Nestled in the heart of Parkhurst, the Kolonaki Greek Kouzina is a bustling Athens where you may lose yourself in the sun-drenched splendor of the Aegean. Take your taste senses to tavernas lining cobblestone walkways where the aroma of frying souvlaki and grilled lamb fills the air.

Enter the heart of Greek hospitality, where tables heaped with fresh seafood, platters of crisp Meze, and glasses clinking with Ouzo create a lively laughing atmosphere. Enter a peaceful space with whitewashed walls covered in bougainvillea, soft Greek tunes, and conversation and plate clinking.

You are transported to a bustling Athenian taverna, where laughter permeates the air and is mingled with the aroma of oregano and olive oil. Kolonaki is the kitchen of Meze. The restaurant, which takes its cues from Greek and Mediterranean food, prides itself on offering a unique and inventive take on classic Mediterranean cuisine’s warm, sophisticated manners.

They pledge to their customers that they will build a cozy, individual restaurant with excellent food and outstanding service. They cordially invite you to explore Kolonaki and test their novel idea.

Kolonaki Jars

JarsDescriptionPrice (R)
PICKLED BABY CUCUMBERSBaby cucumbers, cardamom pods, star anise, coriander seedsR28.00
PICKLED BEETROOTBeetroot, bay leaves, star anise, cinnamon, red onionR30.00
RED CABBAGEPickled red cabbage, mustard seeds, bay leaves, clovesR28.00
MARINATED FETAFeta, sun-dried tomato, oregano, lemon, chili, rosemaryR55.00
PICKLED CARROTSCarrots, bay leaf, cumin seeds, garlic, coriander seeds, turmericR28.00
PICKLED OCTOPUSOctopus, Kalamata olives, red peppers, thyme, oregano, garlic, lemonR69.00
SWEET PEPPERSPeppers, onion, bay leaf, capersR28.00
THREE JARSPickled baby cucumbers, pickled carrots, pickled beetrootR80.00

Kolonaki Dips

DipsDescriptionPrice (R)
HUMMUSBlended chickpeas, tahini, lemon, garlic, cumin, paprikaR36.00
TZATZIKIHomemade yogurt, garlic, cucumber, mint, dillAsk
BEETROOT DIPRoasted beetroot, hummus, homemade yogurt, walnuts, chivesR38.00
YELLOW FAVA DIPSplit pea custard, red onion, capers, cherry tomatoes, garlic, black olivesR38.00
MELITZANOSALATARoasted eggplant, roasted garlic, miso paste, olive oil, capersR36.00
TIROSALATACharcoal-grilled peppers whipped with feta, chiliR38.00
PUMPKIN DIPRoasted pumpkin, cinnamon, onion, pumpkin seeds, chili, olive oilR36.00
TARAMOSALATACod roe, lemon rind, Kalamata olives, salmon roeR36.00
ANY THREE DIPS(Select any three from the above)R90.00

Kolonaki Small Plates

Small PlatesDescriptionPrice (R)
KOLONAKI FETAFeta wrapped in phyllo pastry, soaked in honey syrup, grapes, strawberriesR65.00
TIROPITAKIAFeta and ricotta wrapped in phyllo pastry, oven-bakedR48.00
DOLMATHAKIAVine leaves stuffed with rice herbs, served with homemade yogurt, mintR45.00
SPANAKOPITASpinach and feta wrapped in phyllo pastry, topped with sesame seedsR48.00
HALLOUMIHomemade halloumi grilled with lemon zest, honey syrup, oreganoR60.00
FETA SHARESGrilled feta, roasted cherry tomatoes, red onion, peppers, chiliR60.00
KOLOKITHAKIA TIGANITAFried zucchini, mint, yogurtR45.00
FALAFELDeep-fried chickpea balls, herbs, yogurt, grilled red peppersR45.00

Kolonaki Mezedes

MezedesDescriptionPrice (R)
THREE PRAWNS WRAPPED IN KATAIFIStrawberry, almonds, Greek yogurt, cucumberR105.00
DEEP FRIED CALAMARI WITH TIROSALATAChilli flakes, homemade yogurtR75.00
CURED OUZO AND BEETROOT SALMONDiced cucumber, dill oil, hung yogurt, kataifiR98.00
BRAISED BEEF CHEEK STIFFATHOCarrot purée, sliced radishR75.00
“PAPIA” DUCK BREASTCrispy potatoes, garlic, carrot tzatziki, grilled carrotsR98.00
BEEF SHORT RIB STIFFATHOSlow-cooked in red wine, served on parsnip puréeR95.00
CHARCOAL GRILLED OCTOPUSGarlic, lemon rind, olive oilR68.00
GRILLED SARDINESGreek olive oil, red pepper, garlic, chili, lemonR68.00
GRILLED AUBERGINEMiso paste, tahini, pine nuts, raisinsR65.00
YEMISTAStuffed red pepper, mince, cinnamon, bechamelR98.00

Kolonaki Salads

SaladsDescriptionPrice (R)
GREEK SALADFeta, red onion, tomato, cucumber, Kalamata olives, red peppers, olive oil, oreganoR78.00
ROASTED TOMATO SALADRoasted tomatoes, thyme, onion, capers, black olives, roasted garlic, olive oil, ricottaR75.00

Kolonaki Sides

SidesPrice (R)
ROASTED CARROTS – Honey and thymeR32.00
BROCCOLI – Almonds, garlic, chili, fetaR40.00
HALLOUMI CHIPS – Yogurt, pomegranate seedsR55.00
ROASTED BABY POTATOES – Oregano, lemon, garlicR35.00

