Baobab is a famous cafe & restaurant in South Africa. Since opening in 2008, Baobab has grown to twice its original size and created one of Wellington’s largest outdoor dining spaces. It has become a favorite local hub for the community, a place to relax & forget about how busy the outside world can be while sipping on a premium blend of Ethiopian espresso or a pint of local boutique craft beer in its tranquil courtyard. Its unique dining area is the main reason for its popularity. The staff is well-mannered and friendly.

Baobab’s menu is always prepared with fresh ingredients, and that’s the secret to the good taste of its items. The menu is budget-friendly and includes starters, wraps, salads, dikgogo, mzansi’s favorites, sauces, ribs, beverages, and much more. Baobab has become a go-to cafe and grill restaurant in South Africa.

Baobab Breakfast Menu

*Breakfast is only available at the Wonderboom branch and is served until 12:00.

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
BikiniOne egg, bacon, grilled tomato and toastR 26.00
ExplorerTwo eggs, bacon, grilled tomato, toast, and a choice of hash browns or chipsR 42.00
FlapjacksFive flapjacks with mixed berries, syrup, and butterR 38.00
HealthMuesli, yogurt, mixed berries, syrup, and butterR 54.00
Cheese GrillerTwo egg, cheese griller, bacon, grilled tomato and toastR 39.00
African SunriseTwo eggs, baked beans, pan-fried potatoes, bacon, boerewors, grilled tomato and toastR 58.00
Mince on PapSavory mince on pap served with two eggs, grilled cherry tomatoes, and cheddar cheeseR 59.00
SerengetiSpicy chicken livers, 1 egg, grilled cherry tomatoes, and spring onion served on papR 60.00
Avo and MozzarellaEnglish muffin, 2 eggs, avo, cherry tomatoes, Bocchini, mozzarella and basil leaves seasoned
with coarse salt and pepper
R 49.00
Boabab BenedictPoached eggs, hollandaise sauce, bacon, caramelized onion, and rocket leaves served on an
English muffin
R 65.00
Carnivore2 eggs, 200g steak, beef patty, boerewors, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomato, hash
brown and toast
R 89.00
OmeletteOmelette with Cheese and two fillings of your choice served with toast. Choose from the
following fillings: ham, spicy blackened chicken, feta cheese, cheese griller, grated mozzarella
R 52.00
Omelette ExtrasHam, spicy blackened chicken, feta cheese, grated mozzarella, cheese griller or chicken livers
Tomato, fried mushrooms, green pepper or onion
R 16.00
R 10.00

Baobab Lunch Menu

MenuDescriptionPrice (R)
Light Meals
NachosTortilla chips served with melted cheese, guacamole, salsa, sour
cream and jalapeño
R 69.00
NachosWith chicken stripsR 79.00
NachosWith biltongR 79.00
Biltong and Mushroom QuicheBiltong, mushroom, onion, and feta quiche served with a Greek
R 72.00
Spinach and Feta QuicheSpinach and feta quiche served with a Greek saladR 62.00
Cheese and Spring OnionToasted flour tortilla with mozzarella, spring onion, and cheddar
R 66.00
Chicken Biltong and FetaToasted flour tortilla with minced meat, jalapeño and cheddar cheeseR 79.00
Grilled ChickenToasted flour tortilla with grilled chicken, sun-dried tomato and
cheddar cheese
R 79.00
Mince and JalapeñoToasted flour tortilla with minced meat, jalapeño and cheddar cheeseR 79.00
Chicken MayoToasted flour tortilla with chicken mayo and cheddarR 76.00
Baobab Burgers(All burgers offer a choice of a 200g homemade pure beef patty,
chicken, breast fillet on a toasted bun with Lettuce, tomato,
grilled onions and pickles)
R 69.00
R 89.00
Cheese BurgerSingle
R 79.00
R 99.00
Pepper BurgerSingle
R 79.00
R 99.00
Mushroom BurgerSingle
R 79.00
R 99.00
Caribbean Burger
(Pineapple and Cheese)
R 85.00
R 105.00
Halloumi Sweet Chilli BurgerSingle
R 89.00
R 105.00
Cheese & Mushroom BurgerSingle
R 89.00
R 105.00
Bacon and Avo Burger (Seasonal)Single
R 89.00
R 105.00
Bacon and Blue CheeseSingle
R 89.00
R 105.00
Camembert and Cherry BurgerSingle
R 89.00
R 105.00
Feta and PeppadewSingle
R 89.00
R 105.00

Baobab Main Menu

The main menu of Baobab Cafe & grill consists of starters, wraps, salads, dikgogo, favorites, desserts, etc, and is given below.

