Green Chilli is a famous restaurant in South Africa. The restaurant offers a wide range of menu, including burgers, roti, paratha, curry roti roll, main meals, shwarmas, chips, salads, soups, samoosas, desserts, bombay chaat, chicken curry, lamb curry, seafood, vegetable curry, rice dishes, Chinese dishes, bunny chow, sandwiches, and beverages.

The main meals include chicken tikka breast, chicken tikka thigh, grill chicken cube, lamb seekh kebab, green chilli family pack, full chicken tikka, full & half chicken, ranging in price from R87 to R477.

The restaurant also offers combo meals for gatherings. These include mixed grill special, combo pack, mini family pack, family pack, and Baba’s special family pack, ranging in price from R145 to R652.

The restaurant serves vegan dishes. It offers kiddies menu also, including kiddies chicken pasta, kiddies chicken burger, and kiddies malai boti, ranging in price from R97 to R137.

The restaurant has indoor as well as outdoor seating. Prior reservations are required to avoid any problem as the restaurant often remains quite busy. The cool ambiance and the great taste of foods attracts the patrons. Overall, it is a must-visit restaurant in South Africa.


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Regular BurgerR52
Regular Burger With CheeseR73
Regular Burger With Chips (No Cheese)R65
Cheese Burger With ChipsR72
Cheese Burger With Chips (Mutton or Veg patty)R72
Chicken Tikka Burger With Chips & CheeseR80
Green Chili Burger With Chips & Cheese (Mutton or Veg patty, Double patty, Double cheese)R101

Roti / Paratha / Tandoori Naan

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Aloo ParathaR82
Aloo Paratha & CheeseR112
Cheese ParathaR97
Chicken ParathaR112
Mince ParathaR120
Plain NaanR22
Butter NaanR29
Garlic NaanR42
Green Chilli Special NaanR101
Chicken & Cheese ParathaR120
Mince & Cheese ParathaR130
Naan BasketR159
Sweet NaanR40

Curry Roti Roll

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Mixed Veg Curry Roti RollR65
Beans Roti RollR65
Lamb Roti Roll (Boneless)R123
Chicken Curry Roti RollR101
Mince Roti RollR116
Prawns Roti RollR159

Main Meals

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Tikka BreastR94
Chicken Tikka ThighR87
Half ChickenR159
Grill Chicken CubeR145
Lamb Seekh KebabR145
Green Chilli Family PackR477
Full Chicken TikkaR288
Full ChickenR145

Combo Meals

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Mixed Grill Special1/4 Chicken tikka, 3 cubes of chicken boti, 3 cubes of mutton boti, 1 stick seekh kebab & 1 roti.R210
Combo Pack1/4 Chicken Tikka, 2 sticks of seekh kebab (mutton mince) & 1 roti.R145
Mini Family Pack2 x 1/4 chicken tikka, 3 cubes of chicken boti, 3 cubes of mutton boti, 2 sticks of seekh kebab & 2 roti.R304
Family Pack3 x 1/4 chicken tikka, 6 cubes of chicken boti, 6 cubes of mutton boti, 2 sticks of seekh kebab & roti.R413
Baba’s Special Family Pack4 x 1/4 chicken tikka, 2 legs & breasts, 6 cubes of chicken boti, 6 cubes of mutton boti, 6 cubes of malal boti, 2 sticks of seekh kebab & 6 roti.R652


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Tikka SchwarmaR82
Lamb SchwarmaR104
Vegetable SchwarmaR74


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Plain ChipsR30
Masala ChipsR37


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Plain SaladR45
Green SaladR67
Greek SaladR75


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken SoupR90
Chicken Corn SoupR97
Chicken Thai SoupR97
Hot & Sour SoupR97
Vegetable SoupR90


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Samoosas (4 pcs)R43


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Soji (250ml)R65

Kids Meats

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Kiddies Chicken PastaR123
Kiddies Chicken BurgerR97
Kiddies Malai BotiR137

Bombay Chaat

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Pani Puri (8 pcs)R67
Sev Puri (8 pcs)R67

Chicken Curry

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken KaraiR137
Butter ChickenR145
Chicken Tikka MasalaR145
Chicken KormaR152
Chicken Chilli MasalaR130
Chicken Aloo CurryR105
Chicken Boti MasalaR145
Chicken JhatpatR145
Chicken Jhal FreziR152
Dhal ChickenR137
Chicken SagiwalaR145
Chicken Keema MaturR145
Chicken VindalooR152

Lamb Curry

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Lamb Karai (Boneless)R171
Lamb Korma (Boneless)R174
Mutton Karai (with Bones)R152
Dhall Ghost (Boneless)R159
Lamb Butter CurryR174
Lamb Aloo CurryR152
Lamb VindalooR174
Lamb MadrasR174
Lamb Masala ChopsR210
Lamb Fried ChopsR210
Lamb JhatpatR174
Keema FryR174
Lamb Rogon JoshR181


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Prawn Masala CurryR188
Prawn KormaR188
Fish Masala CurryR188
Butter Prawn CurryR188
Fish & ChipsR79
Grilled PrawnsR304
Fried Fish (Kingklip)R164
Fish MadrasR188

Vegetable Curry

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Broad Bean CurryR101
Paneer Tikka MasakaR137
Fresh Veg Masala (mixed veg curry)R101
Palak Paneer (spinach)R130
Dhall Masala (gram dhall)R102
Chana Masala (chick peas)R108
Kadai MushroomR116
Mutter Paneer (peas)R130
Butter PaneerR137
Aloo MoturR101
Aloo PatakR101
Dhall MakhaniR116

Rice Dishes

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Basmati Rice (Plain)R52
Chicken BreyaniR137
Vegetable BreyaniR108
Mutton BreyaniR159
Lamb BreyaniR181
Prawn BreyaniR181
Chicken Tikka Breyanifrom R137
Fish BreyaniR195
Paneer Tikka BreyaniR145
Mutton PulaoR165
Chicken PulaoR137
Prawn PulaoR181
Savoury RiceR87

Chinese Dishes

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Prawns Fried RiceR188
Vegetable Fried Rice (V)R108
Chicken Fried RiceR137
Chinese Fried RiceR159
Chicken Chow MeinR130
Vegetable Chow MeinR127
Prawn Chow MeinR188
Chicken & Prawn Chow MeinR188
Chicken Chili DryR130
Chicken MansorianR159
Prawns MansorianR195
Garlic ChickenR166
Garlic PrawnsR195
Sweet & Sour ChickenR174
Sweet & Sour PrawnsR195
Chicken ChiliR159
Prawn ChiliR195

Bunny Chow

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Broad Beans Bunny (V)from R75
Vegetable Bunny (V)from R79
Chicken Bunnyfrom R108
Mutton Bunnyfrom R130
Lamb Bunny De-bonedfrom R152
Chicken & Prawn Bunnyfrom R166
Kebab Bunnyfrom R152


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Green Chili Special SandwichR45
Cheese & Tomato SandwichR45
Toasted Cheese SandwichR45
Cheese, Chips & Sauce SandwichR45
Cheese & Chips SandwichR45
Egg, Cheese & Tomato SandwichR60
Chicken & Mayonnaise SandwichR67
Kebab SandwichR82

Cold Beverages

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Bombay CrushR72
Lassi with flavorR60
Passion FruitR52
Cola TonicR52
440ml Soft Drinkfrom R27
300ml Soft Drinkfrom R22
500ml Still WaterR21

Warm Beverages

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Masala TeaR45
Hot ChocolateR45

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