Hyto Tyto is a famous kids’ play and eatery in South Africa. It is a world of fun for children under 12 and up to 85. There are indoor and outdoor play areas there for children.

Beyond the play area, Hyto Tyto also offers a wide range of menu items for both adults and kids. The menu includes breakfast 9served until 11 AM), toasties, open sandwiches, salads, wraps, toasted wraps, spring roll cigars, burgers, light meals, pizza, platters, waffles, milkshakes, smoothies, hot beverages, cold drinks, fresh drinks, and wines.

Hyto Tyto isn’t merely a dining establishment. It’s a fun family-friendly restaurant and entertainment venue that provides enjoyable play and dining experiences for people of all ages.

Not only does the restaurant provide mouthwatering treats that parents and kids will love, but the playground is equally amazing. The youngsters will undoubtedly have a blast and be able to burn off some steam.


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Tyto’s Town BreakfastR55
Hyto Hide BreakfastR96
Filled CroissantR79
It’s a WrapR89
Let’s Put It On ToastR105
Health BowlR85
Eggs BenedictR105
Eggs on ToastR38
Garlic Mushroom on ToastR49


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil PestoR69
Chicken MayoR75
Bacon, Egg & CheeseR79
Hickory Ham, Mozzarella & TomatoR79
Three-Cheese & MushroomR85

Open Sandwiches

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Avo on Toast (When available)R42
Brie Cheese & BaconR89
Grilled ChickenR109


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Green SaladR59
Grilled HalloumiR89
Grilled ChickenR89
Beef PlateR99
Beetroot & Shredded LambR99


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken WrapR89
Brunch WrapR89
Beef WrapR99

Toasted Wraps

Menu ItemPrice (R)

Light Meals

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Cheesy SticksR69
Chicken NapolitanaR89
Joe’s Fish & ChipsR89
Bow’s PieR89
Chicken SchnitzelR99

Spring Roll Cigar

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Traditional BobotieR99
Three CheesesR99
Shredded LambR119


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Homemade Beef BurgerR99
Grilled Chicken Breast BurgerR89
Saucy BurgerR109
Gourmet Homemade Beef BurgerR129


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Hawaiian PizzaR115
Parma Ham PizzaR139
Gourmet Veggie PizzaR149
Yanger’s Meaty PizzaR149
Camembert PizzaR149


Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Cheese Platter for TwoSelection of 5 cheeses with hummus, onion marmalade, jam, gherkins, fresh fruit served with bread & crackersR250
Tapas Platter for TwoSelection of cold meats with basil pesto, hummus, onion marmalade, olives, marinated peppers, gherkins, peppadews, and cheese served with bread & crackersR225
Bread Platter for TwoCiabatta & rye bread served with olives, balsamic, olive oil & dukkahR99
Camembert Plate for One/Starter for TwoChicken wings, meatballs, ribs, thin boerewors, onion ring, Vienna & chipsR155
Meat Platter for OneChicken wings, meatballs, ribs, thin boerewors, onion ring, vienna & chipsR119
Roy’s Platter for Table for TenChicken wings, ribs, thin boerewors, chicken strips, brie cheese, gouda cheese, seasonal freshness, ciabatta bread served with basil pesto, hummus, onion marmalade & jamR469


Menu ItemPrice (R)
– MushroomR20
– CheeseR25
– Lemon PepperR40
– SmallR35
– MediumR15
– LargeR20
Butternut & SpinachR35
Side SaladR20


Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Syrup Wafflewith ice creamR49
Chocolate Wafflewith ice cream, chocolate sprinkles, caramel popcorn, chocolate- & caramel sauceR65
Berry Wafflewith ice cream, berry sauce, strawberries & maple syrupR65
Waffles for the TableWaffles served with a selection of toppings & cream or ice creamR259

Fifi’s Sweet Items

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Cake/Tart of the DayR59
Melktert Spring RollR49
Scone with Jam, Butter, and CheeseR49
Croissant with Jam, Butter, and CheeseR59
Brownie with Ice CreamR39

Mienkie’s Milkshakes

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Blue Heaven Shakewith mini MarshmallowsLarge R45 / Small R35
Vanilla Chichi Shakewith SprinklesLarge R45 / Small R35
Banana Cream Pie Shakewith JellytotsLarge R45 / Small R35
Power Pink Shakewith strawberry Diddle DaddleLarge R45 / Small R35
Cream Soda Pop Shakewith mini SmartiesLarge R45 / Small R35
Choc Choc Shakewith Oreos & chocolate chipsLarge R45 / Small R35
Flippies FloatsCoke / Cream Soda / FantaLarge R45 / Small R35
TSH-BANGCoffee kickLarge R45 / Small R35

