Frozen for You is a family-owned company that was officially launched in 2018. We have a long history in the food industry, with their founder Karen Short having started By Word of Mouth catering in 1993. 

By Word of Mouth, it has grown into one of the best catering companies in the country and has been voted Best Caterer in Joburg for 23 years in a row! What started with take-home versions of their most loved meals has become an impressive range of family-favorite frozen meals.

They opened their first store in Dainfern Square in March 2018, and they now have fifteen of their retail stores, as well as four store-within-a-store concepts. After opening in Gauteng, they opened their first store in Cape Town in 2019, where their presence in the Western Cape is ever-growing. Karen’s roots are in KwaZulu-Natal.

They are so glad to be back in the province of her childhood! A core value that they are probably most known for is convenience. Their meals are perfectly portion-controlled, which helps to limit waste and means you’ll only pay for what you eat. You’ll never have half an onion sitting in your fridge.

Most of their meals can also be cooked from frozen food, so you’ll never have to plan what to have for dinner. Pull one of their meals out of your freezer, pop it in the oven, even in its container, and eat! Goodbye, dirty dishes.

One of their favorite ‘special occasion’ tricks is to pop the frozen meal out of its plastic container and place it in one of your oven-proof dishes. When it has defrosted and been heated in the oven, it looks as though you have made it from scratch. You can thank them later.

Frozen for You, Lamb Menu

LambServing SizePrice (R)
Hot Durban Lamb Curry320g (Serves 1)R155
640g (Serves 2)R295
1.28kg (Serves 4)R570
Lamb Tagine320g (Serves 1)R240
640g (Serves 2)R450
1.28kg (Serves 4)R450
Lamb Mint and Pumpkin Pie640g (Serves 2)R230
1.28kg (Serves 4)R450
2.4kg (Serves 6-8)R720
Lamb Curry320g (Serves 1)R208
640g (Serves 2)R393
1.28kg (Serves 4)R776
Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks1.3kg (Serves 2)R551
Lamb Knuckle Bredie320g (Serves 1)R135
640g (Serves 2)R270
1.28kg (Serves 4)R520

Frozen for You Beef Menu

BeefServing SizePrice (R)
Balsamic Fillet Medallion180g (Serves 1)R129
360g (Serves 2)R258
720g (Serves 4)R504
Beef Lasagne400g (Serves 1)R85
800g (Serves 2)R159
1.60kg (Serves 4-6)R292
3.20kg (Serves 8-10)R548
Pasta-Free Lasagne400g (Serves 1)R109
800g (Serves 2)R206
1.60kg (Serves 4-6)R399
Spicy Beef Bobotie320g (Serves 1)R65
640g (Serves 2)R118
1.28kg (Serves 4)R212
Fragrant Malay Bobotie320g (Serves 1)R65
640g (Serves 2)R118
1.28kg (Serves 4)R212
Slow-Cooked Oxtail1.30kg (Serves 2)R422
Beef Bourguignon640g (Serves 2)R276
1.28kg (Serves 4)R521
Traditional Cottage Pie400g (Serves 1)R78
800g (Serves 2)R148
1.6kg (Serves 4-6)R278
Family Favourite Bolognese450g (Serves 2-3)R74
900g (Serves 4-6)R137
Steak Pie640g (Serves 2-4)R224
1.28kg (Serves 4-6)R435
2.40kg (Serves 6-8)R815
Beef Stroganoff320g (Serves 1)R103
640g (Serves 2)R202
1.28kg (Serves 4)R381