Kolonaki Yiro & Souvlaki

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
TRADITIONAL YIROSIn pita with onion, tomato, and tzatziki
Pork Yiro
Lamb Yiro
Chicken Yiro

Kolonaki Yiro
Chicken and Halloumi Yiro
Prawn and Chicken Yiro
Crayfish Yiro

Lamb, tirosalata, onion, tomato, paprika
Chicken, grilled peppers, tzatziki, halloumi
Chicken, prawns, carrots, honey, yogurt
Crayfish with aioli mayo and Aegean slaw

SOUVLAKIWith a traditional village Greek salad and pita bread
Pork Souvlaki
Lamb Souvlaki
Chicken Souvlaki

R88 (sgl) / R118 (dbl)
R95 (sgl) / R125 (dbl)
R82 (sgl) / R110 (dbl)

Kolonaki Charcoal Grills

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
450g Lamb ChopsMint, yogurt, tahini, grilled aubergineR245.00
650g Lamb RibsGrilled with lemon and oreganoR180.00
250g SirloinBeef jus, skordalia, and charred onionR130.00
300g Rib-EyeRoasted lemon potatoes and bone marrowR185.00
Lamb RumpGrilled aubergine, hummus, and tahini puréeR145.00
Pork BellyGrilled over coals, fava bean purée, and red cabbageR120.00
Deboned Baby ChickenGrilled baby chicken, lemon, oregano, served with hand-cut chipsR135.00
Paidakia Skinny Lamb Chops500g or 1KgR250.00 / R450.00
Cut of the DaySQ

Kolonaki Seafood Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Island Style FishGrilled with latholemano and chipsSQ
Charcoal Grilled PrawnsServed with hand-cut chips (6 / 9 / 12)R210.00 / R315.00 / R420.00
Fish of the Day Baked in a BagWith olives, garlic, tomato, clams, and fish brothR145.00
Grilled OctopusWith yellow fava bean purée, tomato, and cucumberR140.00
Grilled CrayfishWith Aegean slaw and hand-cut chipsSQ
Fish PlatterGrilled octopus, crayfish, clams, prawns, kataifi, fish of the day, and scallops served with Greek salad and chips.SQ

Kolonaki Desserts

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Baklava Cheese CakeKourumbeithes, baklava, and honeyR65.00
GalaktoburikoCustard wrapped in phyllo pastry, strawberry purée, and dried strawberriesR65.00
Coconut RisogaloButterscotch, crumbled kourambiethes, and pistachiosR65.00
Greek Yoghurt Panna CottaPistachio and shaved white chocolateR65.00
Cake of the DayAsk the waitronR55.00
BaklavaSweet dishR60.00
Kolonaki Tops for SharingBaklava cheesecake, white panna cotta, and risogaloR185.00

Kolonaki Coffees

ItemPrice (R)
Filter CoffeeR24.00
Espresso SingleR21.00
Espresso DoubleR25.00
Macchiato EspressoR22.00
Charcoal / Macha / RooibosR22.00
Frappe Greek StyleR24.00
Greek Coffee Single / DoubleR24.00
Latte Coffee or MatchaR28.00 / R30.00
Ice Latte MatchaR30.00
Hot ChocolateR38.00
Earl Grey / English / Breakfast / Chamomile

Kolonaki Cold Beverages

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
MilkshakesStrawberry / Chocolate / VanillaR38.00
Signature MilkshakesCheesecake, Vanilla, Whipped Cream, and Cherries
Nutella, Banana, Peanut Butter, and Baileys
Fresh JuicesApple / Orange / BeetrootR41.00
Ice TeaPeach / LemonR28.00
Mineral WaterLocal Still 350ml / 750ml
Local Sparkling 350ml / 750ml
Imported Still 350ml / 750ml
Imported Sparkling 350ml / 750ml
R22.00 / R36.00
R22.00 / R36.00
R22.00 / R58.00
R22.00 / R58.00
Fruit JuiceOrange / Apple / Cranberry / StrawberryR31.00
Sodas 330mlCoke / Coke Light / Coke Zero / Fanta / Cream SodaR24.00
TizersApple / Red Grape / White GrapetizerR30.00
CordialsPassion Fruit / Kola / Lime CordialR10.00
Mixers 200mlLemonade / Soda Water / Tonic Water / Ginger Ale
Dry Lemon / Tomato
CocktailRock ShandyR42.00

Kolonaki Local Beers

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
CastleLocal BeerR26.00
Castle LightLocal BeerR26.00
HansaLocal BeerR26.00
Black LabelLocal BeerR26.00

Kolonaki Imported Beers

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Windhoek LagerImported BeerR28.00
Windhoek LightImported BeerR28.00
HeinekenImported BeerR30.00
CoronaImported BeerR45.00
PeroniImported BeerR40.00

Kolonaki Ciders

ItemPrice (R)
Hunters Gold / DryR30.00
Savanna Dry / LightR30.00
Kopparberg Pear / StrawberryR55.00

Kolonaki Spirits

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Premium BrandsAvailable, inquire with your waiterSQ
Vodka / GinHouse BrandsR24.00
Whisky House BrandsHouse BrandsR24.00
Rum House BrandsHouse BrandsR22.00
Brandy House BrandsHouse BrandsR22.00

Kolonaki Coolers & Others

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Smirnoff SpinSpirit CoolerR30.00
LiqueursAmaretto / Cointreau / Cape Velvet / AmarulaSQ
GrappaAsk your waiter for the variety availableSQ

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