Cold Starters

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Avo RitzAvocado (seasonal) and shrimp served with Thousand Island dressingR 79.00
Salmon RollSmoked salmon wrapped around cream cheese cherry tomatoes, topped with
a lemon dill dressing
R 79.00
Beef CarpaccioThinly sliced beef with spring onion, parmesan shavings, vinaigrette and brown
R 66.00
Avo and Coriander SalsaAvocado topped with red onion, cherry tomato, lime, coriander salsa, served
with bruschetta
R 54.00
Scottish Salmon RollScottish salmon wrapped around Kiri cheese, cucumber, avocado (seasonal), red
pepper and sushi rice drizzled with soya, honey, and sesame seed dressing
R 79.00
Springbok Carpaccio RollSmoked Springbok wrapped around Danish feta. Avocado (seasonal) rocket
leaves and cherry tomatoes topped with honey mustard balsamic drizzle
brown bread
R 70.00
Springbok CarpaccioSmoked with spring onion, rocket, parmesan shavings vinaigrette and
brown bread
R 79.00
Champagne Oysters
(When available)
Served on a bed of crushed ice, lemon wedges, drizzled with champagne,
onion and mango salsa
R 20.00

Hot Starter

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Garlic Roll (V)A Baguette smothered in garlic butterR 29.00
Garlic and Cheese RollA baguette with garlic and mozzarella cheeseR 39.00
CalamariTubes of grilled calamari with lemon butter served with tartar sauceR 55.00
Chicken LiversChicken livers in a spicy sauce served with bruschettaR 52.00
Snails and Garlic ButterOven-baked in garlic butter and served with brown breadR 48.00
Garlic Cheese SnailsOven-baked in garlic and mozzarella cheese served with brown breadR 56.00
Camembert in Phyllo (V)Camembert in phyllo pastry served in cranberry sauceR 73.00
Crumbed Mushrooms (V)Mushrooms crumbed, tossed in Asian greens, served with tartar sauceR 56.00
Calamari TentaclesBattered or grilled with a peri-peri or lemon butter sauceR 53.00
Biltong and Mushroom SoupR 56.00
Prawn TempuraDeep-fried in tempura batter served with a spicy mayoR 69.00
Biltong TempuraBiltong deep-fried in batter served with a spicy mayoR 72.00
Mussel PotA creamy white wine garlic paprika and bay leaf sauceR 69.00
Marrow BonesOven, roasted marrow bones, served with bruschettaR 62.00
TrinchadoCubed beef in a spicy cream sauce with a hint of chilli served with bruschettaR 59.00
Halloumi (V)Fried Halloumi wedges served with a creamy sweet chili sauceR 58.00
Chilli Flake CalamariCalamari lightly dusted with chili flakes and sesame seeds drizzled with
soya and honey dressing
R 56.00

Hot Wraps

Flour tortilla filled with Julienne vegetables and served with chips

WrapsDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken Pineapple and FetaChicken strips, pineapple, and feta served with sweet and sour sauceR 76.00
Cajun ChickenCajun chicken and mushrooms in a creamy, sweet chilli sauceR 72.00
Spare-RibShredded pork belly ribs in a barbecue sauceR 79.00
Balsamic BeefBalsamic and soya pan-fried beef with cherry tomatoes, rocket, sun-dried
tomatoes and feta cheese
R 79.00

