Golden Rose is a famous Restaurant and Sushi Bar in South Africa. The restaurant has a relaxed and calm atmosphere for friends and family gatherings. Golden Rose has hired exceptional chefs, resulting in its famous foods. The staff is friendly and well-mannered.

Golden Rose captures the essence of exquisite dining with its diverse menu and charming ambiance. From tantalizing flavors to warm hospitality, join them on a gastronomic journey where every dish tells a story. Golden Rose offers a wide range of sushi and other items. All the items are prepared with fresh ingredients.

The menu includes Vegetarian items, Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Sushi, Plant-Based, Thai, Health Drinks, Chicken, Ramen, and Soups. Whether you’re seeking a cozy dinner or a special celebration, Golden Rose invites you to savor moments of culinary delight in a setting that feels like home.

Golden Rose Chef’s Special

ItemPrice (R)
Sizzling Chicken with Black PepperR122.27
Sizzling Beef with Black PepperR122.27
Sizzling Calamari with Black PepperR122.27
Sizzling Prawn with Black Pepper (13 pieces)R168.87
Mild Salty Prawn (13 pieces)R168.87
Crispy Pork Spare Ribs – Served with a sweet, sour sauce with garlic.R110.50
Peking Pork Spare Ribs – Served with a sweet, sour sauce with pineapple.R116.87
Spicy Soft BeancurdR93.47
Stir-fried Chinese Green VegetarianR70.07
Stir-fried squid With ChilliR98.67
Crispy Salt RibsR116.87
Yangzhou Stir-Fried RiceR103.87
Five Spicy DuckR142.87

Golden Rose Thai Food Menu

ItemPrice Range (R)
Spicy Cashew Nutfrom R119.47
Pad Thai Noodlesfrom R112.97
Thai Curryfrom R118.17

Golden Rose Ramen

RamenDescriptionPrice (R)
Beef RamenSlow-cooked Chinese-style bone broth coupled with braised meat & eggsR127.27
Seafood RamenSlow-cooked Chinese-style bone broth coupled with braised meat & eggsR140.27

Golden Rose Udon

ItemPrice (R)

Golden Rose Dim-Sum Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Spinach & Cream Cheese (3 pcs)R63.57
Prawn, Edamame & Cream Cheese (3 pc)R70.07
Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Chilli (3 pc)R70.07
Chicken, Ginger & Chives (3 pc)R70.07
Beef Potsticker – Fried (3 pc)R70.07
Shrimp Dumping (3 pcs)R63.57
Sui Mai (4 pcs)R60.97
Cha Sui Bao (3 pcs)R51.87
Pan-fried Dumpling (price per piece)R64.87
Boiled Dumpling (price per piece)R60.97
Custard Buns (3 pcs)R50.57

Golden Rose Soups

SoupPrice (R)
Vegetable SoupR27.17
Chicken Sweet Corn SoupR36.27
Hot and Sour SoupR36.27
Chicken Noodle SoupR36.27
Won Ton SoupR38.87
Tom Yum with PrawnR71.37
Tom Yum with ChickenR59.67
Tom Yum with SeafoodR71.37

Golden Rose Spring Rolls

ItemPrice (R)
Vegetable Spring RollR12.87
Chicken Spring RollR15.47
Beef Spring RollR15.47
Crab Spring RollR19.37
Prawn Spring RollR19.37
Deep Fried Won Ton – 8 Pieces.R37.57

Golden Rose Chow Mein (Fried Noodle)

ItemPrice (R)
House Special Chow Mein – Prawn, chicken, beef, and pork in one dishR129.87
Cantonese Fried NoodlesR116.87
Singapore Fried NoodlesR122.07
Vegetable Chow Mein – Served with noodles.R88.27
Chicken Chow Mein – Served with noodles.R93.47
Beef Chow Mein – Served with noodles.R99.97
Pork Chow Mein – Served with noodles.R99.97
Assorted Chow Mein – Served with noodles.R116.87
Prawn Chow Mein – Served with noodles.R116.87
Calamari Chow Mein – Served with noodles.R112.87
Fish Chow Mein – Served with noodles.R112.87
Seafood Chow Mein – Served with noodles.R116.87
Duck Chow Mein – Served with noodles.R112.87
BBQ Pork Chow MeinR112.87

Golden Rose Chow Faan (Fried Rice)

Served with rice.

