CaneCutters is an Authentic Durban-style curry restaurant in Glenwood, Durban. Here, you can experience Durban’s Best Bunny Chow. CaneCutters invites you to go on a culinary adventure, regardless of your level of experience with curry.

Explore the depths of their renowned bunny chows, a flavor-filled celebration of rich contents encased in warm, fluffy bread that symbolizes Durban street cuisine. Taste the depth of flavor in their genuine curries, made with age-old recipes and many unique spices. Happy days, vegans and vegetarians!

CaneCutters ensures that everyone experiences the magic of Indian food by presenting a delectable buffet of meatless treats to greet you. However, CaneCutters offers more than just a sensory extravaganza. It’s a bustling center of smiling faces and joyful conversation, where shared meal laughter blends with the scent of spices.

It’s a place where families gather, tales are shared over steaming cups of chai, and memories are created, one delectable bite at a time. So, let go of the mundane and welcome the unusual. Enter CaneCutters and allow the mouthwatering food, lively spices, and cozy ambiance to whisk you away to the core of India. They offer an unforgettable experience in addition to delicious meals.

CaneCutters Tuesday & Thursday Deal

DealDescriptionPrice (R)
2 Stage Gas (2x 1/4 Sugar Beans Bunnies)Buy two sugar bean curry bunniesR99.90

CaneCutters Warrapen Weekday Deal

DealDescriptionPrice (R)
Warrapen Weekday DealWarrapen Deal (2 Jumbo Burgers & Chips)R99.90

CaneCutters Bites

ItemPrice (R)
Samoosa’s (2 Pcs)R19.90
Curry Puffs (3Pcs)R39.90
Fish Cakes (2)R24.90

CaneCutters Sandwiches

ItemPrice (R)
Cheese & Tomato SandwichR44.90
Beans Curry SandwichR44.90
Chips & Cheese SandwichR49.90
Cheese Delux SandwichR59.90
Chicken & Mayo SandwichR59.90
Chicken Curry SandwichR59.90
Mutton Curry SandwichR69.90
Kebab Chutney SandwichR69.90
Burger, Egg & Cheese SandwichR69.90

CaneCutters Chicken Tikka

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken Tikka WrapR49.90
Chicken Tikka Burger & ChipsR64.90
Chicken StripsR64.90
Tikka Box Meal 1 – 1/4 ChickenR74.90
Tikka Box Meal 2 – 1/2 ChickenR129.90
Tikka Box Meal 3 – Family Full ChickenR249.90

CaneCutters Chips

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Plain ChipsPlain chips.R29.90
Masala ChipsMasala and vinegar.R39.90
The WorksSauces, masala, and vinegar.R44.90

CaneCutters Burgers

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Jumbo BurgerJumbo size burger.R49.90
Jumbo Cheese BurgerJumbo cheeseburgerR59.90
Fillet Chicken BurgerGrilled fillet with special sauce.R59.90
McCane BurgerMild mutton cheeseburgerR59.90
Double BurgerDouble burgerR64.90
Valve Burner BurgerDouble extra spicy Mutton burger with cheeseR64.90
Full House BurgerWith egg and cheese.R74.90
Mappers Delight Monster BurgerMonster 1.2kg meal, Feeds 2-4 people—spicy mutton burger with egg, cheese, and chips.R179.90
Pungent BurgerSpicy Mutton pattie with special sauce + pickleR59.90

CaneCutters Roti Rolls

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Beans Curry Roti Roll & Salad1x Beans Curry Roti Roll & SaladR49.90
Mutton Gravy Roti Roll & Salad1x Mutton Gravy Roti Roll & SaladR54.90
Chips & Cheese Roti Roll1x Chips & Cheese Roti Roll Served with salad with sauce or gravy.R54.90
Chicken Curry Roti Roll1x Chicken Curry Roti Roll. Served with salad. Boneless.R59.90
Butter Chicken Roti Roll1x Butter Chicken Roti Roll. Served with salad.R59.90
Mutton Curry Roti Roll1x Mutton Curry Roti Roll. Served with salad. Boneless.R79.90
Kebab Chutney Roti Roll1x Kebab Chutney Roti Roll. Served with saladR79.90
Chicken & Prawn Curry Roti Roll1x Chicken & Prawn Curry Roti Roll. Served with saladR94.90
Prawn Curry Roti Roll1x Prawn Roti Roll. Served with salad.R109.90

