Blockhouse Kitchen is a famous restaurant in South Africa. Blockhouse Kitchen, located in the rolling vineyards of Constantia, South Africa, is a refuge for individuals who love uncomplicated, seasonal cuisine made with fresh, local ingredients. Everyone loves the unique decor and the sitting area.

Every meal at the restaurant is guaranteed to be flavorful, thanks to its dedication to using fresh, sustainable food. The Blockhouse Kitchen offers a wide range of delicious menu items, including breakfast, small plates, salads, big plates, burgers, pasta, desserts, and kiddies meals.

All the menu items are prepared with fresh ingredients. The prices are reasonable. The service is quick. The staff is friendly and well-mannered. Blockhouse Kitchen is more than just a restaurant; it’s an experience.

The warmth, hospitality, and vibrant atmosphere make it a go-to destination in South Africa. It is a kids-friendly restaurant. Also, you can enjoy friend and family gatherings and business meetings there. Time seems to slow down there, and you can enjoy the small joys of delicious cuisine, pleasant people, and a stunning environment.

BHK Breakfast

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Giant MuffinVariety changes daily; askR40
CroissantPlain, choc, almond, or veganR42
Bacon & Egg CroissantScrambled, house brown sauceR78
Oak Smoked Trout CroissantScrambled egg, dill crème fraicheR138
Toast BoardSeed & sourdough jamsR45
French ToastCroissant pastry, almonds, maple, berry – As is or add crispy streaky bacon (R26)R72
Yoghurt TerrineIn-season fruit, granola, berry coulisR82
Vegan Yoghurt & GranolaFresh & poached pear, vegan honeyR96
Smashed Avocado SourdoughSalsa, chili flakes, EVOO – As is or add two poached eggs or crispy streaky bacon (R26)R70
Vegan Beans SourdoughAvo, hummus, tomato, devil flakesR72
FlorentineChard, poached eggs, rosti, hollandaiseR88
ProvençalMushrooms, poached eggs, rosti, hollandaiseR90
BenedictBacon, poached eggs, rosti, hollandaiseR90
RoyaleOak smoked trout, poached eggs, rosti, hollandaiseR120
Oak Smoked Trout BagelRocket, avo, onion, cream cheese, capersR138
Club BagelBBQ chicken, bacon, garnish, fries, aioliR128
Bolognese Ragu on ToastYellow cheese, poached eggR84
Bangers & EggsScrambled, house brown sauce, sourdoughR78
Breakie Dirty Cheese BurgerOnion, egg, bacon, proper friesR156
The BlockhouseCrispy bacon, scrambled eggs, pork banger, grilled tomato, baked mushrooms, breakie potato & onion, toasted sourdoughR122

BHK Kiddies Breakfast

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Variety FruitYoghurt, honeyR48
Daily Baked CroissantPlain, choc, almond, or veganR42
Double Cheddar ToastieProper friesR56
Cheddar & Crispy Bacon ToastieProper friesR68
Chicken ‘n Mayo ToastieProper friesR70
Scrambled EggWhite toast, ketchup – As is or add streaky bacon (R14)R38
Bacon & Egg RollSoft bun, fried egg, proper friesR70
Breakie BurgerYellow cheese, bacon, fried egg, proper friesR88
Kiddies BlockhouseScrambled egg, banger, streaky bacon, white toastR88

BHK Small Plates

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
BaguetteButter, olivesR58
Caponata BruschettaHerbage, EVOO [Vegan]R68
Squash & Corn RisottoSeeds, chevre, crème fraicheR105
Thai Sesame FishcakesCucumber, ginger, miso mayoR88
Pulled Pork CroquettesSauce moutarde, herbageR76
Angry Veg Laksa SoupRice noodles, sesame [Vegan]R84
Salt ‘n Pepper SquidGremolata, citrus aioliR110
Atlantic MusselsHerb cream, garlic, shallotsR110
Sticky Crispy BeefTobacco onions, sesame, herbageR80
Chicken Liver ParfaitOnion marmalade, toast, EVOOR82

BHK Salads

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Rocket & ParmesanAvo, seeds, vinaigretteR92
Spinach & GorgonzolaTomato, pear, walnuts, vinaigretteR110
Add crispy bacon+R32
Asian Chicken TeriyakiRice noodles, avo, greens, sesameR136
Quinoa & Tray VegViolife feta, citrus dressing [Vegan]R128
BHK Bacon CaesarAdd chicken+R42
Add anchovy+R42

BHK Big Plates

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Fresh Grilled HakeMash, spinach, puttanesca sauceR182
Roasted Chicken BreastTray veg, fries, BHK sauce moutardeR168
BHK Rolled Lamb ShoulderTray veg, mash, caponata, rich jusR310*
Soda Battered HakeSalt & vinegar potatoes, tartarR152
Sticky Miso Pork BellyCrispy potato, sesame, purple slawR186

BHK Kiddies Food

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Crispy NachosCheesy sauceR48
Farm Butter PastaSpaghettiR56
Squashed Tomato PastaTwirly fusilliR64
BHK Mac ‘n CheeseOven bakedR64
Chicken & Mayo ToastieFriesR70
Quick Fried CalamariFriesR88
Crunchy Chicken StripsFriesR70
Crispy Chicken BurgerFriesR72
Kids DawgFrankfurter, friesR62
Bolognese RaguSpaghettiR68
Winter Veggie SticksHomemade hummusR48
Gooey Cheesy ToastieFriesR64
Soda Battered HakeFriesR78
CheeseburgerGarnish, friesR78
Hand Cut FriesDipping ketchupR40

BHK Pasta

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Pesto & Lemon FusilliTomato, nuts, Violife feta [Vegan]R162
Tomato CappellettiSpinach & ricotta, cream, ParmesanR144
Dry Puttanesca SpaghettiOlives, capers, tomato, anchovyR148
BHK Spaghetti BologneseMeaty ragu, herbs, ParmesanR156
Pork Ragu TagliatelleFennel, whipped goat’s cheeseR178

BHK Sides to Share

ItemPrice (R)
Proper FriesR40
Salt & Vinegar PotatoesR44
Buttered ChardR42
Cos SaladR48
Charred VegR48

BHK Burgers

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Plant Base BurgerGarnish, hummus, onion relish, crispy sweet potato fries (VG)R154
Spiced Chicken BurgerCos, fresh avo, salsa rosso, garlicky ranch, friesR152
Crispy Chicken BurgerMiso mayo, purple slaw, pickled jalapeño, friesR148
The ‘Dirty’ Beef BurgerClassic diner-style cheese, smoky BBQ, onions, pickles, fries, aioliR152

BHK Desserts

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream3 scoops, chocolate cap.R82
BHK Summer Lemon TartBruléed, crème fraiche.R86
Vanilla Pod Panna CottaGrappa, squashed berries.R98
Oven Baked CheesecakePassion fruit curd.R92
Mud BrownieCaramel, chocolate ice cream (vg)R88
Smashed MeringuesWhite chocolate, chantilly cream, passion fruit coulis.R88
BHK Rustic Ice Cream CakeHoneycomb, Oreo, nuts, chocolate crumb, caramel chocolate sauce.R98

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