode, Alberton, 1400

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