Beatrix Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Mango TangoR55
Peanut Butter PopR55
Pink PowerR55
Go GreenR55
Ginger RabbitR45

Klara’s Fresh Drinks

Menu ItemPrice (R)
– Fruit CocktailR45
– MangoR45
– OrangeR45
– BerryR45
– MangoR39
– BerryR39
– LitchiR39
Ice CoffeeR45
Brazilian Hazelnut CoffeeR45
Ice MoccaR49
Rock ShandyR49

Hot Beverages

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Cappuccino Std.R35
Café LatteR40
Espresso SingleR29
Espresso DoubleR45
Decaf CoffeeR39
Red CappuccinoR39
Café MochaR45
Chai TeaR45
Dirty Chai TeaR45
Milo / Hot ChocolateR45
Brazilian Hazelnut CoffeeR45
Tea – Rooibos / Five Roses / Earl GreyR25
Chamomile TeaR30

Cold Drinks

Menu ItemPrice (R)
– Coke / Coke Zero / Coke LightR25
– Fanta Orange / Cream SodaR30
– Dry Lemon / Stoney / Sprite / Sprite ZeroR30
– Lemon Twist / Granadilla Twist / SparberryR25
– Assorted FlavoursR23
Ice Tea
– Assorted FlavoursR28
Fresh Juice
– Per GlassR25
– Kiddies BottleR30
– Assorted FlavoursR28
– Still or SparklingR23

Kids Menu

CategoryMenu ItemPrice (R)
Kids FoodLekker-Bek BrekkieR49
Fido FritesR38
Karnallie StripsR59
Fluffy Fish BitesR59
Pedro PizzaR59
+ Bacon / Ham / Pineapple / MushroomR59
Peppi’s ToastieR12
Japie’s ToastieR45
Max’s Mac and CheeseR59
Loki’s French Toast FingersR49
Boffel’s Bovril SticksR49
Fritz BurgerR49
Camo SausageR49
Guss RibsR59
Kids DessertSweetie’s Ice CreamR55
Wolkie WafflesR65
Rainbow Sweets / Marshmallows / Chocolate SprinklesR30
Caramel Popcorn / Chocolate Sauce / NutsR25
Syrup / Berry SauceR25
Pikkie’s TreatsR35
Whoopsie’s CupcakeR12
Tweetie’s Milk & BiscuitsR55
Slushie TastingR55

Red Wine

Menu ItemPrice (R)
House Wine Per GlassR35
Cape Fern ShirazR145
Bonnievale PinotageR150
Durbanville Hills Cabernet SauvignonR165
Durbanville Hills MerlotR165
Spier ShirazR165
Stetyn MerlotR175
Kanonkop KadetteR220
Agaat John DavidR220
Rupert & Roths ClassiqueR380

White Wine

Menu ItemPrice (R)
House Wine Per GlassR35
Taste Chenin BlancR135
Durbanville Hills Sauvignon BlancR145
Durbanville Hills ChardonnayR145
Piekenierskloof Chenin BlancR175
Agaat ChristinaR220
Tokara Sauvignon BlancR250

Blush Wine

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Nederburg RoseR135
Taste RoseR135
Boshendal Blanc de NoirR145
Spier Chardonnay / Pinot NoirR145
Stetyn Chardonnay / Pinot NoirR160

Sparkling Wine

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Spier Secret SparklingR185
Da Luca ProseccoR230
Pongracz BrutR300
Pongracz NectarR300
Graham Beck Brut (MCC)R350
Jacque Bruere Brut ReserveR400


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Windhoek 440mlR45
Castle / Castle LightR35
Black LabelR35
Flying Fish (Lemon)R35
Heineken Non-AlcoholicR40

Ciders & Others

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Savanna Dry / LightR40
Hunters Dry / Extreme / GoldR40
Bernini BlushR35
Buffelsfontein & KolaR40
Belgravia Gin & TonicR45
Belgravia Gin & Tonic (Non-alcoholic)R45
Savanna (Non-alcoholic)R40
Corkage FeeR100

On Tap Wines

CategoryMenu ItemPrice (R)
BeerLounge LagerR49
Summer AleR49
Honey & Rooibos AleR49
Golden AleR49
GinPink GinR49
Citrus GinR49
MixerBrandy & ColaR55
Vodka Lime & LemonR49

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