Bin Rashied is a famous pizza restaurant in South Africa that opened in 1990. Bin Rashied combines traditional pizza with tasty flavors from all the continents, just for you to enjoy. Bin Rashied has become famous because of its unique, cool, cozy, and ambient dining environment.

The staff is active, friendly, nice, well-mannered, and always ready to serve you anytime and at any place within the restaurant. As you enter the restaurant, you are warmly welcomed by the trained staff. They guide you about their menu and specialties. Bin Rashied offers a wide range of menu items.

The prices are pocket-friendly. The menu items are prepared from high-quality fresh ingredients. The menu includes Pizza, Burgers, Grill, Chicken, Chicken Wings, Healthy, Salad, Wings, and Fast Food. With quick service, unique decor, and great taste in food, Bin Rashied has become the most popular restaurant among South African people.

Bin Rashied Pizza Menu

All pizzas are prepared on a medium base in a wood-burning oven and garnished with garlic and parsley. Swop your dough for gluten-free, available at R18,00 extra.

Classic Pizzas

GARLIC PITA – Garlic butter base with herbs and seasoningR35R40R45
GARLIC CHITA – Garlic butter sauce with mozzarella cheese, herbs and seasoningR56R75R95
MARGHERITA – Napolitana base and mozzarella cheeseR54R73R93
FOUR CHEESE GRILLER – Danish feta, mature cheddar, parmesan and mozzarella with braised onion marmaladeR77R92R119
CHILLI BUSTER (HOTT) – Sauteed mushrooms, peri pineapple, and chiliR77R92R119
ATHENA – Sauteed mushrooms, olives, baby spinach and Danish fetaR77R92R119
TRICOLORRE – Baby spinach, Danish feta, piquante peppers and avocadoR112R124
CHICKEN EL ROMERO – Lemon garlic grilled chicken and sauteed mushroomsR82R109R139
KASHMIRI (HOTT) – Tikka chicken and peri pineappleR82R109R139
HAWAIIAN – Slivers of beef pastrami, pineapple and avocadoR82R100R122
MANHATTAN – BBQ chicken and avocadoR82R109R139

Specialty Pizzas

TAINO – BBQ chicken, Danish feta and spring onionR82R109R139
KABUL TIKKA (HOTT) – Tikka chicken, coriander, crushed chilies and piquant peppersR82R109R139
FRANGO – Grilled peri chicken, mixed peppers, crispy onion and avocadoR85R123R148
MALAYSIAN – Tikka chicken, Danish feta, peppers and avocadoR85R123R148
SUMERIAN BBQ – BBQ base, grilled sausage, green pepper, red onion and sauteed mushroomsR85R112R148
MEXICAN (HOTT) – Mexican salsa base, spicy ground beef, chilies, red peppers, and avocadoR85R112R148
INDONESIAN – Masala steak, fresh coriander and peppersR85R112R148
TEXAN – Peppered steak, sautéed mushrooms and red onionR85R112R148

Gourmet Pizzas

PizzaPrice (R)
*SICILIANA – Prawns, tuna, mussels and grilled calamari.R193
*PRAWNER – Deshelled prawns, coriander and avocado.R130, R230
MUMBAIKER – Freshly grilled deboned lamb chops on order, coriander, and piquant peppers.R222
FOUR SEASONS – BBQ chicken, slivers of beef pastrami, danish feta, and sautéed mushrooms.R137, R162
MATADOR – Freshly grilled beef fillet on order, red peppers, and red onion. Please allowR147, R193


DealDescriptionPrice (R)
THE PAISAN (LARGE)Cured pepperoni, cheddar, and mozzarella cheese with jalapeños and garnished with garlic and parsley.R120
DOUBLE MARGHERITA DEALTwo small Margherita pizzas. Available Monday-Sunday.R69.90
LARGE SPECIALITY DEALAny 2 large speciality pizzas. Available Monday-Sunday.R245

Bin Rashied Grills Menu

All chargrill platters are served with a garlic pita, chips, and salad, and all burgers are served on a glazed seeded bun with garnish and fries.

Chicken Basting Options:
Tikka, Hot Tikka, Hot Peri, Lemon Garlic, Sweet BBQ or Sriracha Chilli

Beef Basting Options:
Spicy Masala or Sweet BBQ


Menu ItemsDescriptionPrice (R)
CHICKEN KEBAB 100GServed with a garlic pita, chips, and saladR95
CHICKEN KEBAB 200G (SHARING)Served with a garlic pita, chips, and saladR122
CHICKEN KEBAB 400G (SHARING)Served with a garlic pita, chips, and saladR226
HALF, FREE-RANGE CHICKENServed with a garlic pita, chips, and saladR135
FULL, FREE-RANGE CHICKENServed with a garlic pita, chips, and saladR226

Gourmet Burgers

100% GROUND BEEFWith cheese and srirachaR70R98
TIKKA CHICKENGrilled tikka chicken with avocadoR60R85
SRIRACHA KAIGrilled chicken fillet with sriracha sauce, avocado and cheeseR65R90
TRIPLE CHEESEBURGER3x120g grilled ground beef patties with six slices of mature cheddarR110

Bin Rashied Sides & Salads Menu

Menu ItemsPrice (R)


MenuDescriptionPrice (R)
DOUBLE BOEREWORS PITADanya flavored grilled boerewors with fries and cheese wrapped in a garlic pita. Available with sweet BBQ or spicy masala sauce.R69.90
DYNAMITE WINGS & CHIPSChicken wings and chips combo. Choose any of our basting sauces or try our new Dynamite Hott Sauce, only for the brave.
Available Monday – Friday, in-store only.

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