Are you craving a fiesta of flavors that explode on your taste buds? See La Fiesta Take Aways, where “The Big Taste” is more than just a catchphrase—it’s a guarantee. Imagine the tantalizing scents of fresh salsas and sizzling fajitas filling the air, luring you with their irresistible maracas rhythm.

As you walk in, you’re greeted by bright colors, from baskets full of colorful, fresh ingredients to walls decorated with murals made of traditional Mexican tile. La Fiesta is more than simply a place to get takeaway; it’s a doorway to a delicious journey.

Every meal is infused with the enthusiasm of our cooks, who have been steeped in centuries of family recipes, as well as a generous dose of abuela’s secret spices. A joyful collision of flavors and textures, every bite is a fiesta on your tongue that will leave you craving more.

Imagine this: A pan of sizzling, juicy, flame-grilled carne asada with caramelized onions and peppers that combine with a smokey char—meltingly soft and tender barbacoa tucked within warm tortillas with a bright salsa verde on top.

Taquitos are made of crispy potatoes that break open to expose a creamy potato filling that begs to be dipped in their famous avocado crème. Not to be overlooked are the sweet treats, such as cinnamon-sugar-dusted churros with fluffy insides that demand to be immersed in rich, dark chocolate.

At La Fiesta, they consider eating a celebration rather than a means of subsistence. The warmth fills your heart when you connect with loved ones over a taste of something unique; the laughter shared over heaping dishes, and the music that makes your feet tap.

Go celebrate with them, allow them to entice your palate, and indulge in “The Big Taste” that will make you say, “Ole!”

La Fiesta Favorites

ItemPrice (R)
1 Kg Lamb Curry – With five roti or rice.R390.00
Masala Steak Gatsby is a footlong roll filled with masala steak, cheese, spicy chips, salad, and sauce.R295.00
Chops and Rib Combo – 400g Spare rib, two grilled chops with chips.R285.00
Lamb Bunny ChowR140.00
Masala Steak SandwichR100.00
Special Burger with ChipsR95.00

La Fiesta Gatsby Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Masala Steak GatsbyFootlong roll filled with masala steak, cheese, spicy chips, salad, and sauce.R295.00
Cheese Burger GatsbyFootlong roll filled with cheeseburger patties, spicy chips, salad, and sauce.R290.00
Plain Steak GatsbyFootlong roll filled with steak, spicy chips, salad, and sauce.R285.00
Chicken GatsbyFootlong roll filled with chicken, spicy chips, salad, and sauce.R295.00
Vienna GatsbyFootlong roll filled with viennas, spicy chips, salad, and sauce.R205.00
Chip GatsbyFootlong roll filled with spicy chips, salad, and sauce.R180.00

La Fiesta Flame Grilled Steaks

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
300g Fillet SteakServed with chips or rice.R290.00
250g Rump Steak with 2 ChopsServed with chips or rice.R285.00
500g Rump SteakServed with chips or rice.R295.00
T-Bone SteakServed with chips or rice.R190.00

La Fiesta Big Taste Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chops and Rib Combo400g Spare rib, 2 grilled chops with chips.R285.00
Mix GrillSteak, chop, sausage, Vienna, and chips.R190.00
Lamb Spare Ribs400g Spare ribs and chips.R195.00
3 Grill ChopsServed with chips or rice.R145.00
2 Grill ChopsServed with chips or rice.R120.00

La Fiesta Chicken Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
24 Piece SpecialWith large chips, coleslaw, and six rolls.R465.00
12 Piece SpecialWith large chips, coleslaw, and four rolls.R330.00
8 Piece SpecialWith large chips, coleslaw, and 4 rolls.R265.00
ImnandiChicken strips with spicy rice and fried potato.R80.00
2 Piece Chicken and Spicy RiceTwo pieces of chicken and spicy rice.R66.00
Thrift Box (3 Pcs)3 Pieces Chicken & Chips + RollR75.00

La Fiesta Jumbo Burger With Chips

ItemPrice (R)
Jumbo Burger with ChipsR125.00
Masala Steak Burger with ChipsR125.00
Double Burger with ChipsR125.00
Steak Burger with ChipsR120.00
Mexican Burger with ChipsR110.00
Cheese Burger with ChipsR110.00
Chicken Chilli Burger with ChipsR100.00
Masala Burger with ChipsR99.00
Special Burger with ChipsR99.00

La Fiesta Combo Boxes

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Twist BoxLamb rootie, beef burger, and chips.R155.00
Luv BoxBurger, 2 pcs chicken and chips.R115.00
Whizz BoxRegular burger, hotdog, and chips.R120.00

La Fiesta Curry Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
1 Kg Lamb CurryWith five rookies or rice.R390.00
Lamb Curry and RiceServed with sambals.R205.00
Chicken Curry and RiceServed with sambals.R170.00

La Fiesta Bunny Chows

ItemPrice (R)
Lamb Bunny ChowR140.00
Chicken Bunny ChowR110.00

La Fiesta Toasted Sandwiches

ItemPrice (R)
Masala Steak SandwichR100.00
Steak SandwichR100.00
Beef Special SandwichR75.00
Lamb Curry SandwichR75.00
Chicken SandwichR60.00
Cheese SandwichR40.00

La Fiesta Hot Dogs and Chips

ItemPrice (R)
Double Vienna Hot DogR85.00
Single Vienna Hot DogR75.00

La Fiesta Rooties

ItemPrice (R)
Masala Steak RootieR115.00
Lamb Curry RootieR125.00
Chic Chip RootieR105.00
Chicken Curry RootieR100.00
Chicken Chilli RootieR95.00

La Fiesta Spicy Chips

ItemPrice (R)
Chic Chip RollR80.00
Whip RollR70.00
Spicy Chip RollR60.00
Medium Spicy ChipsR55.00

La Fiesta Pita

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken PitaR88.00
Steak PitaR88.00

La Fiesta Salads

ItemPrice (R)
Greek SaladR45.00

La Fiesta Chicken Livers

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken LiversServed with Chips or RiceStarting from R70.00

La Fiesta Cold Beverages

ItemPrice (R)
Soft Drink CansR18.00
Soft Drinks BuddyR23.00
Appetizer CanR25.00
Soft Drinks 2 LtR35.00
Still WaterR15.00

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