Frozen for You Chicken Menu

ChickenServing SizePrice (R)
Chinese Chicken Chow Mein320g (Serves 1)R84
640g (Serves 2)R158
1.28kg (Serves 4)R299
Chicken a la King Pie640g (Serves 2)R166
1.28kg (Serves 4)R312
2.4kg (Serves 6-8)R579
Hot Butter Chicken Curry320g (Serves 1)R82
640g (Serves 2)R164
1.28kg (Serves 4)R324
Mild Butter Chicken Curry320g (Serves 1)R82
640g (Serves 2)R164
1.28kg (Serves 4)R324
Thai Green Chicken Curry320g (Serves 1)R85
640g (Serves 2)R156
1.28kg (Serves 4)R309
Coq Au Vin360g (Serves 1)R99
720g (Serves 2)R190
1.44kg (Serves 4)R364
Coronation Chicken320g (Serves 1)R85
640g (Serves 2)R157
1.28kg (Serves 4)R293
Chicken Enchiladas320g (Serves 1)R88
640g (Serves 2)R161
1.28kg (Serves 4)R317
Sticky Chicken3 Pieces (Serves 1)R98
12 Pieces (Serves 4)R340
Chicken Bake310g (Serves 1)R90
620g (Serves 2)R178
1.24kg (Serves 4)R335
Chicken Galantine1.3kg (Serves 6-8)R376
Chicken Lasagne400g (Serves 1)R76
800g (Serves 2)R146
1.60kg (Serves 4)R273
3.20kg (Serves 8-10)R532
Karen’s Asian Chicken180g (Serves 1)R92
360g (Serves 2)R179
720g (Serves 4)R339
Karen’s Asian Chicken420g (Serves 1)R80
840g (Serves 2)R154
1.68kg (Serves 4)R289

Frozen for You Pasta Menu

PastaServing SizePrice (R)
Mac and Cheese with Ham and Peas400g (Serves 1)R64
800g (Serves 2)R105
1.5kg (Serves 4-6)R180
Mac and Cheese800g (Serves 2)R112
1.5kg (Serves 4-6)R199
400g (Serves 1)R52
800g (Serves 2)R87
1.5kg (Serves 4-6)R154
Mac and Cheese with Butternut and Pancetta800g (Serves 2)R99

Frozen for You Vegetarian Menu

VegetarianServing SizePrice (R)
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni400g (Serves 1)R87
800g (Serves 2)R167
1.60kg (Serves 4-6)R321
Vegetable and Chickpea Curry320g (Serves 1)R54
640g (Serves 2)R94
1.28kg (Serves 4)R175
Vegetarian Bean Curry320g (Serves 1)R59
640g (Serves 2)R103
1.28kg (Serves 4)R191
Butternut Sage and Lentil Lasagne400g (Serves 1)R98
800g (Serves 2)R192
1.60kg (Serves 4-6)R371
Vegetarian Cottage Pie400g (Serves 1)R53
800g (Serves 2)R100
1.60kg (Serves 4-6)R189
Black Bean Enchiladas320g (Serves 1)R90
640g (Serves 2)R167
1.28kg (Serves 4)R329
Ratatouille320g (Serves 1-2)R65
640g (Serves 2-4)R123
Spinach and Feta Quiche320g (Serves 1-2)R110
1.20kg (Serves 8-10)R373
Vegan Bolognese450g (Serves 2-3)R80
900g (Serves 4-6)R155
Melanzane Parmigiana410g (Serves 1-2)R110
820g (Serves 2-4)R210
1.64kg (Serves 4-6)R395
Vegan Chilli Con ‘Carne’450g (Serves 2-3)R115
900g (Serves 4-6)R225

Frozen for You Fish Menu

FishServing SizePrice (R)
Mauritian Prawn and Chicken Curry470g (Serves 1)R172
940g (Serves 2)R340
1.88kg (Serves 4)R650
Traditional Fish Pie400g (Serves 1)R98
800g (Serves 2)R191
1.60kg (Serves 4-6)R320
British Fish Cakes2 Fish Cakes (Serves 1)R68
6 Fish Cakes (Serves 3)R185
Spicy Thai Fish Cakes2 Fish Cakes (Serves 1)R86
8 Fish Cakes (Serves 4)R324
Glazed Norwegian Salmon320g (Serves 2)R440
Anchovy Fish PastePack of 3R195
Pack of 6R370

Frozen for You Pork Menu

PorkServing SizePrice (R)
Cooked Pork Belly410g (Serves 2)R178
Creamy Bacon Linguine400g (Serves 1)R95
800g (Serves 2)R183
Adrian’s Mum’s Meatballs4 Meatballs (Serves 1)R90
8 Meatballs (Serves 2)R177
16 Meatballs (Serves 4)R342
Pork Sausages3 Sausages (Serves 1)R78
12 Sausages (Serves 4)R283
Quiche Lorraine320g (Serves 1-2)R125
1.20kg (Serves 8-10)R389

