Kauai is a popular restaurant chain in South Africa that focuses on providing healthy and nutritious food options. The company has over 140 stores across the country, including Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. The restaurant has gained popularity for its emphasis on offering a range of options that suit different dietary preferences and requirements.

All their products are made from high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. They aim to provide better taste and quick response to customers’ orders. They are also offering a friendly and satisfying environment that turns your gathering into an unforgettable one. Their menu includes smoothies, fresh juices, salads, wraps, bowls, and sandwiches.

In addition, they are serving a  wide range of dietary preferences, including veganism, gluten-free, and vegetarianism. All the menu items are available at affordable prices. The staff is friendly, well-mannered, and always ready to serve you. The service is quick. The taste is great.

Kauai South Africa Menu

MenuPrices (R)
Sriracha Chicken Wrap (low carb)R 122
NEW Teriyaki Chicken Poke BowlR 114
Spicy Avo Greens WrapR 91
Cajun Chicken QuesadillaR 101
Sriracha Chicken SaladR 125

Kauai NEW Winter Menu

MenuPrices (R)
NEW Teriyaki Chicken Poke BowlR 114
NEW The Ultimate ToastR 67
NEW Berry Low Carb 350mlR 68
NEW MochaR 36
NEW Berry Low Carb 500mlR 76

Kauai Breakfast Menu

MenuPrices (R)
NEW The Ultimate ToastR 67
Protein Breakfast WrapR 109
Breakfast BowlR 62
Almond Porridge PotR 47
Power OatsR 59
Chocolate Protein Smoothie BowlR 87
Plant Porridge PotR 47
Sliced Avo ToastR 56

Kauai Organic Coffee & Hot Drinks Menu

MenuPrices (R)
NEW MochaR 36
CappuccinoR 37
Iced CappuccinoR 45
Caffé LatteR 38
Floo FighterR 40
Iced AmericanoR 42
AmericanoR 34
Fresh Mint & Ginger TeaR 28
Chai LatteR 38
Red CappuccinoR 36
CortadoR 36
Hot ChocolateR 38
TeaR 23
Flat WhiteR 38
EspressoR 23

Kauai Wraps Menu

MenuPrices (R)
Steak & Avo QuesadillaR 115
Cajun Chicken QuesadillaR 101
Sriracha Chicken Wrap (low carb)R 122
Princess WrapR 113
Spicy Burrito WrapR 113
Prince WrapR 123
Spicy Chicken Caesar WrapR 117
Avo Falafel WrapR 91
Moroccan WrapR 116
Salsa QuesadillaR 71
Chimichurri Steak WrapR 136
Spicy Avo Greens WrapR 91

Kauai Warm Bowls Menu

MenuPrices (R)
NEW Teriyaki Chicken Poke BowlR 114
Protein Plate with brown rice, quinoa & salsaR 112
Spicy Avo Greens BowlR 98
Protein Plate with steamed broccoliR 112

Kauai Shots Menu

MenuPrices (R)
Ginger Shot (50ml)R 52
Floo Shot (50ml)R 37
Ginger Shot (25ml)R 26

Kauai Snack Menu

MenuPrices (R)
Kauai Vegan Dark Chocolate Bite 14gR 23
Kauai Protein BarR 51
Kauai Free Range Beef BiltongR 56
Kauai Goji & Acai Berry Raw Bar 35gR 23
Kauai Still Water (750ml)R 34
Kauai Cocoa & Nut Raw Bar 35gR 23
Kauai Free Range Beef DroëworsR 55
Kauai Still Water (500ml)R 27
Kauai Mixed NutsR 32
Kauai Sparkling Water (500ml)R 27
Kauai Peanut Butter Cocao Nib Granola Bar 40gR 24
Kauai Vegan Coconut Milk Chocolate Bite 14gR 23
Vegan Dark Chocolate Energy Bite 14gR 25

Kauai Kids Menu

MenuPrices (R)
Cheesy Chicken WrapR 75
Little Princess WrapR 86
Peanut Butter Banana ToastR 38
Peanut Butter Berry (250ml)R 54
GEM (250ml)R 54
C-Breeze (250ml)R 54
Peanut Butter Bliss (250ml)R 54
Strawberry Stinger (250ml)R 54
Peanut Butter Banana PotR 56

Kauai Veganuary Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Plant Porridge PotR41
Sliced Avo Toast – VeganR50
Superfood Salad – VeganR91
Floo Juice 350mlR59
Floo Juice 500mlR69
Daily Greens 350mlR66
Daily Greens 500mlR75
Blueberry Cooler 350mlR66
Blueberry Cooler 500mlR75
Ginger Shot 25mlR21
Ginger Shot 50mlR43

Kauai Summer Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Blueberry Cooler 350mlR66
Blueberry Cooler 500mlR75

Kauai Smoothies Menu

SmoothiePrice (R)
All The GreensR48
Gem – banana, almonds, frozen yogurt, milk, honeyR48
Cappuccino FreezeR48
Choc NutR53
Citrus GloR53
Peanut Butter Bliss – sugar-free peanut butter, banana, cacao, frozen yogurt, milkR53
Ginger SnapR48
Mango Berry – mango, raspberries, coconut milk, honey, coconut-infused waterR53
Nature’s ProteinR53
Nut MilkR64
Peanut Butter BerryR53
Strawberry Stinger – strawberries, banana, frozen yogurt, pressed apple juiceR53
Peanut Butter BombR60
Salted CaramelR56
Strawberry Stinger – strawberries, banana, frozen yoghurt, pressed apple juiceR40
Tropical ChiaR53
Vitamin SeeR56

Kauai Salad Bowls

SaladPrice (R)
Cajun Chicken SaladR86
Chipotle Steak SaladR79
Parmesan Greens SaladR86
Plant Power SaladR94
Protein Salad PotR94
Thai Crunch SaladR94
Super Food SaladR98

Kauai Raw Juices Menu

Raw Juice350ML500ML
Floo JuiceR59R69
Blueberry CoolerR66R75
Daily GreensR66R75

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