CaneCutters Biryani & Samp

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Plain Braised SampServed with salad Contains lentils.R34.90
Samp & GravyServed with Salad and DhallR44.90
Samp & Chicken CurryServed with salad Contains lentils.R79.90
Samp & MuttonServed with salad Contains lentils.R99.90
Veg BiryaniServed with salad Contains lentils.R54.90
Mutton BiryaniServed with salad. Contains lentils.R94.90
Layered Chicken BiryaniServed with salad Contains lentils.R84.90

CaneCutters Bunnies

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Sugar Beans Bunny ChowServed with salad.R39.90
Broad Beans Bunny ChowServed with salad.R39.90
Sugar Beans Mutton Gravy Bunny ChowServed with salad.R44.90
Broad Beans Mutton Gravy Bunny ChowServed with salad.R44.90
Chips & Gravy Bunny ChowServed with salad.R39.90
Chicken Curry Boneless Bunny ChowServed with salad.R59.90
Butter Chicken Bunny ChowServed with salad.R69.90
Mutton Bunny ChowServed with salad.R84.90
Delux Mutton Bunny ChowPrime cuts, boneless, extra meatR99.90

CaneCutters Specialty Bunnies

ItemPrice (R)
Kebab Chutney Bunny ChowR129.90
Cornish Bunny ChowR129.90
Trotters Bunny ChowR129.90
Cabbage & Mutton Bunny ChowR129.90
Chicken & Prawn Bunny ChowR139.90
Tripe & Gramdhall Bunny ChowR129.90
Prawn Curry Bunny ChowR169.90

CaneCutters Curries

ItemPrice (R)
Sugar Beans Curryfrom R54.90
Broad Beans Curryfrom R54.90
Chicken Curry Bonelessfrom R79.90
Butter Chicken Curryfrom R89.90
Mutton Curryfrom R114.90
Delux Mutton Curry – Prime cuts, boneless, extra meat.from R134.90

CaneCutters Specialty Curries

ItemPrice (R)
Kebab Chutney Specialty CurryR124.90
Cornish Specialty CurryR124.90
Trotters & Beans Specialty CurryR124.90
Cabbage & Mutton Specialty CurryR124.90
Tripe & Gramdall Specialty CurryR124.90
Chicken & Prawn Specialty CurryR134.90
Prawn Specialty CurryR164.90
Prawn Chutney SpecialtyR164.90
Braised Chops Specialty CurryR144.90

CaneCutters Combos

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Combo 1Burger & chipsR59.90
Combo 3Double burger & chipsR74.90
Combo 41/4 Broad Beans Bunny and 440ml beverage.R84.90
Combo 51/4 Chicken bunnyR99.90
Combo 6Mutton biryani, salad & shojiR109.90

CaneCutters Beverages

ItemPrice (R)
500ml WaterR14.90
Just JuiceR27.90
440ml Buddy BottleR22.90
1.5L Soft DrinkR34.90
Bombay CrushR29.90

CaneCutters Sides Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Buttered Bread SliceR5.90
Rotifrom R8.90
Vinegar ChilliesR11.90
Crushed ChilliesR11.90
Veg PickleR11.90
Mutton GravyR12.90

CaneCutters Desserts

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
SojiCream and almonds.R34.90
Delux SojiCream and almonds.R39.90

CaneCutters Umhlanga Menu

The menu is the same as provided above, and the location of this outlet is as follows:

Address: CaneCutters Umhlanga, 70 Horizon Views, 5 Centenary Blvd & Aurora Dr, Umhlanga Ridge, Durban, 4083, South Africa

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