Magica Roma is a classic eatery with a distinctly cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Under the careful guidance of dynamic partners Ezio and Franco, who exhibit evident love for their eatery and its customers, Magica Roma has upheld its standing as a provider of real Italian cuisine in lovely settings.

Nothing is a shortcut in this kitchen—classic recipes rely on premium imported ingredients like olive oil, salamis, bottled tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, and Parma ham. The room is tastefully decorated with upholstered booths and clean white napkins. An eye-catching feature is the appealing wood and bamboo roof, which highlights the restaurant’s classic charm.

One of the main reasons Magica Roma is still the top option for nearby businesses hosting significant business lunches is its highly skilled staff of servers, who provide exceptional, attentive service. To go with your dinner, a variety of Italian wines are offered, and there’s a grappa trolley with at least thirty different varieties to choose from.

There is a good assortment of hot and cold starters on the extensive menu. The baby calamari tubes from Antipasti Caldi are incredibly soft and sure to wow, and the tuna carpaccio and antipasto Italiano from Antipasti Freddi are also highly recommended.

The main course selection features a selection of traditional dishes, such as Saltimbocca, Schnitzel, and Piccata, with veal being a specialty. There are many vegetarian options available in the pasta recipes, and all of the pasta is imported or cooked in-house to guarantee the highest quality. Try the homemade sorbets, the rich Tiramisu, or the Crème Bruleé for dessert.

Antipasti Freddi

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Shrimp CocktailR 99.00
Parma HamR 150.00
Marinated Smoked Salmon Magica RomaR 115.00
Beef Carpaccio Magica RomaR 110.00
Tuna Carpaccio Magica RomaR 110.00
Peperoni in Bagna CaudaR 75.00
Antipasto ItalianoR 150.00

Antipasti Caldi

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Snails in Garlic ButterR 99.00
Fried CalamariR 99.00
Baby Calamari Tubes, Chilli & GarlicR 99.00
Black Mussels in Cream & GarlicR 85.00
Italian Polenta with Gorgonzola CheeseR 110.00

Zuppe e Minestre

Menu ItemPrice (R)
MinestroneR 80.00
Cream of MushroomR 80.00
Cream of TomatoR 80.00
Mussel & Clam ChowderR 110.00


Menu ItemPrice (R)
– SmallR 105.00
– MediumR 125.00
– LargeR 195.00
– SmallR 105.00
– MediumR 125.00
– LargeR 195.00
Insalata della Casa
– SmallR 125.00
– MediumR 140.00
– LargeR 210.00
– SmallR 125.00
– LargeR 180.00

Le Pizze

Menu ItemPrice (R)
MargheritaR 120.00
NapolitanaR 130.00
Four SeasonsR 140.00
NorvegeseR 182.00
MediterraneanR 182.00
Quattro FormaggiR 150.00
RomulusR 145.00
Magica RomaR 140.00
Garlic & Herb FocacciaR 95.00

Pizza Toppings

ToppingPrice (R)
Chilli, GarlicR 12.00
Banana, Apple, Onion, Caramelised Onion, Basil, PineappleR 13.00
Spinach, Tomato, Red Peppers, Green PeppersR 13.00
Capers, Peppadews, Rocket, Olives, Sundried TomatoR 16.00
Anchovies, Asparagus, Mozzarella, Mushroom, Baby TomatoR 22.00
Feta, Gorgonzola, Grilled Vegetables, Artichokes, Ham, Beef, BaconR 30.00
Tuna, SalamiR 30.00
AvocadoR 43.50
ChickenR 50.00
Fior Di LatteR 51.00
CalamariR 74.50
Parma HamR 97.50
Smoked SalmonR 105.50
ShrimpsR 48.50

Le Paste

Pasta DishPrice (R)
Spaghetti Aglio Olio e PeperoncinoR 120.00
Penne ArrabbiataR 130.00
Napoletana SauceR 120.00
Bolognese SauceR 160.00
Tagilatelle AlfredoR 160.00
Ravioli AlfredoR 160.00
Penne GiovanniR 160.00
Linguine CarbonaraR 160.00
Spaghetti AmatricianaR 160.00
Cannelloni di MagroR 150.00
Beef Cannelloni MagicaR 165.00
Penne Al FornoR 165.00
Linguine MontanaraR 180.00
Spaghetti allo ScoglioR 200.00
Penne Della CasaR 150.00

Il Pesce

Seafood DishPrice (R)
Sole MeunierSQ
KingklipR 260.00
Kingklip Magica RomaR 260.00
Black Mussels Cream & GarlicR 185.00
Fried CalamariR 235.00
Grilled Baby Calamari TubesR 235.00
Zuppa di Pesce GrandeR 210.00
Mixed Seafood PlatterR 400.00
Side Seasonal VegetablesR 39.50

Le Carni

DishPrice (R)
Beef FilletSQ
Tagliata FiorentinaSQ
Lamb Loin Cutlets Magica RomaR 250.00
Lamb Loin Cutlets BourguignonR 250.00
Side Seasonal VegetablesR 39.50


DishPrice (R)
Scaloppine di Vitello IsaccoR 250.00
Veal MarsalaR 250.00
Piccata Al LimoneR 250.00
Schnitzel MilaneseR 250.00
Saltimbocca Magica RomaR 250.00
Side Seasonal VegetablesR 39.50


DishPrice (R)
Petto di Pollo alla FiorentinaR 199.00
Petto di Pollo MilaneseR 199.00
Side Seasonal VegetablesR 39.50


DessertPrice (R)
Il Terzetto SorbettoR 79.00
Ice Cream & Chocolate SauceR 75.00
SemiFreddoR 79.00
SpumoniR 79.00
TiramisuR 79.00
CassataR 79.00
Crème BruleeR 79.00
Chocolate BrownieR 79.00

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