Gourmet Salads

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
TanganyikaGarden salad, marinated chicken, pineapple, baby spinach, pecan nuts, bacon bits,
and avocado (seasonal) tossed in our creamy house dressing
R 84.00
CajunGarden salad, Cajun chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese drizzled with
out homemade Cajun dressing
R 82.00
Balsamic BeefGarden Salad, Danish feta, rocket, sun-dried tomatoes, and roasted cashew nuts with
balsamic and soya pan-fried beef strips and cherry tomatoes
R 98.00
Couscous ChickenGarden salad calamata olives, couscous, crumbed chicken, and parmesan shavings
drizzled with a chilled lemon dill dressing
R 86.00
Avo Biltong and CashewGarden salad biltong slices, cashew nuts, Danish feta, and avocado drizzled with our
creamy house dressing
R 98.00
Smoked SalmonGarden salad, rocket, smoked salmon, cottage cheese, capers, peppadew and avocado,
drizzled with a bell pepper dressing
R 98.00
Prawn Avo and HalloumiGarden Salad, 4 prawns, avocado, and halloumi drizzled with a sweet chili rose dressing.R 94.00


SaladDescriptionPrice (R)
Greek (V)Garden Salad, Danish feta, and calamata olives drizzled with a creamy house dressing.R 38.00
Rocket and Cranberry (V)Baby rocket, cranberry, pecan nuts, and feta drizzled with a cranberry vinaigrette.R 42.00
Avo Strawberry and Spinach (V)Baby spinach with fresh strawberries, avocado, and roasted almonds drizzled with poppy seed dressing.R 44.00
Balsamic Avo CapreseCherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls, avocado, basil minced garlic drizzled with a white balsamic vinaigretteR 44.00

Baobab Dikgogo Menu

Chicken dishes are all served with the choice of starch beg or salad

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Savuti ChickenChicken breast topped with parma ham, Napolitano sauce, mushrooms and
melted mozzarella cheese
R 99.00
Char-grilled ChickenChicken breast is grilled with a peri-peri, lemon, herb, or barbecue basting.R 89.00
Feta and Peppadew ChickenChicken breast smothered in creamy feta, peppadew, white wine parsley sauce.R 92.00
Xai Xai ChickenFlattened chicken served with a choice of peri-peri sauce, barbecue sauce, or
lemon and herb
R 99.00
Maluti ChickenChicken breast stuffed with spinach, feta, and mozzarella cheese wrapped in a crispy
phyllo pastry smothered in a white wine parsley sauce
R 99.00
Chicken SchnitzelServed with lemon wedges topped with cheese sauce topped with mushroom
R 94.00
Chicken Wings1kg chicken wings basted with BBQ, lemon and herb, peri-peri or sweet chilli
R 99.00
Parmesan ChickenChicken breast crumbed with couscous, parmesan cheese, lemon zest and
parsley, drizzled with white wine sauce, served with a Greek salad
R 72.00
Half ChickenHalf a chicken grilled with lemon and herb or peri-peri served with chips
and side salad
R 79.00
Slimmer’s BreastGrilled chicken breast served with lemon wedgesR 69.00

Mzansi’s Favourites

All are served with a choice of starch veg or salad

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Bone Marrow Rib Eye400g Rib eye steak topped with oven-baked bone marrowR 169.00
Biltong Rump300g rump steak topped with biltong and covered with a creamy mushroom sauceR 148.00
Sweet Chilli ChickenChicken breast filled with mozzarella peppadew wrapped in bacon and served with
a creamy sweet chilli sauce
R 118.00
Pan-Fried Fillet200g fillet pan-fried and finished with garlic her butterR 132.00
Grilled Lamb ChopsFlame GrilledR 159.00
Lamb ShankOven-baked in a tomato, garlic herb butterR 163.00
Eisbein1kg served with SauerkrautR 119.00
Beef Espetada400g of marinated sirloin and rump cubes skewered with peppers and onions finished
with garlic herb butter and served Espetada style
R 164.00

Baobab Nama Menu

Grilled meats are all served with a choice of starch veg or salad

ItemsPrice (R)
Rib Eye Steak 400g(When available)R 155.00
Sirloin 250gR 109.00
Fillet300g R 149.00
200g R 129.00
T-Bone 500gR 135.00
Rump 300gR 125.00

Herb Butters

ItemPrice (R)
Sun-dried tomato, Basil, Garlic, and ParmesanR 16.00
Dill Lemon and Orange ZestR 16.00
ChimichurriR 16.00
Taragon and Dijon MustardR 16.00

