Franco’s is a famous pizza restaurant in South Africa at Frikkie Meyer Blvd, Vanderbijlpark S. W. 5, Vanderbijlpark. The main feature of this restaurant that distinguishes it from others is its large screen, where you can watch sports easily and in a great way.

Franco’s offers a wide range of menus, including Starters, Lasagne, Pasta, Pizza Classic, Pizza Signature, Pizza Bread, Chef Specials, Hamburgers, Kiddies, Desserts, Snack Menu, and Beverages. The prices are very reasonable and pocket-friendly.

At Franco’s, you can enjoy both outdoor and indoor seating. The atmosphere is cool and calming. The staff is friendly, well-dressed, well-mannered, and always ready to serve you.

The pizzas include classic pizza and signature pizza. The classic pizzas include Margarita Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, Regina Pizza, and Vegetarian Pizza, ranging in price from R98 to R135. The Signature pizzas include Siciliana Pizza, Quattro Formaggi Pizza, Morituri Pizza, and others, ranging in price from R127 to R205.

No meal is complete without drinks. The Franco’s offers drinks including Soft Drinks Cans, Ice Tea, Water, and Tisers, ranging in price from R25 to R38. Desserts include Chocolate Volcano Pudding, Boston Brownie, and others, ranging in price from R60 to R85.


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken LiversR79
Greek SaladR85
Crumbed MushroomsR85
Prawn TailsR120


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Beef Lasagna Small (1 Portion)R125


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Napolitana PastaR110
Alfredo PastaR135
Con Pollo PastaR160
Carbonara PastaR138
Meatballs PastaR149
Prawn Tail PastaR180
Al Peppe PastaR198

Pizza Classic

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Margarita PizzaR98
Hawaiian PizzaR125
Regina PizzaR125
Vegetarian PizzaR135

Pizza Signature

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Siciliana PizzaR138
Quattro Formaggi PizzaR127
Quattro Stagioni PizzaR138
Foresta PizzaR145
Parma PizzaR195
Mexicana PizzaR149
Morituri PizzaR159
Carne PizzaR145
Seafood PizzaR205
Rib PizzaR135
La Mamma PizzaR155
Al Pappa PizzaR155
Queens PizzaR148
Ragazzo PizzaR189
Divo PizzaR178

Pizza Bread

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Classic Pizza BreadR68
Classic with Cheese Pizza BreadR89

Chef Specials

Menu ItemPrice (R)
300g FilletR235
Ribsfrom R195
500g Ribeye On The BoneR250
700g T-BoneR270
Steak & EggR195
Veal MarsalaR195
Chicken MarsalaR189
Baby ChickenR195
Grilled Chicken BreastsR138
Gordon BleuR205
Chicken SchnitzelR145
Pork BellyR195
Prawnsfrom R265
Francos SchnitzelR205
Chicken InvolitiniR205
Chicken CurryR189
Prawn CurryR229


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken BurgerR105
Bacon & Cheese BurgerR135
Mushroom & Cheese BurgerR135


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Kids Soccer Balls And Shoe Laces (meat balls and spaghetti)R79
Kids Ribs & ChipsR79
Kids Chicken Strips & ChipsR65
Kids Margarita PizzaR65
Kids Ham & Cheese PizzaR75
Kids Rump Strips & ChipsR98
Kids LasagnaR79


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Nutella PizzaR85
Chocolate Volcano PuddingR79
Boston BrownieR75
Apple Crumble TartR60
Red Velvet Cake SliceR79

Snack Menu

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Stripsfrom R69
Cajun Style Pork Stripsfrom R69
Jalapeno Poppers (x6)R89
Chicken Wings (x6)R85
Guilty Pleasure FriesR105


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Soft Drinks CansR28
Ice TeaR32
Waterfrom R25

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