Are you looking for a Fishmonger menu? Then your search is over. You are at the right place. We have compiled the current Fishmonger menu with updated prices, sourced directly from the official website of the Fishmonger restaurant.

Fishmonger is a famous restaurant in South Africa. It is mainly famous for its wide range of seafood menus. All the menu items are prepared from fresh ingredients. The prices are very reasonable.

Fishmonger menus include Soups, Entrées, Fresh From The Garden, Salad Platters, Vegetarian, Fish, Shellfish, Side Orders, Platters, Seafood Specialities, Meat & Chicken, Sauces, Desserts, Sushi, and Kiddies Menu.

For friend and family gatherings, platters are available and are the best option. Platters include The King Platter and The Queen Platter. Also, salad platters and sushi platters are available. Kiddies menu items are also available.

Fish include Pangasius, Linefish, Kingklip, Asparagus Hake, Trout Almondine, Trout Salsa, Calamari, and others, ranging in price from R215 to R260.


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Lobster BisqueR115
Mediterranean Fish SoupR120


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Fresh OystersSQ
Falkland CalamariR125
Calamari MediterraneanR135
Squid headsR135
Prawn and Avo MedleyR145
Fresh Black MusselsR120
Fish CakesR110
Salmon TartareR170
Halloumi Stack (v)R115
Chicken Livers Peri PeriR110
Garlic SnailsR110

Fresh From The Garden

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Greek SaladR130
Roquefort SaladR125
Rocket SaladR145
Tomato SaladR125
Chicken SaladR160
Halloumi SaladR165

Salad Platters

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Greek or RoquefortR255


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Vegetarian PlatterR230
Pesto PastaR180


Menu ItemPrice (R)
Hake in BatterR215
Asparagus HakeR240
Whole Baby KingklipSQ
Trout AlmondineR215
Trout SalsaR225
Falkland CalamariR255
Calamari TrioR260


Menu ItemPrice (R)
King PrawnsSQ
Queen PrawnsSQ
Prawn NaçionalR355
Beira PrawnsR360
Prawn Curry Mozambique StyleR355

Side Orders

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Edamame BeansR95
Butter Sauces (Lemon or Garlic)R35
Crispy Onion RingsR55
Steamed VegetablesR55
Stir-Fried VegetablesR50


Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
King Platter4 wild langoustines, 12 Mozambique king prawns, fresh linefish of the day, a trio of calamari, and Portuguese-style musselsSQ
Queen PlatterA beautiful selection of seafood including kingklip, 6 queen prawns, grilled calamari, and squid headsR900

Seafood Specialities

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Bacalhau (280g)R300
Seared Norwegian SalmonSQ
Kingklip MediterraneanR320
Stuffed KingklipR310
Kingklip ThermidorR310
Prawn ThermidorR350
Seafood CasseroleR315
Pasta di MareR290
Kingklip CurryR310
Kingklip EspetadaR310
Oven Baked Portuguese Style (± 30 min)SQ
Linefish (Local)R320
Whole Baked FishSQ

Meat & Chicken

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Prego FilletR255
Fillet au NaturalR260
Pepper FilletR270
Rump au NaturalR230-R285
Balsamico RumpR250
Beef EspetadaR285
Peri Peri Chicken (30 min)R220
Chicken Breast NaturalR190
Beef TrinchadoR265


SaucePrice (R)
Rainbow Pepper SauceR55
Creamy Garlic SauceR55
Cheese and Mushroom SauceR55


DessertPrice (R)
Halva and Sour CherryR135
Chocolate MousseR110
Creme BruléeR98
Peppermint Crisp TorteR98
Lemon and Almond TorteR80
Fridge Lemon CheesecakeR95
Malva PuddingR140
Ice Creams (per scoop)
– Fior de Latte
– Rich Chocolate

Sorbets (per scoop)
– Lemon
– Strawberry
– Mango



Menu ItemPrice (R)
California Rolls 8 pieceR91
Maki Sushi 6 piecesR65
Roses 3 piecesR97.50
Fashion Sandwich 4 pieceR52
Fashion Sandwich 8 pieceR97.50
California Rolls 4 pieceR52
Rainbow Rolls Reloaded 8 pieceR182
Classic Rainbow RollsR91
Sashimi 6 piecesR182
Handroll 1 pieceR65
Sashimi 3 piecesR97.50
Salmon SaladR208
Salmon Platter (14pcs)R299
Ngiri 3 piecesR97.50
Sushi Platter for Two (32pcs)R572
Dragon Rolls 8 pieceR104
Ngiri 6 piecesR182
Vegetable Platter (18pcs)R169
Strawberry Rolls 8 pieceR182

Kiddies Menu

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken BurgerR110
Prawn ComboR165
Chicken StripsR95

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