Nestled in the center of Johannesburg, a South African restaurant called Akhalwaya’s Robertsham offers excellent Indian food. The staff is helpful and kind, and the atmosphere is cozy and inviting. Tasteful decor and comfortable seats make for a modest yet sophisticated interior design.

This elegant restaurant is reasonably priced, making it a good choice for individuals on a tight budget. This location is easily accessible from all parts of Johannesburg because it is located in Robertsham. The outside seating area of Akhalwaya’s is one of its unique features; it’s the ideal place to eat on a sunny day.

In addition, they provide a selection of wines and soft drinks to accompany your meal. Toasted steak, Russian sub, and Wonder Why pizza—baked in a true clay oven—are a few of the must-try foods. The Cheese Basket is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a lighter dish.

Various cocktails are also available, such as the traditional Mojito and Margarita. Akhalwaya’s Robertsham is an excellent restaurant with great food at reasonable costs. It’s well worth a visit because of its welcoming atmosphere, helpful service, and delicious menu options.

Akhalwaya’s Rolls

RollPrice (R)
Chip RollR30
Chip Roll SpecialR45
Chip Roll + PolonyR40
Polony SpecialR55
Russian RollR35
Russian SpecialR65
Hot DogR30
Hot Dog SpecialR50
Steak Roll SpecialR75
Steak Roll Special + PolonyR85
Fish RollR62
Fish Roll SpecialR80
Frikkadel Roll SpecialR60

Akhalwaya’s Chips

ItemPrice (R)
Packet ChipsR30
Chips & PolonyR50
Chips & ViennaR50
Chips & RussianR51
Chips & FishR70
Chips & FrikkadelR55

Akhalwaya’s Secret Menu

ItemPrice (R)
Chip Sub SpecialR45
Hot Dog Sub SpecialR55
Russian Sub SpecialR70
Steak Sub SpecialR80
Chicken Mayo Sub SpecialR65
Polony Sub SpecialR55
Steak Sub-Special + PolonyR90
Mozambican Peri Peri ChickenR65
Protein Box (100g protein)R90
Fish Protein Box (40g Protein)R90

Akhalwaya’s Parcels Menu

ItemPrice (R)
SMALL ChipsR20
LARGE ChipsR50
French (per slice)R4
Polony (per slice)R3
Beef RussianR18
Steak FrikkadelR20

Akhalwaya’s Dagwoods

All Include Egg, Cheese, Polony, Salad, Chips, Sauces

ItemPrice (R)
Pattie Dagwood (150g Texan pattie)R85
Steak DagwoodR85
Chicken DagwoodR75

Akhalwaya’s Burgers

BurgerPrice (R)
Beef Burger 150g TEXAN PATR50
Beef Burger Special 150g TEXAN PATR70
Tikka Burger 160g FILLETR50
Tikka Burger Special 160g FILLETR70
Steak BurgerR55
Steak Burger SpecialR70
Frikkadel BurgerR45
Frikkadel Burger SpecialR60

Akhalwaya’s Toasted Sandwiches – Regular

ItemPrice (R)
Toasted CheeseR20
Toasted Cheese + ChipsR35
Toasted Cheese + PolonyR44
Toasted SteakR48
Toasted Chicken MayoR40
Toasted Polony SpecialR50
Toasted FrikkadelR40
Toasted TikkaR50
Toasted French Polony SpecialR50

Akhalwaya’s Toasted Sandwiches – Special

ItemPrice (R)
Toasted Steak SpecialR70
Wits SpecialR75
Toasted Chicken Mayo SpecialR60
Toasted Frikkadel SpecialR57
Toasted Tikk SpecialR70
Boetie SpecialR95

Akhalwaya’s (AK) Specials

ItemPrice (R)
Steak AK (+-1/2 METER)R240
Half Chicken/Half Steak AK (+-1/2 METER)R250
Chip AK (+-1/2 METER)R110
Half AK (Steak)R150
Half AK (Half Chicken/Half Steak)R160
Half Chip AKR70

Akhalwaya’s Clay Oven Pizzas

Pizza NameSMLXL
Steak/Chicken SupremeR75R120R170R220
Mozambican Peri PeriR85R140R185R250
Wonder Why Steak/ChickenR120R170R220R300
Garbage PizzaR130R175R220R320
New YorkerR65R95R140R190
Chicken Mayo MeltR75R120R170R220
Veggie LavaN/AR60R90R140
Extra CheeseR15R19R31R45

Akhalwaya’s Meal Boxes

Meal BoxDescriptionPrice (R)
Chicken BoxTwo pieces chicken fillet, chips, salad, rollR75
FishOne medium fish, chips, salad, rollP.O.A

Akhalwaya’s Shawarmas

ItemPrice (R)
Chicken ShawarmaR80/R85
Steak ShawarmaR85/R90
Chicken BoxR99
Steak BoxR115
Family Box
(Chips, Polony, Viennas, Russian, Cheese, Salad, Tomato Sauce, Chilli Mayo)

Akhalwaya’s Bunny Chow Menu


Akhalwaya’s Curries Menu

Curry & Rice
Biryani (Friday Special)R105R125
Curry & Roti Wrap
– Lamb/BeefR99N/A
– Kebab/Mince/ChickenR95N/A
– Beans/VegR80N/A
Roti Special (cheese & chips)R115N/A
Veg Roti Special (cheese & veg/beans)R100N/A

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