ItemPrice (R)
House Special Chow Faan – Prawn, chicken, beef, and pork in one dishR127.87
Vegetable Chow FaanR88.27
Chicken Chow FaanR93.47
Beef Chow FaanR99.97
Pork Chow FaanR99.97
Assorted Chow FaanR116.87
Prawn Chow FaanR116.87
Calamari Chow FaanR112.87
Fish Chow FaanR112.87
Seafood Chow FaanR116.87
Duck Chow FaanR112.87

Golden Rose Chicken Meals

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken & RiceR94.77
Mushroom ChickenR103.87
Sweet Sour ChickenR96.07
Chicken Chop SueyR89.57
Chicken CurryR89.57
Chicken Dry Red PepperR89.57
Chicken With Lemon SauceR89.57
Chicken Oyster SauceR89.57
Chicken PineappleR89.57
Chicken With Cashew NutsR103.87
Chicken Mushroom Bamboo ShootsR101.27
Chicken Foo YongR103.87
Crispy Chicken (Chilli)R101.27
Kung Pao Chicken (Chilli)R106.47
Shang Hai ChickenR98.67
Sesame ChickenR98.67

Golden Rose Duck Meals

ItemPrice (R)
Sweet Sour DuckR107.77
Duck Chop SueyR107.77
Duck With Oyster SauceR114.27
Duck Mushroom Bamboo ShootsR107.77
Crispy DuckR116.87

Golden Rose Pork Meals

ItemPrice (R)
Sweet Sour PorkR98.67
Barbeque Pork & RiceR111.67
Pork Chop SueyR98.67
Pork CurryR98.67
Pork With Dry Red PepperR98.67
Pork With Cashew NutsR109.07
Pork Mushroom Bamboo ShootsR107.57
Pork Foo YongR102.57
Shanghai Pork (Crispy Pork)R107.77

Golden Rose Beef Meals

ItemPrice (R)
Sweet Sour BeefR94.77
Braised Beef FlankR111.67
Steak & RiceR107.77
Mushroom BeefR107.77
Beef CurryR99.97
Beef Chop SueyR99.97
Beef With Green PepperR99.97
Beef With Oyster SauceR99.97
Beef With Black Bean SauceR99.97
Beef With Cashew NutsR109.07
Beef Foo YongR107.77
Crispy BeefR102.57
Shanghai BeefR107.77

Golden Rose Seafood Meals

ItemPrice (R)
Calamari CurryR103.87
Calamari Chop SueyR103.87
Sweet Sour CalamariR105.17
Deep Fried CalamariR105.17
Sweet Sour FishR105.17
Fish CurryR105.17
Fish Chop SueyR103.87
Fish Black Bean SauceR107.77
Sweet Sour PrawnR112.97
Deep Fried Prawn (8 pcs)R107.77
Prawn Chop SueyR116.87
Prawn With Lemon SauceR116.87
Prawn With Dry Red PepperR116.87
Prawn Foo YongR127.27
Prawn With Cashew NutsR122.07
Prawn CurryR124.87

Golden Rose Vegetarian Meals

ItemPrice (R)
Sweet Sour Bean CurdR84.37
Bean Curd Brawn SauceR84.37
Vegetable Chop SueyR77.87
Vegetable Foo YongR89.57
Vegetable CurryR77.87
Spicy Cashew Nut VegR94.77
Thai Curry VegR89.57
Chilli Veg Chow MeinR93.47
Chilli Veg Chow FaanR93.47

Golden Rose Others/Sauces Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Fortune CookieR6.5
Chocolate Fortune CookieR10.4
White rabbitR49.4
Bow Tie (3 pcs)R32.5
Prawn ChipsR26
Sweet and Sour 350ml SauceR19.5
Sweet & Sour Sauce 70mlR10.4
Mayonnaise 35mlR13
Aloe JuiceR32.5
Coconut Milk JuiceR32.5

Golden Rose Deluxe Choices

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Honey Roll (8 pieces)Prawn roll topped with strawberry and honey.R98.67
SashimiThree piecesR71.37
Salmon RoseThree piecesR71.37
Sweet Bean CurdTwo piecesR51.87
Rainbow RollEight piecesR98.67
Double Sandwiches (4 pcs)Salmon, Caviar, and MayoR64.87
Crab Boat SaladCrab Boat SaladR110.37
Rock Roll (4 pcs)California roll topped with prawn tempura and sweet chili mayo sauce.R59.67
Golden Roll (4pcs)Deep Fried California RollR60.97
Ocean Fairy8 Pieces sushi. Deep Fried PrawnR110.37
Sushi CakeFour piecesR59.67
Maki RollEight piecesfrom R50.57
Spring Maki8pcsR79.17
Hand RollOne piecefrom R41.47

Golden Rose Sushi Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
California RollEight Piecesfrom R68.77
Fashion SandwichEight piecesfrom R84.37
Cucumber WrapFour piecesfrom R64.87
NigiriTwo piecesfrom R42.25
Bamboo Hand RollBamboo hand rollR64.87 Each

