Frangeros is a Portuguese-style chicken tikka establishment that offers fast, fresh food at an affordable price. Despite its small size and lack of dine-in seating, the place has a respectable staff and a menu that is sure to satisfy. The ambiance is casual and friendly, with staff always willing to assist and answer any questions. The interior design is simple yet functional, focusing on cleanliness and hygiene.

The price range is reasonable, with a quarter chicken breast, chips, and roti costing only R50. Their unique features include outdoor seating and free Wi-Fi. Some dishes on the menu include chicken strips with chips, a veg burger made from a crumbed patty filled with mushrooms and other veggies, and the quarter chicken breast with chips and roti.

Their signature dish is the Portuguese-style chicken tikka, grilled and smothered in extra sauce. The extra hot livers are not for the faint-hearted, but they are worth trying. For drinks, they offer a variety of soft drinks, including Coke and Fanta. They also have a selection of wines and cocktails, such as the classic Margarita and the fruity Pina Colada.

Frangeros Family Meal

ItemPrice (R)
Full Chicken – 4 x Roti’s, Large Chips, Sauce & LemonR1040
Chicken Strips & ChipsR149
Frangeros Special – 4 x Legs & 4 x Roti’sR640

Frangeros Burgers & Chips

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Tikka Burger OnlyR54.90
Double Patty Burger & ChipsR64.90
Double Patty Burger OnlyR54.90
Regular Burger & ChipsR49.90
Regular Burger OnlyR39.90
Veg Burger & ChipsR49.90
Veg Burger OnlyR39.90

Frangeros Chicken

ItemPrice (R)
1/4 Breast & ChipsR84.90
1/2 Chicken, Roti, ChipsR119.90
Breast, Roti, ChipsR49.90
1/4 Leg, Roti, ChipsR44.90
Full Chicken OnlyR119.90
1/2 Chicken OnlyR74.90
1/4 Breast OnlyR44.90
1/4 Leg OnlyR39.90
Strips OnlyR39.90
Chicken LiversR29.90
Chicken GibletsR29.90
Kiddies Chicken Nuggets & ChipsR29.90

Frangeros Mutton Beef Burger Special

ItemPrice (R)
2 Mutton Beef BurgersR64.90

Frangeros Monday & Tuesday Special

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Leg Special1/4 Chicken Leg & ChipsR29.90

Frangeros Sides Menu

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Cheese SliceTasty cheese sliceR5.90
RotiDelicious rotiR5.90
Portuguese RollMouth-watering Portuguese rollR5.90
Roti PackGrand roti packR35
Garden SaladRegularR15.90
Garden SaladLargeR25.90
Frangeros Sauce250ml BottleR39.90
Frangeros Sauce500ml BottleR69.90

Frangeros Toasted Sandwiches

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken & MayoR30
Beef/Mutton BurgerR30
Chips & CheeseR20
Cheese & TomatoR20

Frangeros Hot Drinks

ItemPrice (R)

Frangeros Ice Cream Menu

FlavorPrice (R)
KitKat 90mlR15
Oreo 90mlR15
Barone 90mlR15
Caramel KrunchR180
Blueberry SwirlR215
Ice Cream TreeR215
Mint KrunchR180
Chocolate SwirlR215
Socca ManiaR215
Fruit SherbetR215
Strawberry Soft SwirlR215
Big Choc ConoR270
Vanilla CondR255
Chocolate Soft SwirlR215
Big NillaR175

Frangeros Cornubia Menu

The menu is the same as provided above, and the location of this outlet is as follows:

Address: Frangeros Cornubia Mall, ZA Durban Mount Edgecombe Shop U28 Cornubia Mall Corner of Flanders Drive & Tacoma Drive, Blackburn Estate, Blackburn, 4319, South Africa

Frangeros Chatsworth Menu

The menu is the same as provided above, and the location of this outlet is as follows:

Address: Frangeros, 190 Chatsworth Main Rd, Umhlatuzana, Chatsworth, 4092, South Africa

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