Fick’s is a famous and unique restaurant, located at an ideal spot in Hermanus. The restaurant is open-air and does not have any shelter for the rainy or stormy weather/ That’s why, they don’t entertain reservations and work on the principle of ”First Come, First Serve.”

The restaurant offers a variety of Pinchos which are Northern Spain cuisine’s inspired small-sized meals. These dishes are prepared by the chef Fadzi and Sous chef Susan. These dishes are in the form of platters, suitable for friend and family gatherings.

The Fick’s restaurant menu includes pinchos de carne (red & white meats), flammkuchen (flame pastry), pinchos de mariscos (fish & seafood), pinchos dulces (sweet delights), pinchos de verduras (vegetarian), ninos (children 12 or under), white wine, red wine, and cap classique wine.

All the menu items are prepared from fresh ingredients and the prices are affordable. Considering the cool, relaxing atmosphere, the pool’s view while having meals, quick service, and unique dishes, this restaurant is a must-visit dining spot in South Africa.

Pinchos de Carne (Red & White Meats)

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Spicy Lamb MeatballsMint yogurt & cucumberR98
Lamb Rack CutletsServed with kumquat chutneyR165
Spicy Buffalo Chicken WingsSweet & spicy, sriracha & honeyR115
Chimichurri Fillet (100g)Served with chimichurri dressingR135
Seared Beef with Piquillo Pepper & Shallot JamSeared Beef with Piquillo Pepper & Shallot JamR139
Chorizo SandwichWith egg, caramelized onions, and a red wine reductionR95
Seared Duck BreastWith orange and green olive sauceR200

Flammkuchen (Flame Pastry)

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
El ClasicoCreme fraiche, onion, baconR110
The FicksCreme fraiche, mozzarella, olives, prosciutto ham, rocketR155
VegetarianAvocado, red pepper, mushrooms, onionsR105
CapreseBocconcini cheese, tomatoes, basilR139
EsChorizo, mozzarella, zucchini, tomato, onionR145
La PaellaChorizo sausage, prawns, mussels, chicken, red pepper, onionR185
Greek Chicken PagnolChicken, olives, feta, peppers, onions, tomato, creme fraicheR165

Pinchos de Mariscos (Fish & Seafood)

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Flash Fried Calamariwith Romesco sauce and harissa aioliR135
Crispy Prawnswith piment d’espeletteR155
Salmon Cevichewith lime & herbsR135
Salmon Trout Saladwith a red wine vinaigretteR135
Smoked Salmon Pinchoswith egg and anchoviesR135

Pinchos Dulces (Sweet Delights)

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Tarta de SantiagoAlmond cakeR60
Chocolate Ganachewith creme fraicheR65
Orange Flanwith almondsR70
ChurrosSugar-coated dough with chocolate dipR55
San Sebastian CheesecakeBurnt top with a fluffy custard centerR65
Choco Late TurronMade with chocolate, almonds, puffed rice, and drizzled with chocolate popper sauceR60

Pinchos de Verduras (Vegetarian)

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Cannellini Bean Saladwith apple, avocado, Meyer lemon, and manchego cheeseR85
Roasted Beetroot Saladwith apple, cumin, and romesco sauceR65
Patatas Bravaswith homemade tomato sauce and aioliR85
Flash Fried Cauliflowerwith aioliR55
Cauliflower Tostadawith avocado, tomatoes, onions, and salsaR85

Ninos (Kids 12 & Under)

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Chicken WingsR85
Beef Taco CupsR85
Mac and Cheese BallsR65

White Wines

CategoryMenu ItemPrice (R)
Sauvignon BlancSpierR200 / R55
Iona Sophie Te’blancheR240 / R65
GabrielskloofR245 / R65
VergelegenR315 / R85
HPF Kaalvoet MeisieR295
Newton JohnsonR80
La Vierge Original SinR315
Diemersdal ReserveR345
Chenin BlancSpierR185 / R50
Bosman GenerationsR225
Fryer’s CoveR325
Spier Seaward Bouchard FinlaysonR450
Sans SarrigueR325
Bouchard FinlaysonR330
KaaimansgatR600 / R155
Family MarimiR325
AlbarinoA LBA R INOR330
Spanish GrapesR430
Newton JohnsonR250
Pinot GrigioNeR430
White BlendsBouchard FinlaysonR250
Blanc de MerR430
Sparkling WinesDurbanville HillsR255 / R65
Spier Secret Diemersdal Sauvignon BlancR295 / R62
Urb Danville HillsR365 / R92

Red Wines

CategoryMenu ItemPrice (R)
Pinot NoirLa Vierge SeductionR295 / R75
AtaraxiaR600 / R155
Hasher FamilyR795
ShirazSpier SeaR325
Christie’s AtaraxiaR795
MerlotSpierR236 / R60
HPF PosmeesterR295
PinotageSpierR235 / R60
Stanford HillsR325
Grenache CinsaultFryer’s CoveR325
Red BlendsSpierR235
Raka SplicedR240
La Motte MilleniumR300
Gabrielskloof The BlendR305
Boschkloof NicolasR390
Raka FernR450
Ataraxia SerenityR475
Iskia (Gabrielskloof)R285
La Vierge NymphomaneR485
RoseSpier Pinot Noir ChardonnayR200 / R55
Gabrielskloof RosebudR255 / R65
Iona Sophie RoseR240 / R60
La Motte Vin de JoieR275
HPF BloosR295
De KransR250 / R70
La Vierge NymphomaneR295

Cap Classique

Menu ItemPrice (R)
Spier Brut RoseR450 / R95
Boschendal BrutR480 / R95
Boschendal RoseR480 / R95
Christiena Trousseau Brut RoseR480
Demaine Des Dieux SharonR490
Demaine Des Dieux ClaudiaR490
Vergelegen BrutR590
Demaine Des Dieux MagnumR820
La Motte BrutR1250

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