Golden Rose ‘Tickle Your Fancy’ Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Strawberry Rainbow (4 pcs)Salmon, Strawberry, and cream cheese with Rice PaperR68.77
Teriyaki Tuna Roll (4 pcs)Seared Tuna, Avo, and Cucumber with Teriyaki sauce and spring OnionR84.37
Juicy Roll (4 pcs)California Roll topped with Tempura Prawn & Special MayoR84.37
Toro Toro (2 pcs)Spicy Chopped Salmon with Crispy RiceR68.77
Yummy Roll (4 pcs)Chicken Salad wrapped with deep-fried tempura topped with tobacco crab salad & spring Onion.R84.37
Karate Roll (4 pcs)Seared Salmon, Avo & chilliR68.77
Crab Salad Roll (4 pcs)Crab California Roll Smothered in sweet chili Mayo with Wasabi & TobikoR68.77
Kamakazi Roll (4 pcs)Salmon, Tuna, Avo, CrabR84.37
Shogun Roll (4 pcs)Tempura Salmon Skin, Avo, with Sweet Chilli MayoR68.77
Delux Roll (4 pcs)Salmon, Prawn Avo with Special SauceR84.37
Tataki Roll (4 pcs)Seared Salmon, Avo, Cucumber, Cream Cheese, Sriracha, MayoR68.77
Rikz Roll (4 pcs)Tempura Prawn, Cucumber, Mayo & Bean CurdR68.77
Salmon Top (4 pcs)Salmon, Cream cheese, Avo, Cucumber with Teriyaki SauceR68.77
Kenzo Roll (4 pcs)Tempura Prawn, Avo, Sweet Chilli Mayo, Teriyaki & Sesame OilR84.37
Venus Roll (4 pcs)Cucumber Roll topped with Tempura Prawn Condensed MilkR84.37
Rising Sun Roll (4 pcs)Fried Chicken, Spring Onion, Sweet chili SauceR68.77
Salmon Tower (2 pcs)Thin Crispy Rice topped with Avo, Spicy salmon, Mayo & Sesame OilR84.37
Spicy Salmon Maguro (2 pcs)Seared Salmon with Crispy RiceR68.77

Golden Rose Sushi Platters / Combos

Platter/Combo NameDescriptionPrice (R)
Sashimi Salad8pcR198.77
Plain Sashimi8pcR184.47
Salmon Sun Combo12 pcsR122.07
Rainbow Combo24pcsR233.87
Lunch Box (12pc)4x Salmon rose, 4x salmon California rolls, 4x rock rollsR201.37
Fantasy Combo (16pc)4x Golden roll salmon, 4x rock rolls, 4x ocean fairy, 4x rainbow rollsR220.87
House Platter38 pcsR363.87
Salmon Lunch11 pcsR131.17
California Roll Platter (20pcs)4pcs Salmon California roll, 4pcs prawn California roll, 4 pcs crab California roll, 4pcs veg California roll, 4pcs smoked salmon California rollR193.7
Vegetarian Platter (22pcs)8pcs Veg fashion sandwiches, 4pcs veg California rolls, 8pcs Avo maki roll, 2pcs Veg bean curdR181.87
Maki Platter (26pcs)8pcs Salmon maki, 8pcs prawn maki, 8pcs avo maki, 1 pc salmon nigiri, 1pc prawn nigiriR189.67
Deluxe Salmon Pack31 pcsR636.87
Party Platter74 pcsR848.77
Platter No. 1 (19pcs)3pcs Salmon Rose, 8pcs Salmon Fashion Sandwiches, 8pcs Salmon Maki RollR207.87
Platter No. 2 (21pcs)4pcs Salmon California Roll, 4pcs Rainbow California Roll, 2pcs Salmon Nigiri, 3pcs Salmon Sashimi, 8pcs Avo Maki RollR233.87
Platter No. 3 (24pcs)8pcs Prawn Fashion Sandwiches, 8pcs Salmon Fashion Sandwiches, 4pcs Salmon California Roll, 4pcs Rainbow California RollR246.87
Platter No. 4 (32pcs)8pcs Veg Fashion Sandwiches, 8pcs Salmon Fashion Sandwiches, 4pcs Rainbow California Roll, 4pcs Prawn California Roll, 8pcs Avo Maki RollR258.7
Platter No. 5 (26pcs)3pcs Salmon Rose, 3pcs Salmon Sashimi, 4pcs Rainbow California Roll, 8pcs Salmon Fashion Sandwiches, 8pcs Salmon Maki RollR314.47
Platter No. 6 (29pcs)8pcs Ocean Fairy, 2pcs Prawn Bean Curd, 3pcs Salmon Rose, 8pcs Salmon California Roll, 8pcs Prawn Maki RollR324.87
Platter No. 7 (27pcs)8pcs Salmon fashion Sandwiches, 4pcs Salmon California Roll, 4pcs Rainbow California Roll, 8pcs Prawn Maki RollR350.87
Hawaii Combo20 pcsR310.57

Golden Rose Beverages Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Coconut Milk JuiceR31.7
Aloe Juice (500ml)R32.5

Golden Rose Sides Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Fried NoodleR26
Fried RiceR26
Shrimp ChipsR26
Bowties (3 pieces)R32.5
Boiled Dumpling (from)R55.9
Deep Fried Dumpling (12 pieces)from R58.5
Pan-fried dumplings (from)R58.5
Spinach & Cream Cheese (3 pcs)R58.5
Prawn, Edamame & Cream Cheese (3 pc)R63.7
Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Chilli (3 pc)R63.7
Chicken, Ginger & Chives (3 pc)R63.7
Beef Potsticker – Fried (3 pc)R70.07

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