Hello Food Lovers! If you are searching for Mexicola Restaurant Menu, then you are at the right place. We have covered the detailed menu of the Mexicola Restaurant Menu with updated prices in Rands.

Mexicola is a famous Mexican restaurant, located at 12 Lighthouse Rd, Umhlanga, Durban, South Africa. This restaurant is known for its famous Mexican foods.

The menu includes Mexicola items, pizza, street-style items/small bites, and bowls. The Mexicola items include Naughty Amigo Taco, Onion Flower, Nachos, Jalapeno Poppers, and Wing It, ranging in price from R 66,00 to R 158,00.

The pizzas include Thai Pizza, The Sinaloa, Old Lady Margi, Don Brezzo, and Baf, ranging in price from R 152,00 to R 211,00.

The small bites include Bao Bun, Gyoza, Crispy Wonton, Asian Sticky Pork Ribs, Prawn & Squid Salad, Fresh Spring Rolls, and others, ranging in price from R 99,00 to R 224,00.


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Naughty Amigo TacoR 119,00
Onion FlowerR 66,00
NachosR 145,00
Jalapeno PoppersR 92,00
Wing ItR 158,00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
ThaiR 211,00
The SinaloaR 198,00
Old Lady MargiR 152,00
Don BrezzoR 198,00
BafR 191,00

Street Style / Small Bites

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Bao Bun (2pc)R 139,00
Gyoza (4pc)R 99,00
Crispy Wonton (4pc)R 112,00
Asian Sticky Pork RibsR 238,00
Prawn & Squid SaladR 112,00
Fresh Spring Rolls (4pc)R 99,00
Gui Chai Tod (Pan Fried Rice Cake)R 112,00
Grilled Chicken Satay (2pc)R 112,00
Coconut Prawn Skewers (2pc)R 139,00
Crispy Duck Pancakes (3pc)R 224,00
Tom Yum SoupR 125,00
Khao Soi (Thai red Curry Noodle Soup)R 165,00
Chicken SaladR 172,00
Goo Goo SquidR 172,00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Crispy Deboned Chu CheeR 165,00
Green CurryR 165,00
Drunken NoodleR 165,00
Pad KrapowR 165,00
Angry StyleR 165,00
Egg Fried RiceR 165,00
Pad ThaiR 165,00
Red CurryR 165,00

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