Baobab Sauces

SaucesDescriptionPrice (R)
Creamy GarlicA creamy garlic and parsley sauceR 20.00
CheeseA rich, creamy cheddar sauceR 22.00
MushroomA creamy mushroom sauceR 22.00
Feta and PeppadewDanish feta, peppadew, and white wine parsley sauceR 24.00
PepperA creamy black peppercorn sauceR 24.00
ChateaubriandOnions and button mushrooms flambéed in white wine with cream and a hint of tarragon.R 28.00
Bacon and Blue CheeseA cream blue cheese and diced bacon sauceR 28.00
Pepper ParmesanLight pepper parmesan cheese sauce sprinkled with parmesanR 28.00
Bacon and OnionBacon, onion, sherry, and cream sauce topped with an onion ring nestR 28.00
RossiniChicken livers, grilled onions and port sauceR 32.00
Biltong and mushroomSlivers of biltong with a creamy mushroom sauceR 32.00
Camembert and CherryCamembert and red wine cherry sauce with a hint of black pepperR 32.00

Baobab Side Orders

MenuDescriptionPrice (R)
Side ordersChips, pan-fried potatoes, boiled potatoes, mash, pap, basmati rice, creamed spinach, butternut, saladR 23.00

Baobab Potjies Menu

All are served with a choice of start or veg or salad

PotjiesDescriptionPrices (R)
Lamb CurrySlow-cooked lamb prepared the traditional wayR 172.00
OxtailSlow-cooked in cast iron potR 179.00
Beef CurrySucculent beef stew prepared with the finest herbs and red wineR 149.00
Prawn and Chicken Curry10 Prawns and chicken breast in a creamy mild coconut curryR 156.00
TrinchadoCubed beef in a spicy cream sauceR 108.00
Vegetable Curry (V)A creamy mild coconut curry served with rice, boiled potatoes, and a poppadum.R 89.00
Chicken CurryA creamy mild coconut curry served with rice, boiled potatoes, and a poppadumR 94.00
Prawn Curry16 Prawns in a light Mozambican curryR 156.00

Baobab Ribs Menu

All are served with seasonal vegetables and starch of your choice

ItemPrice (R)
Pork 600gR 152.00
Pork 400gR 122.00

Baobab Thlapi Menu

All are served with seasonal vegetables and starch of your choice

ItemDescriptionPrice (R)
Hake FilletGrilled hake fillet served with lemon wedges and tartar sauceR 82.00
CalamariTubes of grilled calamari finished with lemon butter served with tartar sauce.R 89.00
Mixed CalamariGrilled calamari tubes and tentacles in lemon butter served with tartar sauce
chips and a side salad
R 69.00
Lemon Butter SoleGrilled sole topped with lemon butter sauce and served with lemon wedgesR 133.00
Cape Malay SoleGrilled sole topped with shrimp, asparagus, mushroom white wine sauceR 144.00
Kingklip Lemon butterFillet of kingklip topped with a lemon butter sauce served with lemon wedgesR 154.00
Baobab KingklipGrilled kingklip topped with a light cream curry shrimp and mushroom sauceR 168.00
Seafood KingklipGrilled kingklip topped with white wine mushrooms, shrimps, mussels, and
calamari sauce
R 169.00
Prawns (12)Grilled in the shell and served with lemon butter, garlic and peri-peri sauceR 120.00
Neptune Platter8 queen prawns, grilled sole, calamari tubes, and 8 mussels served with
lemon butter, garlic, and peri-peri sauce
R 179.00
Seafood Platter (Ideal for Two)8 queen prawns, grilled sole, calamari tubes, and 8 mussels served with
lemon butter, garlic, and peri-peri sauce
R 289.00