Frozen for You Desserts Menu

DessertServing SizePrice (R)
Vegan & Gluten-Free Brownies280g (Serves 4)R108
Date Squares280g (16 portions)R78
Chocolate Roulade1kg (Serves 10-12)R162
Tarte au Citron230g (Serves 1-2)R59
1kg (Serves 10-12)R178
Meringue Roulade450g (Serves 10-12)R196
Chocolate Yoghurt Cake800g (Serves 10-12)R93
White Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding230g (Serves 1-2)R84
1kg (Serves 10-12)R208
Apple Cake230g (Serves 1-2)R55
1kg (Serves 10-12)R207
Traditional Baked Cheesecake220g (Serves 1-2)R84
1kg (Serves 10-12)R359
Our Famous Chocolate Brownies350g (4 Portions)R99
Berry Coulis200ml (Serves 6)R74
Salted Caramel Sauce200ml (Serves 6)R57
Carrot Cake800g (Serves 10-12)R146
Tiramisu215g (Serves 1-2)R68
430g (Serves 2-4)R129

Frozen for You Soups

SoupServing SizePrice (R)
Creamy Mussel Soup900g (Serves 2)R196
Minted Pea Soup450ml (Serves 1)R48
900ml (Serves 2)R88
Roasted Tomato Soup450ml (Serves 1)R57
900ml (Serves 2)R102
Wild Mushroom Soup450ml (Serves 1)R99
900ml (Serves 2)R179
Roasted Carrot Soup450ml (Serves 1)R48
900ml (Serves 2)R80
Butternut Soup450ml (Serves 1)R37
900ml (Serves 2)R69
Chorizo Bean and Bacon Soup450ml (Serves 1)R60
900ml (Serves 2)R106
Hearty Beef Goulash Soup450ml (Serves 1)R74
900ml (Serves 2)R138
Chicken Soup450g (Serves 1)R67
900g (Serves 2)R129

Frozen for You Sauces & Sides

Sauces & SidesServing SizePrice (R)
Egg Fried Rice250g (Serves 1-2)R49
500g (Serves 2-4)R95
Cauliflower and Broccoli in Cheese Sauce310g (Serves 1-2)R66
620g (Serves 2-4)R129
Chicken Gravy450ml (Serves 4-8)R54
Dauphinois Potatoes320g (Serves 1-2)R56
640g (Serves 2-4)R99
1.28kg (Serves 4-6)R184
Minted Peas180g (Serves 1-2)R46
360g (Serves 2-4)R87
Baked Cauliflower Gratin310g (Serves 1-2)R79
620g (Serves 2-4)R153
Fragrant White Basmati Rice250g (Serves 1-2)R26
500g (Serves 2-4)R44
Spiced Yellow Rice250g (Serves 1-2)R29
500g (Serves 2-4)R52
Quinoa Salad310g (Serves 1-2)R82
620g (Serves 2-4)R155
Slow-cooked lamb Gravy450ml (Serves 4-8)R64
Creamed Spinach310g (Serves 2-3)R47
620g (Serves 4-6)R84
Karoo Sheeba Sauce450ml (Serves 4-8)R64
Crispy Roast Potatoes250g (Serves 2)R49
500g (Serves 4)R96
Butternut Fritters12 Fritters (Serves 4)R83
Rainbow Couscous Salad310g (Serves 1-2)R68
620g (Serves 2-4)R131
Four Bean Salad310g (Serves 2-3)R51
Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce450g (Serves 2-3)R102
900g (Serves 4-6)R195
Prego Sauce450ml (Serves 4-8)R73
900ml (Serves 10-12)R135
Creamy Mushroom Sauce450ml (Serves 4-8)R106
900ml (Serves 10-12)R189
Pesto Cream Sauce450ml (Serves 4-8)R72
900ml (Serves 10-12)R132
Crusty Plain Loaf900g (Serves 8-10)R62
Creamy Mashed Potatoes400g (Serves 1)R45
800g (Serves 2-4)R82
Cheese and Onion Marmalade Barrels250g (12 barrels)R94

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  1. Please advise me how I can get an order to Franschhoek . My wife is an invalid & I m going away in May & would like an order of six main dishes for two people & four soups for one person . I make that total R1151 . They would obviously need to be frozen .
    I do have a daughter who works in Cape Town & lives in Milnerton , but her freezing capacity is limited .
    So please advise if you can deliver to Franschhoek to somewhere in the village or I can meet your vehicle as I am on a farm outside the village .
    Many thanks ,
    Graham Howes.

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