Baobab Cold Beverages Menu

Cold BeverageDescriptionPrice (R)
BOS Ice TeasLemon, peach, berry, and appleR 22.00
Mineral WaterStill 500ml
Sparkling 500ml
Still 1ltr
Sparkling 1ltr
R 16.00
R 16.00
R 29.00
R 29.00
Fruit JuiceFruit cocktail, orange
Cranberry, mango, or strawberry
R 17.00
R 26.00
FrutallasBlended ice cream and fresh fruit, fruit cocktail, orange, cranberry, mango or strawberryR 26.00
Sodas330ml Cans
220ml Cans
R 18.00
R 14.00
TisersApplestiser, red and white appetiserR 25.00
CordialsWith lemonade or soda, passion fruit, cola-tonic, and limeR 21.00
MilkshakesVanilla, Lime, Bubblegum, Chocolate or Strawberry
Coffee, Horlicks, and Milo
R 22.00
R 23.00
SangriaGlassR 24.00
SmoothiesCappuccino, Strawberry, Mango, and available juice flavorsR 27.00
R 42.00
R 73.00
Chocolate MousseExtremely addictiveR 49.00
Ice Cream and
Chocolate Sauce
Who does not love pouring warm chocolate sauce over a bowl of cold vanilla ice cream.R 42.00
Peppermint Crisp
Layers of caramel, peppermint, chocolate and biscuitR 49.00
Amarula Ice CreamVanilla Ice cream served with a dash of Amarula cream liqueur and nutsR 52.00
Malva PuddingHot Pudding served with custardR 46.00
Crème BrûléeBaked custard with caramelised sugar toppingR 49.00
CheesecakeServed with a topping of the dayR 39.00

Baobab Hot Beverages Menu

Hot BeveragePrice (R)
Filter CoffeeR 14.00
DecaffeinatedR 16.00
Single EspressoR 13.00
Double EspressoR 18.00
Cappuccino With foamR 19.00
Cappuccino With creamR 22.00
Café LatteR 22.00
Café MochaR 23.00
ChococcinoR 32.00
HorlicksR 23.00
MiloR 21.00
Hot Chocolate WhiteR 26.00
Hot Chocolate BrownR 21.00
Fice Roses/RooibosR 16.00
Lemon TeaR 16.00
Chamomile/Earl GreyR 16.00

Baobab Dessert Cocktails Menu

CocktailDescriptionPrice (R)
Strawberry ShortcakeAmaretto, creme de cacao, and cacao blended with fresh strawberries
and ice cream
R 49.00
Banana ShortcakeBanana liqueur, white rum, and creme de cacao blended with fresh
banana and ice cream
R 49.00
Dom PedrosWhiskey, Kahlua, Cape Velvet and FranfelicoR 29.00
Chocolate MartiniAmarula, Amaretto, Nachmusik, and cream topped with flake shavingsR 54.00
Peppermint Crisp MartiniAmarula, Machtunaik, peppermint liqueur, and cream topped with flak shavingsR 54.00
Specialty CoffeesIrish, Kahlua, Cape Velvet, and FrangelicoR 29.00

Baobab Corkage

QuantityPrice (R)
Per BottleR 40.00

Baobab Sushi Menu

Menu CategoriesItemsPrices (R)
SpecialitiesRainbow Rolls (8pc)
Seattle Rolls (8pc)
Dragon Roll (8pc)
Salmon Teardrop (8pc)
Salmon Roof (8pc)
R 68.00
R 68.00
R 52.00
R 68.00
R 68.00
SashimiSalmon or Tuna

Salmon or Tuna (seared)
R 56.00
R 106.00

R 62.00
R 112.00
Smoked Springbok
Add ons
Cream Cheese
R 58.00
R 58.00
R 58.00

R 9.00
R 9.00
Singles (16pc)Tuna California rolls, salmon fashion sandwiches, cucumber maki, prawn nigiriR 96.00
Couples (28pc)Tuna California rolls, salmon fashion sandwiches, cucumber maki, prawn nigiriR 180.00
Garden (20pc)Vegetable fashion rolls, avocado and feta California rolls, vegetable California
rolls, cucumber maki, and avocado maki
R 98.00
Salmon and Prawn (26pc)Salmon sashimiPrawn makiSalmon rosesPrawn California rolls salmon nigiriR 220.00
Kapiti Coast (16pc)Salmon roses Seattle rollSalmon roofDragon rollR 158.00
Nigiri (3pc)Prawn
R 46.00
R 48.00
R 48.00
Maki (8pc)Cucumber
R 20.00
R 24.00
R 39.00
R 39.00
R 39.00
Hand Roll (1pc)Salmon and Avocado
Prawn and Avocado
Tuna and Avocado
R 39.00
R 39.00
R 39.00

Baobab Menlyn Menu

Address: Baobab Cafe & Grill, Menlyn Shopping Centre, Shop UF 53-55, Atterbury Rd, Menlyn, Pretoria, 0063, South Africa

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